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A short audio clip of Kanye West going on one of his many rants, I'm sorry, motivational speeches, while interviewing with Sway In The Morning.


  • Anonymous

    What ever happened to music being about music? Things are just too serious today. Im just gonna remember Kanye for his producing and his first album. I'm not saying his first album was his best work, but it sure as hell was feel G.O.O.D. music.

  • hip hop citizen

    kanye? - do you really have a grasp on the all the connotations of "Slave"? you're just playing, huh ?

  • Anonymous

    Sway should have asked him if he likes fish sticks ? lol . How the fuck he can compare his situation with the french revolution I don't know. This mother fucker really dose think he's jesus lol



  • jasonnns


  • 666 crazy devils

    kings of leon 1 republic timberland where are u fuckers

  • sxxx9


  • xx009


  • xx009


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  • xx009


  • Microsoft Slow

    Dude is a joke I swear, Kanye lost it.

  • sxxx9


  • Anonymous

    Mr. Gay Fish acting out.

  • jasonnns


  • 666 crazy chain saws


  • akckfresse

    kanye is an insane person. I can't take him seriously.

  • G-funny

    He said he was sorry. We all have had discussions with friends we got pumped up about. Al though i don't agree with him on most points. I don't think he really is an asshole. At least not more of an asshole than everyone posting her. That he should off himself or that he is an asshole or a fucking clown.

    • Dawg Lab

      this is not a conversation/argument friends would have, rich or poor. bruh hes clearly a complete bitchmade a-hole cause hes being self important, and hes arguing with Sway because hes egotistical as a mofo, cocky. Nigga is way too caught up in himself, his perceptions and too emotional to just 'talk' to, he also blew up because it was on a radio station and felt some type of way like sway was getting at him.

  • Ghetto Heisman

    Ok. This just hurts. Sucks. I've been rooting for this dude from the beginning, and especially to get himself back together after the whole Taylor Swift thing. I tried to defend him. I looked at comments on blogs where people talked about how much of an a--hole he was, and chalked it up to just hating-but it clearly IS NOT just hating. This fool is an a--hole. Going off on your homie like that? Wooooow. That's just really messed up. That was the last straw for me. He needs to take some time to humble himself. Go to the f---king children's hospital and visit the kid's with cancer. You'll find that no one is screaming "I am a god", but "We all need God" and none of this sh-t is promised! Rich man builds his big barns and fills them up, not knowing he won't wake up the next morning. Life is short. Live to love, be thankful for your help, and be happy with what you've got, rather than always wanting more.

  • Kalum

    I think kanye is right, how can you go out and design your own clothes and your own trainers if you dont have the knowledge, you have to rely on other companies.

    • blackicebell

      I disagree. It's called hiring the necessary people to make it happen. That's what companies do. And if instead of going big, start off small and tweak the process and then go big.

  • jasonnns




  • micheal myersss


  • Anonymous

    Kanye is a special needs person, it's actually kinda sad.

  • thtyhu

    kanye fuck u homo u fuking liar fuck kim kardaion fuck common fuck missy elliet



  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • j67j8hk

    h7bgj7yuh: this is a online warning all rappers singers acters are setting up normal ppl in schools and malls and blameing them for things they never did and trying to kill them.with their friends and forceing them to do things ..kill them all

  • Bruce Jenner

    That is one arrogant Nigga.. No wonder he took the mic from Taylor Swift. He gotta be pressuring stupid little white girls instead of grown men. Kanye if I see you in the streets imma pop you nigga! Ain't had a hit in years and your last album tanked big time biatch! Mutha fucka needs some Prozac the next time he go on someone's show. He lucky Sway didn't lose his cool? Sway shoulda smacked that fool in the head.

  • Anonymous

    this the best song ever

  • Anonymous

    Fuck that...If I were Sway, I would of told him to shut the fuck up and tossed him the fuck off my show. Pussy ass GayFish ain't nothin but a chump any god damn ways.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West is far too self-important - he takes life too seriously for someone that has it so good.

