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A feature many have been waiting for! Eminem enlists Kendrick Lamar for his new track "Love Game" off "MMLP2," set to drop November 5th. Pre-order now on iTunes


  • Because The Internet

    HA, Em the greatest. Kendrick did his thing.

  • Matthew Hinzman

    Ayo mah brazzas stop workin,so i jack off to MM because it says loove.HIMYM izzz hte bes sho ever.I like the cowboys!!! like MM. I DARE ANYONE TO RESPOND!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    pharoah munch grind!

  • Yayseus

    check out this white nerd from the west kill fuckwitme http://vimeo.com/80339145

  • kdot

    there are ALOT of kendrick haters here, he didnt beat eminem on this, or equal him, but he had a great part. and eminem is pretty much unbeatable on a track. still kendrick is definitely great, especially when comparing to the other rappers of his generation

  • Anonymous

    kendrick is so overrated, thats how bad hip hop is now. "Dillinger hit him diligently" taking lines from D12's Swifty Mcvay.. Listen to 'when the music stops'.. Kendrick is unoriginal and overrated.

    • Anonymous

      but eminem is overrated too

    • Anonymous

      oh and his voice is terrible. he sounds like a middle eastern terrorist.

    • Anonymous

      i listen to the goat Eminem. Kendrick is no where near Em lyrically. He's a great rapper, just not on Em's level. He has an awesome delivery but his lyrics are average. He stole a friggin d12 lyric which is subpar..

    • BigBudd

      You're clearly an idiot.. Kendrick isn't overrated. Fuck your opinion. You show me a rapper that has the same flow, lyrical content and persona as Kendrick and then talk. He is one of the best rappers out there, who do you listen to, Wayne? Rick Ross? ASAP Rocky? All unoriginal most overrated rappers out there. You're out of your damn mind.


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  • EarthToneDaProducer

    Kendrick's best late 90's circa Em impression...

  • Mylie

    I love it. reminds me of old school Em!

  • Anonymous

    "NO*SLURP*u dont*SLURP*under*SLURP*stand*SLURP*i*SLURP*dont do*SLURP*this for*SLURP*anyone*SLURP*ever!" that part cracks me up everytime and "and this bitch maby crazy as me wait wat the motherF-U-C-K's wrong with her!" is my fav parts

  • Anonymous

    pure lyrical talents, and having fun riming on beat and between old school sample hooks....PURE HIP HOP!!!

  • buck

    this song wack .... and kendrick wack

  • Kiff Katt

    Can't wait till the Riff Raff remix comes out, Love Versace

  • Anonymous


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • wayne

    even tho is isnt em best album its still good that a living legend still has the passion to keep going and it is still better then most other albums.... song would be better without k dot i feel like a lot of his guest appearances after control havent been that good

  • xx009


  • Twizzy

    @wtf?: nigga I agree with ya this track is fucked up for D.A.Y.S!

  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • Anonymous

    not feeling it M has put out way better material

  • Anonymous

    I think the hook is super dope... Kendricks verse is ill!

  • GHP

    Classic em, when he chatted shit on a smooth beat with a nice hook! Cant understand why people don't like? we live on..

  • Ed

    Terrible. There was a chance for this song to be a bright spot on the album but doesn't live up to the expectation.

  • Anonymous

    E M I N E M D R A G E D K E N D R I C K I N T O T H E W O R S T S O N G O F H I S C A R E E R F A C T S O N L Y

  • Tehran

    This is a nice track...different, creative, M has grown.... real hip hop track

  • Anonymous

    this track is fucking dope. everyone gotta bitch some time. classic rock sample flipped by rick rubin with 2 dope emcees spitting some stupid funny shit to make you laugh. eminem second verse was hilarious. hes using so many different flows and vocal tones on the new album. rewards more listens. the more i hear it, the more i feel it's some of his best work. ppl want a renegade type track everytime em works with someone. em been making these cartoonish fuck hoes type tracks his whole career. this and so much better are 2 of the better ones.

  • 666


  • jasonnns


  • micheal myersss


  • 666

    son of a mother out the bitchen

  • 666

    myers and jasonnns out getting at ya.few devil devils put u in circle around laughing pumkin heads start putting 666 demons on you putting the son of a mouth out the bichen

  • wtf?

    this is honestly prob one of the worst corniest songs i ever heard in hiphop let alone eminem. i mean ems got a few corny songs in his career but this one right here.. and to drag the hottest artist in the game in on it to is more disappointing.. smh i cant believe what eminem has become in these last 2 albums. if it wasnt for relapse inbetween shitty encore and shitty recovery id say em was over and done.

  • Anonymous

    the worst song on the album hands down

  • jasonnns


  • Anonymous

    The beat is the foundation of a song being great. Not the lyrics

  • Morpheus

    What If I Told You 1. People are stuck in the past 2. People have a hard time excepting something new 3. This song was meant for fun 4. Both MC's delivered 5. Eminem took the baton back from Kendrick in the third verse and ran like the wind... head in the air and feet kicking.. and he avoided being killed on his own track. Because that's what your suppose to do.

  • alex


  • hyfen8ed

    what the fuck yall want from em??? he gave you EVERYTHING on this album. if you dont like it all thats understandable but if you deny this is one of the best albums of the year you are just a fuckin hater who loves to hate....sad shit

    • Sam

      That's what I'm saying. Do you really want to hear the same damn song over and over with the same style beat, same style delivery, same style topic, etc.? This song has a completely different fell than pretty much every other song on the album, and that's why I like it so much.

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • shut up

    You guys wouldn't be saying anything negative about this song if it was on the mmlp 1.. people love to say someone lost it

  • Anonymous

    sticky fingaz killed eminem in remember me nate dogg killed eminem on shake that kendrick killed eminem on love game 50 cent killed eminem on never enough lloyd banks killed eminem on you dont know me

    • Anonymous

      sticky fingaz is probably the only one that may have edged him out..but if they got on a track today em would eat him alive.

  • Coup D Villain

    Yall crazy idiots.. this is FIRE

  • dren

    This shit is actually pretty good, beat is a nice sample for the subject matter, and Kendrick kills his verse, even though I don't like the dude much. It shows Kendrick has some versatility.

  • jakson

    i want to play dj games

  • xx009


  • Anonymous

    Check out my song below ft an interview from Drake! Real music that people can relate too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHVFBrd0JbY

  • 666 rabbit mask devils

    put eminem 50 cent in woods jasonnns after em

  • Anonymous

    Eminem dragged Kendrick into the worst song of his career. No one is denying eminems skill and flow as a rapper but mmlp2 sucks... Pitchfork gave it 4.7! thats basically saying... what the fuck is this shit?

    • @You Fucking Idiot

      2dopeboyz has the most retarded hiphop fans ever...hhdx is one of the best sites of hiphop

    • Anonymous

      Childish Gambino is a comedian and actor and deserved less than a 1.6! Its like if Eddie Murphy made a rap album? Pitchfork don't know music? Ok Doggie but you do, you do don't you doggie?? You mad because they gave eminems album an HONEST review rather than dick riding him? You mention Rakim yet love this Pop Album>? U have no idea of one Rakim song do you Doggie?

