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Jay-Z covers a whole range of topics on his latest from the Nets to Cuba.


  • J Skrill

    Hardest I've heard Jay spit in a long min

  • L A TONE


  • jimmybarlow

    slick beat 5/5

  • ErikDaDawn

    all i can say is i cant wait for Magna Carta Holy Grail.. and apparently the first single is produced by Swizz Beatz and it already leaked>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW8qFJItRwo i dunno sounds real to me..

  • Deandre

    Jayz is dope but Nasir is the dopest!

  • dentaldamboy

    I actually am not a accountant, I gotta come clean. I'm 14 and live in my grandparents house (my mom gave me up cause she was a crack-head and never met my dad). I do this trolling thing because it makes me feel like I matter to SOMEONE at least ! Now that the jokes over, I just want to apologize for being such an troll and all my fake opinions...please don't be too mad, this site is all I have ...

  • Mario Parker

    Y'All Gon Learn Today!

  • Anonymous


  • Ashton

    Jay is about to sign this chick...check her out... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sscu4WOGY84

  • ScHoolboy Q - Oxymoron

    1. BlaspHemous (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 2. Ice Cream BitcH (Produced by Mike WiLL Made It, co. Marz) 3. Oxymoron (Produced by Pharrell Williams) 4. DeatHsadvocate (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 5. Druggys wit Hoes Pt, Trois feat. Ab-Soul (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 6. Eat feat. Danny Brown (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 7. Talk My sHit (Produced by The Alchemist) 8. Yay Yay (Produced by Boi-1da, co. The Maven Boys) 9. Attitude feat. Kendrick Lamar (Produced by Pharrell Williams) 10. Grooveline Pt. 2 feat. A$AP Rocky (Produced by Mike WiLL Made It, co. Marz) 11. Ridin' HigH (Produced by The Alchemist) 12. Killing Spree feat. Action Bronson (Produced by The Alchemist) 13. Fallen Soldiers feat. Jhene Aiko (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 14. Bang Bang feat. Ab-Soul, Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar [Black Hippy] (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 15. Gangsta (Produced by Digi+Phonics)

  • Fuck Marcy

    It ain't hard to say how much I hate this shit...

  • CannonCooley

    Still not on art of rap.....

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    boring ... rappers need to get more technical

  • David Stubbz

    As always, HOV comes with it but ends up getting overrated. Top 15 MC all time but not top 15 right now.

  • you mad...............again

    jay z is more complete that nas. jay z is god emcee yesssssss. 10/10

  • Kali Jo


  • Anonymous

    I play this shit everyday

  • J Hova

    thats why im fucking beyonce and yall still fucking around with hood rats and basic bitches nah nah nah nah nah

  • Anonymous

    it was aight. better than any wayne song though.

  • DentalDamBoy

    lets face it, Hova doesnt have an album (since 2003) that can lyrically fuck with Carter2 or Da Drought 3 THIS IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE

  • For the Politically Feint of Heart

    Eeek, "I got 99 Problems and now Jay-Z is one of them" But that, "It's a Hip Hop reference" was dope, sly. ...

  • Hova Album

    Hova pls we need your new album... can't stand this lil niccaz saying shit and i hear your shit in all they do, just like drake's 5am in toronto.. dem

    • y u mad

      mad rapper... its alright ok geezz, nicca\z be tripin when you call HOV

    • Anonymous

      PLLLLLEAAAAASE HOOOOOOV ... PLLLLLEASE...... . Shut up, this track is hot, we don't need you to go crying for attention, I don't think Hov is your hearing your calling .

  • IROC

    This song is just ok didnt make me want down load or want to hear it again you just cant throw crap together and expect it to blow Jay Z

  • Anonymous

    Nobody looks happy in that picture.

  • Anonymous

    Questlove is a porch-monkey. fACt

  • Anonymous

    Scarface need a verse on this...

  • The Brown Tape

    It's mind-boggling the heart wants it, the mind rejects it Fuck the past, let's put the present in perspective That's my lady, she would never back-stab or cross me Stand butt-naked in the storm, sippin' the frosty Force me to choose, I'mma follow my heart She was there from the beginning, but I tore 'em apart No more Delucas, straight Killa Bee on the swarm And when it's time to get big, she put her game face on

  • Anonymous

    1. ja rule 2. ja rule 3. ja rule 4. ja rule 5. ja rule

  • what i think

    you getting to much money they try to jam you>>hot!!

  • ubestnotmiss

    "catch a body/ head for houston" Thats a Nas reference

  • Big Bad Uno Ocho Gang, E'z up!

    This clown could fart on wax and his chavala fans would still be screaming "shit is fire", "shit is hard" etc etc.

  • Based God

    I feel so honored to fuck your bitch. All of my hardwork and dedication has paid off. Fucking your bitch has been a dream of mine for many years, and i would like to thank those who have helped me along the way. First and foremost i would like to thank god for giving me this opportunity. Next i would like to thank my parents. I want to thank my dog Nelson, for always there for me. I would also like to thank my pet tadpole for surviving against all odds for over a week. Next i would like to thank the squirrel that lives in my backyard for climbing trees because that gives me inspiration that i need to get through the day. I also want to thank Corey Nelson for giving me someone to beat in Mario Party. This is a special moment in my life and i would like to thank any of my unmentioned friends and family that have helped me along the way. This moment will be a moment that i will never forget. I just remembered a few other people i would like to thank; facebook, the fish i caught in the third grade, my light in my room bc i wouldnt be able to see the keyboard without it, the internet for letting me go on facebook, my house because without it i would be homeless, and last but not least i would like to thank all the people out there that actually took time out of their day to read this. I cannot stress how much of a big deal to me this is. I have been trying fuck yo bitch in the cutch for years, but that has not been possible until this amazing day. Hopefully my good luck will continue, but this is undoubtedly a rare occasion. If you asked me how i did this, i would say, you can achieve anything u set your mind on. To all the kids out there reading this, i would like to tell them to follow their dreams. Fucking your bitch is amazing, thank you everyone.

    • Anonymous

      your a bitch made, sucka ass, garbage producing fake ass MC.. you are what is wrong with this country, and I hope you "accidently" shoot yourself in the dome.. twice..

  • Jay

    Hov still doing it...watch this kid he looking at signing... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr-t2okXzu4

  • Ricky Rozay

    lyrically, Hov doesnt have an album that can top Teflon Don or GFID Bawse!!!!!!

  • Grandson

    DX you guys got it wrong. It's Jay-z featuring swizz beatz prod. by timbaland

  • jo

    gotta love the great white north



  • Marcus

    Crazy record. Jay demolishes it. Can't wait for made in America. It will compete with ''Redemption''for sure.

  • QGunz82

    STR8 FIRE!!!!!!! Feels good to have the vets still. Hip hop will be in a casket wen the vets quit

  • Anonymous

    Nasty>Open Letter Any verse off life is good>Open Letter

  • can't stop

    i listen to this every day.. God this nicca Hov is the all time.....?

