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Shots are definitely fired in N.O.R.E. and Reks new track "Jesus Take The Wheel." Listen and find out to who! "Good Belt Gang" mixtape coming soon.


  • Anonymous

    Nice-that photoshop/building line will go over most of these tight-jeans swag/fag cornballs' heads.

  • Sorry

    Reks is mad generic sounding.

    • Truth & Hindsight

      you have not listened to REKS son... you can't have. LISTEN to his body of work and then swallow your ignorance. To your benefit: Used to think the same until I listened to a record of his entirely. It shall hit you.

    • Sorry

      I've been listening to Hip Hop for 20 + years. Reks is as boring as it gets. Sorry!!

    • Anonymous

      The point is that he never says anything that has me saying oh shit did he just say that? You want a good example of a rapper who can say amazing bars? Go listen to Jay Electronica!!!

    • Huh?

      Really? Name one rapper that sounds like Reks...

    • Anonymous

      Always felt that way about Reks. He is a mediocre rapper with simple lyrics trying to sound "deep" like most underground rappers.

    • Murk-Rizzo

      I agree. The shit Reks be saying is too obvious and literal. Try saying some shit thats not gonna put me to sleep!!!

  • Anonymous

    DX stop aiding in killing our culture, this was given a 4.+ rating now it's going down, stop it. Y'all did it to Pusha T's album and we all know cuz it is better than that fruity trash come euro stinko called Yeezus; now K.Dot is feeling the heat, come on, son.

  • Anonymous

    fuck drinking and driving

    • D-Lux

      He also got a song with Capone called Drive drunk to this. Apparently they're not High school guidance councilors.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Maino, 'Kiss, Papoose, in the immortal words of the 'R' 'this is how it should be done'.

  • Anonymous

    Loving this, N.O.R.E said it all in two lines. Fuck all the marketing scheme behind a good not great rapper who challenged a bunch of fruity rappers

  • Anonymous

    Fire! This is hip-hop!! Keep spittin flames REKS!!

  • STFU

    The game is going back to BARS. Rappers listen and learn. This is that crack!

  • slept on

    damnnnn!!! NOre Killed it Wooh! those were the hardest punches everrrrr!

  • what??

    Where in the bible does it say Jesus looked like that?. BTW reks did you know that many Irish, Scottish, and Italians have negro ancestry? In fact, there are photos of so-called white men (irish & italians)getting hung from nooses in america back in the early 1900's. Why? Because they paid black men equal wages. I'm a black man, and know fully well that skin color doesn't determine nationality. Some rappers need to STFU and study before they speak on social issues. Oh and the song was trash too.

    • Sorry

      Thats what happens when dumb rappers try to school the public. Tryna school folks about shit they don't even know about!!! Sorry!!

    • rmacq112

      shut the fuck up

    • you a dummy

      Hey stupid, the first slaves were actually brought here from spain and portugal. You obviously know nothing about the black Irish, and the point of the matter clearly went over your head. You're just a pretentious a-hole trying to front like you know something. Why were the Irish brought into slavery? What does the word Irish mean in paleo hebrew? You don't know, so go fuck yourself!

    • Whaaat!!!?

      You obviouslly dont know shiit. The reason these photos exist is because the irish were the first slaves in america and the virgin islands, before an african foot touched the ground. No one likes to talk about that tho because its not politically correct slavery is what black people get to whine about., so admitting that whites were slaves to would take that away from them. 20 years after an irishman couldnt get a fucking job in this country we had the presidency. So go ahead and think you know some shit your bullshit comments are funny as fuck to an irish kid that knows his shit.