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Gunplay grabs Lil Wayne and Rick Ross for his ode to Mary Jane, "Kush." The single is off Gunplay's upcoming album, "Living Legend," due in 2014.



  • JC

    the beat iz fire this iz a chillin track looking forward to blowing an L to this track

  • Samme

    Actually pretty good, but instead of lil wayne it should be juicy j

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • suave

    Light that shit and pass it

  • jackson

    weezy gave him this song

  • jackson

    LOVE ITTT!! weezyyy go hard mofoo !!

  • Anonymous

    ive heard farts that sound better than this

  • Pizzle

    Gunplay had the best verse

  • Anonymous

    dope little cut, surprised its not getting more hate.

  • forreal

    wayne road this beat the fuck yall talking bout everyone else had to live up to his verse and bit off it

  • Jmorris

    I am a huge hiphop head and dont usually listen to artists like this as much, but I can get into this. The beat is tight and I love my Kush

  • hookz

    nice beat....i can dig it

  • hey mother suckers


  • dentaldamboy

    Of course nearly everyone is aware of Waynes prime, some say it was overrated, but I feel even with the talk of his Best Rapper Alive run, it still is underrated and overlooked by some. Lets take a look into some things Underdog It all started in the Hot Boys. Juvenile obviously was the star of the group and had the most dominance considering his fanbase and impact at the time, he did help pave some ways. People fail to realize where Wayne came from when looking at where he is today. Some assume he was born into stardom, some assume he was just shot straight to the top, and some already know this but just fail to realize how amazing this is. Wayne was the underdog in the group, he wasnt the type for people to want to consistently check back for, sometimes he was even just an afterthought. When Hot Boys disbanded due to problems between members of the group and Birdman, Wayne had the choice to head on his own but he stayed with Baby. Come-up After Tha Block Is Hot, Lights Out, and 500 Degreez, it was clear that Wayne wasnt really breaking the boundaries and limitations growing up from the South had placed him in. From the southern sound in his voice and that bounce flow he had, it wasnt easy for his songs to be taken seriously or as something big in regards to the radio considering they only focused on East and West coast artists. When Tha Carter I dropped, it was clear that Wayne has learned techniques a lot of techniques. His voice, flow, lyricism, rhyme scheme, and just about everything else nearly rose tenfold. Some speculated ghost writers, but that has been shot down due to credible interviews and contradictory statements said by Gillie Da Kid. It has been said that Wayne was influenced with his flow from Gillie and that Gillie helped with roughly 2-4 tracks tops on the album, but nothing more. Wayne basically learned, practiced, and skyrocketed from there. Tha Carter I was the album that made people want to keep track of this young'n, who was only 21 at the time of the release. This album helped open the eyes of many people who slept on him or enlightened those that didnt know who he was, and showed them that he is definitely someone to follow. And to those that did follow and have faith in him, they definitely should be proud to know they witnessed history and was apart of it. Tha Carter II followed a little over a year later. This album showed Wayne at a position and form that has not yet been seen before. This Wayne was an even more skilled artist than he was just a year ago. This is known as a classic album and held in high regards and used by many to show Waynes lyrical ability, flow, dominance, charisma, and everything else. Tha Mobb, the albums leading song, is the first song that shows fans just what theyre in for when they enter. It shows a hungry Wayne that completely rips the beat apart for 5 minutes. 5 minutes of nonstop rapping; no breaks, no pauses, no hooks. Tha Carter II showed a lot of soulful production and clearly still has that southern feel to it that made it seem that Wayne did not want to change for no man, and wanted to stay true to his roots. He wanted to keep pushing that southern culture down the other coasts' throats until they accepted him. As seen in his song Shooter featuring Robin Thicke, Wayne displays his anger with the radio stations for not accepting who he is and what he represents: And to the radio stations, Im tired of being patient Stop being rapper racist, region haters Spectators, dictators Behind-door-****-takers, its outrageous You dont know how sick you make us I wanna throw up like chips in Vegas