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At long last we get Eminem's newest single "Berzerk" off "MMLP2" coming November 5th. Rick Rubin on the beat.




  • Anonymous

    This was pretty bad

  • Anonymous

    if i could give negative stars i would

  • Anonymous

    Ems Relapse sold 2 million. Recovery Sold 4.5 Million. Why?, Relapse was disappointing. Interscope had a version of Relapse that could of sold easily 4 million. Check out this site to hear it. www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • YoYo


  • Anonymous


  • mainstream sucks

    i thought you where cool in 99 at the 331/3 parties and shit should of just stuck with producing this time!!

  • mainstream sucks

    biggest waste of time "POSER"

  • P89

    You let me down with this one em. Sure hope your album actually has some substance, or else is doesn't deserve the mmlp title.

  • Anonymous

    what...how are you judging whether hes good or not from one song lmao, obviously this song is one of his joke songs that he normally used to do before going in on every other song



  • His house is still for sale

    I almost considered buying his childhood home yesterday. When I visited flew up to visit my extended family. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=735425569817183&set=a.735425586483848.1073741826.395111703848573&type=1&theater

  • ccccc

    funny how em sucks now but this single sold 350,000 copies first week...lmao that's more than most rappers entire album

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Billy Blanco

    One of the best spitters to ever do it.... too bad he all he puts out now are mindless shallow songs that will be forgotten after one listen...

  • Esco

    Illmatic > every Em album

  • drake runs rap

    MMLP2 Tracklist: 1. Bezerk 2. Lonely 3. Gay Pride (feat. Kendrick Lamar) 4. Desperate (feat. Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf) 5. Coming out (feat. Jay Z) 6. Inferior to the King (feat. Lil Wayne) 7. Abused (feat. Skylar Grey) 8. Losing 9. Women Hatred (feat. Rihanna) 10. Gay Fuck (feat. Dr Dre and 50 cent.

  • dren

    Rick Rubin will ruin this album. The hook on this is ok, but the track is just all over the place.

  • biffjenkins

    I used to be all about em but this shit is overproduced, unfocused, and i think he's realized he's already put out his best material and everything from here on out is going to be subpar so he's lashing out. still though his subpar stuff is better than a lot of dudes best work. if he can just come to terms with where he is in his career maybe he can still put out cool songs without having to try to top himself.

    • ice

      everyone knows that his best work is behind him. Eminem knows that as well. he's a 40 year old white man who raps for a living. I mean c'mon, he received the lifetime achievement award in like 2005. I still think he's the greatest of all time, but maybe fans are expecting too much from him. there will NEVER be another Marshall Mathers Lp, or another Eminem Show. he's not the same 20-something year old kid he was back then..he's a father of three now and he's 40. imagine your father making a rap album... besides, Drake is pretty much the biggest thing in the rap game right now. kids these days prefer that type of music. if the Marshall Mathers Lp was released in this generation, I can assure you that it wouldn't reach the Diamond status that it is now. it's not just about spitting anymore, it's about music that makes you 'cool' and gives you 'swag'

  • Daman

    lol the reason eminem is on top of the most discussed and hottest is because he is the best PERIOD so shut and fuck yourself

    • Meh

      How about NO. He is on top of those lists because: 1. He just put out a solo effort after a long hiatus. 2. The track production is nothing like the one on his previous songs. 3. Everyone is usually pretty hyped when an Eminem song comes out. 4. He's white And no, I'm not a racist.

  • callmewhatyouwant

    that's why we got haterz, that's why we got haterz haterz everywhere we go, where we go

  • TMZ

    Kendrick Lamar diss eminem ! http://tinyurl.com/mbthsgt

  • Anonymous

    Eminem - Words Are Weapons http://youtu.be/V7R1dZe34xM WHAT HAPPENED?????

  • Anonymous

    em need to get up and get it crackling LEAK KING MATHERS the re up was dope as fuck , shady 2.0 whack

  • Anonymous

    his new styles whack what he needs to do is rap like he did on devils night or his diss tracks just straight rap

  • Anonymous

    "advertise change but they don't really care// that eye on that pyramid never shed a tear" -Money want more bars like this google Money - King Micah 87....thank me later!

  • Nick T

    Hate to say it but Em is offical dated. He is not the best anymore :( At this moment he is not in the current top 5 best rappers out right now. Kendrick Lamar GKMC and Section 80 shits on evertyhing EM did last year and this year Ab-Soul last album shitted on EM Nas had a better album J Cole had a better album Big Krit mixtape was better than EM album Big Boi will be better T.I. will be better Even Schoolboy Q had a better album Kendrick album is better than the last two albums His flow and lyrics sound like he is 40 and he is 40 years old He is to old he had his run. Its time to hang them up EM When you say album has to grow on you then its not very good I dont get the hype Case Closed

  • Eye Control

    Eminem raps fast, shouts and does multiple syllables every verse, to hide the fact that his lyrics are simplistic and he has nothing to rap about anymore...When you read Eminem's lyrics on paper they are very one dimensional and often, just nonsense....People tend to overlook the lyrics because of the flashy delivery...But he's not really saying anything. And I know the white boys are going to get mad at me for saying that..But you know in your heart it's true...

    • Dolo

      @OP I agree to some extent, but you gotta understand that its hard for rappers thats been in the game as long as em and jay z to break out of their own trademark styles. Ems music is also a product so he has to rap about certain things to make sure it sells to his standard so I think if he really put his mind to it, he can spit more complex and deeper subjects, but doing that alienates fans who dont want that shit, so he's gotta stick to his winning formula. The only, most well rounded rappers out right now in terms of delivery, flow and subject matter are nas and lupe, (j.cole's headed there, but he lacks the lyrical talent) and they aint puttin out diamond records.

    • firehawk17

      if you say Em's lyrics are simplistic then ur understanding of writing and lyrics is simple.. his rhyme schemes are actually one the most complex rap has ever seen.. and also take into context of the song.. Its called BERZERK... look what bezerk means and its within that context u must keep it... it sounds fuckin crazy and it is...to rap sounds and syllables and bend words to rhyme isn't simple buddy.. If Em is so wack why hasn't anyone had balls to call him out on wax? they know it will be the nail in their coffin...this is not one of my favorites by Em at all but it stays within the context of its title.. take it for what it is..

  • Henny

    Pretty lame but still better than anything Drake does.

  • Anonymous

    Check out Em's album Encore...they way it was meant to be at.. www.eminemalbum2014.com

    • Anonymous

      No problem hip hop dx.com I can post it again. Not a fan of Ems album Encore? You werent the only one. The album should have been a lot better though. This website tells you how to get the album the way I should of sounded. www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • PATHH88

    this track is a mess, em to me is either amazing or way off and this is way off, his half singing is garbage and what is he doing with his voice, i understand a little head nod to the beasties but MCA be like looking down thinking, why listen to this when you can listen to Rhymin & Stealin or Brass Monkey or No Sleep Till Brooklyn, all better than this "effort", seems like he is trying too hard...all over the place with this one and nowhere near the mark. i expect almost genius from him when you think of Soldier, Till I Collapse, Square Dance, Role Model, Mosh, American Psycho etc etc...this is a pale cpmparison to that genuine lyrical genius...2 stars

  • mert

    berzerk is pretty good and much different from others

  • Anonymous

    man I hope this album isn't overly compressed like his last one. probably will be, rick ruben ruined Metallica's last album doing the same thing, this track sounds too loud, overly compressed.