  • Havana To Atlanta

    Bow Down Bitches

  • Jay

    Watch this dude out of Toronto destroy Drake's 5AM in Toronto...does not disappoint http://youtu.be/pr-t2okXzu4

  • Anonymous

    Man, all those niggas are legend in the studio, but someone tell them to hit the fuckin' gym.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga said "I'll buy a kilo for chief keef, out of spite I just might flood these streets". HAHAHA that line was hard.

  • Anonymous

    Dis shyt pretty dope soundz like classic jay z

  • My Boyz!

    CHECK OUT MY BOYS BRUH! THEY THE HOTTEST IN CALI RIGHT NOW M.i.C.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhhSknzeCYk Baeza: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhdcrgnmrvc they better than you

  • Anonymous

    drake is better than jay z 9 am in toronto is way better than this peice of garbage song jay z fell off hes trash

  • @IAmPrevail

    Just shitted on all the critics yappen they mouth. CRACK

  • T.I. - Trouble Man II: He Who Wears the Crown

    Disc 1 1. All for the Love (Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 2. If You Know feat. Jay-Z (Produced by Just Blaze) 3. Where I've Been (Produced by Jake One) 4. Thank God (Produced by Kanye West, co. Mike Dean) 5. The Way Life Is feat. Kelly Rowland (Produced by Tricky Stewart, co. The-Dream) 6. Put Your Hands Up (Produced by The Neptunes) 7. Glory feat. Nas (Produced by No I.D.) 8. Twilight feat. B.o.B (Produced by B.o.B) 9. The Truth feat. Kanye West (Produced by Kanye West, co. Mike Dean) 10. Walk Like a Soldier (Produced by Just Blaze) 11. Stop (Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 12. Pop It (Produced by The Neptunes) 13. Good Times feat. Rihanna (Produced by Kanye West, co. No I.D., co. Mike Dean) 14. He Who Wears the Crown (Produced by Tricky Stewart, co. The-Dream) Disc 2 1. Blood Pressure feat. Iggy Azalea (Produced by DJ Toomp) 2. Run for Cover (Produced by Mike WiLL Made It) 3. I Don't Care (Produced by Mike Dean) 4. You Know Why (Produced by DJ Toomp) 5. Everywhere I Go (Produced by Big K.R.I.T.) 6. Crazy Girl feat. Ciara (Produced by DJ Toomp) 7. All Night feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz (Produced by Swizz Beatz) 8. Whatever feat. Jazze Pha (Produced by Mike Dean, co. Jazze Pha) 9. Ain't No Way feat. Young Jeezy (Produced by DJ Toomp) 10. If I Should Die feat. Scarface (Produced by Mike Dean) 11. Blackout feat. Trae tha Truth (Produced by DJ Toomp) 12. Blunt Object (Produced by Mike Dean) 13. My Enemies (Produced by Big K.R.I.T.) 14. Some South Shit (Produced by Drumma Boy)

  • Nasstill@it

    "had a spark when you start but now you just garbage...fell from top ten to not be mentioned at all..." HA HA HA HA!!!LMAO! This pretty much sums Nas's carrer, dude was never the same after this line.

  • jux

    Finally this nigga dropped some real shit...Fuck Khanye West, He been messin with your mind and puttin you into that fag shit... JIGGA!

  • Ricky Rozay

    Rick Ross Projects Port of Miami: 8.5/10 Trilla: 9/10 Deeper Than Rap: 8/10 Albert Anastasia EP: 10/10 Teflon Don: 10/10 Ashes To Ashes: 7.5/10 Rich Forever: 10/10 God Forgives, I Dont: 9/10 Black Bar Mitzvah: 7/10 Jay Z has ONE album over 8/10 (RD) Bawse!!!!!!!!

  • jeack

    ^^^You guys are partly right, but thats not quite the whole story. Most Nas fans really like Jay and would not attempt to deny Jay's incredible success story and his overall contribution to hip hop in general, classic albums included. But you are lying to yourself if you can't admit Jay's very noticeable slide from his Black Album days to his current musical output. I mean he really hasn't had an album close to classic since Black Album, and yes I know AG was solid but it is a bit overrated. Kingdom Come sucked outright, BP3 was some pop bullshit that really didn't suit Jay, and Watch the Throne, though it had its nice moments, was not overall a solid album. And he has also had some fairly weak features (Three Kings, Monster, run this town, do it for hip hop, bitch dont kill my vibe, suit and tie, etc.). Couldnt agree more with this. People do need to just stop. The way to judge his new shit is in a few years will you ever listen to it over Black Album shit or before. I dont think theres anyway that anyone could enjoy the new shit more than that stuff. The quality of his rhyming, flows, and beats he had made for stuff that this new stuff aint even close to.

  • jeack

    I really dont know when people lost their ability to judge good music vs bad. I guess the only way to prove to you people that the new stuff sucks is by goign back in a few years from now, and asking would you listen to A. a black album song, or B. this song here. I dont even think its close. This is not "vintage jay," and this certainly isnt a good beat. It makes for a very average song, just like most of jay-zs stuff after kingdom come. Its not hating, just being a realist. in 5 year years I know damn well that none of you will be like oooh shiit I cant wait to pop in that BluePrint 3 shit. Youll be popping in Blueprint, Reasonable Doubt, ImL, and Black album

  • digga

    great song from jay. haven't heard jay rap like this in a while. he needs to do this more. as for this nas/jay-z debate. there will never be a conclusion to it cuz it shouldn't be stressed. they represent two sides of hip hop. nas is the lyrical concept trendsetter and jay-z represents the american dream in hip hop. they both have a sopt and will always have a leagcy in the game. name me two mc's that still have that longevity like them (not even em nor 50. sorry) nas and jay are the most consistent in their sides of the spectrum

  • Q

    Dam! Str8 fire. Disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    To all of those saying songs weak just arent listening to HOVA and that beats sick i mean y'all gone learn today..this is what Jay-z old flow sounds like with updated subjects

  • Anonymous

    Jay is a Nas stan. 1. Jay-Z begged Nas and AZ to be on "Bring It On" song off the Reasonable Doubt album. But Nas turned it down. 2. Jay-Z begged Nas to be on Dead Presidents so Nas turned him down so he sampled him. 3. Jay-Z sampled Nas voice AGAIN on Crack Game/Rap Game or whatever the fuck. 4. Jay-Z used to rap like the fu-schnickens but tried to switch his shit up when he heard Illmatic 5. The fact that Jay even knew Nas' child's mother is stalker-ish 6. Jay-Z said "Who's the best MC, Jay-Z, Biggie and NAS" before the beef 7. Jay-Z admitted to listening to ALL of Nas albums in Takeover 8. Jay-Z randomly showed up at the recording of "Black Republican" and put himself on that track (No, it wasn't a planned collab) 9. Jay-Z had AZ in the video for Dead Presidents 10. Jay-Z started working with people like Frank Ocean and Jay Electronica after NAS shouted them out and worked with them first 11. Jay-Z tried to get Nas on the Empire State song AND REMIX but Nas refused both 12. Jay-Z invited Nas to perform at the Carnegie Hall show recently I could go on forever...Because Jay has been on Nas' dick forever. This is why Nas called him a "STAN"

    • nastynas

      http://www.vibe.com/article/nas-talks-life-good-wanting-eminem-and-jay-z-daughters-remix who's the liar now, motherfucker?

