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All rhymes. No hook. Big Sean, Kendrick and Jay Elect drop a contender for "Collaboration Of The Year." Spotted over at Funk Flex.



  • Jenny Tracy

    Real Dope. Feeling this shit man.

  • RuFF'

    Surprised nobody mentioned Jay Electronica. he went the hardest imo.

  • Anonymous


  • Seif Mahmoud

    kendrick's verse

  • Anonymous

    Still fire, fuck what Drake said

  • Hicks

    Yo yo yo! Track of year

  • Real Nigga

    Verse of Kendrick is the best.

  • Anonymous

    This is easily the most talked about song of the year, yet it is only 8th on the most discussed singles list on HipHop DX. Looks like the trolls couldn't find enough shit to talk about this song since thats what a majority of these comments end up as.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Sample: "El Pueblo, unido, jamas sera vencido" by Hugo Chavez

  • Blue Holla

    I just heard a diss record at kendrick that has absoul featured on the record!! is KDot and Absoul feuding?? I hope not. here is the record http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.25518/title.Snake+Hollywood+f.+Ab-Soul-Choke

  • MarsKG

    Big Sean smashed this joint... K. Dot swept up the broken pieces, and flung them shits into space with a big dumbass slingshot... And that nigga Jay Electron caught 'em with the Big Dipper and used the Sun like a stove... Crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brian

    Lelelele you still talking

  • Naseir

    Kendrick's verse was overrated so much, he went hard but the way y'all dick suck this man isn't funny. This not even that type of track that I'll play 5 years from now. Everybody talking about this like its ether by nas. Stop over rating niggas

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for proving that the bars was mediocre. 8 bars, none of which was over anyones head.

  • im feelin sick

    Everyone says Kendrick killed it. What punchline or metaphor or bar was O.D fire. Tell me.. please send quotes as a response from "Control". Cuz dis shit is mediocre. As a matter fact da only reason dis shit gets talked about is cuz he named dropped. I would like to see the game bringing harder bars and hunger to their music but how many of yall are still hungry after you eat?

    • Anonymous

      you're dumb buddy

    • anon

      What is competition? I'm tryna raise the bar high Who tryna jump and get it? You better off tryna skydive Out the exit window of 5 G5's with 5 grand With your granddad as the pilot he drunk as fuck tryna land With the hand full of arthritis and popping prosthetic leg Bumpin Pac in the cockpit so the shit that pops in his head Is an option of violence, someone heard the stewardess said That your parachute is a latex condom hooked to a dread


    kendrick lamar is the don, finally a nigga called these wack ass bitch made motherfuckers out, props to dis nigga good ass verse too, none of them wack ass niggas can rap on that level

  • TMZ

    Kendrick Lamar Diss back to meek mill ! http://tinyurl.com/muffsm4

  • Goodshit

    Personaly i think Kendrick got the best verse of the year!

  • DopeMan

    This is the best version.



  • 666 demons


  • Anonymous

    Big Sean sounds like JoeyBadAss

  • xx004


  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • Anonymous

    Big sean is a fail...

  • Kizman

    This is the problem with Kendrick fans; when a lesser known but lyrically dope rapper makes a Control Response, they wave the relevancy card. But when Kendrick gets compared with the more popular rappers who have bigger pay cheques than him, they all fall on the yeah but technically Kendrick is the better rapper because he is more lyrical argument. Like woah! hold on, wait a minuteyou wasnt using that argument when so and so dropped a lyrical ether on Kendricks ass. Like what, all of a sudden Drake or Lil Wayne are bad rappers because we are judging rappers on lyrics now!? Negro please its as simple as this. If youre going to take a huge shit on your living room floor, and it stinks up the placedont buy another house. Stick to the one you already got. Thank You

    • Nasier

      Brave? Your hero? Do you want this nigga kendrick to buy your faggit ass a teddy bear? Nigga it's just a verse, he didn't kill nobody. The dick sucking is real out here^^^ stop nut gobbling.

    • deez

      Kendrick was the brave one to put out this verse everyone else is just a reply thats all. that's the difference. I liked joell, budden, klos, the rest aaaa okay. papoose is just stupid

    • Not.

      "Nobody ethered him and the guys that responded are only doing it for attention so it's irrelevant if their disses were good or not." I'm pretty sure the sole purpose of Kendrick's verse was to draw attention and controversy as well, so your point is moot.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody ethered him and the guys that responded are only doing it for attention so it's irrelevant if their disses were good or not.

  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • man_raammm

    Kendrick killed it. Enough said.

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    #NEW HIP-HOP LOCKOUT 3 (#HHLO3) http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=525504 Featuring 25+ artist from the 201 and across the country!!!!

  • xx004



    Yeah, and I went from platinum out rap 'em Yeah they thought that that couldn't happen On the way to the bank, yeah I'm laughin See the hook's gonna hook 'em like grapplin Many folks try to dap 'em, but Koopa got what ya lackin When I come back I'm attackin, that means your future will blacken Rap is conceited, but Ken is the only famous to us Better put it in your face, so you taste the "Flavor of Love" Rappers cartoons trust me, these dudes ain't slangin them dubs (No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no) You got Viagra for bullets, act like your anxious to butt But you ain't gangsta enough, respect my paper I'm tellin ya Pockets green as a vegetable, wallet sure lookin edible Put a 1 then a 0 comma 0, a 0 with no decimal Throw 'bout 4 more 0's, then you know my dough is incredible (yeah) You might think your the greatest rapper of all-time But I just think your the greatest rapper in your mind (No, no, no, no, no, no, other, no, no, no, no, other) Especially cause your time, don't look like it's on grind Your music is guarded like Muslims do to a pork rind Maybe it's cause I think too much, but each decision's the sure kind If I think that I hurt you, you'll be the one with the sore mind I schedule a beat down and adjust it to your time Tonight, like the first words on Jay Leno's door sign (haha) My accountant says that my paper's as huge as a mountain (*cash register sounds*) The bank tells me this how my deposits usually soundin (No, no, no, no, no, no, other, no, no, no, no, other) Company that was bootleggin me, says they movin my thousands That's as false as 50 executive producing my album (oh) That's as false as magazine writers that said that I fall (uh huh) That's as false as me beefin with Slim or Trae, they my dogs (dogs) That's as false as me still havin a problem with Paul (naw) I'm a problem, but the other problem that I have is y'all I'mma let y'all talk while I aim at the industry and bang it But this ain't no "True Hollywood" or no "E! Entertainment" (No, no, no, no, no, no, other, no, no, no, no, other, no) A, B, C, D, take out the A and the name is The name of the boot L-E-Ggers, they wanna be nameless I'm the king of the mixtape scene, so they call me your Highness Why you think that they call me that? My debut was the highest Of hot, hot enough to light up the sky, so get used to the lighters Spread like wildfires so you should get used to the fires They some liars (liars) told me that Chamillionaire will be goneee But it's obvious that the reaper didn't write it in stone (No, no, no, no, no, no, other, no, no, no, no, other, no) Resurrected, then I guess that they couldn't bury his bones (my bone

  • xx009


  • Kendrick Lamar's Manager

    FUck all y'all w/ the negative comments.

  • Anonymous

    lupe fiasco killed your MF



  • straightuptruth


  • deez

    I fuuuucked up the rap game and you didnt even know it. Kendrick

  • sxxx4


  • for real

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=b9HVP0B5dbg EMINEM control response

  • micheal myers mask devils 666


  • jasonnns


  • TMZ

    Eminem diss response to kendrick lamar ! http://tinyurl.com/muffsm4


    I don't care about beef or all the shit they're talking bout .. but Kendrick ... was Hard on that mothafucking verse :D

  • BG

    Not only is this WWF beef/diss routine completely pathetic and unoriginal, but the song itself was of extremely low-quality as well. Only ignorance can explain the level of interest and obsession from the "Hip-Hop" fans.