  • Anonymous

    Random topicRemember Ems worst album Encore. Well, the album shouldnt of sounded that bad. Check out this site. It has an interesting twist on the album. It also tells how to download how the album should of sounded. It will give ya something to listen to until MMLP2 drops. Check it out www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • PrincessXPink

    damn the last 4 bars of the second verse are nasty.......I think he wrote that shit for all you scrubs who judge em on his first single's

  • TYBO2020


  • Chuck Niddy

    Took a few listens, but I really feel this song. Kinda wacky or whatever, but I really like the second verse, and the beat has really grown on me. Rick Rubin knows his biz.

  • alyssa

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  • YouKnowIt

    This song has grown on me. It's a good first single. Better then his previous first singles.

  • Anonymous

    eminem is the greatest rapper if you no his shit you would no that no 2 albums were the same mmlp n emienm show were simliar but differnt in my ways emienem show was way deeper. no matter wat he does he does it to the max this is great song bringing hiphop back if it werent for this we wont have anything today!

  • Leege

    Who cares about Eminem albums 10 years ago? We're talking about NOW and this suuuuuccckkkssss!!!

  • Anonymous

    Em is channeling almost every other white rapper in the game on this song,not a huge fan of this song, but I appreciate the originality its better than having to listen to another rapper trying to sound like Jay or Wayne or one hit twerking wonder

  • MLM

    you idiots must not know Eminem's formula by now. 1) create a buzz with a pop type of record and dis a few celebs two months before the album drops. 2) few weeks b4 the album drops, release another banger that blows all of the haters away that hated on the first song. 3) release the album with 3-4 classics. haters gon hate!

  • 666



    eminem TALKS ABOUT KILLING HIMSELF and RAPING WOMEN and killing chopping up woman AND KIDS and BEING A PEDOPHILE, EMINEM is trash just like MILEY CYRUS IS TRASH but the white population refuse's to let them go trying to make them more than what they are... All he does is goes to the studio makes songs and dissing people from his studio then cries about how people hate him because he is white...He is trash just like his label...And trust me im far from a "hater'...

  • micheal myers


  • hey


  • Men

    Men: Jay Z is the best rapper ever. I mean his really is... MCHG is the best album this year if you really understand the words put together in the album. Hov is the only rapper saying what he does and what his going to do and you see him do them.. Rap is a funny genre of music and jay embodies it and says it in his rap a long time before now just happens a lot of you blacks are just so lame to realize what his was saying, guess you all now understood him now that you're older which is a good thing now you don't want to dance but get bread. Lol how a lot of fake rapper came your way and sold fake attitude to you all, posing with guns in their album cover and other horrible things to prove they are real as the cover gets and most of them were your favorite rapper... I wonder what you fools listen to now they are no more. I mean DMX, Ja rule, Game, Camron, Dr, Dre Snoop, Xzibit, Fat Joe, Nas, Buster, Twister, Lox, Eminem, Kurrpt I can go on and on with this new cats rapping their lame ass off saying nothing. But we Hov fan will have him all season till you fools are no more. I listen to him because his the best, realist and here to stay. Other rappers and their fans are visitors like Hov said. This song is straight wack!

    • Anonymous

      album was wack except like 2 songs

    • Anonymous

      MCHG was bullshit

    • Men

      Because it contains what you, your father and your kids to come can't achiev in life... You sucker nigga and a low lifer. Fear is your only God, get y'all to fear me is my only job. Bulletproof glass, glass roof like the Pope Bulletproof love, Niggas down since the yolk Bitch asked if I was God Fuck I'm supposed to say, "no" You already seen me turn a man to a G.O.A.T. You already know what I could do with the coke Drop it in the water, made it disappear I made it reappear, I had that bitch on a rope I make my roof get ghost Bottom grill, I make my tooth get gold All the shit did, I wasn't supposed to live Hallelujah Hov Wasn't for the 'caine wouldn't be able Wasn't for the bread, probably be dead Best friends become ya enemies Niggas' knives are double-edged

    • ...

      MCHG was trash, faggot

  • 666


  • Clemenr

    shit is dope to me, my opinion and i don't give a damn about yall feel about it. just my opinion though

  • sxxx9


  • Anonymous

    Eminem - American Psycho slim aint back

  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    It's no way he'd make mmlp2 if he knew he didn't have some great material in store... hey got some heat in store...

  • xx004


  • Anonymous

    Eminem is not even top 10 anymore............ Hang it up

  • 00ee

    homos are really straight they try to trick people

  • dadonjuan

    this shit is wack. just because he is doing a tribute to the beastie boys doesn't mean it's good. i'm a eminem fan for the most part, but he's the biggest HIP POP artist of all time. You could make a legit argument about it being HIP HOP before eminem and HIP POP after him. macklemore said it best, casual white fans made hip hop wack. P.S. Fuck the Stans!!

    • 80sbaby

      Well I don't ever expect Eminem to sound the way he did in 2000. the same way I don't expect Paul McCartney to sound the same way he did when he was in the Beatles. Like McCartney, Eminem earned his legendary status without having to die, so any song from him is welcomed

  • Hellyes

    I think people have forgot "Eminem is one of the best rappers alive" Hands down...you think he doesn't know what he's doing, you must be smokin that good crack

    • Anonymous

      Sorry buddy this is rap music and real rap fans give all due respect, the fact that Em is one of the greatest ever doesn't mean shit about judging one of his bad songs, I don't just give rappers passes because I like their music. Be fair, this is not good.

  • LB

    If you know hip hop this song will grow on you and you'll experience a feeling of real hip hop...anybody got somthin to say about Eminem has no real hip hop influence, when that album comes out he will rip u a new asshole

  • Ankan

    this sounds different from all other rap music right now. Guess I am a stan.

  • Richard

    Fucking Wack crap. and they say this cat is Hip Hop Fuck y'all stan fans

    • BCcoastin

      Just call me Richard, cause I'm a dick It's also Richard cause I feel like you should Pry your fucking mouth up off of it I said just call me Richard, cause I'm a dick You ain't gotta be no detective to figure out I'm a dick When I hold my privates it's your first clue, Sherlock, prick! Just call me Richard

  • Anonymous

    terrible terrible song

  • cinavenom

    Why is this song always on DX's front page with the other stuff that just got released? This came out like three weeks ago.

  • j

    this shit is fire. it grows on you.

  • jasonnns


  • commical

    find out why nba and nfl throw around that orange ball with goose bumps and white and brown foot ball find out what type of ppl their trying to get at other news later.

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • Anonymous

    Eminem is a pop/rock artist at this point. Don't call this trash hip hop and don't call it 80's hip hop cause he rhymes like the beastie boys, shit is far from the beastie boys or 80's hip hop.

  • DiarrheaJim

    I don't really get why people are hating on this song. Each verse is awesome, especially the first. The hook is great. The beat is really sweet, and overproduced, but it works. It's a goofy song but way better than his usual first singles. After seeing the clip of the music video, I think people will get into it even more when the whole thing is released.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn't matter bro he sells albums.. He will continue to sell albums.. there's no point trashing him...

