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"Yeezus just rose again..." Via FakeShoreDrive, a track featuring Chicago emcee King Louie off Tuesday's "Yeezus."



  • Anonymous

    Anybodi who hatez dis succ can succ a fat dicc ... yall jus mad cuzz #Yezzus iz bacc wit a vengence

  • Phadiga

    How can someone love dis trash...

  • Luke

    This album is great, this song is straight banger #realmusic

  • Anonymous

    ayyy dis my shyt .. da whole album goez

  • Givenchy-Life

    'If not treat your friends like my benz, park they ass outside till the evening ends' You cant lie, that was dope

  • HOVeezus


  • Anonymous

    i feel sorry for the people that bought it ...fuck drake



  • LA'S OWN

    Yeezy got bangers. This aint no simple ass J Hole album. This that say what you want, fuck corporate white racist America rap. I like the album, I aint nobody's fag, fuck you lames and that boring shit you listen to!

  • corolado

    maybe it's not the best song on the album but somehow it's catchy

  • Samwichez

    kanye is just making a generic club song for his album. Listen to his fucking verse, he literally says "in the club" 5 times in the first 20 seconds of his verse.

    • Dane

      If Ye wanted a club banger he wouldn't stop and stutter the beat and this industrial thrash would kill a vibe. If he didn't want people to dance anymore than on these tracks he'd literally go out and tie everybody's feet up. I like the album, but a DJ in a nightclub would get fired for playing this shit

  • marlon_morgan

    I think this album was a through away! I liked the production though! Still i miss the old Kanye! I think he hung around all those buffoons too long. We forgive you Kanye! Maybe his new daughter will help him get his "Mojo" back!

  • Anonymous

    horrible beat. terrible song.

  • LEATHER face


  • micheal myers



    Production was great, features are good... but Kanye's rapping is the weakest part of his whole album. He didn't even produce his own records, he has like twenty other folk working on one track, people who are better producers than him. & this website gave this album a 4.5/5? For what? The beats & features?

  • VizionMC

    Beats catchy, great for drinking and drivin by the club

  • v

    yall cant lie the prince line is dope AF

  • Philip Parhum

    Yeezus is a dope album 4/5 for me not the usual kanye but what album is thats why he's great

  • I'm Cool on Weak Shit

    Sounds like they spent 3 minutes on the beat and 1 minute on the lyrics. Kanye I don't care who you think you are this is Horrible! Fuck these burnt out non creative figure heads in trash hop. No support from the real!

  • The Decatur ATL BOI

    Dude slapped a Lexicon reverb with a Hall Preset on a damn horn and called it music. Damn Ye. This has to be the worst song of the month.

  • lb1031

    bunch of stuff just slapped together with no direction

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Kanye and his lawyers took the song down

  • Anonymous


  • JackCompton

    Feeling the beat. Lyrics, nar mate.

  • Black Zombie

    "Black Zombie" is not yet convinced until he hears whole album (Not The Shitty Leaked Version) For the moment this is not Black Zombie Approved !!!

  • Starskey

    Kanye makes records for dudes who like tranny porn and eat at Panera

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow = Born Sinner Day. Cole made a better album than Kanye......one down one to go.....Hov is on deck July 4th. Dreamville. Born Sinner. June 18

  • mbongen

    This track is hot...Yeezus is a great album...unfortunately ordinary hiphop heads won't get it... It needs people with musical ears

    • The Decatur ATL BOI

      "Musical Ears?"AYO, A Lexicon Reverb with a preset slapped on a looped horn is not music.

    • JD

      I totally agree with you, this track go hard. just gotta listen to the album more than once for it to get to you.

    • Cunnin

      I'm getting tired of the "hip-hop fans won't get it comment" Who the fuck do you think you are to categorize all hip-hop fans into a little box of ignorant "non-musical ears" listeners? I consider the album as a mediocre attempt to fuse two genres. I get where Kanye is coming from. I'm just not going to splooge all over myself every time I hear a track and dismiss those who don't share my dick-riding opinion!

  • bevis n butt head


  • Traviud

    One of the weaker tracks on a great album, but I don't think anything else would have received a warmer reception here really. Yeezus isn't traditional, it's fresh and crazy and a lot of folks just aren't into its sound. That's cool, just because you dislike something I dig doesn't make you a hater. But the score is totally predictable and that's not because the song isn't fire. Seriously, listening to Yeezus is like having your ears boxed and a lot of people aren't going to like that. For whatever reason, I do. I think it's an awesome album.

    • Nathan

      Exactly! Thank you for being honest. I like Kanye,J.Cole & Mac Miller, and I will buy all three of the albums. I don't care that others don't like it, I like it and I will buy and listen to it.

  • Pot

    all these people do is hate and talk shit while kanye has the top 3 hottest songs of the year on this sight.... fuckin losers will feel stupid when they still bumping this in the club in 6 years

  • philly!!

    Is this the same guy who created College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation? I don't even know what the fuck this is. Come on, Kanye, you're better than this.