  • Anonymous

    Album is so wack :/


    I swear that none of you even heard what Kendrick was saying. He even mentioned Big Sean & Jay Electronica! It's not beef, it's hip hop you sensitive stans!

  • Anonymous

    big sean struggled kendrick killed it (could be realer) jay was to deep



  • Pete here

    He's got all average rappers crying. Cassidy is ok but he's meh, Papoose has never made a song worth listening to and Budden thinks he's great but he's the definition of averag.

  • CulmanT


  • Exhibit A

    Anybody who says kendrick had the best verse clearly doesn't know what Hip-Hop is...Dont get mewrong I love Kendrick but You people take it to far..His verse was average and people just saying that he had the best verse because he was really yelling and just sayinf he wants to be better than the rappers he named..If your a Hip-Hop fan u will agree that Jay Electronica Had the best Verse and people need to stop being lazy and listen word-for-word what he's saying..I believe Jay electronica Is one of the best MCs on the planet..but Kendrick had an average verse..so all u Claim Hip-Hop fans..stop it with the ''Kendrick GOAT'' because his verse was average and listen to Jay electronica cause you people need knowledge in your brain.

    • Dewayne

      I agree jay elecs verse was the best word for word as jr writer told Kendrick he don't b sayin shit after all the responses I stopped fuckin w/ Kendrick n see him 4 the average rapper he really is n joe budden killed him n stole this big sean beat

    • opinion

      everybody a different opinion. you gotta remember that hip-hop isn't just about lyrics...it's about delivery too. in my opinion, kendrick had presence, lyrics, and delivery. but everybody got a different opinion.

    • steve-o

      Hhaha...i love jay electronica but kendrick stole this track.

    • foursix

      You're talking absolute nonsense with your "people don't know what hip hop is" argument just to make out Electronica had the best verse when that's far from the truth. Electronica had a better verse that Big Sean (not that hard) but he couldn't touch Kendrick's.

  • Nasstill@it

    This song is super overrated!Big Sean sounding like Soldier boy and Kendrick name dropping. Thanks to Jay Elect for saving the track.

  • heavyontalent


  • sick as fuck

    What you expect hes got West blood in his veins

  • Joe

    Not one "response" came close to touching this track.. Everyone still mad because they know this song shook the whole rap game, haters gonna hate

  • mike

    yall serious?? the man went INNNN!! he raised the bar for rappers! he isnt trying to start beef, he is simply saying everyone needs to step their game up!! hip hop/rap has slowly declined in originality. and especially in heart!! think about master p, pastor troy, BIG, pac, onyx, nas, nwa, cypress hill, ghostface, warren g, eazy e they all were constantly stepping their game up! making hip hop more than just music, making it art! think about lil wayne wen he was with the hot boyz and now listen to him now!!! he is played out and most of his music is wack!! anybody can come up with some catchy song and beat that has no meaning and is loved by jits! putting out lyrics with meaning and heart is something different!! all he was saying is STEP YOUR GAME UP!!

  • Anonymous

    Go on YouTube and listen to "November 4th" by Tim Moorehead. This kid is ahead of his time!!!

  • Berr

    kurupt is way a head of his time

  • deez

    kendrick dropped a verse, 25 rappers still can top it with 6 minute freestyles. haha.

    • Uno

      Dont suck his dick Jay Electronica didnt know kendrick was on the song....... and kendrick went harder then jay still wasnt as lyrical as jay electron #FACTS

  • OIBG


  • CWigg

    ....Kendrick has officially sparked a resurgence. We may not see it for awhile, but everyone is going to step it up a notch now. Just sparking conversation and debates about it is great for hip hop...not only a return to appreciation for lyrical ability, but melding it all into a classic album. I hope all these rappers whose feelings got hurt will spill some of that anger in the booth....not beef, just a determined sense of making the best music possible...not f*ckin around. Exciting times ahead folks.

  • sdad

    Keep on killing em K.Dot!

  • George

    Big Seans Control (HOF) Is The Single Of The Day Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica Produced By: No I.D. free .mp3 download link At: gmontetheking-bglm.blogspot.com/2013/08/hip-hoprap-single-of-day_16.html Courtesy Of The King

  • deez

    Some of you still dont understand what kendrick said. SMH... he quoted kurupt idiots

  • Anonymous

    kendricks street shit is dope but maddcity is whack

  • jed1

    kendrick is the only mcee who keeps imrpessing me

  • anon

    why is kendrick looking for trouble? just make your damn music and don't go turning into the next lil wayne diss fest.

  • king of the crack babies

    What's a Jedi without the force?... YOU!!!! Think about it... Anyway, less is more young ignoble. It's almost time to change your name again, huh? I don't know about NY but Jay's king of the track. Kendrick lacks focus. Passion don't make up content or skills? It would be cool for a freestyle... but it's clearly not. Maybe it's the drugs. Pray for yo boy. I think he's in trouble. Reminds me of the post-prison Tupac. Where's Shug? R.I.P. Tupac Amare

  • Anonymous

    the best response was the one that wasn't made.. too many in the moment dick riders.. they faded out the game for a reason

  • JEFF

    NEW EMINEM ALBUM 11.09.2013!!!! 1. A Thin Line (Intro) (prod. DJ Khalil & Eminem) 2. Survival (feat. Liz Rodriques) (prod. DJ Khalil) 3. Back On The Life E-Gain (prod. Just Blaze) 4. Oddity (prod. Boi-1da & Eminem) 5. Runaround Marshall (prod. Dr. Dre) 6. One Thing (skit) 7. Cockchafer (prod. T-Minus) 8. The Wraith (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, Kendrick Lamar & Tech N9ne) (prod. Seven) 9. Trouble Man (feat. Yelawolf) (prod. Will Power & Eminem) 10. Bad Ordinance (prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 11. Turn Off The Lights (prod. Jim Jonsin) 12. Custard Pie (prod. Eminem) 13. Retard's Are Problem (R.A.P.) (skit) 14. Welcome Home (Detroit) (feat. Skylar Grey, Big Sean & Royce Da 5'9'') (prod. Alex da Kid) 15. Round of Applause (prod. Mr. Porter) 16. She Told Me (prod. No I.D. & Eminem) 17. Drugs For Cure (prod. El-P) 18. For My Basement Neighbor (prod. Boi-1da) 19. His Name Is... (Kanye's Mind) (feat. Skylar Gray) (prod. Kavinsky & Eminem) 20. S.W.A.Q. (outro)

  • Tadd Lerocque

    Big sean killed it. Kendrick destroyed

  • Anonymous

    Kendricks pussy, talking bout people are impressed he dissed lil sean on his own record, fuck boy, Lupe dissed Obama at his OWN inauguration, weak ass corporate sponsored rappers

  • foursix

    Big Sean is usually a poor rapper, and next to Kendrick, he sounds fucking terrible.

  • Anonymous

    They ready - J cole, Big Krit, Kendrick Kendrick had the best verse Power Circle - Wale, Meek, Kendrick Kendrick murdered the whole MMG regime F'n problem - ASAP, Drake, Kendrick All 3 were blah lol Control- Big Sean, Kendrick, Jay Obviously Kendrick Fight the feeling- Mac, Kendrick Easily Kendrick I don't know of any song Kendrick has with Pusha or Tyler

    • anon

      they fuck you sayin nigga. cole and krit bodied they ready, kendrick was the worst one. "i hope my dick a whistely flute, and thats not the instrumental" that bar was whack as fuck!

    • Anonymous

      On Fkn Problem - Kendrick was the worst one..Don't skip over that point if you calling it as it is.