  • Rockefeller

    Let me put my two cents in cause I anoint afraid of this Nigga Kanye. Dang mutha fucka talk like he for the black race yet he married a white lady just for money. As far as I'm concerned this nigga is a bitch prostitude. That's why Nike own his ass cause he plays for the white man. Sway keep it real true hip hop son. Kick that nigga out the studio brotha....

  • ARO

    Honestly Who tha fuck does Kanye think he is? (O yea I forgot Yeezus) I wish Sway would've whooped his ass, somebody needs to remind this nigga hes just a person like everyone else. He ain't no god. I have more respect for Sway than I'll ever have for a person like Kanye West. Fuck outta here tryna disrespect tha man on his own show.

  • JEFFe

    Sway's nigga almost came out. He kept it under control though.

  • stfu

    kanye sayin he and kim aren't at a place, financially, where they can say their daughter (north? really?) won't have to ever worry? what the fuck world does this fucking buffoon live in. people could live with 1/100 of what he has and not have to ever worry.

  • blackula

    Ye need to off himself already.

  • j

    13 mil to design the hip hop tee Ye? Someone got taken for lol

  • Anonymous

    Money needs to just the fuck up for many reasons. 1) You keep talking like that people will not want to do business with you-not because they are scared of you-but because they see you as an idiot or as a Kneegrow who feels he entitled to do something he did not work for-Sorry that bullshit about pants not fitting, blah, blah and o here comes the skirt-ahem, I mean kilt. First of all if your name ain't Samuel Jackson and it ain't a movie that shit is a no-no. 2) So you are Kanye, they are supposed to just what put you in their spot? Why? Racism? of course what did you expect? Because of your baby moms, you should get a pass to what? To that ceiling comment below- what ceiling has he reached again? An album that some folks (same folks that think crumpled paper around a waste basket is 'art')that is fake avant-garde/techno/ Euro trash/whatever non-sense? You want to show the world something start a fashion company and say your products are 'child labor' safe? Do a Che guevara who came from a well to do background, go start a revolution? That 13 million (yeah right) could go into feeding a lot of poor kids, probably right there in Chicago or learn from the men and women who worked hard to build Tuskegee U and so on and on. You are worried about rubbing elbow with a bunch of shallow/degenerate/egocentric/low self-esteem (yep)folks-fuck outta here. You get no props here. Grow some balls and go back to being a black man; go join the Nation of Islam or something.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Ye you ain't on that Ralph Lauren level

    • Anonymous

      true and we don't know Ye's brand either, so why is he dissin' Sway... cuz we don't know the fuck he's doing and he lost 13mill

  • NiggaJesus

    this nigga rants in his bathroom too

  • joja

    Good, how Sway handles that Maniac..

  • CJ

    Kanye is a joke. His jaw shoulda stayed wired shut

  • Hennessy

    man everybody is realy quick with their judgement here as well. you complain about Kanye being a "bitch" an whatnot, yet some of you are here, insulting the man over the internet. Now what does that say about you I ask? I never liked Kanye's music a lot but that is really all I can say about him. I don't know shit about his life and how he handles things so at least, my tip: hold off your judgement and insults and think a little bit before you speak.

    • WOW

      anoymous just bodied you.

    • Anoymous

      It's the fucking Internet bro: a place people gather to express their opinions on different subjects. Just cause I choose to say something negative about a clearly delusional rapper, that makes me a bitch!? Where the fuck else am I supposed to put my 2 cents in? You want me to personally call Kanye and tell him how I feel? Seriously dude, think a little and familiarize yourself with the Internet. It's 2013.