But this is Southern, face it If we too simple, then yall dont get the basics Relevancy Its clear Wayne was known definitely before his shot into stardom. He was even known back in the Hot Boys days in the 90s, but mainly only in the South and not nationwide. His largest step into recognition and acknowledgement is definitely when Tha Carter dropped in June 2004. In the same year, Beyonce (in Destinys Child at the time) got the assistance from T.I. and Lil Wayne. What, Lil Wayne? Yes, Beyonce, as big as she was at the time, got the assistance from an artist that was on the rise to stardom, and this feature only helped that even more. It was all uphill from this point on. Wayne went on a steady increase of relevancy, not only on the streets, but on the charts, radio, and mainstream as the years progressed. It wasnt until Tha Carter III dropped, after numerous pushbacks due to the leak of the original, that he became known worldwide. He broke the Hip Hop barrier and officially became a superstar. He became one of the only Hip Hop artists aside from 50 Cent and Eminem to sell 1million first week, and he is also the last with Tha Carter III nationwide, and Tha Carter IV selling 964,000 nationwide (1mil+ first week if worldwide sales are put into factor). Dominance Waynes dominance is something that is taken for granted. A lot of artists had their primes, but Waynes prime was special. The way he controlled the streets, charts, mainstream, and everything was in complete unison. He was everywhere, whether you liked it or not. He was your favorite artists favorite artist and influence. He was the most wanted and asked for feature and could literally be seen on nearly any song. Just imagine reliving the 06-08 time period and looking at new songs that dropped within that era and looking at all the songs in Hip Hop, then looking at the features list of each song, only to find out that Wayne was found on nearly all of them. The crazy part of it is that he was the most asked for feature, but was also the most feared. It was known that the second Wayne touched the beat, it was his, regardless of how many artists were on it, or who they were. He completely stole the show whether it was a verse or a hook. An example of a verse that stole the whole song was We Takin Over, and an example of a hook that he took the whole song was Duffle Bag Boy. He MADE the songs. Swag/Attitude/Charisma A lot of artists have attitude, some artists have swag, some have charisma. But the combination of them all is just a powerful mix. Wayne had that style, that attitude/charisma that just made you wanna be like him or just follow what he does and says, in an interview or a song. He popularized getting tatted from head to toe. Yes, this was done before but not in the Hip Hop community this is the area that Wayne popularized it and also popularized lean. Keep in mind of the term I used, popularized, not started. His attitude and charisma were something else. It was in 2004 on Tha Carter I, following the year Jay-Z dropped the Black album as his retirement album, that Wayne boldly stated Im the best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired on Bring It Back. huh? An artist that wasnt even known like that nationwide, let alone even on the level of other known artists such as Kanye at the time, saying that hes the best rapper alive? This was NOT the only time we hear this from Wayne. In Tha Carter II, Wayne had a track titled Best Rapper Alive, which had listeners wondering if Hov would feel some type of way that Wayne is just booting him out of his throne but still, no one went forth to challenge this. Waynes attitude just FIT his style, it fit his swag, and fit his rhyming ability and songs. No one likes a y person/artist, but it was different in this case. The way Wayne presented his attitude and iness was easy to digest, believe, and he backed that statement up easily during these years. Work Ethic I am NOT exaggerating when I say Wayne has THE greatest work ethic of any and all Hip Hop artists. No artist at all touches this mans work ethic, and I dare anyone to challenge this and show me proof that he isnt the hardest working man, or at least was, especially from 04-08 era. The easiest way to explain just the sheer amount of work Wayne has done is stating quotes from Wayne and a producer for C3. Wayne stated that on average, he tries to pump out 3 songs a day, which would mean 21 songs a week, which would be roughly 84 songs in a month. Multiply that by 12 and thats over 800 tracks in a year. With that said, one of the producers for C3 stated that Wayne originally recorded 300+ songs for the album that he let Universal and Cortez organize and create a tracklist for the album. 