  • NY talking

    ken can't stand NY niggas in any rap battle, so if he thinks he's down this thing can go down like lets all rap and see who gets off. not say shit and cant stand for it. you little niggaz ain't deep you dumb, you niggaz ain't gangsta you gum, I chew little niggaz hock-too, spew little niggaz, I can only view little niggaz like little niggaz but in lieu of little niggaz trying to play that boy, I phew phew little niggaz with the latest toy unlike you little nigga, I'm a grown ass man, big shoes to fill nigga, grown ass pants prolly hustled with your pops, go ask your parents its apparent you're staring at a legend who, put a few little niggaz in the they place before trying to eat without saying they grace before blasphemous bastard get your faith restored you're viewing your version of the lord god mc little nigga, applaud, or forever burn in the fire that I spit at y'all I rebuke you little nigga the meek shall parish, ill roof you little nigga, I'm a project terrorist, cute you little niggaz think you in my class substitute little niggaz soon feel my wrath, I mute you little niggaz you a little nigga, I'll child abuse you little nigga, I'm a ill nigga, now shoot you little niggaz go somewhere and play, cause the day I loose to you little niggaz, no day

    • NoWay?

      lol dats actually jay z's verse. He wasn't making up his rhymes up at all.

    • Lil niggaz

      You ain't got nuffin mane Wat the fuck is this shit.. laughing at you olda$$ niggaz. Fucking hell mane check yo rhyme skills next time befor posting that dumb ass shit, making NY look bad n shit.

    • Anonymous

      so skilled there rhyming little nigga with little nigga like 6 times lol

  • wat i think

    Kendrick did his thang

  • thetruth

    You unintelligent fucks think Kendrick is dissing. Hes making it known that he's the best and separating himself from the pack by stating facts. He's murdered everybody he named on their tracks


    Kendrick is good enough to feature in my shit. Dope Rap Pope keep their heads ringing...

  • Trace

    Holy... Fuck. This is beyond the best song I've heard this year. I don't even like Big Sean but he killed it, I'm not the biggest Kendrick Lamar fan but he killed it. This was ridiculous!!

  • klausesmith0

    You ken fans would rate this 5* even if he just farted in a bucket Stop being sheep and start thinking yourselves brainwashed mother fuckers

    • hotboxedigloo

      i ask you to not jump and judge just cause hes on the big come up now, i was fucking with kdot when section 80 was out. he was rapping real shit then and rapping real shit now. the only project hes done i dont respect is that pop song with blurred lines dude

    • soboss

      except he did kill it thanks for playing nigga

  • Ricky Ufret

    GOES HAM!! Wale and Jermaine shouldnt have been called out but all those others like drake definitely (Drake sucks dick)

    • hotboxedigloo

      he wasnt dissen hes telling wale to keep it up and the others to step their game up and stop selling out and sucking dick

  • Hov was back b4 dis lame shit

    22 two's for all you wast dick licking niggas

  • Anonymous

    i stop listening after big sean

  • Anonymous

    honestly i see what you're trying to do kendrick, but you sound like that was your 10th take. fake passion

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      if he keeps up his current quality from the Kendrick Lamar EP (2009) till now for another 5 years, he will be top 5 of all time no question

    • Anonymous

      kendrick = POTENTIAL to be the GOAT. You cannot possibly compare him with the GOATS of other generations. 1 (good to great) LP and a few street LPs and mixtapes DOES NOT equate to a 'GOAT' label. So please, refrain yourself.

    • What!? No!!

      GOAT!!?? Are you out of your fucking mind?? This clown hasn't don't shit for hip hop. No classics. Nothing. Nada. Keep dreaming tho.

  • Barrio18, E'z up!

    For all you fucking queer rappers out there (you know who you are), please stop making garbage so called music and making a mockery of rap/hip hop. Your destroying the culture, you fucks! Big Bad Barrio 18 coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

  • Barrio18, E'z up!

    The beat is absolutely horrible. I can't believe how bad this beat is. Kendrick sucks ass and he looks like a straight up homo and you watch he gonna come out. And all you cheerleading clowns praising this shit have bad taste in rap. Straight up. I can't believe how bad this shit actually sounds. It's laughable. It's gotta be mostly youngens that don't know shit about rap lovin' this trash. If this bullshit dropped in 1995 nobody would pay any attention to it. I guarantee that.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ There were many rappers with complex flows, passion and intensity like this in 95. But Kendrick would still hold his own back then, no doubt.

    • thetruth

      Your high. Name anyone in 95 that rapped with the same flow, passion, and intensity. Get your head out of your ass

    • hotboxedigloo

      i disagree i often think what the legends would think of artists today and kendrick is one that i honestly think OGs rappers and true artists would fuck with. case and point dre.

    • g

      people would cut off their head upon hearing this in 95... kendricks verse would start ww3

    • loser

      who gives a fuck tho ? is it 95? no!

  • Eminem

    He Fuc*ed the game up in a good way ! The New King OF RAP ... KENDRICK LAMAR ..

  • OG

    Kendrick Changed the Game!!

  • 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

    Is there a separate category for just the "Gay Rappers" yet? If not, there should be. Guys like Kendrick, Drake, Wayne, Cassidy, Lupe (LMAO at all these gay names) etc would all be at the top of that category.

  • steve

    Best rapper ever!! sike no.....

  • Bond, James

    The funniest thing about this whole thing, is how a few days earlier Big Sean went and made a public statement about "nobody can out do me on the same track" lol.. Spoke too soon brotha.

  • 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

    Just another corny ass song by another corny ass rapper. Rap/hip hop has been severely overrun by queers. I mean, the dude's name is "Kendrick" for crying out loud. That's a gay ass name if I ever heard one. Drake is another one. LMAO at these clowns running around in the game right now. What a disgrace! I would feel embarrassed to be bumping this new era garbage in my ride.

  • ListenandRead

    People need to get their own fucking opinion holy shit. ALl you guys are just hyping the shit out of one song that doesnt even sound good. The only ONLY reason this song has any hype is because he listed a bunch of rappers names who in funny are all better then him more famous and more rich. Maybe if he does something after this song could be called good or the new age starter but he wont. So disappointed in everything who thinks he the best after one fucking verse. Im gonna make Lil Wayne (bum ass but famous) make a song called fuck them and its gonna be just the word fuck you and then every single rapper known to mankind. Yea it will get hype but will it be good?

  • Vinnie Vegas

    I love anonymous haters. Kendrick spits flame like Dhalsim. 5 stars.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga ain't put this shit on his album.

  • $an Fran Giant


  • Anonymous

    i'm one of the hottest nigga and not because i'm name dropping-big sean. Kendrick verse was whack as fuck filled with a thousand names and a forced flow. elec and big sean killed it.

  • Anonymous

    big sean and jay elec went harder. listen again.

  • Anonymous

    Cassidy and Ortiz can rhyme, but they are NOT artists!! they can't make good music! simple as fuck Kendrick is a lyrical monster and can make great albums... that's why he is above like boring ass Slaughterhouse or wack ass Meek Mill

  • K Dizzy

    Get em Kendrick!!!!!!!!! West Side till we Die! Compton's in the house!!!! Watts in this bitch!

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is completely insane. Unreal lyrics combined with a fucking vicious delivery.

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean, was ite, Kdot, keep pushing them boundries, spark some shit up for healthy competetion & Jay Electronica, get that album out before GTA V son, cos I will be going into hibernation when that shit drops!

  • Anonymous

    charlamagne said that nigga Jay Elec shoulda told doughboy to let him out of the car.




