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B.o.B. doesn't claim to be an activist, but he's tackling some heavy topics in this new one.


  • Evolution vs God

    Missing? Found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW365817EbQ Dope track though.

  • Joshua Prime

    Finally someone saying something

  • Kyle

    Wow. Music With a Message. "im good for life I dont really need another hit". "Understand who you dealing with". The world is going fuckin nuts and B.O brings some awareness to truth. ART.

  • Pat

    Dope shit. bob needs to put shit like this out as a single and make people realize that he does make real music.

  • Robert

    Great lyrics, but that beat is monstrous!

  • jasonnns 666


  • Anonymous

    This is what i am talking about! This is what we need more off. Real shit over good beats. Lets do it!

  • impressed

    Now this is the music B.O.B. needs more of. Ambitious music with subject matter and a good sound. oneculturenation.com 5/5

  • jasonnns


  • micheal myers 666


  • bg

    "since we got a black president, black people stopped questioning the government" Most black people I know are more concerned with a Kendrick Lamar "beef" verse and most white people I know don't give a shit about obama---point being: everyone is ignorant and unconcerned with real world ish

  • bob killed it

    his new album bout to be sick

  • Microsoft Slow

    Horrible beat and tired of hearing about politics and rappers talking bout they don't care about money, guns and cars in one song then the other that's all they talk about.

    • Ethan

      its true, sadly.... as much as i like b.o.b. was really disappointing when i herd the new song "all i want" was like wtf? who wrote this shit.. not bobby ray

  • The Real

    Back to Hip Hop niggas. White power (Dave Chappelle voice).

  • Danger

    Not at all. Investigate anyones claims and there is an end. Truth is not relative. Im just saying he should investigate his claims about missing DNA. It leads down "a/one" path of illogical reasoning. The evidence for one God, and not many, is bountiful. Still 4.5/5 for the track.

    • Danger

      Strong language doesn't prove your point. Everything around us points back to a divine hand. Your logic appears to be: since I don't know him/it or cant see him with my physical eyes, then there is no god. Good night though. Hope its NOT by "chance" or "nothingness" that you don't wake up. Its great to live with knowledge of your purpose.

    • Anonymous

      "The burden to disprove God falls on you." Are you fucking kidding me!? I'm sitting on an invisible pink unicorn as I type this. The burden to disprove that claim is on you - apparently, according to your logic.

    • GrindTillWeBlind

      WTF are yall talking about this for?! Hip-Hop-DX! There is a higher power though my niggas. I know you feel it.

    • Danger

      On the contrary Anonymous. The burden to disprove God fall on you. No fairies or bigfoot etc. But, Im open to hear your ideology for why things are the way they are. No god, then what does that mean for you? What proves there is no god?

    • Anonymous

      Also, Danger, "many would say"? Seriously? Many would say the Earth is fucking flat - who the fuck cares about what "many would say". You realise that the burden of proof is on you? If you claim there is an omnipresent, omnipotent God, then show your workings. All you seem to have is tautology.

    • Anonymous

      It's laughable that you consider that "well said". On the one hand, Jake seems to suggest that we feeble human beings know so little about the universe; yet on the other hand, seems to know so much about this "evidence" for apparent divinity - you can't have it both ways. What's with this ridiculous pseudo-proposition that everything is EITHER created by an omnipresent, omnipotent God OR a "big ass coincidence"? Utter nonsense. With the low burden of proof that you seem to need to believe in something, you must likely believe in every other claim that's made - fairies, big foot, loch ness?

    • Danger

      @ Jake- Well said. Enough said.

    • jake

      unless everything is one really really really huge coincidence to you then there is lots of evidence that something divine exists. even einstein said the more and more he learned and studied that it became more and more apparent that the world has divine intervention. the whole topic is a real thinker but there is a lot of stuff out there that science just can't explain and probably never will. spiritual shit is a huge mystery and a lot of things in this world go completely unexplained. personally i don't think all the unique things in this world like personalities, etc. are just a big ass coincidence. we were put here by something much bigger than us...

    • Danger

      @ Charles. My bad man. It was a mis-post from a convo from earlier on the comments page. But, now that you have briefly made a comment, what do you base your conclusion on? Many would say that your statement (no evidence for god/any) is a straight up lie?