300+ tracks for ONE album, that will only probably choose about 15-20 of them? Thats insane. And keep in mind this is not to ignore the 100+ features he had in 2008 alone, as well as the amount hes had in 2007 too. No artist is seeing Wayne when it comes to work ethic. Lyrical Ability The way he tackled beats was just something else. He hit it hard to the point that youd listen to the track, itll finished, and youd just sit there like did I just hear that? The thing about Wayne, is that he could go extremely deep and lyrical on a track, but even when he isnt, he would just swarm and murder the beat to the point no one could use it anymore. He could spit line-for-line on a track with each line being a punchline that had nothing to do with the previous, but then just blow you away from his delivery, flow, and attitude on the track. Game Changer He brought a style to the table that completely flipped and changed the game to such a strong extent that even today people are still biting and using that style. The use of metaphors/similes/punchlines/etc. were used before, but not to the extent that Wayne used it. Wayne emphasized it so heavily that others were like wow, this is pretty dope **** and caught on and did the same thing. Some may say this was a bad thing, but it isnt at all. The use of punchlines and such doesnt have to negatively be used. You could have a song full of dope punchlines that could also have a deep meaning. Theres possibilities and ways of intertwining the two together to get a great mixture. Intelligence/Wit/Creativity People say oh punchlines take no thinking, but they do. Have you ever thought that when creating a punchline to the extent that Weezy has done in his past and having it rhyme with a line before/after it, while still maintaining a high level of quality may be real hard? Wayne is a very witty artist as well, as well as creative too. Talib Kweli, at his own concert, said that no one should ever talk **** about Wayne until they create a song as dope as Dr. Carter. He highly praised that song, and that song is rightly praised. Versatility I feel no artist is as versatile as him as well. He could hop in nearly any beat and make it sound good. He could do a love song, sad song, song for radio, song for a single thats meant to sell and reach high on the charts, street banger, trap song, song about death, anything. Theres no end to what hes capable of and theres songs that back this statement up. Wayne doesnt even have a singing voice but was able to pull off songs such as Lollipop and How To Love, without making it sound awkward or weird. Wayne also has GOAT hooks under his belt such as My Life, Duffle Bag Boy, Make It Rain, etc. Street/Mainstream Impact Mixtapes. Mixtapes. Mixtapes. The streets were FLOODED with them. Wayne just made SURE you knew who he was. He was everywhere. His prime was so dominating that he controlled the streets and mainstream with an iron fist. Tha Carter III was an album that hit both mainstream and the streets hard too. He hit both of them with a force that felt too unreal, and I personally havent seen something like that before since maybe 50 Cent, but even that wasnt like this. Influence Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Drake, A$AP Rocky, all of Young Money, etc. His influence can be seen nearly everywhere. And for those that dont think he influenced older artists, he has. Wayne has influenced them to heavily pick up their work ethic, and when Wayne changed the game, the whole game adjusted to how he made it sound with punchlines and such. Waynes influence is also seen on whats known to be the next big three artists: Kendrick, Drake, and A$AP (that could be debated). The thing is, we have artists such as Kendrick thats arguably dominating Hip Hop right now, but he doesnt have the package that Wayne had in his prime. Kendrick has this attitude that hes the best, but for some reason, it doesnt fit who he is well. Waynes attitude and the way he tackled the game was in such a way that we probably will never see again. Wayne was so dominating and his mixtapes were so feared and awaited that he gained the name Mixtape Weezy. Prime Wayne is something that no one should overlook or ignore at all. Some say oh Wayne took over the game when no one was there but now look, they all came back out of nowhere huh? Face it, they were all too afraid to try to take back the game. Literally every artist just handed the WHOLE Hip Hop to this guy who carried the whole genre on his back during his prime with no opposition. He was on such a high position that even if you dissed him, all he had to say was one line to diss you back as opposed to the typical diss song return. tl;dr: Waynes an undeniable GOAT