  • Kanye West

    Listen, I'm trying not only to get people to think for themselves, but to also stink for themselves. You know what I'm saying? I want people to be so unwanted that they're loveable from a distance, like the skunk for example. The skunk is a beautiful & majestic creature. But come too close to it & it will spray you; it's a defense mechanism. I want to design fashions that are so gaudy and ugly that don't exactly catch the public eye, but will catch the attention of the corporations that I'm solely against. You know what I'm saying? I know I'm a walking contradiction. I name drop these companies & their products, but I'll call them out on BS at one of my concerts in the same breath. Let me elaborate: this controversy is all a part of my master plan to rule the world through my designs. I shit on the corporations, then name drop, then another company comes my way looking for a deal. I repeat this process until I have support from than 10 corporations, then when I have the money I need, I usurp a company & the CEO who makes the highest revenue/net worth. That is my idea, my blueprint to take over the world: thru fashion & design.

    • John Black

      Kanye, Respect 'n' all for what just you just said; To be honest, I jumped to conclusions before I read your side of the story but you will NOT take over the world. You have a REALLY good idea here to bring these companies down; However, you a are a prime example of power abuse. You're not gonna' "take over the world", no one is. No one is enslaving you but yourself. Relax, and whatever happens, happens. Peace!

    • Dame Dash

      Go make beats, forget everything else you arrogant psychopath

  • micheal myers malls

    666 crazy creepers

  • jasonnns


  • C-MACK

    Kanye is a fucking clown. When Sway said "fuck these mics, we can turn these shits off", Kanye switched his tone up real quick! You can't act like a tough guy when everyone knows you're a diva! SMH...

  • micheal myers mask devils

    666 demons

  • 666

    kill 1 republic kill paul wall kill timberland kill 50 cent

  • 666

    kill those mother fuckersssssss

  • 666

    kill missy elliet kill game kill 50 cent. kill the nba

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    kill obama kill bil cliten kill the news

  • 666

    those ppl gotta be killedd

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  • its hard to be nice if you are rich

    kanye is the most horrible person ever. Money changed him. I wish he would go back to his college dropout days

  • 1ove

    "It ain't that I feel like a slave, we all mentally enslaved. We slaves to brands. We enslaved to a Benz symbol, we enslaved to chains. A woman is enslaved to the concept that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Girls in London don't even wear engagement rings. That's all been programmed to us. When we're born, we're born artists. We're born free. And then we hail down by society's perception of us. We just don't wanna be embarrassed."

  • Cjae4LYS

    Just watched the whole interview on YouTube. This soundbite doesn't do the full interview justice.

  • Damien the demon

    well kanye those it again...

  • Me

    Sway was about to two piece Kanye foreal lol. He humbled Kanye real quick

  • SP1070

    If you listen to the whole interview, Kanye flips on Sway because Sway asks him two or three times why Kanye doesn't just say fuck trying to work with the big corporations and just invest in starting his own clothing or show brand by himself. Kanye addresses the question a few times and covers the issue of business finance, the reality of breaking into the industry at that level, the resources needed, the time and effort involved, and the lack of business knowledge on his part. Kanye was addressing how big he is and how valuable he could be to a certain brand if they would invest in him when Sway questions him again. At the moment Kanye was on his ego trip, speaking passionately about his influence in the world (speaking loudly and intensely) when sway asks him the same question. Ye's energy and frustration where high and he snapped on Sway. To Kanye's credit, he did address it again, apologize and calmed down although Sway was slightly jaded. Sway obviously didn't understand the business end of it and why Kanye was unable to pursue his fashion dreams with out the industries resources and knowledge. Sway admits he didn't understand and that's why he kept questioning. Although Ye did overreact, the way this clip was posted just adds to hate people already have for Ye. To be honest I was like "fuck Kanye, he's acting like a bitch" after I heard this clip, but I found the full interview and listened closely to what was going on and realized that Kanye was trying to make sense to Sway multiple times before he flipped. In the end, Sway actually did not "have the answers." lol - - -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siv26CWMzmk