  • Anonymous

    I was reading Sumerian documents, from the Mesopotamia area. Much like the viking rune language which is one of the oldest languages of the Scandinavians, Sumerian language is one of the oldest known languages of the middle east. I was this week reading how they spoke to each other, as they wrote of course their stories of religious lore first before they wrote anything else. It was much like Kanye's descriptions of his encounter's of course I am going to assume with Kim K. He describes moving from one house to another, meaning, one state of mind to another. He is saying that his sexuality is that of a god like experience and he has been going through an awakening. This could be contributed to his Kundalini rising, as he has a black female on the cover art with serpant tongue and eyes. The Kundalini is the serpent energy rising from the sexual energy center and flowing to the crown out. When this happens, a person becomes awake and aware to their creative abilities. It is for some a scary process when they are unaware of what is happening. It seems as though the screaming women could be an indication it was frightening at times for him or kim, or who ever has been pulled from their slumber. He is out right challenging the whole African american belief system and it is going to be the riveting waves of anger and disbelief for many years before that is understood, I hope much faster. I hope for all to become aware. He has found his thrown room

  • YEBO

    let's face it, if Wayne did an album like this you guys would be trashing it flat out but b/c it's kanye, yall are calling it genius GTFO!

    • Samwichez

      i swear to god if Lil Wayne did an album like this then I would regain lots of respect for him. But only if he could pull it off. Every single album, Kanye evolves into a totally new unique sound. And every single album sounds different. Thats just how Kanye is. You either like it or you don't.

  • Yeezy

    Some peeps think this is trash...Yeezy is still on it! I like it-innovative stuff. Can't wait to get the album!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the fag haters. This album is going to be dope. I guess people forget that his next album doesn't sound the same as the last one.

    • v

      just because the instrumental is unreal its "overproduced" gtfo here with that low ballin ass nigga

    • C.L.

      You're a fucking dumbass, Bound 2 doesn't sound like it could have been on Graduation. It could have been on his first two dipshit. See, I love when faggots try talking shit, saying people are "dickriders" when they like an artists, when douchebags like you are unabashed haters. You aren't a fan, if you were you would know where each song would fit. It's funny how piece of shit people like you are hating it, when music critics are loving it. Music fans in general are liking it, it's people that want his old shit back, that are making a big deal about the album. Anyways, fuck you, go do your research, then come back and talk shit. Faggot.

    • Anonymous

      It's not about sounding like his old self it's about making good music. How is this overproduced mess good? See Kanye nut gobblers throw these cliche arguments but NEVER BACK IT UP. You just swallow whatever Kanye does no questions asked and call it "brilliant" and "revolutionary" when the reality is rapping over techno beats is NOT ANYTHING NEW. Oh and at leas THREE tracks sound like it could have been on 808s and Bound 2 sound like it could have been on graduation. All "brand new revolutionary" music my ass

  • scccc4


  • Rida

    Niggas listend to trash quality leaks and hating on kanye . Yeezus hands down is the best album to come out this year . Who has come out with these not giving a fuck attitude type of lyrics? exactly no one and Bound 2 is the best Hip Hop song of the year . Mark my words this album will be best of the next 10 years. Imma get 5 copies on 18th .

    • Antical

      Agreed - very dope and innovative album. I got to say though in response to your question -- Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik Returns is on the same level in terms of pushing the boundaries of Hip Hop. Just wait until Love Story comes out later this year...

    • asher1985

      how does his sperm taste?

    • Anonymous

      co-sing... The album so far has been critically acclaimed by Billboard, Rolling Stone & other publications and is praised for being innovative. Kanye is light-years ahead.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye was survivng on production all this because he couldn't rap for shit and now even the production can't save his his . Kanye doesn't fall under the Hip Hop category anymore . He should invent a new genre called Hipster music for his dickriding fans

  • Disappointed

    Kanye needs a new executive producer

  • Anonymous

    this shit is wack,lol

  • Anonymous

    there is not one song on this album that goes hard. if id have bought that shit i would have been mad then a MF.

  • stopitson

    Loll stop acting like this ain't gonn be your shit in 2 weeks. You wanna hear something else too bad.

  • Anonymous

    when you talk smart the dumb think you lost your mind

  • Anonymous

    who ever said this track is techno doesn't listen to music. shit is fire and i can't wait to hear this in the club. stop frontin niggas

  • ROB


  • yerrrr

    I like this beat, but I am honestly a little tired of kayne going so far left...I honestly think when Kaynes career is done this man will go crazy. Kayne thinks too much and like 50 cent I think he thinks he can do anything he wants and then 50 fell the fk off This joint aint bad, its good MUSIC, but its not really good hip hop in my eyes. I can't be a fan of a nig who constantly experiments with his music. I need to like someoen cause I know what they are going to do which is why I became a fan...Kanye is too unpredictable for me to be a fan. Love some of his work and the other is a GTFOH

  • 000xx4


  • bevis n butt head


  • Anonymous

    WTF WAS THAT!????

  • Dentaldamboy

    Lil Wayne is not a gangster. He is an educated black man, that is making money off his intellectual property, and deceptive gangsterism methodology . When Lil Wayne is done with his day, gets in his expensive car,and ride home to his 7 figure home;while, people are looking at his life from the outside, debating whether or not he is a true gangster.