    • You Fucking Idiot

      So you're telling me that pitchfork's review carries weight??? this is the same online site that gave childish gambino's camp a 1.6 review. get the fuck outta here with that stupid ass comment. Pitchfork don't even have no hip hop credibility and you idiots wouldn't know hip hop if rakim beat you over the head with LL's mic that's tattooed on his arm...i swear this site has the most ignorant people commenting on here on wasting time and life trolling...

    • Anonymous

      love s0ng sucks but the rest of the album is dope. who cares what they rated it. listen to the lyrics!

  • beep90

    love it ! different style

  • ice

    y'all hear the beat and think it's whack, but in reality, the verses are dope. in contrast, y'all hear a nice beat and think the song is great, even though the flow sucks, the verses aren't saying shit, and the rhyme scheme is ass.

  • Danny

    not bad but wish eminem would go back to hardcore rap

  • dope album

    but wont go 4x plat like recovery did not enough buzz

    • frank knows

      Did 1.1 million worldwide in it's first week. That's more than MMLP1 and that is certified Diamond. Fuck platinum.

  • martin

    Nice song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B3qojmxlRQ

  • 666


  • 666


  • 666


  • ultras

    There is guys whole Eminem - MMLP2 album free for download on link below, also its HQ with 320kbps www.mmlp2leaked.com

  • Brick City

    Album is fire. This is why he's an artist featured on Art of Rap. His rhymes are to complex for most. Ya niggas are quick to classify what "hip-hop" is, and ya don't even know shit. It's an art, and creativity is key. That's why niggas like Kanye, Jay, Em, Kendrick, and even Drake are so relevant, hated or loved. They ain't scared to create art and push boundaries. Lyrically this album tops any out this year, and is one of the best releases in a while. Ya can't even front on homeboy one of the greatest. Not a Stan just real shit, dogg.

  • xx004


  • clove

    this not creative. just who can say the most words.

  • Anonymous

    Quit dickridin' because of the names on the song. This shit is awful.

  • Anonymous

    when he said kwame was he refferring to kwame brown that fuckin scrub?

  • Matthew

    This is absolutely the best of the best. The new generation would probably never understand 80% of his lyrics and that's a risk. Even if ya don't like it, every hip-hop knows this is something great and we will speak about this album like it's Slim Shady LP or part 1. Relapse is forgiven and forgotten.

  • Anonymous

    They killed it .track is meant to be fun but the flows are insane


    i dislike this song more than berzerk. Em is just rambling words and the song just sucks. sorry em!

  • Argot Simz

    https://soundcloud.com/milesoselim-1 Hip-Hop from the UK

  • Z

    Love the different styles and sample influences. I could become an Eminem fan for this...

  • 666


  • jasonnns


  • ?

    Damn! that's a whole lot of hating on this song. I get where everyone is coming from, I too expected something WAY different, and it took three listens to finally just listen to this song as it was instead of what I was anticipating. It's just a fun hip hop song.....reminds me of some old school hip hop (not the beat just the not so serious energy of it). Another interesting thing to keep in mind is that Shady said when K Dot came to the studio he played him a few ideas as possibilities and they BOTH agreed to work on this. So, basically two of the top ten rappers alive (possibly ever) (who are also both known as two of the most critical judges of their own work) can see the true hip hop in this track as well as one of the most prolific hip hop producers in history can see the phenomenal hip hop in this track....maybe if you hate this song you should 1. Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of hip hop from sugarhill gang, to beasties, to NWA, to Big Daddy Kane, to Pac, to Nas, to J, to Run DMC, to slick rick, etc.... and then re evaluate the track 2. Start asking if you're really a hip hop head like you think you are, or if maybe instead you're a little closed off to the possibilities within such a wide ranging genre

    • Anonymous

      Influence or Imitation? To me it sounds like Kendrick tried to rap with Em's style. He did a pretty good job of it as well.

    • Brick City

      That's keepin it 100. Eminem is one of the greatest to ever grace hip-hop, including his work on MMLP2. Kendrick is just adding to his growing stature in hip-hop, (acknowledged by greats, classic album, originality) in which I think he's gon be a legend. Joey Bada$$ is another nigga I'm with. Real original and great lyricist too. Some more name drops to "?"'s post: Slick Rick, Rakim, Redman, Wu-Tang Clan, AZ, DMX, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, Kurtis Blow, BDP, Public Enemy. A lot of niggas need to be taught about hip-hop and what the craft is.

    • Fuck You

      @? Oh shut the fuck up!! I don't like it. It sucks. We ain't gotta like da same shit. It ain't nothing special, so you can shut the fuck up. BITCH!

    • bz

      damn, im glad someone said that! everyone just hating because of a different beat! most people here aren't open to some new styles! this song is great!!

    • g.d.stubbs

      ^^^ co-sign. what i really appreciate about this is how you can hear eminem's clear influence on kendrick. there is some really subtle communication going on between these two emcees, like two great jazz players working together. and be honest, if the production were more "contemporary" (when in fact, this is pretty advanced and expensive given the samples) it would sound totally inappropriate. remember why "my name is" worked? exactly.

    • agreed

      ...and that's keeping it 100 right there

  • Money First

    Dope! It was different and I respect when somebody does something left of center....more of that is needed in this brainwashed music game anyway!!

  • jasonnns


  • 666


  • Anonymous

    Clown u don't even get it..they wanted people like you to expect them to try and do a serious hard track and out rhyme each other..and if you listen they both showcased how they can flow over any beat and they had fun doing it..go listen to the rest of the album ...and sorry they both made it and are successful cus dx hates that

    • Obama

      Bro, you got it on the head. Of course everyone is expecting that they make a supertrack and go hard. Well as usual they still go hard AF but showing that hey...lemme see yall other niggas spit on something like this and actually make a song!!! I personally think it is a lil crazy of them but they pull if off. It still makes me a lil PISSED that they used their first collab so bravely. But either way i think the song is legit. Obama out

  • Anonymous

    this is a disgrace to two of lyricism's best names... what a blow to their legacy... pure shit song, garbage throwaway etc. not the song HIPHOP was anticipating... fucking pop stars smh

  • Anonymous

    Man, when I heard shady and kdot were on a song together, I was crazy excited. My two favorite rappers alive right now, on one mega kick- ass song. Its a ok song, but I'd rather have some shit like when Jigga and Shady made renegade.


    Eminem has to be trolling us with this song right? oh i get it im getting punked? no? oh i get it this is HHDX doing another one of those april fools day joke songs right?? cmon guys tell me eminem just released this as a complete joke to fool us and will have the real kendrick feature on the physical album tommorrow.. if anythign this is kendrick ft eminem bec kdot is the ONLY good thing in this april fools song.

  • Alex Fryling

    Eminem and Kendrick Lamar could have done so much better and the production could have been better to

  • Arsonist

    This is actually one of my favorite tracks on the album. Reminds me of Slim Shady LP with his descriptive cynical lyrics "Woke up from a dream state in a night sweat like I got hit by a freeze ray in a fucking heat wave." I think Kendrick should've just been on the chorus.

  • Anonymous

    only song off this album that's good mostlys cause Kendrick boosted this songs flow change

  • Anonymous

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  • Mortis

    I expected Renegade 2013 and got a shit sandwich instead

  • hi

    Evil Twin on the album is brilliant.

