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HipHopDX Premiere. Sean Price and M-Phazes release "Bag of Shit," in promotion of their "Land of the Crooks" EP which is available now.


  • Anonymous

    stop fucking around with this shit and drop the new Boot camp Click, Mobb Deep and Wu tang albums already. Hip hop is mad soft right now. Wu tang, Boot camp and mobb deep need to come out strong like Raekwon did with "Only Built For Cuban Linx 2". Either he made everybody drop good albums around that time or made everybody start making sequels. Raise the bar again. this song is good but doesn't do anything special and doesn't come close to "Mic tyson" tracks

  • axnjaxn

    shorty shit stain naughty when the fif bang, sorta rick james caught him with when he sniff caine... sean p always comes the hardest

  • Brandy Townsend

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    What! The! Fuck is this nonsense? And I'VE BEEN A FAN SINCE BEFORE I HAD HAIR ON MY CHEST SOME 20 YEARS AGO since Leflaur Leflar man... wtf is this bullshit? waste of my time!

    • Real Talk.

      For real. You dont give afuck about the game no more. We can hear that. And its only natural. You eating good off your reputation, but your craft getting sloppy nigguh. You a golden era nigguh. Slim the fuck up, regain your fuckin breath control and flip the script on the delivery - your standardized flow is getting USED! Come on man, I learnt this rap shit from YOU in the 90ies. Somebody from duckdown make the old fart read this shit. I aint taking it away from him, he's got the formula to make vintage spit formula. He better re-work his shit. THIS IS COMING from a dude who has been a fan since 1994 nigguh. get your shit together P. If you fall off, you letting a whole segment of the real dudes down. Apart from Rae, aint no one from our era doin it RIGHT! Don't get sloppy man.

    • Wtf r u talkin bout hater

      This shit is fire. I actually think it has a heltah skeltah feel where a lot of sean price solo shit doesnt. If they put rock on this it would be ill as fuck

  • Anonymous

    Sean P always comes thru with the dope shit.