  • Mac Miller

    now I'm glad my shits dropping on the same day

  • Lorraine P. Cole

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  • Class-Act

    The number of haters here is flat out disgusting. Kanye creates ART and ya'll under appreciated niggas gotta shit on his work. What he has done here is nothing short of AMAZING. The concept, the production, the flow it is magical how it all comes together into this magnificent club banger. I heard Yeezus and I'm going to buy it on Tuesday because unlike that boring nigga J. Cole, Kanye actually created ANOTHER masterpiece album. For all you naysayers tell me what isn't revolutionary about this amazing track? Tell me what rapper has EVER rapped to anything close to this? Tell me what rapper can take such content and turn it into gold? I LOVE this album. This is up there in the upper echelon of rap albums we will remember. Definantly Kanye's best effort since MBDTF 10/10 for the song and 11/10 for the album

    • DX resident of 6 Years.


    • Anonymous

      You must be new here. The only thing people do here is hate. They're backwards as fuck, their logic is stupid as shit, and their music taste is horrible. They call awful rappers legends, it doesn't matter if it's a good song/decent song/horrible song because it'll be deemed trash by this community. They love bitching about gossip articles but when it comes to articles concerning new music or news about certain rappers, they comment on the type of clothes said rapper wears, or his sexual orientation. They'll love a rapper that come out with mixtape but when that rapper announces an album, they'll slow build up an unwarranted hate for him, and then call his new stuff garbage. Welcome to HipHopDX.

    • Anonymous

      Jesus Christ nigga get off this man dick, if other people dont like this shit thats their business, you talkin bout this fool like he turned water to wine and we're all gonna burn in hell if we dont listen to his musc, get the fuck over both yourself and this nigga it aint that deep

  • zxssss9


  • bevis n butt head


  • bevis n butt head


  • Anonymous

    Great song till that last bit?? The fuck?

  • kennyken

    man this is a 10 jack.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck these niggas Kanye. You make straight up hip hop like J. Cole, they will say you are boring. These niggas don't buy albums anyway.

    • Anonymous

      If you think you know hip hop, then you OBVIOUSLY are wrong. Hip hop is about self expression. Hip hop is about raps and drum loops. If you don't think Yeezus has any of this, you are dumb.

    • Anonymous

      If you think yeezus is hiphop, then you OBVIOUSLY dont know or understand the music.....

  • naked brad

    well yea alians do come out sometimes everywhere





  • killer nurse

    burler burler burler

  • killer nurse

    do u have dry eyes

  • kkk

    where gonna put you in the hell raisers demon woflfs hell dogs

  • kkk

    hey u sucky mother fucky u nigger wigger facker.fack you nigger.

  • James

    Another illuminati puppet rapping about bitches and money. This shit don't get old and the ignorant keep buying and listening. Immortal Technique fucks the likes of Kanye for breakfast

    • ETK

      you're fucked in the head for dropping this illuminati bullshit outta your mouth. don't even think you're smart for name dropping Immortal Technique, you buffoon.

  • chainsaws


  • c.low

    Sorry j cole better move your release date back some

  • nolove

    sounds like a 5 yard old made the beat; straight garbage

  • notg00d

    1 star, and thats me being very generous...

  • rocko

    some people suck on hot dogs. i stay up gettin minez. this shit is whack

  • Yeezy Taught Us

    The Album is sick! Maybe the haters just don't get it ? Want his old shit ? Buy his old album. YEEZY SEASON.

    • Anonymous

      Explain to me how is rapping about nothing but Pussy and ego even on tracks like New Slave (which starts off well) is revolutionary and genius? Because he raps over techno beats? Hell the Roots have been infusing different genres in their music for YEARS. Please defend this garbage

  • theoneoketree

    Yeezus is a classic, just like they said that 808s wasnt, they will soon learn... Thank you yeezy

  • iLLMonk

    My least favorite song on the album, rest was dope https://twitter.com/iLLMonkB

  • netflix

    also this summmer white chicks 2 with sound tracks and songs called 'if your mixed well get ya' and we pay some naberhoods to write chain letters about ppl for movies this summerrr

  • Mr. West You Are Better Than This

    Album sucks. These lyrics suck. The flow is horrible and the content is weak as hell Art? If you want a rap group that infuses different sounds into a coherent track or album listen to the Roots. Rapping to techno beats with random soul samples isn't some magnificent genius thing. A couple years ago Lupe Fiasco released Lasers where he rapped to a lot of club beats and non-traditional rap beats and rapped about things like depression, his anti-goverment stance, freedom etc. and he got crapped on for it. Yet it was 100% better than this. I really and truely feel people like it because its Kanye not because of the music. Imagine if Nas or Jay-Z did the same album? This is an album I doubt I'd listen to much a month from now.

    • Mr. West You Are Better Than This

      I find it funny you fools insult me but can't tell me what is so good about this song or garbage ass album. Rapping lazily to these overproduced beats is not "creative" its garbage. Or is rapping about pussy revolutionary now?

    • Anonymous

      Cause u hate creativity. Stay in your box

    • Mr. West You Are Better Than This

      Why is it dope? It sure isn't the lyrics, concepts, or flow. These average beats?

    • LOL

      MR.WEST dude get the fuck outta here with ya concept. ALBUM IS CRAZY DOPE

    • Mr. West You Are Better Than This

      Please explain how am I "hating" for having a fucking opinion. Also explain to me what is so "brilliant" about these lazy songs?