    • ^^ you lying dummy

      Nas did not try to get Jay on the remix for that. You're making things up. And Frank Ocean and Jay E were NOT KNOWN at the time. You probably are 13 and weren't listening to hiphop when Nas first co-signed them

    • Anonymous

      Didn't you just post this on the DJ Premier post... I guess you're the Nas "stan" and Hov "hater" it's 2013, motherfucker MOVE ON!

    • nastynas

      Nas also tried to get Jay-Z on the Daughters remix and he declined, so it works both ways. And working with AZ( music video, really?), Frank Ocean and Jay Electronica is completely irrelevant. They were already established; Frank Ocean was doing his thing with Odd Future.

    • J. Doe

      Sounds like somebody else is on Nas' dick too...just saying. Can't blame you though...he's one of the best in the game.

  • cc

    hey that was a tremendous performance of timbaland!

  • Tyrone

    We call that fire where I am from!

  • Anonymous


  • bhhghghj

    dope shit from hov

  • definition of dope


  • whoisthebestmcbiggiejayornas

    jay is a boss with a boss swag on this one.

  • DmIzE

    jay shitted on them haters... hate all you want, but you cannot deny that dude runs the game, and has for the past 7 years..


    Jay Z wouldn't be here today if Biggie was still alive. While Pac and Biggie were doin there thing in the 90's, Nas was right there with them with a classic album to back him. Jay was more like a sidekick. Nas solidified his spot in the game while the greats were here, Jay "solidified" his spot in the game after Biggie died, along with all the rhymes Jay Z stole from Biggie. There are only a couple of real kings in the game, and just because your bank account is overweight doesn't make you a legend in the game. Jay doesn't set trends, he just follows what's hot.

    • Anonymous

      It's weird then that everytime something Jay-Z gets posted the comment section is filled with talk about who is the greatest rapper of all time...

    • digga

      not necessarily. jay and big weren't really that tight. jay wanted big's spot at the time and i agree with the nas comparison. nas been solidifed his spot on his debut verse and the classic known as illmatic. jay-z's reasonable doubt wasn't thought of as a classic until years later(i agree it was a clssic whne i heard it. not better than illmatic but damn good for a debut. that's 90's hip hop for you) and what's pop culture? jay-z is recognized for all the side hustles he has done. his business ethic. nas never been that type for that (even though he has been known to invest in stuff) jay came in the game to make a spot and get every dollar he can get which is cool

    • Anonymous

      Silly kids trying to rewrite history. First of all jay released a classic album with reasonable doubt. Biggie and jay were tight. They were suppose to record an album together. The commission was the name of the group containing members lil cease, Charli Baltimore and rumoured a young Camron. So before you act like jay was a nothing rapper back then remember he was tight with biggie who the biggest rapper in the game. He was also close to signing big l before he died so who knows how big or small he would have or could have been. Jay z and big pun dissed each other on records. Jayo felony and jay z were dissing each other as well. So jay wasn't some small time sidekick.

    • DmIzE

      jay was super cool with biggie, so it was only a matter of time before he got on, even if biggie wouoldnt have died... jay was just breaking into the game with reasonable doubt (dropped summer of 96) when pac and big died... its funny how yall try anything to discredit jay, when it was clear from the jump that dude had skills...

  • Eric89

    This is ok. Not all what people are making it out to be tho

    • DmIzE

      this is fire for what it was intended for... the critics started shitting on him, and in two days he dropped a track that shitted all over each and everyone of the peeps hatin on his trip to cuba...


    u never see jay fans shitting on nas in every jay z post.. its always the other way round. jay fans got nothing to prove because jay is already highly regarded. opn the other hand i cant even enjoy a new nas song on this site without reading some nas fuckboy saying some sideways shit about jay because nas gets somewhat over looked and they dont think jay deserves all the love her gets. i think nas dickriders are just insecure about nas' place in hip hop and the fact that jay, his rival, is more esteemed and celebrated by pop culture. so they are constantly talking down on jay on every blog to make nas look better. nas already top 5 DOA, yet his groupies despise jay's success to the point where they become bigger haters of jay than they are fans of nas himself.

    • @ Real Talk

      Your assessment is spot-on.

    • comachonvargas

      ^^^You guys are partly right, but thats not quite the whole story. Most Nas fans really like Jay and would not attempt to deny Jay's incredible success story and his overall contribution to hip hop in general, classic albums included. But you are lying to yourself if you can't admit Jay's very noticeable slide from his Black Album days to his current musical output. I mean he really hasn't had an album close to classic since Black Album, and yes I know AG was solid but it is a bit overrated. Kingdom Come sucked outright, BP3 was some pop bullshit that really didn't suit Jay, and Watch the Throne, though it had its nice moments, was not overall a solid album. And he has also had some fairly weak features (Three Kings, Monster, run this town, do it for hip hop, bitch dont kill my vibe, suit and tie, etc.). The same cannot be said for Nas, and Nas fans take offense to Jay fans acting like he still runs it when honestly LIG is better than any album Jay has put out in nearly ten years, although it is also one of Nas best in his last 3-4 CDs as well. Nas has had some ridiculous features in the past eighteen months also. I would like to see Jay put out another classic but I am not sure he is capable. His flow isn't as good as it used to be, the double entendres don't have the bite that they used to, and he seems more prone to suspectly corny ad-libs and accents than he used to be. Maybe his next album will prove otherwise, but I am not holding my breath. Jay prob still top five, definitely top ten without a question

    • bkstylz

      this about sums it up

  • Anonymous

    Jay is a Nas stan. 1. Jay-Z begged Nas and AZ to be on "Bring It On" song off the Reasonable Doubt album. But Nas turned it down. 2. Jay-Z begged Nas to be on Dead Presidents so Nas turned him down so he sampled him. 3. Jay-Z sampled Nas voice AGAIN on Crack Game/Rap Game or whatever the fuck. 4. Jay-Z used to rap like the fu-schnickens but tried to switch his shit up when he heard Illmatic 5. The fact that Jay even knew Nas' child's mother is stalker-ish 6. Jay-Z said "Who's the best MC, Jay-Z, Biggie and NAS" before the beef 7. Jay-Z admitted to listening to ALL of Nas albums in Takeover 8. Jay-Z randomly showed up at the recording of "Black Republican" and put himself on that track (No, it wasn't a planned collab) 9. Jay-Z had AZ in the video for Dead Presidents 10. Jay-Z started working with people like Frank Ocean and Jay Electronica after NAS shouted them out and worked with them first 11. Jay-Z tried to get Nas on the Empire State song AND REMIX but Nas refused both 12. Jay-Z invited Nas to perform at the Carnegie Hall show recently I could go on forever...Because Jay has been on Nas' dick forever. This is why Nas called him a "STAN

    • digga

      most of those are correct except for the black republician collabo. that was mutual. i agree that jay admires nas and vice versa. and Def Jam wasn't Jay-Z's label. LA Reid signed Nas to Def Jam. You know LA Reid and Nas are friends? Jay-Z ushered Nas into the label as introducing the public that Nas joined Def Jam. that's the sole reason he had that I Declare War concert Power 105 thrown. this is fact. there's proof of that. LA Reid was the label head. Jay-Z served as president. and for LA to sign Nas is utmost respect. Nas always wanted to be on Def Jam in the first place. Damn I'm suprised u cats didn't know this stuff

    • Kabs

      WHO gives a finuck...Neither one of them dudes are paying my rent so why sit here taking inventory on them. Just make good music like Jay did with this song and keep it moving. Nas is king lyrically but Jay has friends in high places which allows him to stay relevant. The guy wants to make his billion dollars...Nas just wants to put out music that inspires this hip hop culture...there isn't anything wrong with any of them.