  • asasasdas

    Eminem is the best in the game, kendrick is the second best future best

  • IamMe

    the shit that society accepts and doesn't is just ass backwards.. most you fucks will forever be limited by the status quo.. this happens to be different from the garbage sh.. hidden behind a dope beat and it's good... eat a dick

    • Anonymous

      This song was made for Em and Kendrick. They're both pretty kooky and you can tell by listening to the song that they're just on here having fun. I think the songs awesome, doesn't sound like everything else out, it's just different, but fun.

    • Anonymous

      no knows who the fuck this was made for.. your out of your mind if you think a track like this will play on any radio station and this clear isnt meant the underground that wanted renegade 2013...this wouldnt be as bad if the rest of the album was good

    • Anonymous

      No, it wasn't

    • Anonymous

      PFT this is made directly for the status qou mainstream pop fan

  • Amir

    Very dope and original instrumental, Lyrics are dope too.

  • sxxx4


  • realtalk

    what the fuck is this. this is garbage as fuck

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • C Dogg

    Tune!!!!!!! Best song of mmlp2 so far!

  • Andr

    wish the whole album was consistent and stayed with this country style, would be a great comeback for em

  • Deebo

    Now y'all know who can body Em on his own shit...

  • Bboi

    Come on now -_- I understand the majority tends to write Slim off quickly because of his last few albums, but this is actually kinda dope. Its all good I guess...after listening to the whole album its safe to say the man is Really, genuinely, without a doubt BACK!

  • matt

    3.7 really, wow no wonder rap is stagment no one ever accepts anything different, this is not only different but groundbreaking

    • Anonymous

      3.7 is a pretty good score people love to throw 5's left and right these days

    • Anonymous

      3.7 is being very generous, any other rapper makes this song and it would be rated 2.5/5. To call this "groundbreaking" is to take your eminem bias to an extreme

  • Anonymous

    this is actually pretty smooth

  • ...........

    THIS SHIT SUCK SO MUCH ASS !!!!!! Of course, because it's Eminem and Kendrick Lamar everybody and their mama gone be like "OMFG, this track is amazing...Em saved hip hop, Kendrick is King"... lmfao I Hate Y'all !

  • ryan g

    Awesome song. should have wayyyy more than 3.7.. some people are just judging it on the non rap sample.. it's awesome for the record.

  • 666


  • j

    lyrically great. that beat tho..

  • Anonymous

    Glad you guys like the album. Check out my site... www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • 666


  • The Artist Esq.

    Dope. Straight dope track. Lyricism was on point. Originality was crazy good. They murdered the concept. One of my favorite tracks off this album, and definitely allowed me to see Kendrick in a different light.

  • Anonymous

    love the beat. shit is too noisy tho... everyone knows em got wordplay, its all about making it listenable

  • For real

    Made my day... No need for a breakdown. They should make an album or at least a few more tracks.

  • 666

    could be things going on. rabbit mask demons peeking by tress.findings of alians.jasonnns coming out woods

  • DesperEdo

    2 of my absolute favorite rappers in one track.

  • jay

    if you listen to this song without context of the rest of the song i can understand how you could see that it comes out of no where and you can be like "WTF?" but if you look at the big picture and in context of the whole album its pretty cool.

  • EKSEL_562

    I will admit.... this is better than the other cutting room floor garbage off of the album so far... Reminds me of the high top fade, cross colored jeans and parachute pants rap.

  • Aim80

    ...and I can almost guarantee half of the kids on these comments didn't even understand the "Scenario" reference... or the 'Low End Theory' or '3rd Bass' references... or even KNOW who or what a "Kwame" is.

  • Aim80

    This track is fuckin sick and I loved it the second i heard it... IN my truck, from my phone on hhdx.com, off a text i had just received... this has such a good, classic vibe to it and Kendrick definitely did it justice. No other rapper would've been able to hang with Em like this, the lyrical content, the cadence, the patterns, etc... As soon as I heard this i KNEW people would hate on it... and that's understandable. I didn't like Berzerk when i first heard it, i felt it was 'noisy' and i eventually realized i didn't like it because it wasn't what i expected or wanted from Eminem. But after listening with an open mind i realized it was so progressive... as is this track. Nobody's done something like this in a long time, it's fun. It's funNY. It's lyrically on point, the drums are banging, and that sample is fuckin genius! I've already decided that this MMLP2 isnt gonna be what i (or we all) expected. it IS gonna be something new, fresh and progressive though, something we DEFINITELY need in HipHop right now.

  • rap god

    Every knocks the beat...did you just want another generic track with 808s? Creativity is key

  • Grammy Awards

    We are pleased to announce that MMLP 2 will be nominated for Best Pop Album of the year.

  • stupidpeoplethese days

    Its funny how a bunch of you STUPID IDIOTS THINK they know what music is but you all are FAGGOTS who have transitioned into GAY shit like WAKA, YMCMB, Fr. Montana?tyga?big sean?bieber?meek? etc. You all are supporters who would encourage them to team up w/ people like Miley, Ariana, etc. HOW THE FUKK IS ANY ARTIST GOING TO MAKE MUSIC w/ ARIANA or Miley? i admit one thing that EM hasnt showed, was going in HARD as FUCk in his songs. For instance like, THE WAY I AM ; WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS; BUSINESS; BITCH PLS 2; NUTTIN TO DO; etc. although this song isnt as good as "KIM" it still brings slim shady back. this is what he was made of before, dissing people and not giving a fuck. You guys are so used to know listening to stupid whack shit that waka flocka makes or Meek Mill or Big Sean or 2 Chain. they are catchy songs but never will ever be as good as eminem himself. so LISTEN bitches to his lyrics and enjoy. If he fucks up then he AS THE RAP GOD will tell us and admit it. Name one rapper who admited his album sucked so bad. NOBODY. he admitted encore and relapse wasnt at all nowhere near marshall mathers lp or eminem show. you think JAY Z and Kanye have the throne. no bitches. Thats why there album was called watch the throne. Stop liking what society tells you to like and enjoy music. You haters are the people who dogged on michael jackson for his music and being "gay", so why the fuck should anyone listen to what stupid people gotta say. ANYONE who tried to go on slim shady has ended up losing their career and fame. i dont even have to put their names up cause true hip-hop/rap listeners will know. soo KANYE watch out. Slim Shady is back.

    • stupidpeoplethese days

      its okay bitch.. you keep listening to 23 by juicy j & miley " With my hands in the sky, I wave em from side to side My feet on the floor, Im bout to turn up now" hahahahahaah smh do you not get it idiot?? he found a "hella way to fuse it." the song STAN alone without any rapping is POP, dumbass!! he took that song and made into the ROLLING STONE top 10 songs ever! the reason why you dont like it, its cause you like listening to hip hop that is in YOUR COMFORT zone. almost every hip hop song now has the fucking same mother fuckin beat.. so keep listening to hip like a Bandwagon you are hip hop these days are to gloat about all the money you have gained and how they suck RATCHET pussy.. kanye, eminem, jay are all ARTISTS. They are make ART. kanye with his beats jay with music business, flow eminem with his flow, lyrics, story telling and sometimes beats

    • Anonymous

      This doesn't sound like pop music at all. Are you deaf?

    • Anonymous

      I liek how you attack Miley and Bieber but this sounds more like Pop Music than any rap artist you mentioned. You Stans are in pure denial mode at this point.

  • MrYepp

    Dope Record, no idea what u are bitching about

  • steve

    shows you how much em doesnt give a fuck about the Hate kendrick the best new rapper hops on his track and they have fun joking around its a fun song pull the stick outa yall asses

  • A.I.M.Z.