    • G

      Album is dope, stop hating

  • jerryc

    not really sure how graduation isnt a classic album. Good Morning, Champion, Stronger, Cant tell me nothing, Glory, Everything I am, Homecoming, Flashing Lights, Barry Bonds, Big Brother....all of those songs are pretty timeless. Most rap fans still love bumpin them. This new shit fuckin sucks. People will try to force themselves to like it because thats what you do with someone like Kanye. In reality, in two months you will put down this cd and wont ever want to hear this shit again with the exception of Bound 2 which is a classic kanye song

  • Anonymous


  • zxxx4


  • Lawless

    I like that Kanye's always evolving, we'll always get something fresh, love it or hate it, it'll be original. Also, it separates the dick riders from the objective fans from the haters. On this joint, I think it was more of a miss than a hit. Sounds nothing like anything else out, but it's really abstract and probably won't serve me for a lot of moods. Might sound great behind custom video's, travelling, driving etc. But I don't think I could hear this all the time. 3/5. A dick rider will bust 10 nuts over anything this nigga will put out even though he switches up so many times... I really liked Kanye since MBDTF. I thought he kinda fell off a bit after Late Registration. Graduation was a good album, solid 4, but his first 2 were classics, but we could see his experimentation clearly. Then 808's came, his biggest leap outside of the box, enter: Kanye the singer. 808's was a miss for a lot of people, fans and critics alike. But MBDTF came and he managed to merge all of his experimentation perfectly for a 3rd classic in 5 albums. Watch the Throne and Cruel Summer was just filled with crack for the club, but the production was always great. Not excellent like his solo projects, but his influence was there. Yeezus? I can see it being a hit or miss kind of thing. He's getting a bit vocal, a bit too outspoken, like how he was around that Taylor Swift time. The nigga gets like that after success. The man's on top again, on the throne, but it's almost like he has to get put down in order to climb even higher.

  • sharp

    so i listened to both the born sinner leak and yeezus leak and im deffinitly buying born sinner. I know kanye was going for the whole innovation movement but that album is some SHIT compared to his others. he compares himself to god to much anyways for me to respect his music.

  • zxsss4


  • David

    co-sign. kanye dont got bars no more. then he hire some techno producers and drop a random sample in the middle of the song and niggaz call that genius. smh. dilla still the most innovative hip hop producer to ever do it

  • Anonymous

    this album sucks hepatitis b ass.

  • Very Impressed

    @Not Impressed:I knew you'll be all on Kanye's dick when his album drops.kanye's lousy raps over loud electronic techno beats is no innovation, there are a lot of electro-music out there. kanye is just riding with the wave: America has been listening to a lot of techno music lately, daft punk and all that shit and kanye went along to get more appeal. At the end of the day rap music is about rapping, what you spit and what you write with your pen and kanye can't write nor can he rap. I prefer J Cole's album because it's a rap album not a jumble of electronic sounds that have nothing to do with hip-hop.

  • iluvhiphop

    yeezus was ok and j.cole album is just boring his mixtapes are way better then any of his albums and thats not even debatable. J.cole can spit but the reason why niggas like him is the jay-z cosign and its easier for broke niggas to relate to j.cole

  • sxx009


  • rain81

    This song is so mediocre,Kanye verse was weak as shit. This song felt like he made it in a day. If the whole album gonna be like this it's gonna be weak. I don't really care that much anyway lol.

  • imho

    not bad..the beat has alot to do with my rating

  • Anonymous

    Beat nice at certain points , but this whole album is literally over abstract.

  • Rewindboy1

    You guys don't understand...

  • westcoast

    this beat is sickkk. people just hatin... i love westcoast shit and i aint a huge fan of kanye but this beat is sick- the song goes off the tracks at the end tho

  • J cole best

    wack as fuck j cole kills this wack nigga. Born Sinner album of the last 10 years shits on every kanye album. Sad that cole won't sell more cus people support wack artists like kanye and lil wayne.

  • balal2k13

    Kanye a Asshole for delivering his fans this bullshit. Know he trying to be diff but wtf. Mac Miller has the best album coming out tuesday. Cole album good too though

  • Anonymous

    this dude is a pompous asshole who is turning his longtime supporters away, one egotistical line/shitty beat at a time

  • Anonymous

    Ive alway been a Kanye fan!! buuttt.........Born Sinner sounds wayy more coherent than this album

  • Not Impressed

    People are so used to hiphop sounding a certain way, they get scared off when it gets strays too far away from that original sound. That's why they are so able to accept boring, uninspired, shallow, bullshit like J Cole's album, over Kanye's. J Cole makes "safe" music, there's nothing unique or original about it. He tries to emulate the music Kanye and artists from the 2000's USED TO create and you guys praise him over Kanye when he moved on from that shit a long time ago... This album sounds like nothing else Ye has ever done, or anyone has ever done and it's incredible. This isn't the best example of a song on the album, but give the whole thing a couple of spins and you might like it. Even if you don't, you have to give Kanye credit for trying to innovate. Most rappers come out and each album they make sounds exactly like the last..