    • milicent

      some folk get media blinded.... ^^^^^ informed response

    • Malik Ali

      I'm feeling Kanye. He is one of the few artists who says what he feels fully. Fuck that!! I love dude. 13 Million is a lotta dough, especially now. He been had a point!! Them mfers killed his Mama, then had the nerve to ask him on TV what would his Mom say about his behavior?!!!! WTF!! Thats my Mfing Nygga, IDGAF what nobody say. I love dude, he is courageous. If he kick it with a White Girl so what!!!!!! She must have some game, you fuck around and love who U love, sometimes it be like that, sometimes a mfer understand you more because they can see more than just a dolar sign for they own ass, and you can't deny sisters be on that petty asss shyt, even the richest ones. Fuck that Ye. I'm with you til the world Blow up!! You aint Crazy my nygga, you just aint fake. Stay Strong Black man and do you!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      ;P; BECAUSE kanye in never never land

  • Fan

    I've been a Kanye fan for a min, I honestly even like the last album. But what the fuck are you doing? I understand that he has some good things to say, but brah you perform in front oof thousands of people and pull off a great show not fucking up but when it comes to speaking as a human one on one not as a artist you cant speak? All the credit he deserves is getting thrown out the window with these dumb ass reactions. He should go back to not doing any interviews then maybe he'll get his core fans back on the same page.

  • Anonymous

    where them answers at sway !!???

  • rEELY dOE

    'He's a jackass'.-POTUUS

  • lmaogez

    kanye kardashian For #1hiphopRapper

  • unkiwn

    Kanyes a fuckin bitch.saying hes a slave.Im pretty sure he chooses to be in all his commercials and be involved with all those big companies.and I'm pretty sure slaves didn't get paid millions of dollars.what a fuckin bitch trying to compare himself to people who actually went through such hard times, while his "hard times" are ll optional and because he chooses to do them and to be in the spotlightwhat a fuckin dick.

    • Anonymous

      *Mind not Mine* ...I get it you hate the fact that he is sleeping with an Iranian

    • Bezzy

      I so agree with u man!! Kanye is a fucking psycho, he has lost his fucking mine. I think that he has lost a lot of money on the investment and its mad as fuck bec nike's deal didnt go kanyes way. The only reason he is with FUcking kardashian its bec of the publicity. Fuck Kanye gay West.

  • Anonymous

    dam kanye is really convinced sway doesnt have the answers huh??

  • Wow

    No shit kayne is going crazy, he has not had anything positive said about him in years how would you feel if all he sees is hate on him he'll I'm surprised he's kept it together this long. Black people should be all sucking Kaynes dick he's standing up for black people more than anyone right now with his exposure and fame that is a dangerous thing to do because you'll end up getting mentally fucked or worse tupac'd

  • Anon

    Another mis leading title audio is cut where the drama starts and by the end kayne started to explain himself which sounded like a normal discussion between 2 adults by the end I bet sway and kayne would of been cool by the end of that interview. Kayne is right, I'm not a fan because I haven't really listened to his music but all I see is negative press about him and I know why it's because he's right he's talking about some revolutionary shit black people are still slaves, his negative press is no different to what they did to tupac and Michael Jordan once a smart black man comes along with power and money they will shut him down. Kayne will die a premature death you'll see.

  • Anonymous

    kanyes a fuckin homo

  • storm

    hahaha its so funny cuz everyone hates on kanye, but you people are really just to dumb to understand anything he's saying. This is why you people are content with your same old boring lives while the same billionaire families enjoy riches that you couldn't fathom. some day in the slight future, people will begin to understand what kanye was saying, and realize as crazy as he comes off.he's right.

    • storm

      never said he wasn't self absorbed..he is, what he is saying is still true tho. you are just like everyone else: completely blocking out everything he is saying because of your personal opinion on his character. pretty arrogant if you ask me. he is trying to help people like us, and thats all he's saying, he's already got the money, now he's trying to give high quality products to people like usHE can already afford it. You are just to "dumb" to understand. letting emotion confuse your logic like most people

    • Truth

      If you can understand what he's saying then you're as dumb as he is. He's self absorbed and self important...