    These dudes are rapping!!!! Like it or not, they spitting!!!

  • Mr_Harper

    This shit is awful. End of story.

  • Anonymous

    Mannn what in the hell is this shit O_o Don't dickride because of the names on the song, this shit is trash ....

    • Anonymous

      Nope, you don't know hip-hop, hater.

    • Anonymous

      I've been seeing alot of EM fans call people "ignorant" whci is hilarious since most are teenagers that don't know hhip hop.

    • kleskoe

      you're an idiot. too ignorant to realize that no one besides these two coulda even pulled off a song like this. you're just angry because this doesn't sound like the same bullshit you listen to over and over again

  • freshpay

    I was surprised at this song when i first heard it. Just like all of you it was nothing i had expected to come from the duo... or anyone trying to feature Kdot for that matter. But something kept me comin back to it... and it has really grown on me. the story telling, the comedic value that both bring to the table, the fun and funky 50's beat, their skill level is still at the top. It's just a FUN song about fucked-up love that these guys knocked out! this track went from a 3 to a 4.5 to me. NO not a classic, but a great track! why? cuz you def wont hear anything like this anywhere else now-adays!

  • Anonymous

    this is a kendrick lamar song, eminem is a total non entity on this fuck rick rubin

  • Hip Hop Sux

    Haha. Ya'll removed my comment about 2pac, Jay Z, Kanye West, & Lil Wayne. Looks like someone got their feelings hurt over the truth about their favorite rapper. Anyway here is the true list of the greatest MCs acts of all time: 1) Eminem 2) Biggie 3) Outkast (both Big Boi & Andre 3000 are equal) 4) Nas Honorable mentions: Wu-tang, D-12, Big L, Big Pun, The Roots, Snoop, Kurrupt, Dr. Dre. Everyone else sucks.

    • Anonymous

      Illmatic > Slim Shady LP Life is Good > MMLP 2

    • CuDismkWii

      hahahaha stupid fuck.... since Slim Shady LP he is able to destroy anyone and use lyrics that nobody will ever be able to use and mix it with flow. Nas, you stupid fuck, is done, dead, termino, finished. Eminem is still around making hits. So shut the hell up you ********.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem will never be ranked higher than Nas, ever.

  • Trust Shady

    The truth is the truth. This is INCREDIBLE music and no Hip Hop artist has ever put together an album as polished as this -- even Eminem knows it and that's why the album is focused on showing that deep appreciation and respect for the Hip Hop Culture Don't listen to the haters. They are just bots that Macklemore hired to spew the same bullshit over and over. Eminem is an artist and a visionary and has earned the right to create in his own way and if you don't get it, CHECK YO' SELF

  • Hip Hop Sucks

    Haha. Ya'll removed my comment about 2pac, Jay Z, Kanye West, & Lil Wayne. Looks like someone got their feelings hurt over the truth about their favorite rapper. Anyway here is the true list of the greatest rappers of all time: 1) Eminem 2) Biggie 3) Outkast (both Big Boi & Andre 3000 are equal) 4) Nas Honorable mentions: Wu-tang, D-12, Big L, Big Pun, Snoop, Kurrupt, Dr. Dre, The Roots. Every one else sucks.

  • Wtf

    Dude wtf happened to ems beat picking....all the beats he picks suck asshole...i miss amittyville such an ill beat

  • Anonymous

    arguably the two hottest rappers in the game right now and this is what they come up with? This is an insult to everything that is hip hop. This shit honestly has me thinking about just not listening to rap anymore. To all the fag boys that say gay shit through their side bangs about the 90s being dead and rah rah I say this- just because its new doesnt make it better. This shit is straight up wake as fuck. The chorus, lamars whiny voice, the beat is corny and the topic is beyond played out for em. straight garbage.

  • jake

    R.I.P Eminem I'll miss your music

  • Ben Dover

    Here are some of the the corniest Eminem punch lines: **** the world feed it beans, gased up if it thinks its stopin' me "lift the whole liquor counter up cause I'm raising the bar" Why would I buy you a gay ass teddy bear **** you're already bipolar Tryna give me the fingers kinda like giving a spider the web Im just gonna spin it and use it to my advantage I catch a fly in that **** you think you fly you just food "I guess that's why they call it window pane" "suck my d*** on the couch if u wanna cushion the blow" Like a "f*ck you" for Christmas, his gift is a curse" "quit playin' with the scissors and shit, and cut the crap" "You can get the dick, just call me the ballsac, I'm nuts" Making yourself like a song just because you like an Artist is retarded. So far all the songs that leaked are simply terrible. There is no way I can fuck with this album. Should have called it something else because it hurts to have this relating to the first album. This further proves that Jay is GOAT but half that MCHG was lyrically corny. Tom Ford...GTFO. Nas needs to make a comeback Eminem fell the fuck off.


    MY ALBUM RANKING SONGS AFTER SECOND ANALYSIS 1. Bad Guy 2. Groundhog Day 3. Legacy 4. Evil Twin 5. Wicked Ways 6. Rap God 7. So Much Better 8. Baby 9. Asshole 10. Brainless 11. Beautiful Pain 12. Love Game 13. Headlights 14. The Monster 15. Survival 16. Rhyme or Reason 17. Berzerk 18. Desperation 19. So Far... 20. Stronger Than I Was Please leave your opinion KING KENDRICK A good album, maybe a classic, but songs 16-20 i might just delete those are garbage i can't even listen to. Every other song is good or great though.


    It is all out war between the people hating and saying this is his worst album and the side im on is that this is his 3rd or 4th best album.

  • const

    em is a legend but this track sucks...expected more

  • df

    dope beat, flow is impecable

  • df

    changing up the style and still good

  • Hip Hop Sucks

    Really hiphopdx. you really gonna remove my comments. looks like some one got their feelings hurt cause I spoke some truth. Oh well. This album is fucking dope. Em's best albums (best to worst): 1) MMLP - Classic 2) SSLP - Classic 3) Infinite - Classic 4) MMLP 2 - Classic 5) Eminem Show - garbage 6) Encore - garbage 7) Relapse & Recovery - pure shit

    • Anonymous

      Your name is fitting. A person who thinks this is part of a classic album would think that hip hop sucks, you are a pop fan and this is pop music.

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck would Eminem wait until one of the best years in Hip Hop music to release one of his worst albums ever. No doubt it will sell because of the same fan base that helps lady gaga sells, but this shit is absolute trash. Literally the worst Eminem album I've heard in 6 years.

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    It thrills me that all the bias Eminem fans who come to Hip Hop DX and give any other rappers song a 1/5 off back have to defend this shitty album. You even have kids below comparing this to illmatic, this is the year where all Stans get exposed for known 0.00% about rap music and idolizing Eminem to beyond delusion.