    1) Drake is the face of rap. If not list nsmes that are hotter than drake is right now all you haters can't. 2) Drake has the most number 1 hits in hiphop on billboards in only 4 years in the game. This is a fact look it up 3) Drakes tours are the highest grossing look it up if your in denial. 4) Every song drake drop gets the most views again look it up. 5) Drake is only 25 he is allready on legend status when drake enters his 40s he will be the most sucessfull. 6) Only hiphop nerds that live in their basement and get no pussy hate on drake all casual fans of music respect and like drake when they think of listening to hiphop they listen to drake All you haters claim i lie when i state facts instead of your shitty opinions drake runs rap its fact!

    • ReallyYO

      I listen to Big L, Nas,AZ AND Drake. Keep the hate coming... Drake has bars there's no denying. Singing he's ehhh Can't be stuck in the 90's

    • Mel

      Yeah he got all that but what about the quality of the music and the raps? Drake is a clown compared to real rappers like NAS, KENDRICK LAMAR, J COLE, CASSIDY and I could list many more that would smoke him in freestyle. Haven't you noticed that drake never releases any freestyles...why? Because he can't. Your IQ is obviously low if you love drake as much as you do because all is rhymes do is dumb down his fans. You sing along to his songs as if you're living his life, but you just a sucker. Drake is not a legend my friend, NAS is a legend, Jay Z is legend, 2pac is legend, BIG L is a legend, SLICK RICK is a legend. Making money of teeny boppers doesn't make you legend it makes you a pop star. Let's not forget that your boy Drake is also from the one of the richest areas in Toronto Forest Hill, so when he's rapping about the bottom and the hood that never existed to him. Do yourself a favour and download the album lifestyles of da poor and dangerous and listen to some real hip hop.

    • Wanda

      You not serious!

    • Deftly

      i hope this is a troll....

  • Anonymous

    big sean sucks....KL sparked some good shit off his verse and this homo sean sells some records..

  • ForrealForreal

    Search: RigaMortician on SoundCloud. Response to Kendrick Lamar's Control verse. Lamar's request for competition is waking up some dragon's. All love but this shit is brutal.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this will bring lyricism back in the game. I'm SICK & TIRED of these flawsy raps.. DON'T GIVE A DAM HOW MUCH $ YOU HAVE!!!! Cats wanna hear that SPIT!

  • straightuptruth

    Kendrick got these rappers upset lol

  • Lol

    Before you say it... Nigga your mom won't respond.

  • Lol

    Ok ok ok so the verse was tight... But the whole rap game responding is just wack to me. Like seriously finally someone shows a little bit of energy and now everyone panties in an uproar?!?! Lmao Even if he is the best right now... That ain't saying much cuz rap is fucking garbage... Not HIP HOP but rap is fucking garbage!!!! This is nowhere near hit em up Light years away from ether Even an em dedication to benzino is waaaaaaay iller than this one lil verse with a little bit of energy. It was just a bic lighter sparked in a dark room. Kendrick is aight tho... But all this for one lil bs verse?! Come on... Nas won't respond Em won't respond Krs 1 won't respond Kanye won't respond Jay won't respond Immortal technique won't respond Andre 3000 won't respond Busta won't respond

    • Anonymous

      Immortal Technique is too busy worrying about the government and illuminati to give two fucks about real life. Ye ain't even a rapper like those dudes, he's something else. Busta is off twerking somewhere. KRS-One is somewhere writing the Hip Hop bible that no one will read Andre 3000, Em, Nas and Jay were hall of famed. Of course none of those niggas are responding!!!

    • Anonymous

      Why would Kanye have to respond? #Yeezus doesn't get called out by rappers he's in a different lane.

    • ...?

      Kanye won't respond, but I bet he'll bitch some shit to a bunch of yes-men at a rich ass party sitting round a table with croissants....

    • WhiteWalled

      There's no need for them to respond, kendrick hall of famed them early in the verse, and not in a bad way.

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, Em was gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

    • Sam B

      thank you alex - don't even put ross and biggie in the same sentence. Ross is by far the biggest fraud and actor in the game. making a comparison between him and biggie is an unequivocal admission that you are a retard.

    • Alex

      Yeah, and like it or not you're idiot.

  • Kizman

    this hype around the song might help Big sean go platinum, lmao

  • Anonymous

    Ortiz can flow but not fuckin with Kendrick overall. Not even close.

  • Chuurch

    Wow Kendrick... LOL troll em! they will all get buffy over this

  • joelfq

    didn't even like him like that but that verse was amazing

  • e

    Got new found respect for kendricks skills after this. I aint the biggest fan of his biggest 'hits' he goes in here tho . Hungry fuckin verse!

  • Respect!

    I swear this is what the music under "Hip-Hop" section should sound like. All that other radio stuff under Hip-Hop should be on pop or Hip-'Pop'. I truly respect Kendrick for what he said, I don't know if you guys caught the message when named the rappers of today. I love the concept and I see what he's trying to do :) He truly does care for the Game and get it back and to a higher bar! They all went Ham. But Kendricks is just Unfuckwittable! Tbh #HandsDown Support real Hip-Hop 5/5 Perfection

    • Aim80

      Exactly! I was just saying earlier, that i SWEAR what Kendrick just did is gonna be the start of a new era in Hip Hop. A complete paradigm shift in our culture... eventually jewels, cars, money and bitches are gonna be UN-cool, and it's gonna be alllllll about how you're spittin.... and THIS was the spark, right here. It's gonna go back to how it was... pre-2000s. Thank God for him....

  • GJ

    Yea but he knew who not to name, nas is the king, so this lame need to sit down

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z would so easily crush these young cats.

  • Rock

    These rappers just lucky drake wasn't on this track!!!

  • Aaron

    Been awhile since I felt like this about a verse. Shit actually made me pick up the phone.

  • Anonymous

    K.Dot just made me a believer...I BELIEVE...YES...NOW I BELIEVE... I got to admit i never gave his music or lyrics a time of the day;but when i see all these clown ass rappers tryna respond? i said i have to check out that verse...SHIIIIIIIITTTT!! I BOUGHT GKMC...the control verse 4ucked every rapper up with this "I'm important like the Pope, I'm a Muslim on pork I'm Makaveli's offspring, I'm the king of New York King of the Coast, one hand, I juggle them both" GAAADAMN!!!!!!!

  • P

    Ortiz bodied Kendrick! Slaughterhouse!

  • purehiphop

    Clap Clap clap clap Clap Clap clap Clap Clap Clap Al hamdu Allah True Hip Hop is BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • insanemacbeth

    this choon is sh*t, but LAMAR smashed it. JAY-E was ok. don't understand what all the hype's about, though.

  • Akim

    K -Dot is a beast he murdered this track and Jay took it home

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick dick riders are the worst

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Hilarious that even one person things Big Sean's verse is harder than Kendrick's. Delusional. Big Sean go garbage. 5 star for Lamar.

  • WillieC

    Big Sean said his verse is better than Kendricks haha

  • Pegasus Flow

    I don't think it was the only reason this shit was made but it seems like it was meant to light a fire under everyone. Get the game out that zombie state it's been in. Just a thought.

  • Samwise G

    Big Black Hippy fan and this was dope but I have a problem with the 11 rappers he named. How are you gonna name Wale and Mac Miller and not not name B.o.B, KiD CuDi and Lupe?

    • aj

      He names people that he raps with on a regular basis/respects and most of all of them are in the same generation (except for probably Pusha & Jay Elec). Plus who has time to name all the rappers

    • Anonymous

      they names wasn't rhyming with the other niggas names


    It's so much hype surrounding Kendrick's verse (or rather this supposed "Diss") that people are overlooking the song itself...All three got off (And I'm not even a Big Sean fan), wish Jay Elect's verse was longer....He had the best verse imo

  • LaRon Mason

    Big Sean seen more dick then the wife of Richard

  • manimal20

    Joell Ortiz's comeback was wack.

