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Earlier this week at Pratt, Director Spike Lee spoke about a passionate topic of his, gentrification, specifically of Brooklyn.


  • man

    Gentrification is a Columbus mentality. It is deliberate. It is the destroy and rebuild approach. It is planned over decades. Investors start to buy cheap (beautiful) houses in good ethic neighborhoods and rent them out to bad tenants and cut funding in public services until the neighborhood is bad and a majority of the homeowners sell and move because of the high crime. When the community is completely depressed, the same investors go and buy the rest of the beautiful homes for pennies on the dollar. Fast forward, now they remodel the existing homes, build new housing, rebuild the community, get loads of funding for public services and new commercial projects such as Starbucks, Wholefoods and Staples. Then they repackage the community to upper middle class people and sell them overvalued real estate. The only people who win are the middle men (investor). The original owners who survive the transition and all of the drama may sell at a premium, but really the losers are the new owners, because they have to buy at such a high price to feel part of something or safe. You got rich people living in 2 bedroom condos for 700,000 to million, when the previous owners paid a small fraction of the price. It is both a racial and economic agenda. The suckers are really the buyers. They have the follow the herd mentality. "Wow, the old hood has completely change, lets move over, we can save 50,000. Everybody is doing it" "Cool, let live in the small condo" "It is only 700k and their is a Starbucks downstairs"

  • man

    Jay Z sold Brooklyn out for the Barclay center. He was the biggest cheerleader for the Nets owner. Helped the guy recruit, and steal land from a black community and fronted like he was a large owner. Find out he only owned .00001 percent, which equated to under 3 million when he sold. Made the owner like 5 billion wealthier. Nigga is the biggest sell out and no one hasn't called him out. All this sport agency and other businesses are majority owned by whites. Jay Z is just a store front...

  • Taliban

    White People need to go back to Europe.

  • A Trillionaire

    If Spike Lee and others in the black community feel that the government is supposed to provide the facilities for you to live and work in; just move to North Korea! The government provides everything for you there.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong, the government and its founding father have exploited blacks for hundreds of years and helped build America and other western civilizations, and like the jews haven't receive anything for our generations of suffering and none of our tax paying money has gone toward fixing our communities

  • heyhey

    well, if you can't afford to live in the harlem no more cos you're broke and the property value's going up because it's not a drug infested, gang infested - shithole ghetto anymore, move the fuck out then. fact is simple, if you can't afford to live somewhere, YOU MOVE SOMEWHERE THAT'S CHEAPER! lol capitalism is a bitch ain't it? well, if you don't like it, go to north korea or cuba and see how it works out for you. :) niggas always complain. lol

  • Timbo

    OMG! Not Spike "the racist" Lee again? He should have a show with Charles "the bigot" Barkley and Paul "the mad blackman" Moonie! They should call it "Life Is Hard For Us Rich, Famous, Black Folk." I wouldn't watch it lol. All these guys do is complain about shit and point fingers at the nearest white man and blame him for all shit thats fucked up. Funny, according to Spike all black men are innocent, misunderstood, never screw up black sheep who have no hope at all in America. I never hear Spike ever give any solutions to fix any problems he only bitches about them. As far as genderfication it's nothing new and i'm sure he lives in a place that has been genderfied for his rich black ass! I doubt he lives in the hood and I also bet he doesn't give bums a penny when he passes them on the corner. I'm willing to bet Spike does jack shit for his own people except get them all pissed off then send them back into society with that fucked up attitude that will only solidify their position at the bottom of the gutter. Hopeless but taking no accountability for their own actions or attitude just a certain white race to direct their hate, pain, and anger towards instead of flipping that finger inward and asking what it is you can do to make your life better, not that negative energy Spike fills you with. He should be a happy mafucker with his life instead he gets a hard on for stirring all yall low class blue collar folks up about racism in 2014! A black president and much more racism is more apparent in reverse fashion these days against the white population especially in urban areas. Nobody talks about that because white people could give a fuck about making a stink about it thats yalls thing not ours. We dont bitch and complain about issues we try and fix them or we dont say anything at all without a solution intact. We are all low or middle class and the 1% is laughing right now because they have us all fighting with each other over petty race issues they manifest through the media outlets like Travon Martin that conveniently came out around election time to make people pick sides. Black folks think Obama is representing them as a culture which i find hilarious because those people are fucking blind and have no idea what this country is about. Obama, like every politician, is out for their very own (NOT YOURS) special interests. Obama is about himself like every other politician white, black, yellow or whatever. Black folks think because its the first black president its going to be any different? lol they got u fooled already. The bankers rule the world and the CIA is their minions and they are the ones that tell the fucking president intelligence. So there you have it. Intelligence can be manipulated to get different orders from the president to support their agenda. The president is a fucking puppet for PR. Nothing more, someone we can put a face to blame the problems on. The wizard behind the curtain is the bankers people. They want us all squabbling over petty racism shit with each other so we forget who the real enemy is and do nothing. Why do you think they pump daytime TV with all that terrible Jerry Springer shit? Why Football is so popular and why we just barely make it check to check? Because its all pre designed for us to keep us dumb and blind to the fact. They need dumb obedient workers who don't question or educate themselves. Thats why education costs so much and why Genderfication exists. THE ONLY COLOR THAT MATTERS IS GREEN! Spike Lee knows that shit because he profits of off racism! Thats his gimmick! If did something else, he wouldn't make any money. Read between the line people stop being brainwashed and listening to others make up your mind.