    • Anonymous

      "Its a goofy song" When is this cornball going to get back to rapping. if you take away the fact that Shady has always had great flow, his substance and even lyrics on here are subpar at best

  • Anonymous

    I was at a bar they played this, didn't even make it halfway through the song before the dj went to the next, shit is trash, and no this is not old school hip hop either.

  • xx004


  • garbage

    big em fan but this song fucking blows. fuck you for turning wack mathers

  • Anonymous

    Dope, and the videos even better

  • SK

    Not gon pass judgement on this new music just yet. But I'm not really feeling this song. The thing that I look forward to with this album is the production, b/c you can't go wrong with Dr. Dre. But the Marshall Mathers LP is a classic hip-hop album, and Eminem's best work IMO. It had a crazy impact on pop culture, and was one of those albums you can sit with from front to back. Not too many of those going around nowadays. So he's setting some real high expectations with this title MMLP2. We'll just have to wait and see. 3 out of 5

  • shit

    this shit is all over the fuckin place. sounds like it should of been on kanye album fuckin mkultra shit

  • Brian

    Dude this is dope! He back

  • Jean

    Used to feel Em but this is HORRIBLE what's wrong with y'all feeling this

  • TMZ

    Kendrick Lamar Diss back to meek mill ! http://tinyurl.com/muffsm4

  • Crip4Life

    eminem was a bitch for a long time. whatever you muthafuckas think, eminem aint shit. in OAKLAND, we aint got no white feminem muthafucka trying to rap in here haha. one thing about this faggot, he makes 14 out of 16 tracks about his fucking family, WHO THE FUCK DO THAT? fuckin boring wigger, we dont give a fuck about his mom or daughter. fucking sellout bitches fuck outta here

  • 80sbaby

    My nigga Eminem went old school

    • Crip4Life

      eminem only sold records to the little 12 year hoes and whiteboys. fuck em all. also, FUCK ja rule, FUCK 50 cent, FUCK lil wayne, FUCK soulja boy, FUCK the WHOLE mainstream and radio MUTHAFUCK em all. underground n old school until da real mainstream shit be back like da 80s-90s. westside, MOB, bay to LA!!!!!!!

  • kenajj

    this goes well with football...

  • Em4Life

    Thank em for coming back

  • gotohelldrakewayneross

    beginning to hate this site you hate on this single yet you people have a hard on for a eddie murphy ft snoop track thats actually terrible? dont matter what eminem releases it can be fire and you drake ross wayne kanye dick riders will hate on it because hes better then ur fav if there was a vid of wayne sucking kanyes cock with ross shitin on drakes chest you would all rate it a 5/5 fuck off

  • Anonymous

    Everybody just die.


    I love sucking cock because I'm a faggot and I'm proud of it. I love to troll dx as well.

  • jasonnns


  • Yssup Kidz

    You can debate whether Em is as sharp as before with his lyrics, but he still rides a beat like no other. And this beat he's riding is on some arena shit.


    Its time for a change for years the Ja rule comments were flooding this site but that has changed now. At one point it was funny but now it got old and people automatically just disregard comments about ja rule. It has gotten to the point where its so repetitive that even hhdx moderators delete the comment. THE JA RULE ARMY IS FINISHED JA RULE HAS BEEN IRRELEVENT. Its time for a new beggining its time for the GUCCI MANE ARMY TO RISE AND ASSEMBLE. From now on i expect comments to be about BIG GUWOP GUCCI MANE. Because GUCCI MANE is the realest nigga and he deserves respect for being the ONLY nigga saving gangster rap and being a real nigga in the rap game. GUCCI MANE ARMY ASSEMBLE!!!!!!

  • raul

    em is the shit his not young any more so stop saying hang it up

  • Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP

    1. Survival 2. Over 3. To The Extreme (feat. Ad-Rock) 4. Overdose 5. Berzerk 6. Fame (feat. Jay-Z) 7. Never Let Me Down 8. EIGHTIES 9. Recorded (feat. Nas) 10. DTX14 (Skit feat. Dr Dre) 11. Marshall Mathers 2 12. Spider 13. Stories (feat. 50 Cent) 14. Mother Figure 15. Detroit (feat. Danny Brown, Royce Da 5'9") 16. Proof 17. Curtains

  • Anonymous

    dope as fuck niggas

  • cinavenom

    Why is this song in the newest singles column almost everyday?

  • Anonymous

    Em give it up. Your new music is okay but you just an average mc. You aint no Pac, Nas, Big, Dmx or Big Boi.

  • ...

    maggot infested organs decay in my crawlspace as i smell its filthy odor during violent masturbation sessions... SWAG

  • kenajj

    It's a nice time for Aftermath. 50 just "leaked" a hot song, Kendrick's doin his feature thing, and Em's got a very strong single out.

  • HUH

    If this wasn't Em, yall know you would give this "one star"

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad Em site if anyone wants to check it out... www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • Save Detroit

    Geez, devil worshipping much.... Eminem is a great rapper. But his satansim has taken over!! Just look at that picture. Devil horns?? One eye??? Wow what happened to marshal mathers. This cat is a real lucifarian illuminati puppet!!

    • jake

      he's been doing this shit since the fuckin 90's man...are you serious? it's not some illuminati bullshit conspiracy, it's just entertainment. if you're taking any of his devil humor seriously, then...he'll kill YOU lmao...he's always been into satanic sadistic humor...never heard the cd devils night from d12? plenty of this same type of shit going on from start to finish...same with his first two mainstream albums and definitely on relapse.

  • Anonymous

    why do i like this song a bit. not the real slim shady(his best single ever), but its okay 4 now i guess. already have money to buy mmlp2, going platinum 1st week

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      No it wasn't.

    • Anonymous

      Every song on that album was a pop single. Even going through changes.

    • Sadly

      Eminem's first single is never any indication of what the album's gonna sound like. He always releases a corny as fuck pop single as his first single, and his album sounds completely different (bar Recovery).

    • jack johnson

      Sadly the first single is usually a good indication of what the album is gonna be like. Especially for Interscope artists. I bet Em will change the name of the album and say the MMLP2 was never gonna be the title and was just a rumor, but really it was a publicity stunt to get everyone excited about it this song is fucking horrible

  • sudz

    Get's better every time i listen too it. Stop hating this new album will be a BIG SCARY MONSTER RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Anonymous

    Best em news... www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • sdxx

    talking to one mother fucker turn around for a sec turn back around.guy put on a 666 rabbit mask start chaseing mother fuckers out the shit

