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After getting a preview of "John Carpenter" yesterday, The Weeknd shows up on one of the most anticipated cuts off next week's debut album from French Montana.


  • Anonymous

    Niggas. Stay hating on the weeknd that Biggs still make more money than all ya niggas that be talkin all that shit and Montana got shot in the which is why he sound like that let see if u still be talkin after something like that happens to ya

  • Joey (Space J) G.

    Montana is the hottest out rite no fuk all da hatin'.... eat a dick faggots!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Using my magic wisdom I shall predict 180k sales. It will soon fall off and never reach goal

    • D-verse

      I agree with about 65 k not more. I don't think it will be 1#, maybe top 3, likely top 5, possibly only top 10. Big big promo campaign and huge name features however well see maybe something of Future's proportions like 300 thousand total albums sold, we'll see. I'll congratulate him if he get's gold

    • Anonymous

      i would think closer to half of that but you never know. i wanna say 60-75k

  • Anonymous

    Excuse my fench http://rd-fs.com/64xv12ja448k

  • Anonymous

    I'm so excited to hear the weeknd's new cd!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He will still will have at least 2 million wired to his account by the week. Keep hating, 300,000+ still will go out and pay $15 for... NEVER HATE ON A NIGGA WITH MORE MONEY THAN YOU, YOU GOT NO RIGHT HATER

    • LOL

      LOL @1st anon. LOLOL French give you a cum shot to type that about him????? how much cum has been squirted in ur eyes for you not to see that this nigga sucks. It has nothing to do with money. But LOL AT YOU FOR GETTING HYPED OVER SOMEONE ELSES SALERY LOLOLOLOL YALL NIGGERS ARE THE WORST!!!! LOL

    • Anonymous

      he can have all the money in the world but he still a downsyndrome ass rapper with no bars and no talent. nicca even had to steal wale's album title for his song name

  • Anonymous

    Excuse My French is garbage ... This nigga is hurtin' Weekend makes this shit worth listenin' to but still give it a 2

  • Anonymous

    French will still sell 300,000 records while u niggas are being Haters, hating while he doing 300x better. Obviously u niggas are stuck in 1997 if u think french ain't nice. NIGGA THAT GET MONEY RELATE SHOUT TO EAST TREMONT.HE TALKS ABOUT WHAT NIGGA LIKE ME, OUT HERE, CAN RELATE. NOT TO WHAT A BUNCH OF SUBURBIAN HIP HOP ETHUSIASTS THINK LMAO BROKE BOYS OWWWWW FreeMaxB

  • Anonymous

    weeknd is so gifted respect

  • highforthisx

    Dope hook by the Weeeknd, at least it makes listening through the wack verses bearable. XO-5 Wack bastard- Wood

  • izi

    Was wondering if you niggas were not a bit racist ? I consider french montana as a wack MC. I mean, okay, he's not the most talented but.. thats his style of music. Thats trap music. Spittin slowly on some great bass. BUT, i never saw a bunch of comment like these. Let me explain myself : there's alot of wack black rappers (like future or meek mill , pill and all these MMG shit) but you've never been all that aggressive. French is arab and he's one of the first arab rapper in the US. I was wondering if that could be a problem with you. Cause there are some reaaaal wack MCs like asap ferg, future i said, it who could deserve these type of comments. And I'd like you to be franc and tell me that his origins are not a problem. And ALSO, that 80% of niggas in the game are as wack as french. Or may be wacker !! thanks !

    • LOLZ

      ^^ Didn't know your nasty azz mom enjoyed tossing niggas Salads in the 80s^^ P.S it's didn't, not didn't, peasant ass CUNT ..lolz

    • Anonymous

      didnt even know he was not just a nigga

    • Anonymous

      Arab people, also known as Arabs (Arabic: , arab), are a panethnicity[14] primarily living in the Arab world, which is located in Western Asia and North Africa. ---------------- The Kingdom of Morocco is the most westerly of the North African countries. -- sounds like an arab to me. not to mention his name is Karim Kharbouch

    • Anonymous

      he,s not arab he's from morroco that's africa

    • anonymous

      Vanilla Ice was one of the first white rappers to make it big, and he's garbage. If you're white, black or green, if you can spit, you can make it big. Arabs deserve better than French Montana.