    • Very Impressed

      I knew you'll be all on Kanye's dick when his album drops.kanye's lousy raps over loud electronic techno beats is no innovation, there are a lot of electro-music out there. kanye is just riding with the wave: America has been listening to a lot of techno music lately, daft punk and all that shit and kanye went along to get more appeal. At the end of the day rap music is about rapping, what you spit and what you write with your pen and kanye can't write nor can he rap. I prefer J Cole's album because it's a rap album not a jumble of electronic sounds that have nothing to do with hip-hop.

    • Deejay

      You have a point but the reason I am a J Cole fan is not because of his artistic orginality, but the real shit he's spitting. Fuck all that electronic abstract hipster bullshit. This isn't hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      this nigga is right nothing specuial about boring J Cole but fuck that ignorant nigga Kanye.

    • Anonymous

      Yo did jcole fuck your girl or something? every time i see you comment its about how much you hate him even if the post has nothing to do with him lol. do you just wake up and think about how much you hate him?

  • Anonymous

    worst album iv'e ever actually listened to...ever! fuck ye

  • Anonymous

    This sound like a Britney Spears throw away track Lolll

  • BeTrue

    People are afraid of different, with that said I total enjoy the direction the album is going. I hate the norm because it's too safe. As humans we are designed to create ...Kanye keep good music coming and release that Pusha T album please .

    • Anonymous

      Just because its DIFFERENT, doesn't make it GOOD.

    • Anonymous

      cmon son.... these beats make the eardrums bleed. there's a difference between being revolutionary/new and being different for the sake of being different

  • VS

    As a Kanye fan, I've got to admit, Born sinner > this. By FAR.

  • Anonymous

    yeezus was fucking shit born sinner was wayyyyyyyyy better

  • Anonymous

    this album is gonna be wack as hell, i can feel it

  • szzzz9


  • sxx009


  • Mark

    Kanye raps on this it is revolutionary/visionary, If it was Nas imagine the criticism.

  • fraspi

    Dope af. But the lyrics could have been better.

  • Anonymous

    3.2 ? Haters musta downgraded this shit. Anyone who doesn't get this shit, doesn't understand hiphop. Stop hating. This is genius. Insane beat. Kanye rules.

  • Your favorite spam bot

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  • Anonymous

    I see this album as a compilation of mostly raw material. The real deal will come with his next album like MBDTF after 808's.

  • DX

    J.Cole Let Nas Down, Kanye let his fans down...:'(

  • bevis n butt head


  • Anonymous

    this beat is so annoying. not dope at all. This shit is whack as fuck. Sounds like a poor attempt at a beastie boys track

  • ANonomys

    the nigga king louie said "last night my bitches came in 2s.and they both suck like they came to lose". THEY KILLED THIS SHIT.NIGGAS DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT MINALISM IS.THATS WHY THEY DONT LIKE THE BEAT. #YEEZUS

    • Anonymous

      just because it has a title doesnt make it dope. fuck outta here fan boy, pretending like your on some shit noone else is. clown

  • Hol'Up

    Okay. Weakest song on the album.

  • zxsss4


  • jerryc

    just so confused on what happened to kanye. Every song is sloppy, with some having techno beats with a random soul sample in the chorus? I dont get what happened to him as a producer. Everything is co produced now too. He used to pop out 40 beats a year and they were all amazing. This new cd has one good song and thats Bound 2. Other than that, you may force yourself to say theyre all kinda good, but in 4 years you wont go back and play any of them. College Dropout, Late Reg, Graduation, MBDTF...you are still playing those songs today.

    • __/|

      and LOL he obviously makes more then 40 beats a year dont be stupid

    • __/|

      all of my beautiful dark twisted fantasy was co-produced so.......... ya. and if he still made the same beats as those "5 beats a day for 3 summers" days, he wouldn't have made it past those cds. you gotta change it up so people are interested and excited. if you want old kanye, listen to old kanye.

    • Just for spamming

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    • sincereproducer

      100% true.

  • Thermonick

    It's dope for a wack song.

  • zxsss4


  • sxxxx9


  • zxxxx4


  • comachonvargas

    Voice of a generation? Visionary? Look at all you Kanye fans who hold Late Registration/College Dropout to be the finest gems in Ye's catalogue (as you should) absolutely STRAINING to find some justification for liking this bullshit... red flag right from the jump THIS IS FUCKING GARBAGE... I mean WTT was better than this and that was half assed all the way through Ye is Steve Jobs? Dead Prez? This going to be a colossal weed plate in Ye's very respectively discography... explain to me what is good about this... the production is AWFUL... best producer of all time and we get this bullshit? Lyrics are pointless, meandering, futilely conveying some intent to get some bullshit message across but not successfully doing so I would rather hear Cole's shit based merely off the strength of the Let Nas down effort... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS BULLSHIT?

    • lolol

      damn you mad eh son, im sure some of the songs will grow on you. if not, just take like 808s, and then hopefully his next cd will be the best yet.