    • storm

      i doubt the families that are homeless sleeping out in the snow, in the streets tonight, are very materialistic, or the family with their house being foreclosed, or your broke ass mom struggling to buy ur ass groceries. these billionaires are affecting everyone with their greed and tactics. its not just hurting materialistic people u dumb ass. they limit all of us. its the reason why me and u are both brokeand no a couple hundred dollars does not make u rich. these billionaires are the reason why kids will starve tonight. so "please" please shut the fuk up, cuz maybe if u weren't so naive to the realities of this world u could be makin money off my simple ass as well, instead of the same corporate families.

    • please

      Fuck outta here. Just because someone isn't making a billion dollars doesn't mean their lives are boring. You sound like a materialistic ho, envying and propping up the same fucks that make money off your simple ass.

    • Anonymous

      nigga you gay

  • C-will

    Kanye, you're acting like someone is holding a gun to your head whispering "You're going to act like a homo, or I'm a make you a homo."

  • Anonymous

    Who ain't got the answers? A. Sway B. Sway C. Sway D. Sway

  • Anonymous

    Kanye sounds like he is 8 years old. Ego gone crazy

  • Anonymous

    Poor show from Ye. His best interviews in the past came from Sway, he needs to show some respect and eat some humble pie. Very quickly getting bored of his rants - they were funny and had truth to them in the early days. Shit is just a publicity gimmick now.

  • Gerard

    Dog you ain't got the answers

  • Anonymous

    Kanye needs to stop begging the white man. So what if they want let you in to their fashion industry or let you go to a certain level. Do something for yourself, and if Kanye really feels that he is a slave then he needs to fight the system. Of course we know he want do that because he doesn't want to loose money or popularity. Yes I understand that blacks barely own any industries or resources and are only at the level of a consumer people,but begging the same people who don't give a damn about you will not get you anywhere.Capitalism is all about competition and family's. If you don't create or produce anything yourself how can you be a god. My definition of new slaves are a group of people who don't produce anything,and are totally dependent on other entities for goods etc.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule about the smack the shit outta this wack negroid!

  • Anonymous

    kanya is a full blown homosexual

  • Lawless

    This is severely lacking in context, they're already arguing by the time the clip starts, what happened before? What happened afterwards? Still though SWAY wasn't about to get talked down to, respect, i know a lot of media heads would be on their knee's eyes shut mouth open if a big celeb got mad at them.

  • nobodie

    Ya fell for the same Jimmy Kimmel BULLSHIT again. They are playing the fucking interview from the point where they want you to look down & begin to judge Kanye. Please man, i respect him for the simple fact that evrytime the nigga black out, its in defense of something. (except for the Taylor Swift episode) Respect him and his hustle, if you dont feel him, keep it moving. simple. but i will state this before i go, every genius is looked at like they psycho, until theyre dead n gone.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga won't talk to 50 like that!!! That nigga didn't respond to 50 when he said he would of knock him out if he would of took his mic at the awards.


    5 stars, I cant stop listening to this shit, Sway ready to fight lmao

  • Yup

    I fully support Kanye, he's doing what he has to do. I endorse him to be himself with no restraint. College Dropout

  • OG-18* WAT


  • Jackie

    Kanye was a bit immature.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Kanye is gonna talk to someone in the wrong way and get smacked if ain't careful.

  • Drake Til Infinity

    He and Lupe need to get a room.

  • Anonymous

    exactly why I don't support this "slave" smh. dude been livin' the good life! just cause this so called fashion industry doesn't bow down and kiss his supposed "genius" ass like all these other morons, he mad. Bet he wasn't bitchin' when he got that A.P.C. check.

  • Heisenberg

    i know they gonna put this on sway in the morning youtube channel lol

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West has the best life ever. He can say whatever he wants... No one gives a shit! He can do whatever he wants... No one gives a shit! He can release the wackest music (aka Yeezus) Yea great album Kanye and makes millions off of that shit He gets to fuck Kim Kardashian every night. And he is fucking rich!

