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What happened to my city? That's the question that Maino and Jadakiss reflect on in Maino's new track "What Happened."


  • uptownfirst

    If Maino was spittin in the 90s he wouldn't get no shine with that flow. Jada one of the few still reppin NY lyrically, Kiss still clever wit it.

  • cityswagvlad

    about time somebody saying something real fact!!!! thank you maino !!!

  • Anonymous

    stop rapping over dirty south trap beats,find dj premier,pete rock,l.e.s,nashiem myrick,heatmakerz,just blaze

  • nyc hiphop is dead

    What happened? Well Biggie, Big L and Big Pun died. After that NY become soft and followed the dirty south. Yes you to Jadakiss!

  • cool dude

    this is hip hop at its best

  • Life Liver

    The game just need to get back to bars. Thats all. Like if these trap beats would have people spit serious bars on there i would be fine with the south. But they love that ignorant pop pussy shit. if they did that in a hot way i would be fine with that too. Its just everything is so plain in my opinion. Everything sound like everything ya know. Even the cats now that are more out of the box aint even gettin shine like that. But everything is a cycle man. Things always change. Life goes on right?

  • deez

    what happened? what happened to this beat? that's what you should be asking

  • blackula

    Going in over a beat like this just leads to more questions.

  • Anonymous

    Maino is REAL 100% G, not fake in him like most these rappers

  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    What a nigga need to do? Maino needs to work on his skills and stop dropping southern sounding garbage beat and raps (The Mafia sucks hard). 'Kiss has been grinding but should borrow a page from Pusha-T in terms of dropping a well produced album.

  • huh?

    I'll tell you what happened. Listen to Jada's most recent mixtape, and you'll understand exactly what happened.It was pure trash over catchy bounce beats. Aside from Wu-Tang, and legends like Kool G. Rap,and MF DOOM, NY hip hop is only good to fall asleep to. Listen to Bronze Nazareth, Curren$y, and Project Pat. And then go listen to any album/mixtape from Jada and Maino. Make sure you got a fluffy pillow, and a comfy couch. ZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Amer

    rakim..nas.... big daddy kane....talib....az...wu tang clan(the whole crew) must answer to this......

  • Killlaaaaaaa

    this shit is litttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt..........real rap..NY need come back

  • damnboy

    yo papoose should of being on this maino just clowning those southern artist swag swag jadakiss bodied it

  • Anonymous

    This song has a point, has a message, about being loyal, original. i aint a big maino fan but, this is a good record, That Eminem shit is soo wak n lacks substance soo bad this shit deserves love but that new Lloyd Banks and Raekwon is on another level

    • dann

      You just cant understand ems level.. The first versus hes talkinbout the earlier years and his sinister side vs 2nd verse about him tryin to uplift peeps and 3rd was about how hes torn between good and evil and hes about to spaz on rappers.

    • Visali

      u trippin with all the dick in your ass

  • Anonymous

    THE TRIPS got NY on lock www.trionline.bandcamp.com Got the game in an headlock

  • commonsense

    You guys are obviously too dumb to understand the concept of the song if you're complaining that its on a Southern beat. Run back Jadakiss verse. It speaks for itself & If you still dont understand why they chose a Southern beat you're an idiot

  • Anonymous

    New Yorkers asking what happened to New York? Over a southern influenced beat........ I think they answered thier own question really. Idiots.