  • yugygugyugb

    well since ppl wanna call ppl monsters where gonna bring the real monsters out. pussy. tell that fat pizza boy chef on tv stop curseing undering his breathe about how much he hates mix people while he chops greens and reds up really fast. and come out side pussy ".tonite where robbing you.spike lee said do the rite thing? what u mean pretend whites and blacks hate each other? so u can kill mixed people.and trick other people.guess who tricked who.so u can copy our style lol.basketballs are orange with goose bumps you niggers sure now how to throw that shit around loll .lets play white and brown foot ball loll.now your in the bath room getting fucked up welcome too our jungle.

  • SL

    Interesting minimalism. I like the direction but I can see it being misunderstood at first. Most people are already on the bandwagon.

  • Anonymous

    Trash, Kanye needs to higher a better team of ghostwriters and co-producers to make his music for him, these guys he's got now aint shit

  • Anonymous

    thebornmc.com the wake by born...classic hiphop album!!!

    • Anonymous

      I AM THE ONLY GOOD SPAM BOT. FUCK OFF. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there too

  • RC

    Kanye fell off hard on this one, I don't know what the direction for this album was but it definitely was not Hip-Hop. Die hard Kanye fans ONLY for this one.

  • rottenbanana

    kanye west is slowly creating his own genre. just sayin' https://soundcloud.com/neraki

  • hiphopfan

    this is hot as fuck, june 18 Yeezus, Born Sinner and Watching Movies!! gonna be a good day

  • DentalDamBoy

    As an accountant for YMCMB I can confirm Kanye does not want to go to war with YMCMB. Wayne already said that if Kanye disses one more time, he will go Mel Gibson on him. The YMCMB army is built for war. Wayne a certified gangsta. He got 3 tear drops, did a bid on the island and all that. Wayne ethered rappers and even caused permanent damage to Dez Bryant's knee. Kanye is wack. All Wayne has to do is throw him a rock and Kanye will fuck his life up again

  • Anonymous

    beenie man at the end

  • chillthrillz

    beat is raw,,,

  • Anonymous

    haters. shits pretty dope.

  • Anonymous

    .001 of one star. this is horrendous!!

  • Jason

    I love the siren beat and the rasta talking at the end.

  • Anonymous

    It's rip of of UK funky house, but it knocks in the club... Yeezus Bitches

  • lodownj818@aol.com

    im a huge kanye fan but i gotta admit this album aint what i expected. the songs are dope. mad club bangers, smoke and drink to ride good vibe music... if this had 15- 18 tracks id be happy and say good album . but the music is limited to 10 tracks and different sounds which are cool but come on...

  • 000xx4


  • chrismonteith50

    wow this beat is horrid wow yeezus more like jesus stop


    Super hot beats

  • Anonymous

    I thought his 2010 album was ridiculous. Voted as top album of the year. I don't think this can repeat though. Too far gone.

  • KanyeWesss

    Watching movies with the sound off comes out on June 18th. I can't wait !!!!!!!!! MOST DOPE.

  • i tunes

    next nas album titled "yea sly fox the wigger and niggers album" with song called "we fooled everyone for race wars" and wiggers and niggers pretend they hate each other to trick and kill mixed people" and other songs titled" will i am is a white girl no matter what".. only on i tunes..get it now

  • lol2fags

    I cannot believe all the hate this is getting.. this track is dope as fuck. Sure the lyrics aren't groundbreaking, but this track goes fucking hard. That beat is on some futuristic shit, kind of like Watch The Throne. YEEZUS I BOW TO YOU

  • YOOO


  • Anonymous

    I like Yeezus, i got my copy from www. hiphopgood. com. They have all the shit on it, i got that born sinner and mac miller from HipHopGood Too. I think Ye got the best Cd out of the June 18th lineup

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm very different, but that's what Kanye known for. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good entertainment news on there too

  • nydomincan01

    This album was hurting my earlobes and shyt, it was by far in my opinion his first flop. i mean big flop. i mean like fish out of air flop. bound2 was like the only song that caught my interest. i hope Kanye is man enough to realize this record was shyt and he fixes it pronto and doesn't have a permanent "Aldous Snow" moment. this is his "African Child" album for real yo

  • stunna3000

    Why is this trash above 3 stars??

  • Anonymous

    this album is goin to be 2 the worst shit ever

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef fans gonna go crazy for this album.

  • Anonymous

    from what rubin said interview album was rushed. this shit got negative reviews after a hearing in NYC. he had to bring rubin to do last minute changes. still didnt save the album.n j

  • Art Brooks

    'Ye obviously wanted to experiment with making a new sound on this album. But yeah, it sounds pretty shitty.

  • zxsss4


  • Mortis

    You want the old Kanye listen to his old shit

  • ark

    Yeezus is terrible. I don't know what's worst, his lyrics or the overly distorted beats.

    • Anonymous

      from what rubin said interview album was rushed. this shit got negative reviews after a hearing in NYC. he had to bring rubin to do last minute changes. still didnt save the album.

    • Anonymous

      You people are fucking crazy. You either think it sucks or you're about to suck a man's dick. There are good songs and bad songs on it. But to say it doesn't sound like his other work you'd have to be out of your fucking mind.

    • Anonymous

      @OK what i listened to was CDQ just swallow your pride and admit that the album is trash

    • OK


  • Anonymous

    BLAST THIS SHIT WITH THE CAR WINDOWS DOWN. try it... and when you pass some punk blasting "Started From the Bottom," or "Mirrors," or "Love Song" it's really... SATISFYING

  • m.black

    Please tell me this is a reference track...I'm not into listening to hybrid Hip Hop-House records.