  • The Now

    The Now: I've got tracklist, but it's not official:( 1. White Hair/Black Hair feat. Kylie Minogue (prod by. RZA) 2. White House In Da House feat. Bubba Sparxxx & Brother Ali (Alchemist) 3. Stan 2 - The Reality Tour (feat. HHDX members) (Trackmasters) 4. Rock The...Bless (feat. DMX) (Swizz Beatz) 5. We Believe in Detox (feat. 50 Cent, Hitman, Snoop Lion & Lindsay Lohan) (prod. by Mel-Man) 6. Manifesto feat. Elton John & George Michael (prod. by Dr Dre) 7. Now On Top (We sell now) - feat. Drake, Lil Wayne, Rihanna Kendrick Lamar) (prod. DJ Khaled) 8. Conspiracy Terrorists feat. Immortal Technique (prod by. Puff Daddy) 9. Shadyland (prod. by Dj Tomekk) 10. Superman pt2 (prod. by Clark Kent) 11. Visiting NY feat. Mobb Deep & Wu-Tang Clan (prod by. Puff Daddy 12. Shady vs. Shaggy feat. Lil Scrappy (prod. by Hanna Barbera) 13. I'm Real Rapper Again (The Anthem) feat. Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Dolly Parton & Ja Rule (prod. by Pete Rock 14. Drug Ballad 2 (Higher Learning) feat. Dr Dre, Keith Richards & Courtney Love (prod. Puff Daddy) 15. Big White Sausages feat. Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Ricky Martin & Ricky Rubin (prod. by Ricky Rubin) 16. From Hood To the Neighborhood feat. Mos Def, Andre 3000, Scarface & Ice Cube (prod. by Puff Daddy) 17. Sophisticated Lyrics feat. Mike Jones, Birdman, GZA & Lil Romeo (prod. by Afrika Bambaataa) 18. My Home in Detroit feat. Barbra Streisand (prod.by Just Blaze) i smell hip hop revolution

  • Anonymous

    When are y'all going to admit that em feel off lyrically, these lyrics are no better than dedication 5, smh em is way better than this

  • EDO

    ...-___- they say it grows on u... so I left it alone for a week came back n listened again... STILL NOT DOPE n im a huge em fan by the way. I just hope... I pray to god that this isn't the theme of his album cuz he duz do that from time to time... I agree wit the article on this site completely. lk I said on my first comment for this pg. He has a lot of ppl he has to put in their place loaded lux called him out, Kendrick n schoolboy q think they're the best, all these self proclaimed kings, gods, n lords like I said he has to really show up on this project. Eminems a solid bet but if he pulls thru on this project he cements himself as the best rapper/lyricist/writer/freestyler in the game black white brown yellow wutever.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    so lame i hope the album sounds nothing like this. Ever since I heard that shitty slaughterhouse album i've lost some faith in him as a creator and producer of music. 1/5

    • ky

      @anothony jones you just contradicted yourself in your own comment. If you think wtoh was lyrical other than hammer dance, YOU are the one listening to only beats

    • Anonymous

      THe fact that you think hip hop is lacking lyricist just means that you don't really listen to rap music, I bet you think the only rappers now a days are chief kief and trinidad james, cut the bullshit argument that there are no lyricst in the game, there are many and their lyrics are better than em's on this song.

    • Anonymous

      I agree...I hope the album sounds nothing like this. I agree with the review on this site.. www.eminemalbum2014.com

    • AnthonyJones

      Your comment is lame! You must just listen to the beat on songs. I agree this is not one of Em's best, but Slaughterhouse is bunch of lyricist, which rap/hip hop has been lacking....content.

  • sxxx9



    I agree when people say this song is a big cornball but to be honest it's more dope than what people have been releasing lately. And compared to em's old releases, this one is weak.

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • xx009


  • kenajj

    faggots mad cuz this isn't some YMCMB shit. you want Tapout? go listen to it and get off Em's dick

    • DA HOOD

      I hacked into your site dummy..check it www.eminemalbum2014.com

    • Anonymous

      lol what? The highest selling Cash Money artist right now is that skank that died her hair pick nicki or whatever? lol how u gonna claim they are better when some bubblegum music skank is there highest seller?? haha People willbarely remember lil wayne is 20 years...but Eminem will still be called a GOAT. Don't believe me..check out this site. www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • Viktor


    • DA HOOD

      hahaha im back...I hacked your site again...don't believe me...check it... www.eminemalbum2014.com

    • Anonymous

      your retarded...please nobody fall for this. His album wont leak until 2 weeks before release...this is some bum rapper trying to make a name for himself..Check out this site for news though...it isent too bad! www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • @DeeHavior

    FuX Wit Me oN TWITTER @DeeHavior MMLP2 will be dope, just watch! http://whoisimcx.tumblr.com/

  • Allu

    Yo this shit is DOPE. Em killed it - no doubt. And y'all just tripping cuz this doesn't sound like your 2 Chainz (a fuckin' joke btw), Weezy and them? Fuck outta here..... Patiently waiting for #MMLP2

  • Anonymous

    haha too easy for EM.. love it

  • Anonymous

    - Great beat, Rick Rubin won. - Hook is awesome too. - The verses are terrible however. Sounded like Em was experimenting somewhat with this one. No doubt a solid single from Em anyway.. Song: 8/10

  • MartinMM

    the track decent for a single. Its diff. I dont know what im gonna expect from eminem on his new album. Hopefully its decent. I actually like Recovery was amazing but it was a solid album.

  • machine gun kelly peli

    i c wat u did marshall, i c u in the beginin of my video beggin me to shake ur hand dawg just shake ur hand and i did , its good to see i inspired you to get your shit back on track and hit the streets with some release cos thats what i do cant see tears in the rain dawgg

  • jasonnn 666


  • Dallitz

    Not feeling this at all.. whats with his voice and yelling etc? Didnt listen to any of his music since I was a kid growing up to the MM LP. Not debating his skill factor just not into his music.

    • herb

      People keep complaining about Em yelling, go listen to MMLP again, he yells on plenty of shit.. Kill You, Amityville, Remember Me, Kim, Criminal, The Way I Am. Idk

  • Mr white fella

    This is a song we'll look back at in 10 years and be like, Berzerk ya I don't remember that one

  • Anonymous

    What did I just listen to? Did em just lose it? hahahahaha. get my corny joke about another one of his corny songs? Will the real slim shady please stand up cuz the rap game is doing fine without him. I hope he lets kendrick renegade him instead of having girls and lil wayne on his album.

    • Don Ice

      ^my nigga, u needa understand, niggas wasnt feelin 'my name is' back in 99, niggas i ran with been playin that big pun, wu tang, big l, biggie, 2pac, public enemy, nas, mobb deep, kane, busta rhymes, tribe called quest, rakim, niggas was on that cold shit, u understand me? niggas heard corny white boy and they was like 'nigga, the fuck?' at first but then the nigga eminem solidified his shit in the game all a nigga need in life is a fat blunt, niggas who r down and a gang of hoes who r willin to ride wit yo ass, put on that music, mufuckin hip hop my nigga, and vibee peace my niggas, one love

    • ^

      You mean retarded underground heads.

    • well

      It was a cornball single just like this one. All the mainstream audiences ate it up like they'll eat up this one. But no true hip hop heads thought anything much of Eminem when My Name Is came out

    • Anonymous

      nobody liked my name is when it came out? lmao no.

    • haha

      My Name Is was a corny single. Nobody liked it when it came out, but the album was completely different. So was The Real Slim Shady and Without Me, but by then people had understood his single was not reflective of his album, it's usually the second single that's actually reflective. SSLP: Role Model MMLP: The Way I Am TES: Cleanin' Out My Closet Don't judge his necessity in the rap game by his first single,

  • BJay

    The beat was classic 3 and fourth verse lost me. The flavor was off jus tad.

  • ice

    the whole album won't have this feel to it. this is like a tribute to the Beastie Boys. MCA from the Beastie Boy died last year



  • Anonymous

    He's still got dope lyrics. I'm just not feeling his screaming style. It sounds sorta forced to me. If this is gonna be THE Marshall Mathers LP 2, he needs to take it back to his smooth relaxed flow. Otherwise this will just go down as a marketing ploy.

