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"If you roll one up, I'ma roll one too."



  • Nice - DON'T KILL MY VIBE!

    Dope shit like this happens when everyone goes H.A.M. However, My Fav. part is Wiz's! Cant F* with a STONER! P.S. Big Sean and Wiz = Magic!

  • SteveO_MN

    I legitimately love this song. Big Sean keeps it real with the best verse on the track. Carefree don't give a fuck beat.

  • Anonymous

    this was on finally famous....

  • IMhO

    can fuck w this 4/20 joint

  • Mac Miller - Watching Movies With the Sound Off

    1. Growing Up feat. Heather Victoria (Produced by Brandun DeShay) 2. S.D.S. (Somebody Do Somethin') (Produced by Flying Lotus, add. Larry Fisherman) 3. Spittin' (Produced by Chuck Inglish, add. Ritz Reynolds) 4. All the Time (Produced by Larry Fisherman, co. I.D. Labs) 5. Pittsburgh Celebrity (Produced by Big Jerm, add. Larry Fisherman) 6. Act a Ass (Produced by Larry Fisherman, co. I.D. Labs) 7. Go Hard or Go Home (Produced by Larry Fisherman, co. I.D. Labs) 8. Let Him Have It feat. Wiz Khalifa (Produced by Pharrell Williams) 9. Psychedelic Macadelic feat. The Weeknd (Produced by Clams Casino) 10. All I Need feat. Charles Bradley (Produced by Mike Dean, add. Larry Fisherman, add. Big Jerm) 11. Pain No More feat. Santigold (Produced by Clams Casino) 12. Goosebumps (Produced by Diplo, add. Ritz Reynolds) Deluxe Edition 13. My Cup (Produced by Larry Fisherman, co. I.D. Labs) 14. Lookin' Back feat. Heather Victoria (Produced by Ritz Reynolds)

  • I'm not racist. I'm simply stating facts. #StayWhite

    Tyronne wants to buy a 2 Chainz CD. He has $20 to spend at a local record store. How many baby mamas does he have? #RacistMathProblems The NBA reminds me of my teenage acne issues... For every white head, there's about 10 black heads. During a blackout, everything stops working. White Out is a substance used to continue working. Commentator: "Chauncey Billups is always dangerous..." Of course he is, he's black I adopted a black kid and named him "Google." I mean, it makes sense - he's going to get searched constantly anyway. How many black people does it take to change a light bulb? Wait, where did it go? Jamal is saving to buy a new skateboard. The skateboard costs $49.99. What store will Jamal steal the skateboard from? #RacistMathProblems What do you call a white person on fire? Firecracker. Jerome has a date with Stacy. Stacy is white. How mad is Stacy's father? Show your work. #RacistMathProblems What sucks about being white? Nothing. Jamal averages 25.3 points per game and has 3 championships. How long until he dates a Kardashian? #RacistMathProblems The NBA...because not all black people end up in prison. What do you call a bus full of black people? America's Most Wanted. Guilty conscience? You're probably black. What's the definition of a white virgin from the south? Any girl who can outrun her father and brothers. How do you get a black man to commit suicide? Toss a bucket of fried chicken into traffic. "Whoever did the rhyme, did the crime." Which is why most rappers are black. What's black and sleeps with my daughter? Nothing, because I'm a good father.

  • Anonymous


  • Bicurious Bob

    i wonder why they call him big sean. things that make ya go hmmmmm lol.

  • deeply hurt

    I'm gay and this deeply offends me! Why would God make me this!!! ANSWER ME!!! :(

  • deeply hurt

    I'm gay and this deeply offends me. Why would God curse me? ANSWER ME!!!! :((



    • Atheist

      O shut it wit the Bejebus hogwash! Life is meaningless so do as ya please and stop wasting ya goddamn time.



  • just my opinion

    yo, is it me or does this nigga just know how to make that feel good music?! I feel like Big Sean brings sumthing to Hip Hop in form of a nigga that loves making music and it comes across/translates well plus he's got BARS! I feel this!

  • Anonymous

    Surprised I never heard this it's ok.

  • Anonymous

    ay yo xaphoon you crazy