  • Anonymous

    Bound2 is the only semi-decent song on the album. Sounds like a waterdown version of 'Late' but honestly the album is crap and I'm a huge fan of Yeezy's first 3 albums. How you gonna spend the whole album making overly distorted snares, and talking about pussy and how you are god? C'mon this is a disgrace to how good Kanye can be.

    • nydomincan01

      completely agree that bound2 was the only decent song. everything else sounded like he got a shitty life right now. i always noticed his albums reflect where he was emotionally in life at the time. sounds like he is going thru some shyt that sounds horrible on record.

  • Anonymous

    i cant lie the album is good but its not a hiphop album...if this shit wins any award rap-related it will be so unfair.

  • MEME2K13

    Sooooo....this is the future of beats?, all rappers are gonna jump on this beat how much you wanna bet. And they say De Elusive beats sound wack...SMH im done.

  • casper21

    Not for me, pass. On another note Wrekonize's album about to drive, Strange Music all day.

  • Jnr

    WTF is this shit? Kanye has lost his damn mind just like his fans. All i hear is niggas saying he is thinking outside the box, nigga if this is what you bringing outside the box then stay in the fucking box. 0/5

  • Di

    YEEZUS LEAKED, YEEZUS LEAKED, YEEZUS LEAKED, Kanyes Yeezus leaked out today ... you can get it at www. hiphopgood .com EVERYONE GET IT HipHopGood has it and they have that born sinner deluxe edition What Yall Think of Yeezus

  • Anonymous

    Just downloadded his album. Its simply fire... Fresh, new sound... Just what Hip-Hop and music in general needs today :D

  • Anonymous

    could've been straight out of an Kelis album, Wanderland or something

  • Anonymous

    I see an early Neptunes inspiration

  • Very Impressed.

    production at the ending felt like someone was pressing a button continously on a beat software. hahahaha! weak song.

  • Anonymous

    Album is a classic. fuck you 17 year old faggots

  • Damn

    Heard the whole album. I ain't the biggest West fan but this man is a genius! 10/10

  • yeaaahh

    I will NEVER call someone a dick rider, groupie, Stan, nor hater. Everyone has their own taste! But you do have those closed minded people who starts to bitch when an artist decides to think outside of the box and experiment. Dope song.

  • Anonymous

    Did Kimmey produce this piece of shit???

  • asdas

    WTF this beat and song fell apart at the end. someone needs to tell kanye when he goes a bit too far and does shit like this. whole thing was a really good and diffrent banger until the end with that beat change and singer. almost perfecty

  • Anonymous

    I guess it takes a second listening to get to like the song.

  • Steve V

    Just heard the leak and.................WORST FUCKING ALBUM OF THE YEAR. He expects people to spend their hard earned money on this shit. I'm a true Kanye fan i have everyone of his albums besides 808's cause that was another piece of trash. but even that was better than this. WTF kanye im dissapointed man you were one of my favorite's never even had to preview your albums before buying them but thank god i did with this one. It's trash, thank god cole decided to drop the same day at least still have somthing to bump that day. Def buying and supporting cole kanye gets no money from me guy needs to start trying again its depressing what hes become. Rick Rubin how did u cosign this u should of told him tor scrap this whole project and start over. Too bad it really is. BORN SINNER

  • Vigil

    1/5 This dogshit gives me a headache. The beat sounds like Ye recorded a retarded elephant getting its balls waxed, and put the noise over a drumloop he made with a Fisher Price drum kit. And you guys call this shit "genius"? FOH

  • TYBG

    YEEZUS WALKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm a massive Yeezy fan but this is not good. New Slaves is sick as fuck but this? No.

  • Anonymous

    annoying production, mediocre verse, same old chopped n screwed which sounds better on an asap mob track. there goes one track off the greatest album ever made.

  • Anonymous

    Bottom Line is Yeezus will be > MBDTF MBDTF is one of the worst albums of all time CD, LR, G and 808s are great though.

    • Anonymous

      Late Registration is his best album easily.

    • Bulletproof Wallets

      MBDTF is his only album I like...

    • Rap Fan

      MBDTF Was different...dark....buy musically that shit was flawless.....from production to lyrics that was one of the best albums in a very long time. Im not a big Kanye fan anymore I think hes on some other ish right now, I even think he might be possessed by a demon..... but that album.....flawless......

    • Anonymous

      worst ? dude Gorgeous-verse gotta be kanye's best lyrical effort

    • Anonymous

      I was a huge Ye fan until MBDTF. The media overrated it like crazy but it was his worst album. Hopefully he recovers with Yeezus.

    • Anonymous

      You've got to be kidding me.

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus is fucking trash literally gave me a headache

  • Anonymous

    kanye what happened

  • Anonymous

    ok. yeezus. everywhere in the press, magazines. so whats special about this song. if kanye made this beat then he really lost it. much ado about nothing.

  • Anonymous

    This song sucks donkey dick.