  • mhsvarsity32

    All hal King Kendrick Lamr

  • mhsvarsity32

    Kendrick the king!

  • mhsvarsity32

    Kendrick got all these Ny rappers mad af cuz they know they aint fucking with him

  • justwil_k


  • Anonymous

    Eminem would have murked this 10x more than ken doll

  • B

    Kendrick finally turning the game back up. Ready to see some real hip-hop start flowing again.

  • TusaheThomas

    I hate the term bodied but Ken killed it. And the closed was Joell O.

  • JJ


  • Matt E

    Holy shit. I have never posted a comment on anything before but being that I live in bum fuck Whiteville I have nobody to talk to and tell that Kendrick Lamar did just kill anybody and everybody. I got goosebumps and shit. Not a fan of most of the beats he raps on, but I dare any rapper to go harder than that.

    • TrollHunter

      I've been looking 3 months for you TROLLING, and now that I found you, you are full of shit. It's all about context, Game name drop like his life depend on it, but Game is wack cause he name drop just to name drop. Kendrick did it in the context it deserves to resurrect the boring lines of these weak ass rappers.



  • neveragain

    Good lines. Never going to actually listen to this again sounds like dump.

  • stopit

    Holy shit one good verse and he must BE THE BEST rapper ever.

  • barrydavillain

    I don't know who Sean is, he sounds lame. But K-Dot is the best in the game, period! He ain't diss kids, he's being competitive and saving the wack rap game!

  • Anonymous

    NY is M.A.D city nw hahah k.dot is currently king of east west north south so ppl stop mention biggie, pac dead rappers they aint around nw That is the situation learn today to deal with it



  • Anonymous

    BIG SEAN is crap.

  • Realshit

    Big sean is so garbage

  • T


  • Anonymous


  • ddavenchy

    K.dot is nice, that was a good verse from him. Similar to how J.cole spazzed out and bodied e'rbody in Lookin4Trouble. On the Control. .King LOS bodies the remix, Lupe on SLR showed who the boss is and MickeyFactz did his thing too, Ortiz..well y'all 'ready know he wrecked the mic. By the time u put it all tgether its clear that yea K.dot nice, but many niggaz out there that can own him! And u can take that to the bank. oNe

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I always believe its all opinion. BUT! if you got negative words for that kendrick verse then you are purely a hater. shout out to everyone who was listening to Kendrick before section 80.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yo someone tell big sean, that lyric about NOT DOING! was not clever enough to repeat the lyric! like we missed it and its too clever. should of just carried on.

    • Anonymous

      Nah that line was dope..Not really a lyrically dope bar but styled right and something that can be said to build up bars after it. It was pretty dope....

    • Anonymous


  • KiLa KaS

    Kendrick Spazzed Out... (((((shockwaves)))))

  • Anonymous

    when I listen to kendricks verse I wanna watch breaking bad



  • Bigger Picture

    Kendrick is insane! Im loving it. Kendrick will admit that this is not his best verse lyrically but Kendrick CHOSE not to make it super lyrical. This was a message intended for the scene and landscape of hip hop. Many folks don't think about the CHOICE artists make. The same question of why did the do this could also be flipped and you would ask why DIDNT they do that. You notice how he broke the verse down: He set up a transitionary beginning He began to state his mission and stance as a new rapper He then began to show how he is in the talks next to legends He boldly addresses the contemporaries who all he rocks with He then showed his super lyrical style at the end (finale) Ending statement: West Coast! If that isn't the storytelling style (Slick Rick), Poetry (last poets/ Andre 3000 (new age)), Lyrical (Rakim/Eminem & Cannibus (new age) styles all in one verse!!! Some of you guys think with the blinders on. This verse is great because of the presentation and the impactful words. The rhyme structure isn't great until the end and that is on PURPOSE! *Just think about it!

  • yc

    the Illuminati gonna kill kendrick because his killing every other rappers career .... GENIUS...

  • CD

    Don't see the big deal with this Kendrick guy. His flow on this is horrible. He says a few names, not even close to being up there with the great diss tracks of the past.

    • Anonymous

      You're judging his flow on 1 song... listen to his flow on The City and tell me he can't flow. Also, this isn't a diss track. This track has mainstream people who normally don't care about lyrics looking into what he's saying!

    • T

      If you dont get the big deal with kendrick then you aint really listening, dude is insane. And this isnt no diss track he is just telling it like it is and what he is after. Dudes competitive, wants to be the best

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is unbelievably insane. Yall just scared of your favorite rappers.

  • Thankyou

    thanks for reviving hiphop kendrick we needed this


    Kendrck killed that shit best verse since Tupacs shit Kendrick running the rap game right now. Kendrick will have that Tupac Influence

  • Lupe32

    lol, the only good part of this song was the call outs and Jays verse. It was alright.

  • Not Sean biggest fan

    Am i the only one feeling Sean's verse when the beat drops.....might see how HOF works out....

  • Lol

    kendrick is doing what game did after his first album

  • jay

    jay was aight, but kendrick omg, OMG

  • trSKa

    who is this kendrick guy ? he bodied that shit easily, what should I listen from him ?

  • zeeb

    I need to buy gkmc man, this verse was unreal

  • poitu

    DAmn Kendrick, perfect balanc ebetween lyrics agressivity and flow, I didn't fuck with you like this but I'm now your fan nigga !

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick nd crooked I are the best spitters in my opinion

  • friberg

    Kendrick made me want to lsiten to hip hop again

  • ggg

    kendrick really has no competition

  • qg1

    not feeling jay on this song, he soudned bored kendrick really did great though

  • colemaids

    damn kednrick went the fuck innnnn

  • Manboy

    Yall better listen, key word is TRYING. That word separates his message from "being competitive" to "dissing". Mad props to K-dot for actually saying what everyone thinks about but is too scared to say. K-dot finally addressed the elephant in the room of all the new school rappers.

  • ETK

    let's see Kendrick jump on a track with a real MC like Gibbs or Bada$$

  • Rex

    Nobody even listened to the words. Youre all hype beast cunts. Because he called out big name niggas and told them to step their game up..that means hes in a position to so so??? Just because he did that...hes competition...to fuckin meek mill...? Eat a FATTTTTT dick. He did that shit for hype and hes getting it because half the world and 99% of you people, are hype beasts who will DICK RIDE FOR DAYS, just because its a popular thing to talk about. I hope every person gets shot in the face that says anything like 'this was the verse of the year' or that hes the hottest/best in hip hop...or that he is 're inventing hip hop' or 'bringing real hip hop back'. Get shot in your fucking face please. Too many people are rich because of having the attention of the intellectually challenged.

  • Dave that dude

    Hip Hop started in the streets and it will forever be in the streets, the fact of the matter is. Nobody in the streets is listening to kendrick, only kids from the burbs. I ain't feelin this track, i don't care how lyrical he is, it's fuckin wack in the streets. Only people in the urban community (not suburban ) should have say to what is dope hip hop and what isn't, this is NOTHING special. Kids from the suburbs tend to think just because a rapper is "lyrical" that makes them great! 2Pac , Too Short, Eazy E, and many many others weren't the most complex rappers but they are more legends, why? Because they kept it street. These underground, and lyrical cats can rhyme as many words out of the dictionary that they want and it is still wack in the streets why? Wack subject matter, wack beats, nobody wants to listen to any of that. People wake up, street hip hop (biggie, 2pac, big l , 50 ) any rapper that reps the streets, YES even Game will have more respect than these lyrical cats, because hip hop IS the streets, and if the streets aren't feelin it, than it doesn't matter how versatile you are, wack is wack no matter what and kids from the burbs need to stop givin this shit 5 star reviews!!