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • xx009


  • sss


  • angie_prez

    not quite sure the way i feel about this song yet. kinda reminds me of run dmc rock/hiphop sound.

  • lucivaldo


  • Anon

    I'm not sure how I feel about the track, but if Em can find himself in terms of content and beats, he still has it. Lyrically he is still talented, but I think he still needs that spark for an album.

  • Aftermath


  • IHAteMorgy

    I think the album will pull through but i'm not liking this at all. it reminds me of a poor attempt at a run dmc beat from the 80s> hopefully it doesn't make the album. but i'm still buzzing for MMLP2



  • Dr. Dre's Conscience

    Eminem hurt the soul of rap music by opening up the fanbase to weirdos and nerds. After his success, there was no longer a need for urban relativity in rap.

  • Dont worry about it

    i dont understand you people, is that all you do is complain? dont like this track then fuck outta here, dont judge the album based off this one song (which btw is a foolin around single like always) music has changes cant stay the same forever and if anybody knows how to switch it up a little bit its Eminem, all you other rappers spittin the same fucking boring line/bar like it for what it is. THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME IS BACK! buy the album u pussy fucks wont be disappointed

  • zayy

    dis shxt hot dis da slim i know not da 1 dat need a hug

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, Em was gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this song has no rhythm....the lyrics are cool i suppose...but it lacks rhythm...but I got that's nothing new for a white man.

  • dfgdf

    Em aint got it no more. But at least he better than 100% of the niggas out there right now still...lol

    • Wait

      Eazy-E kept it so real and sick that he died and overdosed on AIDS. Don't fuck with the corporation executives y'all. Tupac was about that Thug Life and kept it so street that he got clapped in the streets of Las Vegas. Biggie and Big L were so big in the streets, they got clapped in the NYC nigga. Chief Keef is so fucking street, he released baby gangsta tears when he found out he was going to the little kids' slammer for 30 days. Keeps it so black that he has bad credit, doesn't pay rent on time, gets no education, and never shows up on time. Keeps it 3hunna, just like Gucci Mane when he slappin' bitch ass hoes. DMX kept is so real he did crack and went into the slammer 69 times, 69 places, 69 different positions. Too Short kept it so real he ran from the cops while under the influence. He's a player. 50 Cent kept it so real and kept his bitches in check, his ass got checked and charged with domestic violence. Lil Wayne keeps is so real, he's able to be a Blood, Crip, and a Punk Rocker all at once (doesn't get realer than that shit). He also performs homoerotic hood rituals with Birdman every weekend. That shit is fucking trill. Meek Mill keeps it so street, he fucks with a former officer to get him off the streets. William Roberts meating Robert Williams. Street connections baby. I mean, when does keeping it real ever go wrong........?

    • You stupid

      what he is trying to say is that if you not talking bitches, and money then it isnt hiphop, if you not banging shells, its not street, if you dont have 3 or 4 baby mamas then it dont matter... what he is trying to say is that hes dumb as fuck and has no education because he stay in the streets, nigga, u keeping it real though, fucking real stupid...

    • Anonymous

      hip hop is poetry you ignorant fool, it may have originated from the streets, but that doesnt mean they have to keep it "street" or only dudes frmo the "street" can say whats dope or not lol. Meek? really? hes bout as mainstream as they gett, hes hip pop. This is not a good song i get it. Em has bars for days but it seems like he cant make good songs anymore. has nothing to do with this "street" shit youre talking about, get outta there

    • Dave that Dude

      Hip Hop started in the streets and it will forever be in the streets, the fact of the matter is. Nobody in the streets is listening to eminem, only kids from the burbs. I ain't feelin this track, i don't care how lyrical he is, it's fuckin wack in the streets. Only people in the urban community (not suburban ) should have say to what is dope hip hop and what isn't, this is NOTHING special. Kids from the suburbs tend to think just because a rapper is "lyrical" that makes them great! 2Pac , Too Short, Eazy E, and many many others weren't the most complex rappers but they are more legends, why? Because they kept it street. These underground, and lyrical cats can rhyme as many words out of the dictionary that they want and it is still wack in the streets why? Wack subject matter, wack beats, nobody wants to listen to any of that. People wake up, street hip hop (biggie, 2pac, big l , jeezy, meek ) any rapper that reps the streets, YES even 50 will have more respect than these lyrical cats, because hip hop IS the streets, and if the streets aren't feelin it, than it doesn't matter how versatile you are, wack is wack no matter what and kids from the burbs need to stop givin this shit 5 stars!

  • Anonymous

    "say fuckit before we kick the bucket" bahHAhAHaHAHAHAHAHAA the whole song iss cornball

  • 80sbaby

    This is 1980'S Hip Hop.

    • well

      tbh it's really neither. When has any post 2010 pop song ever sounded like this, it still sounds more towards the 80s sound, but with poppy basic lyrics, especially for Ems standard. Its just another Just Lose It, just hope the album isn't another Encore.

    • Anonymous

      exactly anyone who thinks this is 80s hip hop has no idea what hip hop is

    • Anonymous

      this is 2013 corny pop music

  • Anonymous


  • Bly

    I don't know if that picture is new or old but it is clear that eminem's allegiance is to Satan, the Devil, Baphomet, whatever you want to call it. The devil horns placed on his forehead, the all seeing eye. It doesn't get more blatant than that. I knew he sold his soul a long time ago, but always hoped he would turn back to the light, this picture says not so much.

  • Jay Kras

    I like what he was trying to do...but this song is garbage.

  • its Um

    It's alright not the his single.

  • Miel

    Such a good song! Can't wait till MMLP2!

  • Frank

    If it ain't today's shit music it isn't good right? 5/5

  • i will

    and spit them back out

  • I will

    whether you like this song or not eminem will eat your favorite rapper alive

    • Anonymous

      Chris im not even white bro and i think what you just said is ridiculous. It is true that white people will getm ore credit for doing something than a blak person does i agree, its sad but its true. But this does not deny the fact that eminem is still the greatest lyricist in the game right now, he makes shit music but his true talent is in his lyrics, end of story

    • Anonymous

      chris, everything you say is a lie.

    • anonymous

      COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!!!!! (oh shut the fuck up.. its black ppl that make it a race thing with him and ppl think its whites dick riding him...its really teh blacks doing the opposite for the same exact racial reason stop being a fuckin idoit)

    • chris

      that's a very white person thing to say. eminem clearly (by his own admission), like miley cyrus, like macklemore, used black culture and made it "safer" for white people to relate to. before miley was twerking, strippers the same age with no money were and no one cared. nicki did and no one cared. white people would look and think "that's trash" until now...every no ass chicks mom is tryna twerk it out with her feet on the wall. think about it for more than 10 seconds. all of the biggest entertainers of the last 2 centuries at least have been white people who took black music and made it their own...or there was that ONE black guy who looked and sounded "white." from blues to rock to now. black people support black people because all we see is white people supporting white people and white support means A LOT more in America. tay swift, miley, both justins (yes even boyfriend has it's roots in black music), robin thicke, elvis, the beatles, i could go on all day, but im sure you'll argue that lets say...the beatles...are not black music. some of it is not (when I'm 64), but others are clearly ethnic (michelle, hard days night) and all the black people i know love eminem anyway. this song is still some cut. that being said...it's all been done before. at this point white people have learned to imitate well enough that it should almost just be a human thing and not a black thing. it stems from the fact that white people used to have no rhythm at all. many even today cant dance to a syncopated beat, it's so ugly. you're getting better though. now you can take lots of offense to my true statements. tl;dr - just wrong. go to sleep.