  • Anonymous

    seems like you either gonna love it or hate it

  • Skamatics

    WATCH when kendrick or drake gives it praise all the people that didnt like the album is gone love it outta NOWHERE..NEXT LEVEL SHIT..ALBUM IS UNBELIEVEABLE...HES NOT JUST TRYING TO ACCOMODATE TO THE HOOD NIGGAS..WHICH KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BEING OPEN MINDED..

  • Anonymous

    0 star. album sucked not sure it will grow on me.

  • Anonymous

    Black skinhead hard tho

  • Anonymous

    this song makes no sense. production was bubblegum. raga sample didn't fit. foh groupies.

  • Psycgiatrist

    Don't listen to this album if you don't want to change into a faggot.

  • chiraq mizzy

    wtf is this??

  • bevis n butt head


  • Anonymous

    do all you people not sure if it was good or bad. Put lil wayne or some unknown rapper's name and remove kanye's.. what would your opinion be then? exactly. Learn to listen to music objectively.

  • Anonymous

    man wtf was that only 1 verse was good

  • Spike Speigal

    Its like walking into an art museum seeing abstract art and trying to decide weather its profound or pitiful. Maybe the beauty of it is that its Both.

  • Sean

    I do love this beat, and his rhymes arent bad... you really have to look at this from a new perspective.. he will never go back to college dropout or late registration... let us welcome in this new person and embrace... dope song regardless

    • Nathan

      Thank you.....Let's just accept that people grow and change, let's just hope the music just gets even better from here on out. PS: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was his best album ever. The music was amazing,the lyrics were amazing, the album art was amazing,.. What more do you want! If he kept making College Dropouts and Late Registrations, you would say he's repetitive,boring and wack, and now he leaves his comfort zone ENTIRELY and now you hate it. "This game you can never win, Cause they love you, then they hate you then they love you again!" -Kanye West.

    • uNKNOWN


  • Doesitmatter

    Speechless.....not sure if in a good or bad way lol. just speechless.

  • GRBY

    5 stars Next level shit crakkkkk

  • carlos

    Yeezus is ahead of it's time. This shit isn't for the hood niggas, this is for suburban intellectual niggas that appreciate music and are open minded. I agree this is a straight classic...

  • Anonymous

    lol how is this a perfect 5 the 10 people that rated it that are fucking wasted

  • Me

    CLASSIC! I'm not saying this because it's different. This album is insane in every sense... Kanye isn't a genius, but he is just that much better than everyone else currently in this genre.

  • Yeezus

    http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/4616330/file.html DOWNLOAD LINK.

  • Anonymous

    whats the big deal about this song or album? foh. can't top cole nor kendrick lamars ops.

  • Not Impressed

    The album is incredible. This is how you innovate and push hiphop forward. I can't believe people would have the audacity to call that J Cole or Kendrick lamar bullshit "classics" when people are out here making albums like this. Make sure you buy Yeezus when it drops!

    • Anonymous

      10 tracks of bullsit tracks. 3 bull shit euro daft punk tracks, 2 bs tracks with chief keef young chop and king louie is equal to a piece of shit. goodkid and born sinner shits on this POS.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga never disappoints. KANYEEZY !!

  • zxsss4


  • Alex B Nice


  • szxxxx9


  • DI

    YEEZUS LEAKED, YEEZUS LEAKED, YEEZUS LEAKED, Yeezus leaked out today ... you can get it at www. hiphopgood .com ... Ive gotten all the way through it now and id go as far to say its a MASTERPIECE HipHopGood has that j cole born sinner deluxe edition too

  • Anonymous

    Kanye killed his verse the rest was ok 3.5/5

  • Anonymous

    album leaked, search on pirate bay

  • sincereproducer

    I've always loved Kanye albums. But this one isn't as good as the rest I fear...

  • d

    I have a feeling this is gonna be the release in which 'Ye finally falters. it just seems rushed. Also, he seems in a hypocritical position to rap about the topics in the songs released so far. Also why Chief Keef and King L? Never thought I'd be saying this a few months ago but I'm backing Mac over ''Yeezus''.

  • Fan

    Sounds very bedroom studio produced. Creative wise it is ingeniously different and classic Kanye. 5/5

  • Qndy

    Yeezus taking over HHDX lol

  • Rizzy Raven

    Love how Ye always experiments this shit is jiggy 3.5/5

  • ftgh

    the beat is good, but that fake jamaican chant makes me puke

  • Anonymous

    funny that nobody cares about statik and mac miller, we're all hyped for kanye and j cole

  • Anonymous

    fruitiest shit i heard all week

  • DI

    Yeezus leaked out today ... you can get it at www. hiphopgood .com ... i havent got all the way through it yet but im likin what im hearin so far. better than i expected ill let you know how the whole album is when im done

  • OC

    I was hyped to listen to this, but this is kinda mediocre

  • Anonymous

    shit is trash what the fuck happened to kanye. do not buy this album. let that shit flop give his ego a wake up call

  • yeezus

    weird but i like it. her heart colder than the souls of men...

  • Yeezus

    This shit knocks. Wait til you hear this shit when you're out just gettin' it in.

  • Anonymous

    his verse ruined the hook

  • Anonymous

    king louie shouldn't have had a verse

  • blck skinhead

    Mr West is Back

  • Josh

    This... was a lot weaker than I thought it was gonna be.