    • Anonymous

      no time to read all that but after white people took the black man over the the western hemisphere to work for him for over there hundred years and stripped him of his very existence and taught him to rely on the mercy of his enemy, and then to this day are crucifying and killing our real leaders Marcus Garvey, Malcolm, Minister Farrakhan, Elijah Muhammad, Martin Luther King,Black Panther the list goes on and you wonder why the masses can't rise as a whole. it takes more than selfish style individualism to set an example and prove that we live in a post racial society

    • ummm...

      You white ain't you? lol. And it's not GENDERFICATION and GENTRIFICATION. The city is looking "transition" people (not that there is anything wrong with that) lol.

    • Anonymous

      One look at your wall of text and I decided against reading your random rants . Paragraphs buddy,paragraphs ..

  • Anonymous

    Black people need to go back to Africa, build it back up, and cut out the rest of the world from its resources then we'll see how long they'll last.

  • MoneyMoney

    It's not 100% about race....is it possible that Money is the bigger issue. Money Talks and makes the world go 'round....at the same damn time. Spike said it himself that some of the people being moved out couldn't afford to pay their taxes. Taxes are what pave the streets, pick up the trash and pay the police. With increased property values the city is getting more tax revenue from the citizens who can afford to pay higher taxes. These people just so happen to be white for the most part. Do you think it's fair for the people paying the least in taxes to receive the same benefits as the people paying the most? It may or may not be fair, but who cares. What's important is it's most definitely unrealistic. ECON 101: There is no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody has to pay for the trash to be picked up and if you can't do it, we'll get someone in here that can.

    • Anonymous

      Slavery was also about money and is a bi-product of racism. so what are you saying, again?

    • Anonymous

      @think then talk - How many school kids have you seen buying drugs? Just because the tube tells you drug dealers sell to school kids it must be true.

    • Anonymous

      Which came first? the chicken, or the egg? Dumb fucks... Is'nt there a direct relationship between race and money? This fool up here talking econ 101. Not everything in textbooks is accurate fool. There is an assumption of ceteris paribus when all those theories are put under the microscope. so please do the world a favor and shut the fuck up. Take hip-hop for example...Wouldnt you say the "workforce"in the industry consists of mainly blacks? Then how come whites make more money from it? The world is doomed with inhabitants like these two farts.

    • Think then talk

      Well said. Everything is a race issue with Spike Lee. It shines through in every film he makes from Jungle Fever to Clockers. He feels like he has to prove himself to the white man. Gentrification isn't about race - it's about good upstanding citizens who care about the community they live in and who want to improve the standard of living vs self-destructive gangbangers who rob from their neighbors and deal drugs to the local schoolkids. I know which I'd prefer to live beside.

  • Real Talk

    Lol Spike Lee is a bitter ol' nigga with an inferiority complex. He has a major chip on his shoulder regarding white people cleaning up the ghetto. 20 years ago NYC was a drug and rat infested hell hole until Giuliani cleaned the place up. Eventually blacks will be psuhed out of Manhattan completely and the people who built this great city (the Whites) will be able to enjoy it without a porchmonkey playing his bongo music at 2am.


      Irony----> "I am very successful at everything I do" You strange little creature

    • DUH

      ^It's a good thing the industrial revolution wasn't built on the back of enslaved slaves ...Learn some history you pathetic dumb racist CUNT

  • MrAcuraLegend95

    Gentrification is a product of income inequality; wages for most aren't rising while the cost of living is increasing. Back in 50s and 60s the same happened in lower Manhattan and it forced artists to move to the other boros to be able to stay in NYC. Gentrification is also talking place in Newark, Philly, and BMore on a smaller scale as of now but as housing becomes scarce in NY and people want that urban lifestyle I fear it will spread to these cities fast. The answer is homeownership fuck renting, and to get local government officials and state government officials to reduce high property taxes.

    • Anonymous

      Because ethnic cultures are self destructive and dumb and self entitled and unappreciative not saying its black people but minorities in general have way more children earlier, and don't go to school as much as we should Hispanics especially, but who the fuck wouldn't chose NOT to live in areas were the above is the majority. But the truth is that it is a form of segregation that minorities can prevent and it all starts with the parents. Do the lame tacky shit successful people do. Stop beating your kids etc...

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. I've lived in DC 10 years and have watched it gradually change. And as spike mentioned, you have white people here now who act like theyve been here forever...crime drops, roads get better, condos are built and everyone says "oh its because the black were moved out". How come the agencies that were supposed to take care of these things waited to improve the quality of life?

    • Lu

      good post,put some things into perspective for me