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Check out another highly anticipated track off R.A. The Rugged Man's "Legends Never Die" dropping this Tuesday.


  • fd

    Ill song but Hopsin really didn't hold his weight on this song compared to RA yet people still say he's better than Jokerr...

  • Anonymous

    i dont really dig the beat...sound verry clownish...something The Jokerr would do

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin is unbelievably corny, I lol @ the fact that people really listen to this kid and think he's dope. RA is 40 years old & broke sharing an apartment with college kids cause he cant make the bills so do what you gotta do as far as I'm concerned but damn man, you couldnt find somebody with a buzz just a lil bit better to fuck with??

  • Drake

    Haha, classical music in a beat. Def different!

  • HarlemHippo

    This song doesn't fall into why R.A. is one of the top Hip Hop artists. R.A. has never put out a bad album and never will. Go buy any album that has been labeled a "Great Album" by the industry or where ever you base your opinions on music and tell me there isn't one lackluster song on that album. This album is going to be a solid in his discography.

  • Aesop Rock fan

    well this was the worst music i have ever heard

  • Anonymous

    Horrible lmao that sample is so lazy and horrible for a battle rap track. The lyrics were decent but not that good either, definitely don't make up for the song. 1 star

  • just me

    sick of rascism grow up people wtf we shouldn't grow apart we should grow together

  • Lestry

    Maybe it isn't the best produced track ever, but still it is nice to listen. R.A has nice rhymes and Hop did good job too.

  • kdfg

    RA is a great mc but this beat sounds fuckin overused. unfortunatelly this is the 2nd medicore song off the new album. i doubt it's gon be good

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin's voice doesn't go well with this imo

  • Rugged Man Fan

    Rugged Man used to be my favorite emcee but it sounds like he's trying to mimic his flow on Renaissance and Uncommon Valour. No doubt those verses were fucking flawless but it's not the Die Rugged Man Die and earlier flow, which is why I love the music. This verse not so much, it's more reminiscent of the older stuff but he definitely sets it off that way. But every other recent RA track I've heard he keeps doing this, jam as many words together as I can gobbledy goop.

    • 'Dido

      I feel you, but I still think his new flow is doper than his original. Die, Rugged Man, Die was a great album, but his rhymes in several trucks such as Da Girlz They Luv Me were lazy. Legends Never Die will be far better than its predecessor. You're saying that R.A.'s flow on Learn Truth, No Prints and Holla-Loo-Yuh are just him trying to mimic Uncommon Valor? Hell no. Learn Truth IMO is a BETTER verse than Uncommon Valor, possibly the best in his entire career. Give it a chance. You won't be disappointed.


    Another rugged man beat reminiscent of something that would have been rejected in 93 for being corny and generic

  • Deftly

    stop hatin on a mc you know nothin about

  • materazzithegamer

    This is my shit! Bumpin this all way erryday

  • RoxMatts

    How can you hate this? Hating ass niggahs

    • Bram

      There is no white suburban kid on this planet that listens to RA the Rugged Man. No way. They listen to 2chainz and lil wayne. I've never met a white kid who had even heard of RA the Rugged Man,which is odd but probably has more to do with them being kids than white

    • OHMY

      Its hating if you dont like a song? how cna you like this b.s. they can both spit but put 0 effort into the track because they know people like you will dick ride and buy there shit anyway..lame ass suburban white kids probabely love this..YOUR FAVORITE WHITE RAPPER,OHMY

  • afubwefb

    not hyped for the album anymore tbh

  • Anonymous

    Meh, aint like I expected much out of it to begin with tho

  • Johnsun

    Rugged Man killed it like always, and I was quite surprised with Hopsin. I usually don't like his shit., but this song kicks all varieties of ass.

  • ugh

    i don't like the sample at all

    • ugh

      thx for the phone number. i called but only your mother offered me a free hed

    • Anonymous

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