    • Anonymous

      True I guess your right. That's why jay signed Nas to his label. And Nas agreed.

    • Anonymous

      lol, that is honestly jay z hating. Nas is probably better, but this is jay z's track not nas'

    • CrackPipe

      And you are obviously a Nas Stan as well, homeboy. Who fucking cares?

  • Anon

    My question is why do people hate JayZ? I respect you if you just don't like his music. But some people call him a sellout? why is it that so many blacks will only celebrate you as long as you dont get too much success? I'll tell you. because those of us who think that way are the REAL enemy. you allow someone to program the idea in your head that blacks can't be but so successful before they are considered a sell-out. it's like a tax bracket. you good until you pass a certain success level. then you are a sell-out. Yall don't even realize that this is a slave mentality. I've never seen a white person call Eminem a sellout lol

  • Tha Truth

    props to nas recognizing a true legend. Jay-z is the best emcee ever. PERIOD! name another rapper that has lasted as long as him and still selling records... everybody looks at jay and says he sold out because he doesnt talk about the same stuff he did back in the reasonable doubt era or even the blueprint era. hes passed that, hes 40 years old and surrounded by money, yet he still recognizes that his words have an impact, you think watch the throne was all about money? did you even listen to murder to excellence? did you even listen to new day?

    • First anon reply

      sd- how am I an idiot?? please explain, because each and every single point I made is valid.. the only thing you could say is "your an idiot".. lmao.. silly kid, go eat a dick..

    • Anonymous

      nas sold records this past year and he has been in the game since '91, longer than jay z, jay z obviously sold more, but Nas refused to do the commercial thing and is really made a career based on his taste. both have very respectable legacy's

    • sd

      u guys are idiots and know nothing about hip hop

    • Anonymous

      I agree that jay is ARGUABLY the best mc ever (he makes a good case, but its not a forgone conclusion), but em dropped his debut (not counting infinite) in 99, 3 years after jay, and is still selling mad records.. the only reason em aint considered to be running the game right now is because he doesn't want to.. if he came out and did publicity, public apperances, and dropped an album each year for the next 2/3 years, he would be right up there.. like I said, jay has a case, but don't discredit em


    Jay z is such a fucking sell out. blueprint 3 was the nail in the coffin, this nigga would drop a collabo album with beiber if it kept him hot. i never seen a nigga hold on like this. writing articles for bullshit rolling stone, a publication that has tried to destroy hip hop on several occasions. not only is jay begging for acceptance, his music is shit now. dumb bitch nigga. self praise is no praise at all. a king doesnt crown himself, a king is crowned by the people, Wayne is the king

  • Nick T

    can never understand hiphop fans infatuation with rappers that are real and about that lifewho the fuck cares if he was really a thug or not? Ur not hangin out with himthe real question is CAN HE RAP?? HOW IS HIS MUSIC?? U dont get a pass cuz your REALLY a criminal. Fuck that. I could careless about what you do in your personal time. I just want to get to some good music when I buy your album thats it. Only in hip hop do we say yea, his music sucks but hes REAL so I like him

    • DmIzE

      the funny part is jay's music is and always has been "real".. he has always rapped about his life, just as he blew up, he had new shit to rap about..

  • Kizman

    This is the all time top 10 GOAT list based on skills, impact, lyrics, etc ( in no order). feel free to comment Rakim Nas Jay Z Ice Cube Scarface Kool G rap MF doom canibus (late 90's-2003) K rino Big Daddy Kane

    • Anonymous

      Yasiin Bey over K rino and Em over cannibus be real doe

    • Anonymous

      lol, nevermind, you said em was inconsistent.. cannibus wasn't?? doom wasn't?? rino wasn't?? gtfoh.. em's skills, lyrics and impact shitted all over those three combined.. sorry about the semi-hostile tone of this last comment, but get real man.. you shouldn't be calling your list the top 10 goats of all time.. it should be your top 10 fav MCs of all time.. because 99/100 peeps you ask would agree that pac, big, and em, would make the goat list over rino, doom, and cannibus..

    • Anonymous

      oh, and why no reply about my point about em being left off the list?? ;) or nothing about my points on rino, doom, or cannibus??

    • @kizman

      even with pac dying early, NO ONE made a bigger impact on the game.. NOBODY.. he was in like 5 blockbuster movies, and dropped like 4 classic albums before he died.. even if your saying that he only got hyped up b/c he died (which undeniably he did get a big boost) he was STILL made the biggest impact of any rap artist.. ever.. if you wanna discount impact, you should take it off your list of criteria..

    • Hiphop360

      i like this list...Oh you bloggers are Pussy lol

    • Kizman

      ^anon, we cant really say if big and pac were all time legends b/c they died early. the mc's i listed (IMO) are the top10 best of all time. Em is too inconsistent to be on that list (3 shit albums), Big rapped simplistic shit but had a dope ass flow to make up 4 that.

    • Anonymous

      your talking impact, and you say pac shouldn't have made the list?? NO ONE made a bigger impact in rap music than pac.. nobody.. and to leave em off the list?? skills? (10, one of the most proficient spitters ever), impact? (9 when he dropped his first two albums the entire rap game took notice) lyrics (10, his lyrics and wordplay are top 5 all time, ask ANY MC).. rino (no impact on the game, although he could spit), doom (same), and cannibus (he made an impact but he still aint on pac or ems level.. em shitted on him during the beef).. word is bond

    • Kizman

      in my opinion, Biggie should be nowhere near the top10 all time list. he's a legend, but vastly overrated due to his death (same with pac). they weren't as skilled as the guys I mentioned above (my opinion).

    • CrackPipe

      DOOM is sick but he shouldn't be there and who the fuck is K Rino? Replace them with Pac and Biggie and your list is somewhat credible.

  • Anonymous

    imagiine a new jay-z album filled with content like this he will make us all feel stupid for doubting him for a second lol

  • Anonymous

    Dope ...unlike kanye, hov still killing it

  • Tommy D

    To answer your question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmIQzM6tLAs

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is Rick Fouche?