    • charles

      I have no clue what you're talking about here, but there is not evidence for one God or any Gods. Claiming that there is any evidence for a God is a straight up lie.

  • Anonymous

    love when b.o.b goes in great lyricist but he pop

  • frozenhollow

    This is the same nigga that did headband and strange clouds. Very versatile

  • hip hop head

    he spit some real shit on this!!!!!

  • adrian

    dude crushed this shit!!!!

  • Danger

    4.5/5 for the hip hop elements, but beware. Hes on some mysticism stuff right now. Its a little truth mixed with some poison. On point except with the missing DNA talk. The philosophy leads to talk about being one with the "energies" and world and "your" god of choice; as if there are many. Those who believe this stuff talk about having a life of glorification now. That's to come later. http://carm.org/glorification But hey, he could have just come across some knowledge, got happy, rapped about it prematurely without investigating it further. It happens, just don't bite this fruit yall.

    • Anonymous

      "A creator is necessary because without a creator things would NOT be." Circular reasoning. Nearly everything that you have said consists of assertions that are based on assertions... "If there is no God..." none of this is relevant because it has nothing to do with the truth of the claim. It's 4.30am here. I'm going to sleep.

    • Danger

      You sound like Lawrence K; Anonymous. He sounds nice when he articulates things but tries to redefine words as well ie "Our definition of nothingness?" What comes from nothing? Even if nothing is not as we define it, it would have to be "something" by default. You don't see random big bangs going on in the world today out of nowhere. Even the explosions that we do see are caused by chemical reactions by man or nature. A creator is necessary because without a creator things would NOT be. Things don't just happen. As for your "collective ignorance" comment, Id say we do not know things therefore what IS known can bring about logical conclusions or accurate assumptions until that which is not know is revealed. We don't know the future yet our past can help us make better decisions for when it arrives. We don't exactly when time began, but we have dated history and signs to give us an idea. We don't know why your DNA caused you to look like you do, but you cant help it and we can see that your mothers body did exactly what it was programmed to due like her mothers before her, back to the first man and woman. If there is no God, man is autonomous. Our #1 desire anyways, believe it or not. If there is no creator, there is no purpose for anyting and all things can be a law unto themselves. Clearly we see this NOT to be true. Everything serves a purpose, even death. Id be glad to take this to a PM so people can get back to Hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      Your argument for the existence of a God is an argument from ignorance and a "straw man" argument. 1) Science does indicate that something can come from nothing because our very idea of "nothingness" is wrong - of course, this is irrelevant since you a) claim something cannot come from nothing then b) insert God as that very something 2) You repeatedly assert that a creator is NECESSARY - on what do you base this assertion? 3) You seem to base it on our collective ignorance - that we do not know things therefore X 4) Your frankly ridiculous idea that there can only be one God - if the god proposition is on the table - then there is no evidence to suggest one or a thousand

    • Danger

      @Anonymous-Not at all. Investigate anyones claims and there is an end. Truth is not relative. Im just saying he should investigate his claims about missing DNA. It leads down "a/one" path of illogical reasoning. The evidence for one God, and not many, is bountiful. Still 4.5/5 for the track.

    • Anonymous2

      @danger have you not just done what you complained that B.O.B has done in this song... i.e preached your views. illogical? no, hypocritical? yes.

    • Danger

      I am suggesting that there is only one true God as opposed to many. It would be illogical not to believe so. Even science testifies that something CANT come from nothing. This music comes from artists, work comes from a worksman/woman, we must clearly come from an intelligent designer. Even if there was a "big bang," a creator would have had to design the elements which collided and the laws that governed the expansion of time and space afterwards. Or you would have chaos. No elaborate DNA structure from chaos ;) That would be illogical and untenable.

    • Anonymous

      Surely you mean "as if there are any" because if your suggestion is that there is only one god as opposed to many or none then your position completely untenable and illogical.

  • yeaaahh

    B.o.B is the best artist of the new generation! The man's talent is unmatched and he sounds comfortable on any type of song. Greatness!

  • Anonymous

    BoB refused Hayley Williams and he fucked Eminem, sucked T.I.P's dick in the studio. swag

  • 614grind

    B.o.B. is by far my favorite new generation emcee.

  • josh

    Best B.o.B song i've heard in a while

  • Nick

    God damn B.o.B is the savior of Hip Hop