      LOLOLOL FRENCH IS WACK AS FUCK. PERIOD Yall can debate the race card, or the new era hip hop card, whatevr card you want but bottom line hes horrible, his voice sounds like he got cum or water in it, and he think he got swag wearing PELLE PELL???? LOLOL NEXT this nigga gonna flop hard than rick ross jumping in a fucking pool. Yall like him? Great, fucking bump his music, but you really cant deny the fact that this nigga got 25 plus features on his "DEBUT" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLLLLL fuck hip hop and fags like this who promote it

    • Anonymous

      its because he thinks hes bigger and better than he really is. he needs to stay in his lane. stop making statements like you got the best album of the last decade when you cant back them up

    • Anonymous

      You are the first person who said anything intelligent on this entire post. I ask myself the same question, why is it that these French Montana haters are not consistent with their hate? You make a very interesting observation regarding how pretty much every rapper sucks now , but yet they don't get anywhere near the hate that French gets. Why is that? Gucci and Trinidad James have as many haters as they have defenders, but not French. Again why is that? I think its because French is from NY and he does not fit the stereotype of a typical NY MC (being super lyrical), that puts a lot of people on the edge. He does not try to sound like Big L or Rakim, but rather tries to copy Gucci Mane or Waka's flow. From a NY perspective for a NY rapper to sound like they are from the south is heresy. I think that is the real reason people our on Montana's case. Yes he sucks as a rapper, but not anymore than anyone else that is now in the rap game.

    • Anonymous

      Your argument holds no weight . Their is a lot of hate and mocking for a number of so called rappers .. e.g Ross,Gucci,etc .. Just accept that French is a shit rapper with tired subject matter and a shit flow and doesn't add anything to the rap game .. 0.0 for not only this track but all the tracks he has ever appeared,featured on .. Stop playing the weak race card and accept that in 2 years time this dudes music will be in the bargain 99c bin

    • Anonymous

      riff raff knows hes a clown, am i supposed to be hating on riff raff on a french montana song? i dont even think they post riff raff on here

    • izi

      thats nice. but that nigga riff raff, why the fuck arent you as aggressive with him ? He's litterally a CLOWN ! While montana is a wack mc.

    • Anonymous

      the hate has nothing to do with his race. a wack mc is a wack mc whether he white, black, brown, yellow and this guy sucks

  • Chi-Ill

    I hope when his album drops and fails, he stops making music!

  • Anonymous

    fux with this instrumental + weeknd more than i fux with french...that dude is kinda sorta...ass

  • 614grind

    Probably the best you gon get outta this no talent.

    • Anonymous

      Damn right. Just streamed his album, he sounds the same on every track. He barely on there too, everyone featured is doing the work lol. That's what its come to.

  • anonymous

    please correct me if im wrong. but why does he say the n***a word? isnt he an arab berber from morrocco?

    • FG

      WHITE CUNTS WHITE CUNTS WHITE CUNTS im black from Jamaica and i say it ?????? Got a problem ? Awesome Guys

    • DE

      NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA im white kid from the suburbs and i fucking say it???? Got a problem? Awesome. NEXT QUESTION PLEASE

    • Anonymous

      he from africa i dont know if that means he should be able to say it or not but he def is not black dis niccas name is Karim Kharbouch

  • Anonymous

    no improvement whatsoever

  • foreal

    french is one corny mothaf*cka. he sucks man.

  • SA

    South Africa is feeling this man!! Yeeeeeah

  • Anonymous

    edit: the weeknd ft. french montana

  • Chris

    Nah this is hot 5/5 aint the biggest Montana fan, but he alright. Killt that first verse.