  • Hip hop Sucks

    Also here is the real list of the best MCs of all time: 1) Eminem 2) Biggie 3) Outkast - (both Big Boi & Andre 3k - are equal) 4) Nas Honorable mentions: Wu-Tang & D-12 (these 2 groups have 2 of the best albums ever), Snoop Dogg, Kurrupt, Dr. Dre, Pharcyde, Big L, Big Pun, The Roots. I might be missing a few more but whatever. The people mentioned above make good music, or have made good music at one point. They are above hip hop, whether they or you agree with it or not. Every one else just doesn't matter. In fact, FUCK everyone else, including the grand masters, nigga. 2Pac was an asshole, who got the late great BIGGIE, involved in his immature bullshit ass East Coast vs. West Coast war, which resulted in BIG getting shot. When 2Pac got shot, I was like oh great, it's finally over, that asshole is dead, but then tragedy occurred in 97, as BIG was killed. BIG should be number 1, but 2Pac had to be an asshole. Fuck 2Pac. Now JayZ. Jay Z is a great business man, but musically he is so overrated. Jay Z is a lying piece of shit, who sold crack to his own mother, so of course he is going to be a good business man. He is like a Jew. Lol. Jay Z steals lyrics & styles, & acts like he is paying homage. Really. His best album was the Black Album, cause it was actually somewhat original, but even in that he stole a bunch of Biggie's lines. Jay Z is ok, he is not the best & never will be. Now the rest. Kanye West is just a faggot. He thinks he makes great music but he doesn't. His best album was College Drop Out, and it was ok at best. Lil Wayne, I mean do I even need to say it. He is horrible. He looks & sound like a gremlin. However, sometimes Lil Wayne drops some good verses, like in the song "Hollywood Divorce". I might be a bit biased when it comes to Lil Wayne. I haven't really heard any of his albums, but he just sounds so irritating. Anyway fuck you.

    • Anonymous

      And how can you call Jay-Z a lying piece of shit when Eminem says some of the most homo shit. Talks about killing massive amounts of people and never harmed a fly. You suburban stans are the worst thing that ever happened to hip hop, you should just go back to rock and pop, which is basically what this album is..

    • Anonymous

      No one respects your list.

  • Anonymous

    I like most of the songs i heard, but this one really sucks ass.

  • Rahul

    This song is a lyrical beast!! Anyone who's saying they HATE it don't know what HIP HOP REALLY IS. This is the best storytelling in its type. We have very few emcees who can still use story telling with witty lyrics - Rest all are busy making EDM records! MMLP2 is a CLASSIC ALBUM!

    • Sachin

      Totally Agree Mister....this song is lyrically a beast..just give it Couple listens.!!!! 4.5/5 ... -0.5 for the production

    • Anonymous

      This is the exact opposite of a classic.

    • A Person

      Get the fuck outta here, MMLP2 seems decent, but only time can tell if an album is a classic, except in maybe three cases. Most emcees I have listened to are pretty fuckin dope, only wack ones are the mainstream radio artists that make pop rap.

  • anonymous

    definitely shouldn't have called this the MMLP2. total hype move

  • Obvious

    eminem runs this fuckin site just look to the right

  • Hip hop Sucks

    This song is hella dope, & the album is a classic. Eminem isn't hip hop. Eminem is good music. Ya'll keep all that hip hop bullshit to yourself. Also Em addresses all you corny lying ass niggas in the song Legacy. Check it out if you want. I thought the singles were crap at first, but when you listen to the album all the way through, track after track, in some good expensive headphones (not that cheap bullshit), which you niggas can't afford, the music and the lyrics collaborate with each other really well, & the singles actually work out really well with the whole album. I thought Berzerk was the worst song ever, but it actually works with the album. The tracks before Berzerk were very lyrical, so it was kind of like a break in between the songs in the album. However, he could have picked a better song than Berzerk. It's not a very good song. But I guess it works with the album. Also this song with Kendrick is awesome. It's a fun song, really old school (80's - early 90's, old school). Anyways, Here is the real order for all the Eminem albums (best to worst): 1. MMLP - Classic 2. SSLP - Classic 3. Infinite - Classic 4. MMLP 2 - Classic in the making 5. Eminem Show - garbage 6. Encore - garbage 7. Relapse & Recovery - hot garbage, horrendous, pure shit - both equally bad.

    • ^

      You can't be serious.

    • Hip hop Sucks

      @SMH. First of all I am not bashing hip hop & building Em up. All you hip hop people are assholes. So FUCK your Hip Hop. You people don't even consider Em hip hop cause he is white, which is fine because hip hop is black music. Eminem is white & he doesn't do black music or white music. He makes not only fight, but versatile music. And read my above comment. That's how I feel about hip hop. @Anonymous. Relapse sucked. End of discussion. @trubyyyyy & @wessiide. It wasn't one listen. I listened to the MMLP2 a couple of times. It's been out for a few days, 3 days specifically. You idiots just don't know how to get it. And you people still playing Eminem Show? That album was fucking terrible. A lot of songs, ruined the album. Eminem Show had 4 really good songs. Best tracks: 1) Hailie's Song, 2) White America, 3) My Dad's Gone Crazy, 4) Without Me Everything else sucked. Em had one bonus track "We as Americans", which was dope as fuck and he didn't even put it on the album. All the other songs sucked. Too much whining and crying. The whole whining & crying act started on this Eminem Show album. That's why I hated this album. Eminem turned into a faggot on the Eminem Show. And he continued acting like a faggot in every album afterwards. He was whining & crying all the time so that millions of little emotional white girls can attach themselves to what he was saying, and buy his music. After the MMLP, all he released as whining & crying, because that's what sold. And faggots like you bought it. This new album however, is fucking genius. You have to be a person who enjoys good music with witty, comical, serious, fun, outrageous, versatile lyrics, to enjoy this album. And you have to understand his references. This album was just a classic.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem Show was flame

    • wessiide

      u must be drunk to say eminem show was trash, it had the best features. man fuck u!

    • Anonymous

      relapse was sick. get your head checked

    • SMH

      So you go n a hip hop website just to bash hip hop and build up Em.... Em is good, but come on, if you think hip hop is bullshit, you haven't listened to it's roots, Caz, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Kool Herc, Bambaataa, Kurtis Blow, Kane, Guru, Black Thought, Nas, and many others. Eminem is a good artist, but don't just go bashing hip hop on some bullshit, just makes you look like you can't critically listen to something and decide for yourself whether it is good or bad. Way to make a blanket statement that totally doesn't show your biases.

    • trubyyyyy

      HAHAHAHAHA top 4 on one listen. you one of those fuckboys listen to a album once and give it a review lol. see if you playing this shit in 10 years like we still playing Eminem show bangers

  • Blackmamba

    Love this song! Em is a lyrical genius. Hate it or Love it. And Kendrick killed it!

  • Anonymous

    if you love this album its hard to believe you listened to em before relapse...

  • Nabsta

    This album is an album you have to listen from front to back to enjoy it, people forget he creates albums, not single songs. Honestly speaking, this is the most creative album production wise, lyrically, technically, word play since The Eminem Show. He stepped outside the box and stayed true to his craft rather than what Ross and Drake are doing. Stay Creative. 4.5/5

  • LOL

    Just brutal this guy is just a joke.

  • Wtf

    Every song that leaked is pure garbage. I'm his fuckin fan, I was excited about this album. These so called haters must know there music cause this album is Wack so far.