    • Anonymous

      god damb right will eat anybody one love

    • ^

      oh shut the fuck up.. its black ppl that make it a race thing with him and ppl think its whites dick riding him...its really teh blacks doing the opposite for the same exact racial reason stop being a fuckin idoit

    • Anonymous

      White people sure do love em

  • tony b

    love this track, em and rick rubin.this is awesome!!!!!

  • insanemacbeth

    trying to get that 1980s DEF JAM sound. ok.

  • Nick T

    DMX trod the whole battle scene in NY, undefeated, really ran them streets with hip hop in his blood from a young age and showed people that he has a love for this art and is not with all the bullshit singles and radio shit people be putting out. In a Battle Dmx>>>>> Eminem Albums Flesh of my flesh is his 2nd best album>>>>>>>>>>> any em album Energy on the mic DMX>>>>>>. EM Countless cla##ic verses, 4,3,2,1 and 24 hours to live, niccaz done started something, ruff ryders anthem >>>> any Eminem verse DMXs single >>>>>> ems singles Dmx impact on the game >>>>>>> Eminem impact(Just made kids think cross dressing is cool) X took the game out of the shiny era dolo and made ruff ryders that label.. Will continue to do better than em on Sony records. U heard it here first





  • ApeLincoln

    Nah man. This is ok at best. But in my headphones I heard some trash....


    THIS SHIT IS...WACK!!! kindergarten level wordplay, weak delivery, mediocre rhyme schemes only thing decent was the beat and anyone saying otherwise is fucking delusional and that isn't opinion its a straight fact. You can claim "opinion" on whether you perceive it as "dope" or "wack" but NOT when it comes down to the technical aspects and if any of you delusional stans wanna argue that then post examples of sick wordplay or dope rhyme schemes from within this verse of course you wont, you'll respond in your usual corny manner because you can't counter that argument with actual examples to support your retarded dick ridery and it's YES MEN like you why Eminem will never be as great as he could be

    • Anonymous

      Now this shit's about to kick off, this party looks wack Let's take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratch I'm 'bout to bloody this track up, everybody get back That's why my pen needs a pad cause my rhymes on the ra-hag Just like I did with addiction I'm 'bout to kick it Like a magician, critics I turn to crickets Got 'em still on the fence whether to pick it But quick to get it impaled when I tell 'em stick it So sick I'm looking pale, oh that's my pigment 'Bout to go ham, ya bish, shout out to Kendrick Let's bring it back to that vintage Slim, bitch! The art of MCing mixed with da Vinci and MC Ren And I don't mean Stimpy's friend, bitch Been public enemy since you thought PE was gym, bitch Kindergarten wordplay?? I guess nobody ever taught you to never go full retard..

  • Markis

    It's just a fun song chiill.

  • Yssup Kidz

    C'mon Em, LO's got enough problems these days. hahahaha!

  • ultrasss

    Eminem new album is already leaked in private forums with quality 320kbps. I reuploaded it and it's ready for download. Get it here: www.goo.gl/9m9lJb

  • G

    Pump that shit loud. At the gym this song makes you feel like a beast!

  • jake

    this is a decent song. it's just as good as my name is, the real slim shady, without me, etc. his funny radio songs never are anything that special. they're catchy and fun but not like they represent his skill set in any way. his other songs always kill his initial singles. out of his radio songs, this is one of the most upbeat and catchy. this is going to get a shitload of radio play, like an absolute shitload. the album i'm sure will be good like all of them are but i do hope he gets back to producing more of his own beats. he always did those simple but raw as fuck beats where he just killed it. like some article on here said, dre is just a marketing name. most of his big hits don't have dre on them.

  • Kendrick

    I don't wanna hear one more noun or verb from Eminem.

  • Chuurch

    I see how this will appeal to a lot of people. Bringing that old puffy remix stuff back first may be what he needs to do a last album (please)

  • jane

    amaing its takes a while to grow on you

  • Anonymous

    the 'its just a single' excuse doesn't make the song any better! too dissapointed to know what to say

  • MM

    this song got 20k plays. you know why? because he's the best goat! imo the song survival is better but anyways I don't think Em would give the new album the title MMLP2 if it wasn't going to be dope!

  • Anonymous

    poop. the other new emsong is okay but this is poop

  • MathiasFreire

    The Track is alright! Its just the single. i think the alum will be dope as fuck

  • O-beezy

    Rick Rubin n dr. dre exec producers damn this is going to bring bak hiphop !

  • O-beezy

    Eminem the GOD ! b-rabbit slim shady 4evvaaa !!! :D



  • Anonymous


  • Tayfont15

    This track is off the hook!! Haters will hate. Listen to the track more than once.

  • 1_chosenf3w

    This track is iight. I fox wit EM he's a true EMcee. There isn't a lot of EMcee'n out there these days. I hope this new album brings that outta him, some sh!t like that track "biterphobia". I'm not feelin that thumbnail pic promoting satanism tho, c'mon man. I know ppl eat that shit up but it's everywhere now and ppl, mostly kids are going to follow in the footsteps. My ppl do not need no more bs we need some "edutainment".

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This site is full of trolls now and some of you don't understand what he's doing with this record he's done it his whole career funny fun first single and this track is meant to completely go against the trends in hip hop nowadays and if you don't like the shit then who cares he doesn't have to do another song in his life and he's still one of greatest

  • yeah

    this sucks, really bad...

  • HQ

    When it has to do with Eminem everyone is a critic/hater... it's funny man... the song is cool with me its like a song to get drunk and party too ya digg.. But all imma say is Drake is pop too.... he sigs too much has not evolved as an artist everything is still the same but seems to put out some nice songs.. not hating just stating facts... But as far as people that dislike this song posting on here, YOU ARE NOT FORCED TO LISTEN TO IT...LOL... and you must like what this guy has done or is about to do or you wouldnt waste time talking trash you would move on to a different song...

  • storm

    ...which im pretty sure , is why he referred to eminem as an illuminati "PUPPET"

  • Bl@ck..Poet

    Its catchy im excited to see how the video is gonna be welcome back Marshall Mathers

  • Mortis

    This may be the worst record Rick Rubin has ever done.

  • Wake Up

    Everyone has criticized Eminem for making pop songs and becoming a 'pop artist'. Wake Up. This is as hip-hop as it gets. The origins of the genre.

    • Anonymous

      Did you lot forget about Sugarhill gang or something? Sure the lyrics were simple but thats when it got POPULAR.

    • 10th Ave

      No Anonymous the fact that you don't recognize that this beat is in the essence of throw back hip-hop shows that you are a new era fan!!!

    • Anonymous

      This is not the origins of hip hop if you think that it is you have exposed yourself badly

  • Your Mom

    I'd like to see other rappers spit to this. See if they are even able to... Prob not many can. Dude is showing off

  • DE

    This shit is fucking awful

  • Anonymous

    the song is cool better than that goofy ass versace song

  • Anonymous

    man yall really think his whole album gonna be like this single? He just having fun, and its a decent song.. I didn't like my name is, the real slim shady, etc.. But the albums was classics... he straight

  • Anonymous

    You people realize this is over a decade after the original LP? Of course its gonna be different. If you can't appreciate this new stuff, don't listen, don't comment. Em did his thing. This albums gonna be good. Go ahead, call me a stan .. haha

    • @ DaMamba

      "a majority of people are gonna think this song's trash?" AVERAGE USER RATING: 3.73 464 people have voted. 5 is the most popular ranking. 263 people gave it a perfect five Yeah, take a seat.