  • Anonymous

    The weeknd goes there @twandthestudent

  • done

    i swear i really try to like french i honestly do, but the man can't rap bruh, plain and simple. i was feeling the weeknd tho

  • jeremyalanmob

    This shit goes, gonna have it on repeat for awhile... Looking forward to The Weeknd's Kiss Land I think he compliments the gimmick/chorus rapper's well.. Keep em coming till we get the album!

  • Anonymous

    french is traaassshhhhhhh but he has a good gimmick going for himself.

  • Bene The OG

    I can tell French is going to flop cus if you look at the comment section of any hiphop website that has one of his songs posted %80 of the comments are "french is wack" or something of that nature. That club attending crowd that actually fuck with his music the "woo bitch turn up" type people will most likley just buy pop that and freaks off itunes and be done with it. His album is going to flop harder then most think. I think he will sell 55K first week...That being said this song was alright I have heard French spit Alot weaker shit before. Would I bump it? no. but im not mad at this song either.

  • Anonymous

    this is siiick af, 5/5

  • Anonymous

    http://www.viperial.com/albums/view/1069/French-Montana-_Excuse-My-French-Deluxe-Edition enjoy

  • Vin Caffrey

    Gifted, with no French Montana http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjmWHKRmQPA

  • D Wade

    Song sucks, and why does Weeknd sound like he's about to cry on every song?

  • Anonymous

    The Weeknd is dope...and of course, French Montana is garbage. French Montana sounds like he has aspergers or some shit. Fuck that nigga! 1 star one anything featuring French Montana

  • Gifted

    French is the most pointless rapper I've ever heard. The Weeknd always does the damn thing. 5 for XO 0 for French

  • Anonymous

    dope...quit hating you lames... Montana got style

  • Nuff said...

    1 is the most popular vote?? cmon yall. some of yall just hate for the sake of hating... Im not a french fan AT ALL, the weekend is cool. But this song aint bad. I say, 3stars... Will i play this in the whip? probably not, but its not bad. Some of you cats just dont kno music....

    • Anonymous

      naw 1 star for french montana. the title should say the weeknd ft. french montana, that no talent having ass bum

  • Anonymous


  • Dirty S

    The Weeknd is the shit, but French Montana is just shit....

  • smokealone

    Has anybody else noticed that whenever The Weeknd is a featured artist they make sure to put his verse first. Otherwise we would skip half the song just to hear him. XO til we overdose...

  • Anonymous

    Really hate that The Weeknd would jumped on this. French sucks. He hasn't earned the right to get all these high profile guys.

  • 777

    Hate French, but he doesn't suck as much as usual here. And there of course, The Weeknd is a God. 5/5

  • Anonymous

    fucking trash. this album is gonna be the weedplate of the year.

  • bolddebauchery

    i need one with only the weeknd

  • HIPHOPDX is dead

    HIPHOPDX is sucking much French dick lately. Do you guys get paid to publish this garbage? Do you call this hiphop?

    • Anonymous

      that's what happens when you got diddy backing you

    • Anonymous

      Was thinking the same thing this site is becoming a trash can full of race baiting articles,paid features, and weak knee jerk reporting

  • Anonymous

    French fuck this song up

  • Anonymous

    Fuck The Weak End & fuck French Toast Too.

  • M

    french montana is just not a good rapper

  • Anonymous

    looking forward to this album - ill give it a chance

  • Anonymous

    This is a good ass song...It would be a great song if that wack ass French Montana wasn't on it...

  • Anonymous

    The Weeknd is incredible.

  • w h o k n o w s

    big weeknd fan but this nikka need to stop fuckn wit these wack ass artist.. credibility is sinkin' 2/5

  • Anonymous

    I hope someone will make a no french montana version of the whole album

  • sc

    Weeknd kills another feature.. didnt even acknowledge french

  • Anonymous

    There is a The Weeknd only version floating around which is straight

  • Dane

    The weeknd creates every song

  • Anonymous

    Yep, the Weeknd made this record hot. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff on there too

  • TUSH