    • Anonymous

      you cant have 4 garbage songs on there and call the album straight fire. sit down fan boy. just another victim of todays mediocracy in rap

    • Anonymous

      Wait till you here the whole thing including the bonus tracks. This album is straight FIRE. I am actually ashamed of giving this album so much hate because of the singles. Album is DOPE. And Hiphopdx posted the absolute worst tracks off the LP. Go buy it, this album is worth it. Best work since The Eminem Show

  • 617

    dude this aint eminem his voice aint even close to being the same and nor is his flow. he never had to squish so many words together on a beat he always just flowed right over it he never tried to make shit complicating. this is crazy shadys def been gone since early 2000's and im just starting to realize it

  • 617

    how does a mans voice go from deeper to higher pitched...and dont say cuase of drugs

  • Anonymous

    at first i didn't like this track that much. but after a few listens it's probably one of my favorites on the album. i think it gets a bad reaction upon first listen from us because we were expecting a completely different type of song from an eminem & Kendrick track. but this track 5/5 album 3.5/5

    • Anonymous

      You on crack? Album is 5/5 and this song including the singles are straight garbage compared to the album. Possibly the worst songs he could release to promote an album Bad Guy Brainless Legacy So Much Better Wicked Ways Evil Twins Baby Groundhog Day are all Straight fuckin FIREE

  • THeDUke

    This song and album are good

  • Dave

    I like that it brought something new out of Lamar.

  • Christopher Gordon

    This is not what I was expecting from these two collabing, I think the song can be lot better with a better subject matter. With that said the verses on the song still sound good.


      I know that was my biggest fear that this would turn into what kendrick did with drake "poetic justice" a slower rap song based on love but it was eminem so i pushed that to the side and it turns out to be a worse version of poetic justice, now im wishing this could have been as good as poetic justice. Its a below average album song and i thought it would be song of the year. at the end of the day..... KING KENDRICK. song was DISAPPOINTING THOUGH.

  • ty hi

    The song with mr. hype is the only wack song on the album, other than that song, the mmlp2 is straight, after hearing the singles, I thought the album wasn't gona be good, but mmlp2 was actually a good album, and I now like the singles also.

  • sxxx4


  • call me li

    that song was craazy. every verse was like a story. awkward beat at first, but it kinda goes esp in the third verse where em was killin it, something bout "out the window onto the pavement" haha

  • Anonymous

    HAAAHAA this is some wacky ass shit. big ups for being innovative people gon be mad tho cuz they probably wanted a more serious song from a Kendrick/Em collab

  • TrollHunter

    Eminem with his WHINY WHINY flow, I'm sick of it. He always was an amazingly lyrical but gimmicky rapper to me, that's why he's not in my top 5. HIS VOICE IS SOOO ANNOYING!! Kendrick Renegaded this tired wigga BTW.

  • Anonymous

    Say what you want about Rick Ross being a CO. His album will be a better album than this one, guranteed. It's sad at how far eminem fell. At least he has a new wave of teen fans to support him.

    • Anonymous

      Nope. People will say it's good.

    • Anonymous

      Return here in a month, guaranteed. Once the eminem album is released to the public, it will be known widespread that although he sold a lot because of his pop fans, this album is not good.

    • Anonymous

      I guarantee Rick Ross's album will get better reviews than this album. And im not talking about hip hop dx Stans.

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross' album will never be better than Eminem's.

    • Anonymous

      Naw write all the paragraphs that you want this is terrible.

    • fff

      Quit complaining and expecting this to sound like his older material. Artists evolve retard. If you had actually listened to the entire album as it is you would say it's dope. But some people keep expecting him to come back as The Real Slim Shady, it won't happen!! Get over it and try listening to this album as if you never heard his older material. I guarantee, 2 years from now you will say this album was fuckin dope, while you will be dissing his new material. Hater. Try cleaning ur fuckin ears idiot, the singles were the worst, album tops Recovery and Relapse

  • A Person

    Since a lot of you seem to love to stan and/or irrationally hate Em, here is a list of the best hip hop artists I have listened to (this is not my GOAT list, just a favorites list) Nas Rakim KRS Kool G Rap Grandmaster Caz Melle Mel Big Daddy Kane Masta Ace CL Smooth Big L Ghostface Raekwon Masta Killa RZA GZA Inspectah Deck Ol Dirty Bastard Elzhi Black Milk Freddie Gibbs Immortal Technique Treach (who happened to inspire Em's flow) Kool Keith MC Shan Kurtis Blow LL Cool J Erick Sermon Prodigy Eminem Pac Biggie Skyzoo Scarface Papoose Bishop Lamont Oddisee T3 Baatin Del the Funky Homosapien Murs Aesop Rock Ab-Soul Kendrick Lamar Jay Rock Danny Brown Apathy AZ Big Boi Andre 3000 Blu Big Krit One Be Lo Blaq Poet Mos Def Talib Kweli Slick Rick Chino XL Lord Jamar Common Copywrite Killer Mike El-P Fashawn Sean Price Ice-T Illa J Ice Cube Illogic J Dilla (GOAT Producer) Jean Grae Roc Marciano Kool Moe Dee Kurupt Guilty Simpson OC MF Doom MC Ren Pharoahe Monch Vinnie Paz Quelle Chris Pusha T RA the Rugged Man Redman Reks Black Thought (who is in my personal top 10) Q-Tip Royce Da 5'9 Joell Ortiz Crooked I Joe Budden Warren G Sadistik Salt MC Lyte Rapsody So yea, if you want to get educated, all of these are artists that I respect, Em is in that tier of artists, better than some, not nearly as good as others. As for this song, 3/5 is about right.

  • Anonymous

    I love the 12-22 year old "rap fans" on here telling everyone waht hip hop is. This is mainstream pop rock.

  • The King

    How is everybody saying this song sucks because Eminem fucked it up? Kendrick tries to sound like Shady and fucks it royally. Both artists are good and this song is starting to grow on me, but if anybody fucked it up, it was Kendrick. That is all.

  • jasonnns


  • Anonymous

    After listening to deluxe edition , i can say : MMLP2 8.5/10 >>>>Relapse >Recovery> encore bad guy,brainless,legacy,headlights,evil twin,so much better,rhyme or reson, beautiful pain,baby,wicked ways,groundhog day,desperation > * your fav rapper career

  • Anonymous

    This will forever been known as the album that seperated true rap fans from pop eminem stans and teens.

    • Anonymous

      Album is 4.5 I listened to the whoel thing it isn't good.

    • po

      This you guys even listen to the whole album including the deluxe edition? Probably not because it's dope as fuck. Definitely his best work since Encore era. The singles were the worst songs and this Kendrick songs is probably the worst. Listen to the whole album including the Deluxe, stop expecting old EM and listen to it as it is faggots. Album is dope as fuck. 8.5/10

    • Anonymous

      WTF is a "true rap fan" I like Drake and i like Immortal Technique. I liked Recovery and i liked Illmatic. so what does that make me? ya'll take this music shit too seriously sometimes

    • realhiphop

      ^ I absolutely agree. I'm so disappointed and I don't even know why. Every time that I've peeped new Eminem in the past 5 years I've been let down. The last good verse I remember from him is on "Psycho" by 50 Cent. He sounded like he used to and didn't scream every line. And his punchlines are so telegraphed and corny this days!

    • Anonymous

      Naw this isn't a pop artist, It's Eminem he's one of the greatest ever to do it so I'd expect him to be better than most rapeprs in the game. This song and this album however is one of the worst of the year. period.

    • Anonymous

      so you're saying a pop artist is a better rapper than the rest of those dudes? Your insult backfired : O

  • thabo

    Shut up u haters, this is dope. This is creativity @ its best not just hip hop on some hardcore beats.

  • Anonymous

    1. Lil Wayne 2. Kanye West 3. Jay-Z 4. Eminem Questios: Worst hip hop album? Most dissapointing album? Most boring album? Most uninspired artist?

