New rapper Dark has released a remix to his single “Black Friday,” which had its original version released around, you guessed it, Black Friday of this past year. We don’t know much about Dark yet other than his affiliation with 40oz Van, who is best known around New York for his popular snapback hats as well as for being an internet celebrity / party planner / master networker of sorts. Dark enlists two other New York natives for the gritty cut, Chinx of French Montana’s Coke Boys and Latino rapper Bodega Bamz who has collaborated with the likes of A$AP Ferg in the recent past.

We haven’t heard much from Dark before but bringing in some assistance from two artists who have already begun to make big names for themselves in New York (and reach some national recognition, too) certainly cannot hurt his potential. Here’s to hearing more from this emerging artist.

-Sterling Sackey