  • Anonymous


  • Vigil

    Sad part is Carter 2 Wayne wouldve demolished this beat

  • Vigil

    4/5 This shit is nice. Lil Wayne's usual garbage drags it down a point... Like the man seriously just took lines from Money To Blow AND he bit 2 Chainz. I mean who the fuck bites lyrics from 2 CHAINZ. But Gunplay and Rozay did their thing + the beat goes.

    • Chad Pitt

      What part did he take from 2Chainz? I don't listen to him often.

    • dentaldamboy

      You YMCMB haters are fucking idiots. Because I'm an accountant for Cash Money Records, I spend a lot of time with Birdman. What some of you may not know is Michael Jackson was planning on signing to YMCMB at the time of his death. He had even changed his stage name to Mic Jackin. He was planning on releasing 2 Major albums of hard hitting Trap shit, one a collaborative album with Lil Wayne titled Trap Kids. Since Michael's demise Cash Money records have actually teamed up with NASA and are creating a Global headquarters in Space and on the Moon. The reason for this is to create a new genre of hiphop called "Zero Gravity Rap". Lil Wayne was hospitalized because during his first zero gravity rap training session he rapped so hard he created a Blackhole that nearly engulfed him. The universe was not ready for his talent so it tried to take him, luckily all it got was his chain and a couple of Big Mac vouchers. All you haters are gonna be sorry soon YMCMB will be so big it will have its own gravitational pull meaning you will be drawn into it no matter what you do.

  • 0000


  • 0000

    cassie and others kill ur self

  • Uchiha Madara

    these dudes still making music? Totally forgot with all that eminem buzz thats going on #MMLP2

  • RealHipHop

    same genric shitty rap as every other faggot popular now

  • RealHipHop

    Damn, why fools like this getting attention, they are fucking horrible

  • Anonymous

    three wackest niggas in the game besides chief keef

  • RealHipHop

    You gotta have an IQ of >50 in order to listen to this shit. Fucking horrible.

  • Anonymous

    radio hit incoming

  • For real

    gunplays best verse and always will be on cartoon and cereal.

  • thyij8uki


  • 0000000


  • Tuff Criminal

    Track bumpss!!! Bout time this guy came out with somethin', he disappeared for a minute #LivingLegend

    • Anonymous

      he went into hiding after his last knockout! they had to carry him outta his own show in tampa looking like a statue. runnin his mouth again and some unknown local rapper put him to sleep! making mmg look bad one knockout at a time

  • 000000

    dame dash hit laddy cassie. long way to go. dash long way to go

  • Anonymous

    he had a bad buzz so he hides for a bit then when everone forgets now they like him

  • Anonymous

    people think gunplay is dope those dont know hip hop

  • Anonymous

    the highlight of this niggas career is getting a verse on a Kendrick Lamar song and getting jumped and robbed by G-Unit. LOLOLOL

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay has the same lyrical dexterity of an early 90s ice cube I hope he features on the next Nas album to add a little bit of star dust . Not hating on Nas he is top 5 for sure but gunplay is that diamond in the rough

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay really be improving. Nice Track

  • Anonymous

    It's hard to hate on Gunplay dude is most definitely a shining light in the rap game

  • jasonnns


  • micheal myersss


  • Anonymous

    True man, dre was first

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this bitch for stealing the name from a DR DRE song, I realy hate shit like this, stealing is for bitches!

  • dentaldamboy

    Lil wayne is a terrific singer.

  • Anonymous

    Some people say Gunplay is the man to save hiphop

  • Anonymous

    What a brilliant concept for a song. Gunplay is sure to change the game forever with innovative ideas like this. I dont think I ever heard a song about Kush before. Cant believe some famous producer didnt use that title for one of his singles!

  • brax

    You can tell Weezy either gave or sold them one of his throwaway tracks to help Gunplay but his album gonna flop no matter what!

  • Anonymous

    we all know Gunplay prefers to smoke rocks and freebase meth more than he likes to hit that kush. i can understand though as it probably eases the pain of always getting beat down

  • Royce suks dik

    Gunplay and yelawolf best rappers alive.... Fuk yo feelings!

  • Anonymous

    According to young money Lil Wayne gave him this song.


    i've said it before and I'll say it again Gunplay is mad under rated