    • Anonymous

      stans fuckin rule

    • DaMamba

      So you soft ass stans can't take that a majority of people are gonna think this song's trash? Ayo the Beastie Boys should sue this dude for making their style sound terrible.

  • MightyMike27

    Throwing up the devil horns covering one eye, portraying the all seeing eye. Come on EM! Fuck.. oh well, I should'a knew it haha.. Anyone who comments on this needs to know that Em is a puppet for the illuminati. Listen but don't take in.. Be vigilante peeps. PeaCe. And if you think I'm lying, where the fu*k have you been! Lol Read up biznitchez

    • stfumckj

      mckj ur fuckin clueless. shush the fuck up!

    • storm

      its called they use people like eminem to fill there music with negative messages and brainwash the up and coming youth... how many children are going to listen to old white billionaire...hmmm you see you just think your a smart ass but really you're an ignorant prick

    • mckj

      By the way...those 1426 people..have about 5.6 trillion dollars between them. Thats more then the GDP of any country by far. Your opinion makes no fuckkin sense

    • mckj

      Yeh cause I'm sure the 1,426 BILLIONAIRES in the world really need a guy worth maybe 100 million to be there puppet...with that much money u dont need to sneak around homie, u do what the fuck ya want.


    I like the single, it's sound that eminem will come back wit slim shady

  • ...

    3 stars..i like the hook.lyrics was weak.white people gone eat it up.lets go back to all eminem releases..always puts out a weak ass lead off..the real slim shady,without me, etc etc..this is really nothing new..still the best MC of all time.if not aa close 2nd to hov.

    • Anonymous


    • FatBoySlim

      Be real with yourself bruh. Jay only had 3 or 4 good albums (Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, Black Album, and American Gangster) out of his entire discography which has 12 solo albums and 17 if you include the joint albums he did....that's just sad man (yes I took the time out of my day to actually look it up lol). Stop following the crowd and saying Jay is the best rapper to ever grace a mic. You lying to yourself

    • Anonymous

      slaughterhouse first album better will be better in the end

  • Anonymous

    #NEW HIP-HOP LOCKOUT 3 (#HHLO3) http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=525504 Featuring 25+ artist from the 201 and across the country!!!!

  • Listen Here

    I do not see why people are freaking out. Eminem is choosing to go against the flow and reinvent himself. This song is unlike any other commercial release in the last few years. He is creating something that stands out against the onslaught of current rap music. Wait until the album drops.

    • Anonymous

      Your right but this site has become full of close minded rap fans who wouldn't understand that and the comments are full of trolls who have nothing better to do. Em actually gets less hate then most of the other top rappers on this site

  • reemosound

    wow so sad how bad he fell off, just terrible. i miss the old em

  • Anonymous

    Haha. Making a song that makes everyone talk and start to doubt his process. "Every CD critics gave it a 3, then 3 Years later, they'd go back and re-rate it And call the Slim Shady LP the greatest The Marshall Mathers was a classic The Eminem Show was fantastic But Encore just didn't have the caliber to match it I guess enough time just ain't passed, yet A couple more years, that shit'll be ill-matic" And, yes, before anyone else says it, I ride his dick {Jigga Laugh}

    • Anonymous

      What? Come on thats bullshit. MMLP was one of the rawest and hardest rap albums of all time and he still sold millions that makes it pop? His genius is how he always made commercial funny first singles that will appeal to everyone. He's one of the few who still did and said whatever he wanted on his albums and rarely dumbed it down. He's got 3 classic albums and MMLP got great reviews when it dropped only a few critics didn't want to give it praise because of the offensive shit and controversy that went along with the album

    • Anonymous

      I agree, critics are usually right the firt time - it's years later they airbrush history because mainstream stans like u fuckup the zeitgeist... the writer can suck a dick.MMLP is was a 4 star album. It still has 20% corny ass pop songs on it.

  • DOPE

    If this song is actually a part of his new album.....I don't know what to say man... I feel really bad. This song is a disappointment man. The beat is lame as it gets. Yeah, he switched his flow but this is Eminem and I hope this doesn't make the cut and the actually album is exactly what Eminem's music should be like. Class! 2/5

  • sean

    shite song,extremely poor effort

  • Anonymous

    first verse was cool with that Beastie Boy flo but over all wac song

  • The truth!

    Em is a beast.......black haters eat a dick!!

  • Anonymous

    Yay more satanic imagery... fun!!! *rolls eyes*

  • Anonymous

    WTF IS THIS SMFH did he fuckin say bang chikawanwan hell nah go home don't lose your credibility em please bro

  • Tyrone Biggums

    This song is fucking awful lol

  • Anonymous

    Eminem can make any type of song he wants and he will still DESTROY your favorite rapper, faggot.

  • youngkorgy420

    The king's back

  • Anonymous

    LOl, I'd love to see the reaction if a black artist made this song. Shit would be rated 1.67/5

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Because this is a hip hop forum, I doubt that the more comments on here is making the song more famous. It's a new eminem song, it's going to sell and it's going to get listens. but in no way does that make it good. That same hater argument can go to pop musicians like justin bieber, millions hate on him, he still sells, doesn't mean his songs are good. Eminem's new material is garbage. I don't need him to be SLim shADY, but I do want to hear good musi and this isn't it.

  • Myke

    liveloveasap > any album from em

  • EyeControl

    Eminem is good, but not as good as Wayne. Wayne KILLED him on "No Love" . Wayne had the HARDER bars, just coz Em rapped faster doesnt make it better "I'm rolling Sweets, I'm smoking sour Married to the game but she broke her vows That's why my bars are full of broken bottles And my night stands are full of open Bibles" ^HARD AS FUCK

    • Are You High

      What the hell did you just type??? Wayne wish he had the skills, and delivery of Em. Wayne is the most overrated, and hyped up rapper of our generation. It's not even close...maybe Drake but damn Wayne fell off after the Dedication 2.

    • Anonymous

      Go back and listen again, eminem delivery and lyricism was way harder, is rappin fast style is part of his delivery, talking like anybody can rap fast, that is part of his quality

  • BOY

    Wayne boasts about his Blood Gang ties since 500 Degreez and he hasnt been checked or murked because he is RESPECTED in the Blood Gang commmunity. Em has NO respect in the streets YMCMB!

  • YEBO


  • Anonymous

    Personally this is not a pop song, this is 80s rap, it has a rebel punk feel, and to the haters, just quit, you never gonna change anyone's mind not to like a song, you are free to have your opinion, but if you must voice it, give constructive criticism instead of your usuall hate spew.

    • Anonymous

      This is 80s rap.

    • Anonymous

      THIS IS NOT 80S rap. And to the black dude saying he eas expecting constructive criticism, have u ever been on this website and read the comments? This isn't the forum for constructive anything, either people are hating or they are dick riding. there's no real middle ground with these stans.

