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Following the smash hit "Blurred Lines," Robin Thicke drops his next single, "Give It 2 U," featuring none other than Kendrick Lamar.


  • YourMom'sFav

    it's so funny that you fucks think that 1.) Your opinion means dick. 2.) KL gives a fuck what you type. that is all.

  • fuck this shit

    F U C K I N G T R A S H

  • Kevin

    I digs this track! Poppy and all.

  • based landlord

    whoaaaa careful out there Kendrick....songs like this need to stay at an absolute minimum. way wayyy too poppy for him to be on this, but I'm sure everyone already knows that. at least his flow is still there though, it's not like he's dumbing down the flow for pop tracks like this so that's good at least. i'm sure he knows his true fans don't want to hear this type of shit from him, but it's simply gonna happen every once in a while if you're one of the top rappers in the world. at least Robin Thicke is a respectable artist, and Kendrick kept his verse short :| its not HORRIBLE

  • Anonymous

    if you dont have MANGNA CARTA HOLY GRAIL yet i suggest you go get it 10/10 www. hiphopgood .com has it along with all the albums from this past year

  • hanuman38

    didn't like robin on this but kendrick murdered it, as ALWAYS

  • zxsss9


  • zxsss4


  • xxsss9


  • zzzzx4


  • b0b2

    don't like the featuring but the verse >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • zxsss4


  • Money First

    A few things done to the production of this record such as background vocal singers, some guitar work and proper chord changes and he could have had a big hit on his hands...but I digress!

  • xxxs4


  • HEy

    smh Robin Thicke, Remember Shooter?

  • xxss9


  • Anonymous

    paula's a whore

  • Anonymous

    stole JT's style on this one

  • Anonymous

    This track does not mean Kendrick sold out. What it means is he's business-savvy. He knows that the top hip-hop stars (which is the level he's aiming for) are those that have transcended hip-hop (in the case of Jay-Z, Diddy, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent business-wise; in the case of Eminem and Kanye West through their contributions to pop culture; in the case of Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj simply through oversaturation). The first step to doing that is to get your name not just noticed, but ingrained into the popular mindset. This is why Wayne was featuring everywhere 2006-2008, and why Drake and Nicki were doing the same from 2009-2012. It's also why Kanye before he blew up as a rapper was insisting that "if you buy my beat, you gotta give me a verse". What's interesting is that all of those mentioned as "hip-hop stars" did something to get their name up there. Jay-Z for as much his music as his business savvy and ability to spot talent (Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye); Dre for his business and talent ability (discovering Eminem and 50 Cent, plus Beats by Dr. Dre etc.); 50 had business savvy (bottled water deal, plus the pop sensibilities of his records); Diddy had business savvy (dude is worth $500m); Eminem knew how to catch attention with shock value and infectious music; whilst Kanye had infectious music, but didn't really get to this level until the George Bush controversy (where his name was EVERYWHERE). Drake, Wayne and Nicki are notable because they have literally been oversaturated, and haven't jumped to the next level. People are already bored of Wayne and Nicki (which is why it'll be curious to see what Drake does on his next album). Through the sheer power of being EVERYWHERE, they got to be some of the most well-known artists in hip-hop, but they certainly aren't cemented there. This is where Kendrick's problem lies. He needs to get to superstar levels - one critically-acclaimed chart-topping LP is not enough. So he features on tracks which suit his core fanbase ("Collard Greens" with Schoolboy Q), pop tracks (this), street tracks (the "R.I.P." remix), remixes - much like Wayne ("How Many Drinks" by Miguel), and other miscellaneous records (the track with Solange, "Solo Dolo II"). Enough people will listen to tracks like these, begin to recognise and build a relationship, an interest, with him and his music. 18 months or so of doing this, and then he'll drop his next album... That's the moment of truth.

    • respect

      Should go on an actual hiphop/rap blog. These "kids/trolls" here won't respect this as it should be.

    • Anonymous

      Good comment. The same lazy idiots who are complaining that this comment is too long do not even read anything other than instagram captions I assume.

    • Smh

      Since all the dumbfucks are too stupid to understand your comment (which is why they are complaining its too long) I agree with your statement. The only issue is that he will have to please the pop audience sooner or later for example. Nicki -Starships, Eminem ft Rihanna. Dr dre ft em - I need a doctor and so on. He may/will end up making simple lyrics so that he can still keep his name up there. Which is why everyone is complaining I guess.

    • cc

      too much time on someones hands

    • Anonymous

      I don't see why a detailed analysis is a problem... I read what this dude had to say, and it's actually a thoughtful analysis.

    • conyac

      i wonder if anyone read this, cuz i know i didn't!! keep it simple man, jeeeeez..

  • xx009


  • Jaffar

    Kdot was amazing on this, but robin sux

  • Samuel Lavon


  • Kendrick's caked out

    This some industry bullshit :/

  • damngood12

    not feeling the featuring but kendrick verse was dope as fuck



  • Durbey E. macon

    A remix is in order. Do not release the single as is.

  • xxsss4


  • xsss4


  • Anonymous

    Corny as shit! we all know that. Go get paid well kendrick,for a throw away verse. THATS HOW THE INDUSTRY WORKS! Now if this was kendricks track then that would be different.

  • no

    Robin Thicke meets Yeezus... Robin needs to stick to his roots with some smooth soul music. Shit was wack. And I hope Kendrick don't start hoppin on every track ppl ask and water himself down like Wayne was doin few years back

  • zxsss4


  • xxss9


  • Anonymous

    I wanna feel what a real fat ass like. No injections I learned my lesson.

  • Anonymous

    did he low key diss nikki and wayne with one line?