  • FACT

    91.7% of murderers are Kanye West fans.

  • Megadon

    Sway sounded like he wanted to smack the shit out of him

  • Slims

    Suckaz callin him a bitch if yall lost 13 mill in an investment and having someone question your decisions and knowledge shit id snap too

  • Anonymous

    sound waves taste weird.


    LMAO Kanye turned all the way up for no reason over simple questions

  • Anonymous

    what a bitch nigga kanye u pussy ill beat the shit outta u nigga

  • Jeff Foster

    Chicago is struggling and he reps us...absolutely not. He's too far gone :( leave Jesus out of this please!

  • Jfury

    Man Kanye needs to quit it. I understand that its racism in the fashion industry like every other industry out there but to compare it to slavery is a slap in the face. This guy is a mult millionaire calling himself a slave. He either smoking that shit Lamar Odom was smoking when he was rapping in the bathroom or on bath salts. In this case I recommend that he pops a molly and chill the fuck out.

    • Anonymous

      there is no racism, there are arabs and asians who are in the industry

    • Anonymous

      Man I think its deeper than that. What I think he means is that because of the fashion industry's racism they are only going to let him go to a certain level.Eventually he would like to became his own brand, but the only problem is that he feels that the only way he can get to that level is to get their support. So if your forced into a situation where you cant produce your own goods without it being regulated or controlled by another group then basically your a slave. A group who only consumes , but does not produce anything is basically kinda like a slave. Kanye problem is that he thinks he can't do it alone and needs certain people to help him produce his product instead of being creative and finding a way to do it independently. Now since he has reached that ceiling and can't get further he is frustrated. Just my thoughts.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    talkin'about disrespect. Sway been around hiphop way longer that Kanye and has done so much for the community. Kanye just ignorant as much as arrogant. PROPS PROPS PROPS for sway stayin'cool!! Sway the real man between the two,, that just got cleared up! Fuck kanye for this shit..

  • Art School Cool

    Sway should of hung up on Kanye's fascist ass. Go back to college drop out days and stop acting like your educated

  • Ian Mooney

    I wonder what a real person who has been forced into slavery would think of this whiny bitch multi-millionaire complaining how tough his life is.

  • Anonymous

    fuck kanye , i'm a fan but what he's doing right now nobody cares , people have real LIFE problems and this guy is bitching about his clothing line and all this bullshit

  • Anonymous

    Damn... that man ignorant as arrogant that he is! Damnnn Kanye, wtf wrong with you... he said sorry at the end I give em props for that. but this man is to damn arrogant. i feel sorry for Sway tho to put up with such a idiot. This just goes to remind people... money can't buy intelligence Ye you got fuck that hoe of yours and shut the hell up.

  • juz1dan

    Dude said im sorry .. at least that something )) and truth be told things he saying are right in some ways , he just need to keep the temper the fuck down !!

    • Drandom313

      Actually, he is right for the most part in his viewpoint about the fashion industry & business in general. The interview he did earlier on The Breakfast Club he was saying the same things about ownership & the comparisons of Ralph Lauren as opposed to 'urban designers.' He is right about economics, black people don't have many corporations that are institutions to pass on to future generations. But he really needs to make his points more concise instead of rambling rants like this. Sway didn't deserve that.

  • Anonymous

    kanye: You don't have the answers! sway: I'm trying to ask you a question man you have the answers! kanye: You ain't have the answers! Ive been doing this longer than you sway!

  • Anonymous

    "We slaves to nike" Not anymore Ye get em Adidas Ye's out!

  • Anonymous

    kanye needs to be shot

  • Anonymous

    I can never understand what this guy is trying to say, all his ramblings are incoherent, dude needs a f******* dictionary to decipher his lingo

  • johnnyK

    lupe and kanye the def of FAKE go listen to talentdisplay's new track ft cashis verbalvision.bandcamp.com DOPE