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Our final pick off J. Cole's "Truly Yours 2" EP is the self produced "Head Bussa." "Born Sinner" coming June 25th.


  • Milehighkid303

    The kid is good, but he ain't no circa 90's MC, his lil' ass would get eaten up. Some of you 90's babies that love this dude are deaf....like the dude below me said gun di liro, I grew up on the same ish, NEVER have I smacked that rewind button to replay a Cole lyric. WHEN and IF you do that, THAT means you got it. PERIOD. Ain't an opinion its straight up facts. You see, WHERE THIS SHIT STARTED was ALLLLLLL about delivery, lyrics, punches, flow and cadence.......these new jacks of today simply just don't have it. They love the fame too much. Holler.

  • Anonymous

    Cole is a cold dude...

  • J-Smooth

    My fav Cole tracc ever

  • The Decatur ATL BOI

    To Wacka,Gucci Mane,Trinidad James,Chief Keef and all of you other wack azz rappers with no writing skills, same beat having, no originality having azz negro's....this is how you rap. STEP YO DAMN FLOW UP!

  • DreamVillian

    North Carolina nigga doin it across the world!

  • Anonymous

    On the real, one of the dopest Cole tracks he's dropped since he first dropped..

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e0LyJFODs8 Better Music than J-cole.

  • Anonymous

    aint no half steppin

  • Anonymous

    step the bars up he just fucking around

  • FlashFixter

    Ol Cole flow - thank you

  • Jayden

    Banger, he was spit

  • Mike

    Great song, loving that beat

  • MightyMike27

    I'm one of J. Cole's biggest fans and I think this is probably the best shit he's put out lately. This shit should be track number 2 right after the intro on Born Sinner, its not easy to write n rhyme to a beat like this..he took it up a notch for this one. Shyt bangs!! Nothing less than a 5. PeaCe. #ColeWorld

  • Class AMG

    http://soundcloud.com/alangreene -CLASS AMG

  • Class AMG

    Cake thats what you suppose to do... http://soundcloud.com/alangreene -CLASS AMG

  • Youngen

    i think both gun di liro andfoursix should take a seat then go listen to Wacka 2Chainz n Meek Mill or something ..only realness over here, its not about how its being said but actualy what is being said #OverYourHeadMusic

    • Bigl1230

      Gun...What the hell are you talking about. That is just your opinion. All the people you just named I think Cole is better then. Obviously, he have to put out more music but this dudes music do not compare to most of the people that you named. Hmmm....You NEVER have to rewind his verse because you get everything. Wow, either you are just gifted to be in this nigga mind or you just as dumb as I think you are. It's no way in hell you listen to a song one time and understand everything he say. I hate people that listen to some of the OLD GREATS, they sware no one new can touch them. Just like the NBA. Yall are pathetic, give the dude his respect and keep it moving. REDMAN one of the hottest ever lol JOKE!!!!!

    • Youngen

      jus cos uve been exposed to some of the greats dont mean your opinion's gonna be relevant or wateva ..and jus coz u dont like a niggas tone of voice dont mean he aint spittin fire ..coz i fact i know is that Truly Yours & Truly Yours 2 are the best stuff any mainstream emcee has put out in the past 6 months and its only under mastered ish for throwaway so jus watch Cole etch his name as one of the greats (right now) in the game ..Born Sinner - June 25 #ColeSummer

    • gun di liro

      I grew up on the Wu, G Rap, Redman, Pun, Nas, Black Thought, Ghostface...etc. Who the fcuk is 2Chainz?? There's nothing in this song and a lot of Cole's songs worth rewinding. I've never had to smash the rewind button over a Cole verse. This song is going over nobody's head. C'mon...lol. Yes he's real which is great, but the how is just as important as what is being said. Why do you think Rakim is highly regarded by many as the GOAT?? He was able to deliver his lyrics in a way that was light years ahead of the majority of his peers. People today still talk about how ill Big's delivery was. So FOH with the "oh, you must listen to Wacka and 2Chainz" bulls!t. I can't stand when people say that anytime someone is not feeling a song of their favorite artist.

  • gun di liro

    i agree with foursix. it's just average. Cole is good, but I think the one thing he's lacks is charisma. some of the songs off the ep are good, but i could care less to hear them again.

  • foursix

    People need to stop rating off the name and actually listen to the song. It's an average track.

    • Anon

      yea what kburban said Cole World, Born Sinner on the way!! 6/25/13

    • kburban

      smh..gun di liro and foursix are out to lunch. - Cole "Lacks Charisma" now?! lol..Dog who comes with more explosive flow than Cole these days?..F*ck you think Kendrick agreed to a joint venture with him to begin with?..Lord knows Kendrick requires nobody's help. This track is just good music man. Ya'll need to stop dismissing quality music solely because it was released in 2013 rock with the artists ACTUALLY deserving of that credit. Ya'll buggin'!

  • Kali Jo


  • Donyay_West

    that flow doe......

  • Anonymous

    j.cole fans are deaf

  • 04444jm


  • Chris

    This is nice, I like it. When I saw the title, I thought he was about to be on some drunk iish, but it's dope. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they be having some good stuff too

  • Professor Lansky

    This is a throwaway song???? SMH this should be on an ALBUM!

    • thisiteisfilledwithfuckery

      If workout wasn't on the radio you homo's would be all about it and if you could do it better you wouldn't be bitching about it here.

    • Jonah

      Born Sinner will surprise a lot of people. I know a lot of hip hop heads were let down with Cole's studio album debut. I feel that's because the label forced Cole to record mainstream friendly tracks to attract a wider audience. While some of the songs worked (Can't Get Enough, In The Morning, Nobody's Perfect) some did not work well at all because of the dumbed down lyrics from Cole(Mr. Nice Watch, Cole World, Work Out)...but judging by the two free EP's Cole has released this year it's clear that he's had more freedom with recording his second album. Power Trip is a perfect balance for mainstream fans and his core fan base. He doesn't dumb anything down, the beat is nice, and it's catchy. I think Born Sinner will be a very dope album.

    • Bigl1230

      Man I said the same thing. Listen guys. It's only a throwaway track because he either found something better to replace it or he couldn't get the song cleared. It's hard to get samples and such cleared in a certain amount of time. Cole started releasing these songs because he said he LOVES these songs and he don't want to just throw them away without people hearing them Anyway this Song is pure perfection at it's finest. Just a song that on a higher plateau.

    • Anonymous

      you know how the industry goes. the album gonna have a bunch of weak songs like Work Out