    • Ricky Rozay

      His career is over. Last album was straight ass. This shit will be nothin more than a bunch of pop songs with Pink, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. Em yo time done pass son, new niggas the face of hip hop. Slip back into irrelevance with that monkey Curtis aka the snitch. Bawse!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to disappoint dude, I'm black as they come, and I'm in my mid 20s, just the dumb ass response I expected, like I said come with a constructive criticism and not the BS you just said

    • Ricky Rozay

      This white boy used to be good, now all this nigga release is pop shit. Another album with Bruno Mars, Pink and Rihannas comin and of course all you white boys will snatch it up and say its the best thing ever cuz we all know only white boys buy his albums. Bawse!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I love how people are saying that because this song has the most comments that's a good thing. When half the comments are bad, and em is receiving ratings lower than 4 on a site full of aftermath dick riders (the song was on the front page for three days), that's not a good thing. Miley Cyrus was the most talked about person on twitter this week, doesn't mean it was positive.

    • mike

      ^^ are you flexing as you type this? #internet thug life

    • Crip4Life

      eminem was a bitch for a long time. whatever you muthafuckas think, eminem aint shit. in OAKLAND, we aint got no white feminem muthafucka trying to rap in here haha. one thing about this faggot, he makes 14 out of 16 tracks about his fucking family, WHO THE FUCK DO THAT? fuckin boring fool, we dont give a fuck about his mom or daughter. fucking sellout bitches fuck outta here!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      That is because haters don't wanna get off is nut sack, go to iTunes and see where the song is at, impact pass impact

  • scott

    Back in the day, Dre used to tell Eminem when shit was wack, so they did it over and ended up with classics. Now and days, who is going to tell Eminem his material is wack?! I guess the fans are!

  • MIke

    wow just look at all the comments!! ANOTHER win for the white boy!! Eminem just can't be beaten no matter how bad his songs are! 5 stars just for the hating trolls!

    • realhiphop

      you're crazy if you think "Relapse" was a 'great Eminem album'. It's filled with corny punchlines like that and his voice is just awful these days. Everything from "Infinite" through his appearances on the "8 Mile Soundtrack" are great to classic. Everything after that has been wack except for his verses on 50 Cent's "Psycho" and "Be Careful What You Wish For" - which was a bonus track for some reason

    • dentaldamboy

      I'm the first one to say Eminem is one of the top 20 MCs of all time. But he's fallin' off man. He's just runnin' outta ammo. It happens, I mean, you can't fake inspiration. If you're not feelin' it anymore, you're just not. He's like an old boxer that is burnt out and getting his way through fights by just being savvy, but he has no thunder behind his punches anymore. "Take it back to MC Ren and I don't mean Stimpy's friend..." "I showed up with a coat fresher than wet paint..." I'm sorry, Eminem is a legendary MC but these are straight duds. I'll still listen to the album 'cause I'm sure it will have it's moments, but I have a feeling "Relapse" will be the last great Eminem album we ever get. I hope I'm wrong..

    • Anonymous

      That's certainly one way to look at it....

  • Pharaoh

    this shit was WACK, dope beat but absolutely garbage rapping, mediocre grade school wordplay couple with weak delivery. Anyone who gave this a 5 star score is either a delusional stan or has no fucking clue about lyricism, I freestyle off the top harder than he spit on this shit. Hop off dudes dick for a second and you'll see he fell off fuckin years ago around his 3rd album, 98% of what came afters straight garbage

  • jack

    this song has more comments in 3 days than any song this entire year. lol haters promote it more than fans do.

  • jason

    i think if MMLP never dropped, and this album was it..you niggas would still hate on it lol

  • asd

    Eminem new album is already leaked in private forums with quality 320kbps. I reuploaded it and it's ready for download. Get it here: eminemmmlp2leaked.blogspot.c o m (remove spaces)

  • bucc

    garbage. stop talking about skill. make a good song,

  • Anonymous

    mr. bang bang can you plz tell me how chief keef is better em is a legend and go do some research chief keef said himself eminem is his favorite rapper and he even knows he cant handle em even the game,mgk,kendrick lamar,lilwayne redman all said said in a interview em is the best so ya and he out sells chief keef by millions im not bhating on keef i like him a lil but dnt compare a legend to someone like chief keef give me whatever your on retard

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone name an Eminem single that was just like the rest of his album? anyone that is basing his current skill off of this single is a complete moron, he will eat your favorite rapper for breakfast.

    • Anonymous

      He will not wash eminem lol I would love to hear a nas and Em song, em has only gotten better since 2002..lol that's funny u thought that 2002 was when he was at his lyrical peak anyone that says that doesn't know eminem.

    • Anonymous

      Ummm my favorite rapper is Nas and he will wash eminem. Grow up dude this isnt 2002.

    • Pharaoh

      will he fuck, Black Thought would straight fucking roast him, so would Elzhi and K-Rino...

  • tee-frizzle

    the only time eminem should be coming back is to make a song with mgk hisson

  • MIke

    I remember when I first heard of Eminem and the only song I seen of his was, "My name is". I thought he was a total one hit wonder and just a white boy trying to be funny because back then there weren't any white rappers with skill. Little did I know he was going to turn out to be top 5 best rappers ever. Point is, his lead single is always a goofy song making fun of celebrities. Wait until the album drops! MMLP2!!!!

    • ^^^^

      or maybe your just not an eminem fan? MMLP and Eminem Show are both classics. MMLP had "the real slim shady" and Eminem Show had "Without me", and they are both dope as fuck for radio singles.

    • Justin Case

      Some of you guys are f#%king retards...LOL. Shitty, goofy singles is the reason why Em doesn't have a flawless classic ALBUM. You know albums like Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Illmatic, Ready to Die, Liquid Swordz. There's no filler on those albums. Em has the talent to make one, but even his best albums have filler singles on them. And it's true because I see a bunch of Em stans defending this saying he always puts out singles like this.

    • Anonymous

      wtf is your definition of "flawless classic"? Lose yourself is a "flawless" classic imo. And he had plenty of other classic songs. He always starts out his albums with a pop-type song.

    • Justin Case

      And you must be retarted cuz you can't read. Where did I say Em doesn't have one classic song? He has lots of classic songs, but 95% of his singles are trash. Hence, no flawless classics.

    • Anonymous

      you must be retarded to say Eminem doesn't have one classic song.

    • Justin Case

      and those goofy dumb singles are the reason why Em doesn't own a flawless classic.

  • Adam

    Bad Ass Em ! Way out of your league in style and Was this single suppose to be a word toawrds Kendricks King of the apple comment towards Diddy and all you high end money making kings! but I do agree with Kendrick most rappers our into the money and forgot about what Hip Hop Is ! Em Remembers when not on drugs ! go Em !

  • darrel kidd

    YESS EMINEM IS BACK!!! well i should say marshall mathers.

  • Anonymous

    "I can't believe I let Nas down" - Eminem dwelling on his past 3 albums.

  • Anonymous

    Comapare this to 99 problems. No competition Jay did Rick justice, Em failed him

  • Anonymous

    I hope Em keeps making music like this. Each time someone supports this trash it exposes their true motives. Youre not here for rap, you're not hear for hip hop, you're not here for lyrics. You're here for gimmicks to hate on Drake and to blindly dickride Eminem. This isn't real hip hop, if you think it is you've been tricked.