    • A Person

      Infinite and MMLP are Em's best albums and the album of the year is No Poison No Paradise, or Twelve Reasons to Die (the Brown Tape), just on pure artistry, screw sales, you need to have that lyricism.

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z had the best album of all them and all the albums were sub par. Drake has album of the year thus far.

    • A Person

      Well, everything by Lil Wayne is shit, I like most of Kanyes and Em's shit though I think they would do better if they just made music for the sake of making music, and the new stuff by Jay-Z is meh. Wayne is straight trash.

    • Anonymous

      its not a list of my fav rappers you moron. its a list of most popular rappers who have a shitty album

    • The King

      Haha, is that your list of best rappers out right now? Lil Wayne at number 1? Do you even listen to rap? Then you have Kanye's ass at 2? You're a fuck head!

  • Anonymous

    Em's last verse is fire flames

  • westsidemuthfcckaass

    yuuuuuuuuuuuup dope

  • James

    Anybody who doesn't like this is just a buthurt fag. It gives other audiences a break from the hardcore rap side of the majority of his album, he's collaborated with one of the best out right now, and his third verse is utterly brilliant. One of the best songs on the album, catchy beat, unique and he's completely reinvented his flow and music today, by still keeping it hiphop. Definitely a five star, if you don't like it, you really weren't an Eminem fan in the first place. Not an opinion, a fact.

  • Nah

    LL COOL J already did this 50's inspired song and did it FAR better.

  • anonymous

    This sounds nothing like Recovery are you people high?

  • anonymous

    Dope. Love the old school feel to it.

  • RC

    Em got all this money fame he can sample pretty much anything he wants, why he have use such a corny-ass sample?

  • Realist

    Em is a lyrical genius. 1. he got all you haters to come on here and spew your hate. Any publicity is good publicity. Great for sales. So haters, keep selling those copies of mmlp2! 2, this song is genius. Like i said before, haters brains is too small to comprehend these lyrics. If you don't understand the creative genius that happened here, GTFO and listen to some 2chains. Hes more on your level.

    • Anonymous

      This isnt about comprehending his lyrics you fake intellectual. It's about making terrible music, which this is.

    • Anonymous

      2 chainz is irrelavent, of the major aritist who put out albums this year this one sucks the most, it may be a tad bit better than Yeezus at best.

  • mylie

    Plesently surprised. Dope.

  • JJ

    Dafuq? He wasted a Kendrick collabo on this shit? Come the fuck on man. I'm the biggest Em fan ever but the this is one of his worst songs ever. RIght down there with Fack and other b.s he has put out.

  • stan

    thought they'd be straight beasting over a raw beat, they sure shitted on our high hopes with this one 2.5

  • Anonymous

    Em's 5 bonus track CD alone > Yeezus entire CD

  • John

    It's obvious people just get on here to vent and haven't actually listened to the album. I admit that a few songs are not that great. But the lyrics are amazing. THis is a perfect culmination to a career. If you take this album as the final set in his run, its great, more over, its untouchable. SOngs like evil twin, legacy, and headlights, I'd love for anyone to try and explain why they think "slim shady RIP" on these. They are by far some of the greatest work to represent where he is now as an artist The problem is people want things that "sound good" and are "hip" now adays and neglect the art of rap. If you take a second and try to examine these songs and what hes saying, you'd be hard pressed to find a critic.

  • Anonymous

    this shit is dope! it's always hard on the ear to hear something you're not used to and this is definitely something fresh. plus when in the hell does a rap song make you laugh? gotta give it to em and ken, they are some creative writers and deliver like nobody else.

  • Anonymous

    are people listening to the lyrics or just hating cause the music isn't the greatest

  • Anonymous

    idk what youre all saying this shit is pretty good. its funny, catchy, good lyrics, and smooth. the rating is too low. you need to give it a couple of listens before you can judge.

  • Billy King

    I think Hov aka Jay Z aka Shawn Carter is the best rapper alive. But you Eminem Stans will always say eminem;s lyrics are better. Well thank God for Nasir Jones. Eminem should have studied Life is Good before making this album. What happened to you Marshall?

  • Billy King

    Well it's official Drake has finally put out a better album than Eminem. No doubt Eminem has classic albums and Drake doesn't. But head to head in 2013, Nothing was the Same is a more complete and better quality album than MMLP 2. And I've heard every song of MMLP 2. Also, Everyone talking about how this is hip hop, go listen to Kendrick on control, you remember that feeling you go? That's hip hop. This is pop.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem should never release an album again.

  • tony b

    the album looks to be great so far

  • kleskoe

    everyone hating on this is a fucking idiot. it's not even about opinion here. as a fan of hip hop, you HAVE to appreciate this. why does it always have to sound the same for you morons?

  • Retiring?

    On the tracks bad guy and legacy he states that this is the final project of his career. is this really true? I mean wtf on recovery and that last line of the '11 BET cypher he said he aint goin nowhere for a while. also said hes hangin it up on that bme track but 2 years later here we are?....

    • byfarthebest

      Why do all you fucktards that always hate on him always seem to listen to everything he puts out. Here is a crazy thought if you dont like him dont listen to him!

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick goes perfect with this song while em uses his same ol 2011-2013 flow of yelling quietly to loud. Album is a bit of a dissapointment for people looking for a classic.Recovery Pt2

  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    enjoy 4 minute mark... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4PDvL6zXp0

  • sxxx4


  • Gbeg

    Kendrick raised it to a mediocre 3 stars

  • chancellor

    dope!!! Best song on the album if u ask me

  • Anonymous

    haha i like this shit, different

  • Josh

    This album is gonna be his best no doubt

  • dilla

    The production on this album is disappointing. I thought when he took it back to the mmlp format that meant it would have more substance. So far I'm a little worried about this one em.

  • Anonymous

    Hope we get Em on Kendrick's next album

  • Anonymous

    Remember how big of a deal "Control" was? This has just as many comments in less than 24 hours. Shady is God whether you like him or not. Haters keep him more relevant than Stans.

  • skippy81

    the whole album is full of shit beats the budget for this album must of been cheap

  • R.Pgh

    I like the throw back calls to other hip hop artist, and I don't dislike either emcees verse, but I feel like these two could have made something waaaay better. 2.5 / 5

  • Pop Star

    Not a fan of this album. Maybe if I was 16 I would be but overall it sucks. RIP Shady.

  • NoName

    yo this shit is hilarious. fuckin dopee

  • Anonymous

    This is dope, but it's not something I would listen to everyday. Truthfully, it needs bass cuz just listening to it with normal computer speakers isn't going to really do it justice. Without bass, their verses are dope, but the actual beat is boring.

  • phion

    big kendrick and eminem fan but this was terrible, way to shit on our expectations, this song should not be associated with 'marshall mathers lp' name

  • Anonymous

    The album is fucking dope, where is all this hate coming from, its EMINEM!!!

  • dro

    This: Slim Shady LP - CLASSIC Marshall Mathers LP - CLASSIC The Eminem Show - CLASSIC Encore - ok Relapse - GREAT ALBUM! Recovery - ok MMLP2 - GREAT ALBUM!

  • King_WalliGold

    This shit is horrible. I don't give a fuck who is on it.