  • zxss4


  • Muleke Ousado

    It ain't even necessary for me to say I hated this garbage

  • Anonymous

    let down but yall should check out B.Hudson, hes been releasing new eps every month this year and they all go hard. I just recently found out who he was dudes dope, check him out, He just released his newest ep today 'July' maybe his best one yet. i found his music over on www. hiphopgood. com

  • Anonymous

    a little dick for you? lol

  • Twillz

    It's called a club banger/party music....I mean yea this is pretty whack, but Kdot is just showing that he can go on any beat and it doesn't even matter, he still kills this shit. Plus its neat hearing go from a slow song like how many drinks too this

  • jay

    Check out Kendrick's homeboy Vy lay a dope verse to Get Lucky... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIb7QqUn4fg

  • former Kendrickfan

    You shouldnt have worked with this corny white boy Kendrick. You sold out. I will never support you again.

    • Smh

      You don't know who Kendrick is as a person, so how can you respect him? Ignorant fool. I am a fan of his music but I don't know him so I can't judge and neither can you. Smh

    • imho

      im sure he dont give a fuck^ if you wont buy his next album bec hes on this song (which is fire) then fuck u

    • former Kendrickfan

      No, Im not gonna buy his next album cuz i can only support ya if i respect ya. I lost all respect for Kendrick cuz he just showed he's an industy hoe too doing corny shit for money.

    • Bene The OG

      So cus he featured on 1 song you dont like you wont buy his next album even if its just as if not better then Good Kid M.A.A.D City? I don't believe you.

  • Anonymous

    swear I heard this k. dott verse a few months back

  • Fyre

    Dont give a fuck what these people say. This shit is more bumping than the cocaine or molly that will go along with it in the club.

  • Anonymous

    a whole new level of gay

  • Tyrone

    This sounds like a Lil Wayne pop feature back in 2008... Just hope Kendrick doesnt fall off like Wayne did

  • Anonymous

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  • kendrick sell out faggot

    kendrick is turning into a pop faggot

  • Drake runs rap

    hahahaha give kenxrick the rating he deserves he will never be on drakes level he will never be as sucessfull as drake kendrick is just a wanna be like every other rapper. Drake runs rap fact

  • Anonymous

    i love dis euro dance movement itz da fuuture if u anint wit it ... DIE!

  • HHp

    What the f*ck is up with this Euro-dance movement? 1star, this is not what I want to hear on a Hip Hop site Even Kendrick couldn't save this house/trance/dance trash 1st R&B started to sound like Euro-dance Now it's time for Hip Hop to follow that trend F*ck

  • Cheese wiz

    Good pop song with an awesome verse from Kendrick. Enjoy it for what it is.

  • Uncle Phiil

    ummmmmmmmm, way out of Kendrick's comfort zone. Cole would've sounded better on this...he is more well rounded than Kendrick and can do pop/r&b features better.

  • zxss4


  • Anonymous

    he even kills pop verses, thats mainstream hiphop I like

  • OUCH!

    Dont like k.dot on pop songs but have to respect the hustle plus his verse never disappoints.





  • uhui

    mail men kno lotta about racist chain letters for movies songs

  • colemaid

    I don't care if he works with these artists as long as he keep releasing classic albums.

  • Anonymous

    Came here for Kendrick, couldn't even withstand the song long enough to hear Kendrick's part. K-Dot is starting to do a Lil Wayne, he's beginning to feature on like every other pop mainstream song (remember around 2010 and 2011 when Lil Wayne would do those lazy 8 bar features everywhere just to get his name out there) which I have no problem with. In fact I think it's positive if K-Dot shares his material on songs like this to get fans of this music to maybe like his music. I just don't wanna see Kendrick Lamar's career get demolished because his own projects get artists such as Thicke to return the collab favour and turn it into this shit. I am a fan of Kendrick, never heard of Robin Thicke. I consider this music shit in my own opinion. As long as Kendrick stays as the artist featuring and doesn't start bringing this kinda shit to his own projects I'm happy for K-Dot.

    • Anonymous

      Just adding onto your comment. Kendrick said himself he doesn't care about the GENRE of music. He will do hip-hop but that won't stop him from featuring on other genres because he is all about the MUSIC. That's probably why he is on all these random songs.

  • q

    People are talkin like Kendrick isnt allowed to spit on songs like this. Its god for an artist to have variance. Especially for him who seems to be on every song in the past few months. On top of that this song will have zero effect on his next album like others seem to be implying.

  • Anonymous

    nvr heard a gayer song. and i don't mean that in a derogatory sense. its just gay.

  • PFP

    "gettin paid to drop a verse" is one thing but when it's on some Weak as fuck song by some little rich boy mug like Thicke (who I would bet had a lot of help from daddy's bank account and his contacts); That just comes across as bad integrity. Unfortunately record label majors exist, Kendrick didn't make this decision uninfluenced.

  • LOL

    Wack af, sounds gay like yeezus.

  • jason

    lol lil kids hatin on KL gettin paid to drop a verse

  • zxsss4


  • IMho

    i dont got issues w kendrick hopin on singles like this..if his albums start soundin like this though you know its time to find someone else 2 fuck it.. im actually not worried listen 2 k.dot speak in interviews his head sounds like its in a place noone can take him out of he single handed raised the bar for rap with GKMC. 3/5 but 4/5 for haters

  • chucks meat

    find out about chucks meat shops.remember our meats are from some one special you know...

  • Lol

    Kendrick drops 3 classic projects in a row to get attention, then hops onto tracks like this? WHACK

  • n9ne

    So Timberlake does swing music now Thicke goes techno what the fuck stick to whatcha know man your great at it Kendrick don't suit it neither

  • Anonymous

    the beat i mean.. kendrick is fire.. but why is he rapping on these beats? nigga went gold without sellin out!

  • Anonymous

    horrifically pop..