    • David

      dude is clearly a troll. kendrick is the voice of this generation. im glad the gangsta crack era is over. i rather listen to cole, wale or drake then any of them lame ass rappers talking about drugs and killing people. hip hop is headed in the right direction and kendrick is leading the way

    • D Bo

      You don't know what the hell you're talking about! Kendrick Lamar is from Compton. He has been down with the Game before you knew who he was. He reps TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment)ran by a blood from Compton. He is in the group Black Hippy (Jay Rock ... a Bounty Hunter Blood from Watts, School Boy Q ... an ex Hoover Crip and Ab Soul from Carson, CA) How you gonna say he aint from the streets. Do your research before you speak. You probably from the burbs!

    • you crazy

      Kendrick is one of the more socially aware artists out right now. Being socially aware is one of the reasons Pac is the legend he is. Biggie wasnt rapping about anything, but he was lyrical as shit and is considered a legend. Kdot blends that lyricism with social awareness. Kendrick from Compton too so he is probably well aware of the street life. And you saying only people in urban communities should have say to what real or good hip hop is absolutely ignorant. There is a reason that "street" cats and successful artists like Dre and Game endorse Kendrick. How are you going to speak for everyone in the streets saying they arent listening to Kendrick?

    • muzikCALi

      Ur FaggotAzz Never Listen 2 Kendrickz iSH?? No One has Brought the iLLs 'N Reality of the hood 2 so Many ppl Since PAC. Never Will bE aNother Pac, Ever. But iF u sAy LaMar dont Have The Real Street element, u Not eveN Listenin 2 his muzik. N Why u Get 2 Choose who Can Judge HipHop? SubUrbAn White kids Know not Where we come from, But they pay Our Rappers.. Sad, But 2 MAny PPL Not supporting our ppl with $$. Specially since Internet. F* OfF.

    • Anonymous

      I feel u my dood u keep it real bra

    • muzikCALi

      ok.. Who is Better Than Kenrick? of all Those Ppl out there we Not "Dwellin'" on? Name SomeBody PLzzz. OverRated My F** diK..

    • Anonymous

      Tyler fuckin who? u mean that hipster wanna be shock value fan boy with the Transvestite voice?

    • MBTM

      Kendrick is so overrated. He's ok, his Maad City album was dope, but he's not gonna "save Hip Hop". Hip Hop doesn't need to be saved. There are still tons of great rappers all over the place, people just want to dwell on the whack ones.

    • muzikCALi

      yeah Right..

  • Anonymous

    lamar killed it like always

  • muzikCALi

    5***** eVen SeAn wEnt iN.. If U tHAnK KeNDriCk aiNt KILL iT, yOu eiThEr SALTY 4 nO reAsOn oR.... ...thank you Kendrick 4 loving hiphop... ..u trolls live sad life..

  • Cudder

    I swear, you homo niggas with your "if this was the 90s K-Dot wouldn't have survived" well we're not in the 90s you fuckin spacks. get over it & let the past go already, god damn

    • Anonymous

      These fools are fucking retarded, thinking the 90's in rap was on some straight survival shit. Fucking idiots. Only reason yall think this is because their wasn't Twitter back then.

  • Anonymous

    Shit was dope! Love it!

  • Slugs

    kdot verse aint even tight, go rhyme for rhyme and he tryin so hard to be lyrical, jay elect killed him without even having to drop names or dis this little boy

    • Slugs

      ever heard of canibus or game..you musta started listening to hip hop a year ago

    • Cudder

      trying to be lyrical? you drop a 32+ like that and then you tell me if you tryna be lyrical. I agree Jay Elec had a killer verse but don't act like K-Dot's verse wasn't shit

  • Slugs

    jay elect killed dis track

  • Stefan Restuccia

    Just came back on here to give it another 5.

  • Kareem 804

    I only gace this track a 4 star because Big Sean was on it. Kendrick & Jay Elect KILLED this track! Kendrick Lamar: Miscellaneous minds never explainin' their minds Devilish grin for my alias aliens to respond Peddlin' sin thinkin' maybe when you get old you realize I'm not gonna fold or demise "I don't smoke crack motherfucker I sell it" Bitch everything I rap is a quarter piece to your melon So if you have a relapse just relax and pop in my disc Don't pop me no fucking pill I'ma a pop you then give you this Tell Flex to drop a bomb on this shit So many bombs ring the alarm like Vietnam on this shit So many bombs make Farrakhan think that Saddam in this bitch One at a time I line 'em up and bomb on they mom when she watchin' the kids I'm in a destruction mode if the gold exists I'm important like the pope I'm a muslim on pork I'm Machiavelli's offspring I'm the king of New York King of the coast one hand I juggle 'em both The juggernaut's all in your jugular you take me for jokes Live in the basement church pews and funeral faces Cardier bracelets for my women free as I'm in Vegas Who the fuck y'all thought it's supposed to be? If Phil Jackson came back still no coachin' me I'm uncoachable I'm unsociable Fuck y'all clubs fuck y'all pictures Yo' Instagram can gobble these nuts Gobble dick up 'til you hiccup My big homie Kurupt This the same flow that put the rap game on a crutch (West west west west west west west west) I seen niggas transform like villain Decepticons Mollies probably turn these niggas to fuckin' Lindsey Lohan A bunch of rich ass white girls lookin' for parties Playin with Barbies wreck the Porsche before you give 'em the car key Judgement to the Monarchy blessings to Paul McCartney You called me a black Beatle I'm either that or a Marley "I don't smoke crack motherfucker I sell it" I'm dressed in all black this is not for the fan of Elvis I'm aimin' straight for your pelvis, you can't stomach me? You plan on stompin' me bitch I've been jumped before, you put a gun on me? Bitch I put one on yours I'm Sean Connery James Bond it wasn't none of you niggas climbing 100 mil in front of me And I'm gonna get it even if you're in the way And if you're in it better run for pete's sake I heard the barbershops be in great debates all the time Who's the best MC? Kendrick, Jigga and Nas Eminem, Andre 3000, the rest of yall? New niggas just new niggas don't get involved And I ain't rockin no more designer shit White tees and Nike Cortez this red Corvette's annonymous Im usually homeboys with the same niggas I'm rhymin wit' But this is hip hop and them niggas should know what time it is And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big KRIT, Wale Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake Big Sean, Jay Electron, Tyler, Mac Miller I got love for you all but I'm tryna murder you niggas Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas They dont wanna hear not one more noun or verb from u niggas What is competition? I'm tryna raise the bar high Who tryna jump and get it? You're better off tryna skydive Out the exit window of 5 G5s with 5 grams With your grandad as the pilot he drunk as fuck tryna land With the hand full of arthritis and popping prosthetic leg Bumpin Pac in the cockpit so the shit that pops in his head Is an option of violence someone heard the stewardess said That your parachute is a latex condom hooked to a dread! Jay Electronica: You could check, my name on the books I Earth Wind and Fired the verse then rained the hook The legend of Dorothy Flowers proclaimed from the roof The tale of magnificent king who came from the nooks Of the wild Magnolia, mother of many soldiers We live by every single word she ever told us Watch over your shoulders And keep a tin of beans for when the weather turn the coldest The Lord is our shepherd so our cup runneth over Put your trust in the Lord but tether your Chevy Nova Im spittin this shit for closure And God is my witness, so you could get it from Hova To all you magicians thats fidgeting with the cobra Im solid as a rock cause I came from a rock Thats why I came with the rock then signed my name on the Roc Draw a line around some earth then put my name on the plot Cause I endured a lot of pain for everything that I got The eyelashes like umbrellas when it rains from the heart And the tissue is like an angel kissin you in the dark You go from blind sight to hindsight, Passion of the Christ right, to baskin in the limelight It takes time to get your mind right Jay Electricity, PBS mysteries In a lofty place tangling with Satan over history You cant say shit to me, Alhamdulillah ("Praise to God" in Arabic) Its strictly by faith that we made it this far!

    • Anonymous

      Honestly Jay E's verse had much more engrossing imagery and substance. It was just the fact K.Dot was a substantially ballsier MC for calling so many dudes in the game! Isn't this what rap is all about? Isn't it a considered a virtue in what is basically considered a religion for the hardcore hip hop fans?!

  • BstaR

    Really> This joint hot, If yall niccas can do better then name them or do it yourself. Bunch of twats. Really KDot murdered your Egos?

  • Susanna

    LOL. its funny how everyone is hyped over this shit, all of a sudden...kendrick has been the bomb, aint nothin new.

  • anonymous

    Kendrick Lamar just did to the rap game what DeAndre Jordan did to brandon knight....

  • dot

    jada and styles (lox) both tweeting about the verse.. no response though... but i can assure you their tired punchlines and rhyming words with different gun types wont cut it.. late 50 (not early 50) already got ripped on "we up" dipset? capo? lol keeping telling yourself that kendrick wouldn't have lasted in the 90's... listen to ep,od,s80 in addition to gkmc

  • MavERicK

    Now everybody wants to respond to K.Dot's verse, y'all were sitting on ur brains till a good kid from a maad city made these lazy bums stand up. New York tryna retaliate, it's too late niggaz.....like really? This is Hip Hop and K.Dot just reignited the flame while the other rappers were just content in picking up the scraps and acting rich. I must say, Jay Elect's verse is hella dope. Still waiting for that album

  • marvin simmons

    People like Ayre and ETK are only intrigued by the drum exactly. Kendrick in room full of gimmick no substances rappers hiding behind a dope beat to throw off the fans who don't realize they not saying shit. Who u got to put Kendrick up against............,drake, u got to be kidding me put Kendrick back in the WU or Ruff Ryders or early 50cent or lox or pac or biggie damn should I stop that era would of murdered Kendrick and oh Dipset

    • truth

      Lmao! Dipset? really? Shitset is the reason you have this shitty as era. When peeps seen corny mofos like cam and jim jones every body and they mamma became a rapper even nickolodean actors, white geeks and Compton cornballs.

  • Nuff said...

    Kendrick got you niggas hella salty!! Lmao! Man, this nigga is hiphops prophet. Been sayin this shit for years and now its happening. All this bubble gum/techno/pop/ringtone rap/young money bullshit is on its last legs! Kendrick ressurectin the REAL shit!

  • Inspirmentalist

    dope as f***

  • BBC friggb

    hmm Jay was ok, kendrick murdered it though, I need to listen to his music, that dude is unreal

  • zcggg

    damn dud ecan't stop winning, it's crazy

  • fettt

    big props kendrick, this is what I needed

  • amazing

    AMAZING kendrick, you blew my mind omg I need to buy that album

  • zeerx

    not even a fan but this is the verse of the year

  • Lol

    I agree to a certain extent. Right now to be the ripest doesn't take much. He's coo tho...

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick bringing hip hop back.

  • Eye Control

    I've said it before and i'll say it again, Kendrick Lamar is an average rapper. Is he the best new rapper out right now? Probably, but that doesn't mean he's dope. It just means hiphop right now sucks. Almost every rapper he name dropped is garbage, he has no competition. This is why he couldn't blow up in the 2000s, there were too many rappers out who were better then him. Go and watch that video with him rapping with Charles Hamilton. Charles was fucking RAPING HIM, rhyming off the top of his head. These days people like that aren't around, so Kendrick was able to enter the game and be the best in an ERA OF SHITTY RAPPERS. Just listen to the song, his lyrics are average. People like it because of the length, his delivery, and the name dropping, but if you read the lyrics on paper, it's not all that. To me, Jay Electronica's verse was far superior. But because people think he's "old" and he has no gimmicks, people don't want to give him any credit. Like Masta Killa said, 'The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum' and that's real shit.

  • SuperGucciRap

    This has got to be the wackiest verse I have ever heard. I never liked Kendrick especially since he was sounds a Tupac wannabe with Kermit the Frog voice but just embarrassing how this moron got attention when Hopsin a better rapper who dissed many emcees barely got noticed. I mean all the rappers he dissed were wack anyways. J. cole is boring, wale is trash, drake is a soft poser, big Sean is an idiot, ASAP rocky will be irrelevant, Mac miller sucks, big KRIT is overrated, pusha t fell off, meek mill is a nobody now, jay electronics barely makes any verses and Tyler the creator will murk Kendrick Lamar like he did to b.o.b. Besides, Macklemore sold more than this moron so he's not even the king of his own coast lol. But of course Jeezy, Chief Keef, Future, Hopsin, and Gucci Christ will murk this lame K Dot into obscurity and bring rel hip-hop back! It's Gucci Time!

    • Yessir

      @beasted, you just got trolled HARD!


      Chief Keef? Future? LMFAOOO I dont even listen to rap but I can tell you that you have NO taste in music. Cant believe you mentioned Chief Keef, out of all the lame rappers. LMAO

  • philly!!

    This K dot verse should go down as one of the all time greatest verses. I have never seen one verse get so many rappers panties up in a bunch. He seriously just gave Hip-Hop a shot in the arm. Raise the bar he did, and now lets see what the competition has to offer in return!


    1 star for Kendrick claimin to be the king of new york

  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • FootballStar#Unstoppable

    what about Kanye? lol .. this shit got me excited tho, the rap game is turnt up right about now

  • Kingz Life

    K-Dot went in. But 4 me Big Sean verse was tough don't sleep. But K-Dot went in...lol Jay - E went over 90 percent of this site heads. K-dot shot ya - Big Sean Dug the grave and Jay E covered the casket!

    • trthbtold

      well said my comrade, well said! Big Sean's verse set up K-Dot straight up...and my mans Jay Elect certainly went over probably like 97 % of ppl's heads!

  • Geko The Great

    I got goose bumps/Playboy

  • Ray

    kendrick just dropped a nuclear rap bomb on hip hop

  • Mcfly232

    Kendrick sneaks into the cemetary digs up hip hop and gives her mouth to mouth ... I don't consider this a diss verse more like a verse to wake dudes up to step they pen game up ...the 90's was the best cause although everyone was cool they wanted to chop eachothers heads off on tracks ..rap is a competitive sport nothing wrong with alil sh*t talking ...

  • 666


  • Anonymous

    Easily impressed 90's babies eating this shit up lol

  • Ballin

    All rappers are offended by Lamar's verse (understandingly), but Big Sean was dissed the hardest. Sean puts out a new track for his new album & all people talking about is Lamar. Sean's tracks serve as publicity for others! About time for some rap beef. Competition will be great for the industry.

  • PROfound

    I wish he would have mentioned Royce da 5'9. If yall think Joel went off, Royce would have gone mental.

  • Anonymous

    jay electronica was the best

  • Skryptcha

    kendrick murdered this!

  • Anonymous

    I like Elec's verse better and I'm sure Nas does too.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Big sean verse wasnt on this kinda fucked it up lol BUT DAT BOIIIII KENDRICK LAMAR SNAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Kendric did the damn thing! The way niggas was talking, I thought Big Sean verse was gonna be shits tains but it wasnt that bad at all...I like Jay Elec over Sean but I enjoyed Sean verse more. In the end its all good...god bless the lil homie for striking a match!

  • Oz. F

    Kendrick knows he's a big fish in a small pond at this point, he needed to do this or he was forever gonna be compared to the new niggas. This definitely gets him out of the pond and into the ocean, lets see if he can swim with the sharks.

  • Lol

    Lmao Big seans verse let nas down...

  • Anonymous

    Lil homie you aint the King Of New York/You the next thing on my forkMaybe thats why you left me out of that shit/Maybe thats why the Slaughterhouse aint get dissed or maybe Im not on your radar, - J.O. murking this entire track and everyone on it.

  • Anonymous

    This attempted takeover just got ether'ed by Joell Ortiz. This song old news now.

    • Anonymous

      who else was going respond? people don't want it with K.Dot, but Joell is Fearless, he don't care.

    • Ha!

      Joel is lyrical, but dude only released that shit because he needs some publicity. Kendrick making that broke ass nigga money right now hahaha

  • Devante the Poet

    Kendrick murdered this song. period. fan or not...unless you are DEAF, you must agree. Jay Elec's verse is the truth, too...it should've been longer! this is just a wake-up call to step your game up, people. this isn't K. Dot startin beef. This is K. Dot getting people to stop all this lazy writing. Only the lightwieght spitters are crying and pissed...the real lyricist are spending some hours with a pen and a pad...

  • esom

    This song is hot. Kendrick went back to hop hop and brought competitive nature back and make artist step their game up. No diss just breathing life in the game and take it back to 97. When hip hop was where it should be. Change its always good but the competitive nature should not change.

  • Me dog

    You must give K-Dot big ups he straight snap!!! A real eye opener for these cats Fire!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    whoa Kendrick like whoa

  • mg6

    They all go hard! But Kendrick killed it, he's trying to either bait one of them in or see what they can do on this beat not as a diss but just to prove their on the same level or above.

  • Anonymous

    joey badass wack as fuck.

  • B..

    Why was Big Sean and Jay Electronica even on this song lol Kendrick for president

  • Nick

    dope as fuck for kendrickk

  • Anonymous

    pathetic. just sounds like a bunch of cunts trying to sound old school! get the fuck outta here with this bullshit. and anyone calling this real hip hop... got eat a dick, don't even bother replying to this comment you fuckin ass muffin

  • Right On

    Jay Electronica > Kendrick Lamar

  • Fuk Kenny

    Jay Elect is far more lyrical than Kendrick Lamar!

  • IJS

    Big Sean is GARBAGE, JAY E OK, Kendrick Descent. None of them can fuck with Joell Ortiz, Busta, Lagato Shine, Joe Budden, NAS, EM, J. Cole, JadaKiss, Styles P.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick need a hug

  • boobalo

    straight hip hop...5

  • ToGoJoe

    One of the Best Rap Verses EVER!!!!

  • Dopest shit in centuries

    I swear this is what the music under "Hip-Hop" section should sound like. All that other radio stuff under Hip-Hop should be on pop or Hip-'Pop'. I truly respect Kendrick for what he said, I don't know if you guys caught the message when named the rappers of today. I love the concept and I see what he's trying to do :) He truly does care for the Game and get it back and to a higher bar! They all went Ham. But Kendricks is just Unfuckwittable! Tbh #HandsDown Support real Hip-Hop 5/5 Perfection!

  • r

    cant believe Big sean & Jay elec were cool wiv including there names he wants to murder. weak

    • Cudder

      if you catch feelings over that shit for being mentioned, then that makes you weak you actin like Kendrick mentioned only those two

  • inthegrae

    First and foremost, I do like Kendrick. A lot. And his verse entertained me. But the fact that anyone is handing him best verse of the year for that really says more about the state of hip hop than anything else. It was good, it sparked excitement. But someone hand the drama queens some valium.

  • entheogen

    it would have been better had he called out some rappers he hasnt been on songs with, kendrick is one of the illest, but yeah anybody claiming drake is the future of hip hop is a disgrace to hip hop, nigga isnt even a nigga hes a jew, he didnt start at the bottom. and fuck racism too.

    • ETK

      no that would be fucking stupid if he called out only rappers he hasn't featured with. because it would mean he's burning bridges. Kendrick ain't tryna burn no bridges. he's letting EVERYONE in the rap game know he wants to take over. he let Eminem know. he let fuckin Big Sean himself know. that's how you make a statement.

  • Anonymous

    OMFG I see the Kendrick Dick riders are here in full effect, sigh, when will they learn

    • You mad?

      YOU MAD? Lmao what's funny is that you call his fans dick riders yet you are his hater and you still listen to the song and proceed to comment! Which means you are dick riding Kendrick harder than his own fans! When will you learn?

  • Anonymous


  • Truescribe

    This joint is straight fire fire fire way more than fire fire fire

  • djcnjs


  • Kalyz

    Big sean got open but Kendrick KILLED THIS SHIT! Jay Elect Was Coo

  • Anonymous

    Kendick, this is soo not the hottest verse of the year fucker! You ain't touchin Black Thought on "Birds Eye View" or Talib Kweli on "Human Mic"

  • ETK

    listen I'ma tell y'all a little secret. This wasn't the best verse of all-time. but guess what. this shit got more reaction than ANY of your favorite rappers' best verse, and y'all don't start on that 'you dickridin' bullshit, name me one rapper who had eyes on him like that this year. probably Kanye or somethin'. but we know what he's like. name me one LYRICAL-ass rapper to get some buzz like him. you got emcees from all styles responding to him, he lit up the fire in the burnace and he's watching the ceiling jets flood the place up. and that's why people are getting hyped over this shit. if you hate Kendrick Lamar, he definitely got you talkin about him. All eyes ain't on Tupac no more. And each and everyone of you know you don't have to spit the best verse of all-time, to do that.

  • azar

    Great verse by Kendrick but run up on any NY nigga and say that shit. Slzzzap!

  • Am Alive

    The sad part is this was one of Big Sean's best verses and Kendrick still sat his ass down lol. K. Dot was verse of the year, bar none.

  • Anonymous

    Niggas just woke up haha everybody responding that prove k.dot verse is the IMPACTSHIT

  • Anonymous

    all round epic... 5 stars.. big sean got a classic hip hop track finally



  • OUCH!

    This is a left over track? is Big sean an idiot?

  • AnOn

    Kendricks verse is great as hell I will not front at all. But can we agree that the reason its being hyped up so much is ALSO because compared to his peers/age group of rappers that shit sounded like the second coming of Christ? Like that was no Em on Renegade type of Ether either(woah). Can anyone really say that in the early aughts or late 90s such a verse would be as lauded as it is now? And Im a huuuuge Kendrick fan but I like to be objective, and put things into perspective. Im not diminishing his lyricism, just wanting to take my rose colored glasses off for a moment Also, the fact that Sean spit before him kinda set him up for the ass whooping clinic Kendrick put on right after.

    • okthen

      Feminem on renegade sucks and is overated just like this Kendrick lamar shit. Jay murdered em on that shit. Jay was rapping bout the hood and real shit and em talkin bout fighting Christians and catholics with holy water and all other type of dumb unrealistic shit. But as usual sheep take the bait and say whatever every one else says. I am a leader and will never follow the dumbass crowd not then and not now. P.S. ether was a terrible diss record.beat was wack, a lot of the rhymes were gay as hell.worst record in Nasqueer jones lack luster dry career. That's why it does not surprise me the state of hip hop now because the fan base has been filled with gay sheep who do not think for themselves. I knew it was a matter of time before this is what would happen.

    • jayesin

      the word you were looking for was subjective

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick is like einstein sitting in a physics class

    • Am Alive

      Nah, that verse went hard for any generation. Granted, it's shock rap a bit because rappers these days wanna play nice with everyone but he straight bodied that track, flow and lyrics wise. Plus, Jay Elec (dude who spit one of the absolute illest verses in the last 10 years with Exhibit C) followed KDot with a hot ass verse and still couldn't get no shine. And that was actually the best verse Sean ever spit (barring maybe Don't Look Down), so the bar was high already. Ether is a different story because it was a diss, but I can honestly say this verse could kill Renegade once it has a year or so of history.

  • hellstar