  • Hat oFF

    Yeah Jay-Z is god. But the young dudes Cudi, Big Sean, Rick Fouche, Kendrick will be legends too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmIQzM6tLAs

    • Anonymous

      lol.. big seana legend?? hes aiight, but nowhere near legend status.. matter of fact, the only dude on your list who has a shot is k dot


    Yeah I have been hearing about Rick Fouche. That Aint Nobody video is so sick!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yo this is dope but this guy Rick Fouche has been droppin mixtapes every single week!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmIQzM6tLAs

  • Nocho's Cocus'

    Dear Mr.Z So when I heard of your visit, I thought to myself, Jay Z seems like a smart, thoughtful guy. He doesn't realize what he's walking into. He probably just thinks Cuba is a chic place to relax with the family. He probably just doesn't know the things I know. He likely doesn't know that the Cuban tourism industry is run by the Cuban military, so when he spends money at an officially sanctioned hotel, or restaurant, he is directly funding the oppressors of the Cuban people. He doesn't know that most Cubans have poor access to independent news sources, the internet, books, and food. He doesn't know that Cuba has two health systems, one for the well-connected, and one for everyone else. He doesn't know that before Castro, the Cuban peso traded one-to-one with the dollar, and that since then, the Castros have raided the nation's coffers and introduced widespread poverty to a once prosperous nation. He doesn't know that my ancestors fought to free Cuba from Spain, and to set up a democracy to ensure that they would always be free. He doesn't know that in spite of those dreams, my mother and her family fled for their lives from this regime way back in 1960, as did *two million* other Cubans. He doesn't know about the thousands of people executed by firing squads led by sexy t-shirt icon Che Guevara. He doesn't know about the dissidents, artists, and librarians that currently rot in Cuba's prisons, and the thousands more who live in fear. He doesn't know about Orlando Zapata Tamayo, an Afro-Cuban dissident who died in a Cuban prison in 2010 after an 80-day hunger strike. He doesn't know that a U.S. Citizen, Alan Gross, is currently serving a 15-year sentence in a Cuban prison for providing phones and computers to the members of the Cuban Jewish community. He doesn't know that all attempts by our government and private citizens to secure his release have been scoffed at. He has likely forgotten about all those who have died in the Florida Straits, trying to float on makeshift boats to freedom. He doesn't know that contrary to popular understanding, Amnesty International reports that repression of dissidents in Cuba is actually on the rise. He doesn't know that when an international music luminary shows up in Cuba, his presence is unwittingly used as propaganda to support the regime. He doesn't know that artists in Cuba, with whom he was supposedly having a cultural exchange, serve under the close supervision of the government, and don't enjoy the freedom to defiantly name check the President, call out a few senators, threaten to buy a kilo of cocaine just to spite the government, or suggest that they will follow up their purchase with a shooting spree, as rapped about in "Open Letter." He doesn't know that just because our country applies a different, some say hypocritical policy to China, it doesn't make either regime any less oppressive, or any more acceptable. He doesn't know that when people say "I've got to visit Cuba before it gets ruined," I think to myself, "It's already ruined. And by the way, ruined by what? freedom of speech? walls that don't crumble? shoes? Do you mean ruin Cuba? Or ruin your fashionable vacation in Cuba?" He doesn't know that when I really start to think about all this, I get so mad I can't sleep. He doesn't know that when he's wearing that hat, smoking that coveted contraband cigar, he looks like a dupe. He doesn't know how much good he could be doing in Cuba, for Cubans, instead. Bearing witness, supporting artistic freedom, listening. He doesn't realize that as someone privileged to be born in a free society, one in which someone could come from nothing and become a celebrated music, sports, fashion, business and political mogul, it's not only his good luck to be able to bring to light the needs of the less fortunate, it's his obligation. But then, Jay-Z, I heard your new song, and paid attention to the lyrics. I heard you bragging about your "White House clearance." I heard you talk about how much you enjoy Cuban cigars. And I heard you tell the President I voted for, "You don't need this shit anyway, chill with me on the beach." You reject the responsibility to speak up for an oppressed people, even while you take up your own cause with gusto. Then I figured it out. You actually know all of this stuff, you just don't care. That's not just being a bad citizen, or a bad neighbor. It's being a bad artist. It's Nihilism with a beat. Cuban Refuge

    • wow

      faggots cant even create theyre own shit, your nice little "letter" is plagiarized. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/12/phil-lord-jay-z-cuba_n_3069831.html

    • tgutta803

      and you are being too fucking complex with a damn song! all that energy u put in ur comment could have went to good use but u are wasting it on jay z... who is really the dumb ass when u are not getting paid for this!!!!

    • @Jsax585

      I feel you but Jay Z's lack of artistic virtue does not necessarily make prior existing problems worse, in fact, it is more than likely that Jay Z is a symptom of the iniquities that existed prior to his vacation in Cuba. In all realness your post is an example of the absolute minimum that one could do in order to be the opposite of what you criticized Jay Z for (the aesthetic of your post waxes Vonnegut). Obviously you're not expected to be the one who breathes new life into the Cuban revolution, but you should definitely not look to Jay Z for it either. You wrote your post and you did well by your people. Thanks for taking the time to write all that out and keep fighting for the cause.

    • the real jay z

      damn nigga... i read every word of that shit... you special cuban nigga... you touched ma heart...anytime u want to watch the heat throw a ridiculous beating to my knicks.. its on me.. jay "jigga man hov knowles the 3rd" z

    • LOL

      LOL DIDNT READ 1 WORD OF THE ABOVE COMMENTS, BUT FUCK CUBA, gtfoh with that essay its HIPHOPDX not 60 minutes!! lollolololo

    • charity case hoe

      let me get you some tissues fucking flame, you writing shit like this on a hip-hop website....do i need to say more lol

    • historian

      Cuba was only free for about 8 years, in which the prosperity you speak of was minimal, then it was ran by a dictator batista and then came Castro. In war people flea because they don't want to die, simple. look at the any conflict that has ever occured, i can't be bothered to answer it all .. put your emotions aside.. Its a man on holiday with his wife. done. Tune is Fire btw



  • Anonymous

    Q: Why does Shawn feel the need to LIE LIE LIE LIE about his non-existant "ownership" of the Barclay's arena? Sure, he has a lot of money but he ain't got that-- he ain't got ** ANY ** of it, in fact. Defensive shystie motherfucker.

  • Anonymous


  • ...

    why do people dick ride Jay Z so much? This shit is not even that good. Jay Z got lyrics, but no substance, or delivery. His music doesn't flow he just says it.

    • ....

      Calling me a kid? Really when you can't even spell explain. Get out of here man! I wasn't saying Jay was never good. I was saying his music doesn't flow. He may have a new marketing plan good for him. I still like listening to songs that flow. You calling me a kid when you probably listen to Wayne, Wiz, and Tyga. You probably don't know shit on music, probably haven't even listened to Jay Z before this song, shut the fuck up queer.

    • Anonymous

      he really does have a whole different marketing plan

    • don't waste time on kids

      YO IB, it's no use to try to exlain that to whiny ass kids that'll never understand growth of artist and longevity of skills.

    • IB

      I wouldn't say dick riding, I would say that Jay been out since 95 and gave an album every year til '03. No one ever got tired of him because he gave consistent hot shit. However, now that he is gone from the scene and isnt producing music yearly, its like now people are starting to respect his craft and are missing the flow. So when Jay comes out its an event. His whole marketing plan is different than a newer younger artist cause Jay is a brand now. Lyrically, this song was dope and its gonna bang out in the club and plus, if you decipher the song, the way his is telling people to kiss my ass without even saying it.