  • Philly205

    this shit sucks , lets keep it real.. if maclemore made this yall would be SHITTING on it. fuck man, stop giving niggas passes. fuck if its different, if its shit its shit.

  • as a huge fan

    this shit is wack, ems flow wack, beat wack im really disappointed so far the only decent tracks ive heard are bad guy and rap God ems flow is all over the place with this new album. starting to think recovery was even better

    • Anonymous

      WTF man this album is dope, do you even lissen to it, it's pure eminem, you just hating on good music, this ain't no techno it's al good lyrics, FUCK YOU!!!

  • wesside

    is there any dre on em produced tracks on the album?

  • Anonymous

    http://www.datpiff . com/Yelawolf-DJ-Paul-Black-Fall-EP-mixtape.545492 . html NEW YELAWOLF

  • Imran

    Slim Shady LP - Okay Marshall Mathers LP - GREAT ALBUM! The Eminem Show - GREAT ALBUM! Encore - Garbage Relapse - Garbage Recovery - GREAT ALBUM! MMLP2 - GARBAGE (have not heard the bonus tracks) That's only 1 out of 4 last albums... hate to admit it coming from a guy who bought ever Eminem album. It's over man... Maybe young high school kids wll buy this crap but I doubt any longtime fans will find this quality work... I mean, what is he even talking about in half these songs...garbage.

  • Pedro

    Didn't like the song.. at all. A feat like this shouldn't be talking about love with this pop ass shitty beat. The album is weak too.

  • @bgootz

    MEH... I expected more, but not bad by anymeans.. 3.75/5.. hit me on twitter (my name) for the link to download MMLP2 today.. I already got it..

  • Anonymous

    they were aiming for a beastie boys paul's boutique feel but didn't work. song was whack.

  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    Eminem has 4 classic albums now MMLP , SSLP , TES and now MMLP 2 . MMLP 2 is lyricism at it's finest

  • Technic

    Was looking like a renegade from K-dot until em took it back on the last verse. Having said that it was overkill from em, just making sure he didn't get outshined ky Kendrick, that was clear. Nice track, different but they made it work. You can here that Kendrick is actually more relevant than em on this, em lately has a tendency to choose lyrical complexity over making a listenable track. Kendrick has the balance correct in terms of skill, delivery and actually being appealing to the ear.

  • don't do it

    next person to say em got killed on this song is gonna get my 9inch dick up they mammas pussy.. Kendrick didn't even get close to killin em stfu

  • what what

    Can't believe these two went in this direction for a collab.. lol.. i enjoyed it just as a fun track.

  • dope

    this is dope idk wtf y'all hating for! That 2nd verse by Em. was crazy as fuck!! Shit was Genius

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent feat. Eminem Kendrick Lamar (Y) (Y) (Y)

  • rabbit mask devils


  • Isaiah

    Def first of its kind..like a 50's rap song

  • Word

    Man fuck u hating ass Retards......lol....lol...lol...classic...classic...classic....this track frucking Hella DOPE Funny....funniest Dopest Track Eva...an Kendrick Murder EM?????He ddnt even attemp..Em a Beast!!!!

  • nicholas basquiat


  • Anonymous

    we need album Eminem Ft kendrick Lamar like bad meet evil classic shiiiiiiiiiit


    Not really feeling this song its not wack but just lets say forgettable. Speaking of which I finally listen to the whole. Its definitely not wack as some of the Em haters say but lets keep it real you dickridings STANS are just as bad cause this shit is far from classic. For me its a 7 out 10 held back by less than stellar production overall (he definitely Dre or some new producers), those wack ass pop tracks (but then again at this point in his career in reality he is a pop star who can rap) and the fact that on some songs his flow sound forced (Bad Guy. But the saving grace for the album is Em can spit. In the end this album will get a few spins but like this single in the end while its a nice distraction from all this down south 2Chains garbage and a step above his last few attempts all in all its forgettable.

  • CAPS

    This is funny and clever but there are way stronger tracks on the album don't worry

  • Anonymous

    The trolls will try and hate on here but he pulled it off the album is honestly real fucking great better then I ever thought . With the exception of just a couple of tracks mainly the singles it's some of the best rap I've heard all year underground , mainstream whatever And this track is done to fuck with you guys that wana hear them go crazy trying to out rhyme each other on something real serious they both stuck to a concept and killed it anyway

    • Anonymous

      Trolls? Eminem fans are the biggest trolls on this site. They will blindly go to any other rappers song and give it a 1/5. If another rapper made this some how eminem fans would find a way to rate it a 0. THIS SONG IS TRASH.

  • Anonymous

    What the Phuck is this ?!?!?! * Going to listen to 'The Eminem Show' and pretend thats his new album

  • Anonymous

    Hip-Hop these days equals people dickriding one rapper or the other, just admit these niggas made a great track together. Jesus christ


    This album is a classic buy none of you realize it because you have unrealistic expectations.not as classic as the last or next album by....... KING KENDRICK!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Ian

    Yo this album be hot that Rihanna track , survival and berzerk were the only wack ones . Stronger Than I was is ok not a bad track at all . Classic Eminem 7.5 or even 8/10

  • hergtv

    Take Survival, Berzerk, Stronger Than I Was, The Monster (and maybe Asshole) out of the album, and then listen to the album start to end. Those songs were really letting down the whole album, the rest of the songs are dope as fuck. This is his best album since The Eminem Show. That Nate Ruess Track is hell of a lot better than I thought it would be. Hopefully the bonus tracks make up for those 4 or 5 whack (Or badly produced (Asshole, Berzerk)) songs.

    • Anonymous

      @IRVING: Agreed with Survival actually fitting in, but Asshole is pretty annoying

    • IRVING


  • Sorrytosay

    Hov is the best Hiphop/rapper/lyrics/mc to ever walk on earth.. He makes music like the whole world owe him so they all strip... Got all that right. Hova Da god!




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  • Anonymous

    This comment will be removed soon for violating our spam and/or offensive content policies. #thxbye #illuminati

  • Anonymous

    If youre an Eminem fan you probably love this track, if you're just a spectating casual fan of course the shit wasnt for you. Glad this nigga is absolutely 100% against modern hip hop. More power to you Em!

  • Jacyon

    This song is funny but you know whats not funny The So called The Game Leaching fame of other rapers He leached of G-unit Dr Dre Snoop Lil wayne Eminem and now Lil wayne again wtf game is a Faking LOSER



  • gok

    At first I was like 'what the fuck is this?' However get the idea of the song; bit of a micky take of country western love songs. However what is clear is that I now prefer a Kendrick verse to an Eminem one. Kendrick made me chuckle and I could follow his verse. At times Eminem was using that same shock-comedy that got him big in 1999 but is a bit played out now (a bit like Southpark). Will listen to the rest of the album before being to critical on Em but think some people need to realise how they felt ten years ago will have changed. So maybe Ems music doesn't really speak to you anymore.

  • jurufromroundthaway

    Not feelin this..Em just doesn't have it anymore.

  • truth

    dope how kendrick put himself in an Em persona

    • Anonymous

      right breh, you get it. This was Em's playground not Kendrick, but bet em will be on his album with a banger

  • pool

    if the em that made MMLP 1 listened to this shit im positive he would shoot himself right there



  • mikus

    So Much Better - MUST BE produced by Dr Dre!!!!

  • klasticvg

    nopt feeling EM on this one, kendrick was the highlight imo

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous