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Stalley gets some help from Rashad to rep the Blue Collar Gang, off his "Honest Cowboy" EP out now.



  • Young Guwop

    Stalley never disappoints me. Rozay rather push wack ass Wale and Meek Mill hollering and screaming ass than real life music such as this.

  • CaliPhresh

    Met Stalley at Rock The Bells San Francisco. Cat is mad talented and I have all his mixtapes. I am surprised he hasn't had more promotion. Definitely hope he isn't forced to use all of his good music on Mixtapes before he has a chance to put out an album.

  • Anonymous

    i swear people forgot what hip hop sounds like a dj premier album would show them

  • Anonymous

    rashad and confidence - the element of surprise

  • Gucci The Emperor

    GUCCI MANE is the realest rapper and heres why. 1) all other rappers rap about being gangster shooting and killing but they havent done it. 2) Eminem raps about killing he hasnt. 3)Jay z raps in open letter about sending shots he hasnt. 4)Nas raps about how he is a queens thug but he wasn't. 5)Most of the rappers rap about stuff they havent done yet you all support them and say its real rap. 6)When rick ross does it you all claim he is fake and say its fake rap. This shows that hiphop fans are hypocritical and all these real hiphop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. GUCCI MANE KILLED A MAN HE WAS A DRUG DEALER BEFORE RAPPER HE HAS STREET CREDENTIALS HE IS THE ONLY RAPPER THAT RAPS ABOUT FACTS THERE FORE BIG GUWOP IS THE REALEST RAPPER IN THE RAP GAME AND THATS A FACT!

    • Magnum

      Hey dude don't be dumb. An artist is one who can paint a perfect picture in his mind and make his listerners understand what he means. You don't expect Eminem to say he killed because the feds gon be behind his ass. So the best way he puts it, is in his raps. Aint nobody wanna snitch on himself. Think wise before writing shit.

  • Shaitanilluminated

    this guy is actually talented. Kyle will never be a star though. he doesn't have that light. that special glow about him that attracts people. its something you have to be born with. Tupac had it immensely. Drake is the only rapper of this gen who has it (so far). Thats why even though lyrically hes slightly over rated hes gonna shine regardless. trust me Drake gonna keep shining. Kendrick IS a better rapper then Drake but he doesn't have that special glow. don't think some one is special because their famous. thats the biggest misconception. hahaha famous people often times live such miserable lives under neath their highly maintained public persona. And all these men you people worship sucked so much dick behind closed doors its hilarious really. but some people on this earth are born with a special light. its an aura. you can see it when you look in their eyes, you see people gravitate towards it wherever they go. But until one who possesses this special light becomes enlightened and fully aware of its existence, can it truly shine for everyone to see. People who posses this light are often targets of the insecure and envious growing up because of there mere presence. there really are people who are actual stars who walk among us. Other people make it through hard work. Others luck or an understanding of the human psyche. Just understand all there is, is light and dark. everyone has a light. geared towards what your good at. you can shine at your talent. but some people have a special piece of light that's directly from God. I dont expect you to take me as more then another human leaving a comment. just know things exist far beyond what the human cornea can physically comprehend. Alot of times God will come on the surface as a homeless man and you would never suspect it. God is real I suppose. but he never directly gets involved, he drops signs and sends blessings in the least expected of waya, that whisper in your ear that tells you what your dream is the first time that you feel it deep rooted in your heart. look the world will be seduced by me. always on the look for the newest bold and innovative art as time passes you will see the occult as more seductive luring, exotic,...well at least that's how how it will be presented to mankind. and mans pride will stop him from questioning the logical reason's as to why such dark forces are becoming more and more prevalent. for he will want to belong. to feel apart of the in crowd. no one once to seem less intelligent or hip to this new exciting dark foray into the new republic.