  • orionkeiding

    If you think Jacob`s story is surprising..., last pay check my son in-law got a cheque for $6662 workin fifteen hours a week in their apartment and their co-worker's mom`s neighbour done this for nine months and brought in over $6662 part time from their labtop. follow the advice on this link........... ZOO80 Com


      i can understand that your the " bottom of the barrel scumbag" trying to sucker ppl out of money but dam scam ppl right and post an actual scam link and dont ever try to fit in with the world by trying to add spanish words.

  • James

    I cannot believe people still talking about jay z vs nas. They are on the same tier of lyrical ability but not to say you shouldn't choose a favorite MC you just look dumb talking about it still

  • Anonymous

    Damn Jay whyyyyyyyyyy you have to do them like this ..why oh why ..straight nutsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • DAMN

    To y'all who say WAYNE isn't top 10 EVER listen to these songs and come back here to see if you have the same opinion: -La La -Carter II Fly In Fly Out -Make It Rain -Make Way -I'm a D Boy -Im Me -We Don't -You Aint Know -Hustler Musik -Hit Him Up


      the fact that you choose bits of "tracks" to point out that he is your top 10 instead of actual content (lets jus call them mixtapes/albums) shows how young and stupid you are, but don't let my words put you down jus look in the mirror , realize your mistake and accept the fact that you like lil wayne and he is your favorite rapper but remember he isn't in anybodys top 10 except YOURS.......MORON

    • Anonymous

      5 reasons why lil wayne is wack 1. He has ghost writers writings most of his shit. 2. He fake as hell. (Oh ima hot boy, ,oh now ima dope boy, oh now ima blood, oh now ima rcoker, oh now ima skater). fuck outta here... 3. He a closet homo. 4. He kisses another man and calls him daddy even tho they are not related. 5. He sold out by going pop. Wayne is the best wack rapper. Real talk. he is better than every garbage rapper. I give him that....

    • cool music

      you forgot 'lil wayne - tie my hands'. classic!

    • Anonymous

      listened to it , and he's still in my top 10 worst rappers ever lol

  • Anonymous

    "The NEW role model fuck the Zoolander shit." In other words we ain't going for that good old boys imagery.

  • One Real Nigga

    I can relate to the haters cuz I think Jay is a fake ass mufucka but no one can deny this nigga is dope. Even when he had his shit with Nas and he told niggas he left condoms on the baby seat, God's Son was STILL saying "I hate him but this nigga can rap".


    A DISGRACE - The world is under a new management -

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I think some of you are hired to hate on Jay Z. There's no way in hell you're a hip-hop head and not see that Hov is nice.

  • Sensaye

    Dude is mad nice, you can't even front. And you gotta respect it, because it would be easy for him to never pick up a mic again and still be easily rich for the rest of his life. But he loves the art. He puts out little mixtape shit like this, and doesn't give a fuck what his rich business colleagues think about it. It's still for the niggas that just appreciate dope hip-hop, and leave all that tabloid shit for the bitches and the analysts to talk about. Not to sound like I'm clamouring over this nigga, but the only way to put it is that he's a hood legend. How can you come from the hood and see what he's done with his life and not be proud of him. He's the real American Dream. You dudes tryin' to shit on his name are really missing the point, and even worse, just underappreciating a lethal MC.

  • Artt Lifted

    check me out.. bringin back that smooth underground feel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwc8nYM6a-0

  • i download leak albums and?

    Wasnt all that..ya gotta calm down. Too hype over anything Jay puts out Smh.

  • Anonymous

    this shit good. but why are the camel warriors mentioning nas here?? leave the goat's name out of your mouths please!!

  • Anonymous

    yo hold up, homie. talking reckless about the g.o.a.t. when jay is quoting the g.o.a.t lines. nas>jay musically. jay>nas money-wise.no debate needed.just the truth. oh and i like them both.

    • OLD BEEF

      musically "real" and "truth" are subjective. I love Nas - to me he is my fav But Jay... He lives what he raps, i.e the stuff he raps about he is actually doing... It's his truth. Nas started getting more truthful circa GODSON album - and Jay circa Black Album Both are legends musically but only one is business god.... HOVA

  • Anonymous

    oooh he said 'dweeb'-- how lyrical!! too bad he owns ZERO POINT ZERO percent of Barclay's Arena. but being all bitch ass about might make some white nerds think otherwise, ok.

    • Anonymous

      Regardless of what he owns, this dude is worth over 300 million nigga so hate on that while taking the bus to work today HAHA

    • @Anonymous hater

      lol, niggas love to hate. no one is fussing over him saying dweeb, when you getting "bread" they try to "jam", the onion read it and weep line.. those shits are double entendres, wordplay..i know you dont get it.. but its hard to form complex rhymes thats why its lyrical..faggot

    • firehawk17

      not true... Jay z does own space inside the arena...in fact he owns quite a few stores in there... he owns the company that does the marketing for the Nets and the arena.. know the facts son.. Nas said oochie wally ..how lyrical..come on son dweeb is a term...no it a word..by itself it isn't lyrical..keep it in context idiot...add it with the other words to see the lyricism..easy

  • Anonymous

    Hov is still the God. 5/5

  • trollhunter

    Jay-Z > Nas. I put money on that.

  • TY-TY

    OKAY, This Knocks!!! Vintage JAY BACK!

  • Word=Bond

    Barack Obama Admits He Visited Cuba With Jay-Z http://www.ogregister.org/1/post/2013/04/barack-obama-admits-he-visited-cuba-with-jay-z.html

  • germantj

    That Ni... is real!

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z: - only cares about himself - only raps about money these days. - only makes poprap music nowadays - is fucking arogant. Why? Aint cool to be nice?

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z -One of the most successful in the game -He can't rap about committing drive by's and whippin' soda; he's rich -Makes music for the masses now to make money, he's not going to conform to some hip hop heads that smoke weed all day -He doesn't need to be nice, he's Jay-Z -

    • Anonymous

      You only hate while trying to scrounge for $15.00 to put in your empty azz gas tank. Loser.

  • Nasstill@it

    Jay Z is and has always been da king of hip hop...ask Nas, he don't want it with Hov. But I swear this nas stans be acting like they dnt know who is sitting on da throne!!

  • reserect

    Uh oh Jay z popping! Shit I wonder if he going to get checked by the elite for this one!

  • illuminati

    the illuminati do not support track

  • Anonymous

    fuck the politics get at them hov

  • L3

    How is Redman left off everybody's list?? Your list is TRASH without Funk Doc Tha Spot

  • M

    I dunno, I don't listen to Jay Z to learn anything. I know from the past what Jay Z I like and what Jay Z I don't. I found this track pretty boring, I wouldn't listen to it again. Despite the lyrics, he didn't do his delivery any justice on this track.

  • WTT

    Lupe is like, "Damn I tried saying all kinds of crazy shit and not a fuck was given. Jay Z and LL Cool J sonned me."

  • Anonymous

    The Jay Z haters will NEVER win. LOL! BET yawl buy his new album.

  • Art Brooks

    Don't fuck with a mogul who can Rap, ya little bish politician (AKA professional ass kisser / bullshitter). Jay put the smack down on yo' bitch-ass

  • Anonymous

    Hov ain't scared.

