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If you're playing the Los Santos radio station on the new Grand Theft Auto V, you might have heard this dope new track from Future, "How It Was."


  • robert

    Nigga Gucci wack af ice cream on ya face n rap like u special neva Eva Eva will be the best rapper

  • wtfyo

    Lol @ Gucci mane being the realest rapper. How do you know who killed who ? People come up missin all the time and no one arrested and don't know who did it. Real niggas keep they mouth shut bout the things they do. No way in hell ima jump on a track and tell you what I got going on out here in these streets. You can't vouch for none of these rappers or their credentials. Stop being so gullible and use your brain. Gucci mane is just one of the few that got caught killing some one and actually beat the case. So don't sit here wit to dumb azz thinking you know these streets and boosting some one else's credibility unless you over there suckin the nigga dick 24/7 ya heard. I bet you just like that jimmy dude on Gta v

  • Whipitwhipitwhipit

    Hustling anthem 5/5

  • Hooddude

    "When it comes to stacking cash up, it ain't a limit/ I got racks on top of racks, I ain't talking tennis" I'm not the biggest Future fan, but this sh*t right here!? Pure Motivation! #salute 5/5

  • Anonymous

    this dude is one of the worst i ever heard. someone bring back t-pain this nicca sucks

  • eee3

    well yea ppl in the nabor hood hype up ppl to diss random ppl they dont like in songs

  • Gucci The Emperor

    GUCCI MANE is the realest rapper and heres why. 1) all other rappers rap about being gangster shooting and killing but they havent done it. 2) Eminem raps about killing he hasnt. 3)Jay z raps in open letter about sending shots he hasnt. 4)Nas raps about how he is a queens thug but he wasn't. 5)Most of the rappers rap about stuff they havent done yet you all support them and say its real rap. 6)When rick ross does it you all claim he is fake and say its fake rap. This shows that hiphop fans are hypocritical and all these real hiphop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. GUCCI MANE KILLED A MAN HE WAS A DRUG DEALER BEFORE RAPPER HE HAS STREET CREDENTIALS HE IS THE ONLY RAPPER THAT RAPS ABOUT FACTS THERE FORE BIG GUWOP IS THE REALEST RAPPER IN THE RAP GAME AND THATS A FACT!

    • Anonymous

      How kan you say that when trill fam from tha OG Pimp C n Bun B til tha little gangsta all lived n did more shixx then gucci yea he did shoot a man and got away with but tha real gangsta are tha ones who keep there mouth close... But tha ones that just don't give a fuck like C-Muda mane get tha fuck outta here

    • Nyttowll

      Nigga shut the fuck up......

  • Anonymous

    this shit jam when I play gta 5

  • Susan Rooney

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