  • Anonymous

    lol at Gchat notification sound at the end. illuminati

  • Anonymous

    HOV true black brother. Yawl can eat a dick on that illuminati shit.

  • ShakeTown Survivor

    Turn Havana to Atlanta- Think Tupac. Think Firing back at Cops/Feds in Atlanta Gyuarabera Shirts and bandanas- Think Castro/Cubavera linens/type of shirt you see Cubaneras wear. Bandanas keeping it still hood, Tupac style. When he was in court with the linen shirt for shooting cop, leaving he answered every question THUG LIFE... Clearance sorry don't agree with your appearance, politician aint done shit for me...referring to the Rubio/Right Wing criticism. Out of Spite I might buy a Kilo for Chief Keef- Think Chief age 17-17k for a Ki, then Peep the Flow...I thought he said GP initially-General Principle...he gives it away when he changes the flow. Whenever I feel threatened I start shooting- Truth, shot his older brother as a teenager. Threatened by the attacks on the wife/kid...so he is firing back. Got an Onion from Universal, read it and weep- Think New RocNation Distribution/Publishing deal...MEGA. Almost wanna start a revolution, catch a body and head to Houston- Think NAS- NY State of Mind, Time to start a REVOLUTION, catch a body and head to HOUSTON, but HOUSTON is a Airforce term for home...or safe house, OR in this case CUBA, meaning the US can't come there and get him, political asylum. I'm in Cuba, I love Cubans- Think the people, and cigars...not the gov't Communist shit confusing-Think every fucking thing is made is China...but the reason for the EMBARGO in Cuba is b/c they are a communist country. Idiot Wind- Think Bob Dylan song when he addresses his critics You're an idiot Baby- Stacey Dash, essentially tells her she should pay attention more...or become a student of how he gets down. Zoolander- Think the Movie. Shout to Swizz for the hook...

    • Brown

      Great Breakdown homie. I like honest opinions, not emotional banter, these people are nuts on this blog. I guess wwhen your the king, people will always throw rocks at thhe throne.

  • YouGonLearn2Day

    Nice this is what i miss definitely better then that suit and tie shit!

  • DavidDanielz

    Only Jay could tell the President of the United States to fuck his duties and job as commandor and chief and hang out on the beach. lol That shit is big...

  • Allu

    Yal gon' learn today!!

  • Born in 86

    361 People have never been to Cuba !

  • Dolo

    Usually don't comment on the favorite list drama but this is a solid list, I agree 100%.

  • WOW

    After some research this is the critically acclaimed GOAT list by "Hip Hop HEADS" 1. 2Pac/Biggie 2. Jay-Z/Eminem 3. Nas 4. Rakim 5. Run DMC 6. KRS-ONE/LL Cool J 7. Big Daddy Kane 8. Kool G Rap 9. Scarface/Big L 10. Ice Cube/Eazy-E Honorable Mentions: WU-Tang Clan, Andre 3000, Snoop Dogg, Common, Mos Def

  • Anonymous

    He say's he's from the hood and has clearance from the white house meaning he is allowed to go the white house and lames start reaching thinking he meant the white house gave him clearance to go to cuba... LMAO... HAHAHAHA... How fucking dumb can you be? This shit got me ROTFC on how all the corny ass conspiracy theorists and Jay-Z haters are reaching... LMAO

  • slick

    you know why they went to cuba right? they're doing songs with tupac the nigga lives out there

  • wally912

    No matter what you think, no one can deny that Jigga came hard on this one.

  • Anonymous

    My top 10 1. Jay-Z 2. Tupac 3. Eminem 4. Nas 5. BIG 6. Scarface 7. Rakim 8. Black Thought 9. Common 10. Ice Cube

    • Anonymous

      Both Maine and Tahir are fucking idiots. Everything those niggas said is abumch of bullshit lies.

    • Tahir

      thank you Maine,it seems like you just read my mind and wrote it down. Wayne doesn't get the credit he deserves. like it or not I think he is among the greatest to ever do it .Biggie had just 2 albums and he on the list. Wayne ruled hiphop 05-09 .nobody could touch him.Jay passed him the torch and Em said he was jealous of Wayne.KRS,Kanye and Busta all said Wayne is the greatest .Wayne changed the game and influenced most of this young cats out now. Y'all know Wayne is up there but y'all mofokas scared niggas gon bash on y'all if y'all include his name in the list.

    • oh yeah, him... right.

      Eminem is not #1, if you take into consideration the shit he's put out past mosh, it's terrible poppy trash, and don't argue the growth of him as an artist to a human, it's trash. He used to be infuckingcredible, now he's subpar, dynamic, but subpar.

    • StephenGreater

      I second "black thought"!

    • MyTopTenIsBetter

      1.Nas 2.Pac 3.Ghostface 4.Mos Def 5.Scarface 6.Common 7.Black Thought 8.MF Doom 9.RaeKwon The Chef 10.Lupe Fiasco

    • Maine

      What about Lil Wayne? YES Lil Wayne... People act like he wasn't your favourite rapper at some point or as if he didn't dominate the rap game for 2-3 years... Yes he fell off, but so have all of the above on this list. We don't have to wait for him to die to start understanding what Lil WAYNE has truly done to the game. I'm not a Wayne groupie or a fan, but I just can't understand why people can't recognise what he has done. Surely since 2008 90% of his songs are Pop radio garbage. But we can't act like Eminems Relapse or even all Tupacs songs were like Dear Mama... I don't know just felt I had to say this.

    • hiphopmexi

      actually thats a pretty solid list. Funny you say that, cause you have it completely backwards. Eminem is actually the one who is overrated due to social influence. dont get me wrong, hes skilled and belongs, but trash singles like my name is, real slim, without me always held his albums back from classic status (not to mention some of those terrible hooks). plus he was always played on rock stations, which no other hip hop artist in those times ever had. if i had a nickel for every person i met that bought an Em album and didnt even listen to hip hop. not a bad thing, but thats why hes so overrated. 2pac and BIG dropped classic albums during their brief careers, and deserve their spot.

    • erod86

      EMINEM is #1. Tupac and Biggie are overrated as far as musical ability. They're famous as a result of their social influence.

  • S C

    news channels trying to make it seem like hes dissing brooklyn, shit pisses me off when they assume and dont bother to analyze the lyrics. and why the fuck does it matter if he does sell his stake of ownership, at the end of the day he still contributed to bringing the barclays center to brooklyn. im no dickrider, im just watching the news and hearing them pitch him to be some asshole whos dissin brooklyn meanwhile if you listened to that "fucking dweeb" lyric he's aiming at his critics. hiphop will always be misunderstood



    • erod86

      LMAO.... This ain't Fidel's Cold War Cuba. You don't even know what socialism is. And I doubt you know anything about New York's history. Stop acting like a bitch and saying stupid things. GET AN EDUCATION. You sound like an ignorant.

    • Sp 1070

      Wait, aren't you the same cap writing slash Weezy dick riding, or in my opinion, Blind-Weezy-Extremist? How the fuck does Jay-Z encourage socialism or communism when his rise was obviously due to our democratic capitalist society? See it's this stupid shit that kills me. Is he Illuminati or a Socialist? The two don't mix well people. Secondly, don't be such an obvious hypocrite. How are you going to love YMCMB then hold Jay-Z accountable for, "RAPPING ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY HE GOT AND HOW RICHER HE IS COMPARED TO THE OTHER NIGGA". Hmmm.... Sounds like some Young Money shit to me! Hence the fucking name, "Young Money!" Finally, your sounding extremely conservative for this site. I respect the conservative view, just not the extremist. There are too many conflicting points in your "post" to come on hear kicking that wack shit to these kids. Occupy Wall Street was not a "Socialist Movement". To a conservative extremist it was, but that's just due to the propaganda you were obviously fed.

  • swphillyp

    this is the Jay i like. Where has he been.

  • laron

    Nearly every bar has substance, no filler, no throwaway's. Every Jay z song references some global, domestic, current or historical event. People say he only bragging but look at the context behind what you perceived as bragging, is he speaking the truth.

  • It's me

    Dope beat! Lil sumin different finally



  • Anon

    what ya'll don't fuckin get is that Jigga is addressing heads of state while your bitchmade favorite rapper is addressing other bitchmade rappers. Birds of a feather motherfucker!!!


    just read FORBES Jay-Z stays winning

  • Ghghg

    Judging by the comments, most people DIDNT LEARN TODAY. JIGGA. GOAT.

  • Nkruman Beia

    I done turned Havana to AtlAnnotateanta Guayabera shirts and bandanas Every time you think they got me I switch the plan up Bulletproof this, radio scanners Ballin' 'til they ban us You gettin' too much bread, they try to jam you Boy from the hood but got White House clearance Sorry y'all, I don't agree with y'all appearance Politicians never did shit for me Except lie to me, distort history Wanna give me jail time and a fine Fine, let me commit a real crime I might buy a kilo for Chief Keef Out of spite, I just might flood these streets Hear the freedom in my speech Got an onion from Universal, read it and weep Would've brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free Except I made millions off it, you fuckin' dweeb I still own the building, I'm still keeping my seat Y'all buy that bullshit, you'd better keep y'all receipt Obama said "chill, you gonna get me impeached" But you don't need this shit anyway Chill with me on the beach

  • kartalnyc

    Ya'll gon learn todayyyy

  • Sexy Chocolate

    Jay-Z is the embodiment of truth. This is too vicious.

  • Anonymous

    Simply put, Jay-Z rhymes about current events as they play out. If you're looking for early Jay then you're wishing for a star. I respect any artist that can express themselves about real life situations articulately. Not many can do it.

  • Anonymous


  • DAMN

    This is my opinion on the GOAT list: 1. 2Pac (No one had the emotion, the catalogue, impact, different subject matters than tupac) 2. Jay-Z ("Overall" the better Rapper here. He bought that whole swagger into the game...) 3. Eminem (Better rapper than Jay-Z no doubt, but overall I think Hov was more dynamic) 4. Kanye West (Best hip hop "artist" ever PERIOD! All his albums are classic except 808) 5. Lil Wayne (Best deliverer in the genres history. In Wayne's case I pretend he died in 08) 6. Biggie (Only 2 albums. No doubt the best flow in any rapper i've heard but people rank him higher due to nostalgia more than anything) 7. Nas (Illmatic...) 8. Andre (Different, cool, crazy... to sum it up he is your rappers favourite rapper) 9. Lupe (Oh man... Kick Push, Kick Push COASTTT...) 10. Drake/Kendrick (Only time will tell, it might be a little early but they already on my list...)

    • Anonymous

      @Tahie, everything you said is BULLSHIT!!

    • Nasstill@it

      Da worst list ever!

    • Tahie

      thank you..I feel like Niggas just hating on Wayne. Wayne doesn't get the credit he deserves. like it or not I think he is among the greatest to ever do it .Biggie had just 2 albums and he on the list. Wayne ruled hiphop 05-09 .nobody could touch him.Jay passed him the torch and Em said he was jealous of Wayne.KRS,Kanye and Busta all said Wayne is the greatest .Wayne changed the game and influenced most of this young cats out now. Y'all know Wayne is up there but y'all mofokas scared niggas gon bash on y'all if y'all include his name in the list.

    • IMhO

      that said 1)pac - for the same reasons you had 2)eminem 3) jayz 4)nas 5)biggy ..kdots coming up too with a new more on par records to GKMC..hell be there

    • IMhO

      good list. kdot and drake might be the next 2 greats..my moneys on kdot..his storytellin is second 2 none

    • DAMN

      To y'all who say WAYNE isn't top 10 EVER listen to these songs and come back here to see if you have the same opinion: La La, Carter II Fly In Fly Out, Make It Rain, Make Way, I'm a D Boy, Im Me, We Don't, You Aint Know, Hustler Musik, Hit Him Up.

    • DAMN

      To all the people criticising me for MY LIST y'all are dumb. I agree with Anonymous ^ on a more general note those are the 5 GOAT list. I made a list based on my preference on what I truly belive based on my own tastes to be the best to do it. I heard bigl, mod, talib,big pun etc... But these artists are no where near any of the above. Some people just like to list them because they want to sound wise by stating the non obvious but you can't compare mod with jay-z. Reasonable doubt would put mod def career to shame including that blackstar album. Jay-z even having to dumb down his lyrics to a wider audience made better stuff than mos def. Mos def and talib IMO mad that "conscious rap" for no reason, their topis were random and very inaccurate and many times you just felt they were trying to sound smarter than they actually were... but then again all the dumb n**** on the streets felt that was dope.. lol To summarise you can't argue with my top 10 all of them are proven ARTISTS.

    • Anonymous

      Kanye is no GOAT MC. However he is the greatest rap recording artist. Every album his made was hot including 808s. That said, Wayne and Kanye are not GOAT b/c the GOAT is your MC skill. 1.Jay 2.Nas 3.Tupac 4.Biggie 5.Em Those are the top five you can argue about what order they are in but they are the top five.

    • Anonymous

      So the people criticizing this list, are informing me that a list that consist of Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, Kanye West and 3Stacks on it is wack? You all sound ignorant. Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Big L you cant even compare them to these artist. Jay, EM, B.i.g, Kanye and Nas instucted the way for rappers!!! Please inform me on a area where Big L, Mos Def and Talib are inferior to any of the artist I mentioned... Because all of them are exceedingly talented, more advanced, and has a better genaral aptitude than all 3 of them. Yall sound like deluded ignoramuses

    • Personal List

      consensus rap sucks. NAs Ghost Kool G JayZ Raewkon Scarface

    • LOL

      you list lost is the meaning of my user name LOL wow not a lcue about hiphop this is not even close to a GOAT list..

    • What?

      John he might not be used to that generation of hiphop. I agree on the kanye west thing but he would be way lower on that list. As for biggie his abiility to do storytelling rap while painting vivid pictures was amazing. But I agree his list is a lil off.

    • sclou

      How you gon leave Cole out man!!

    • nice

      thats a good list, i like it

    • john

      dude... this list is the list of someone who doesnt know hip hop other than what the media feeds them. mos def, talib kweli, black thought from the roots, big L, big pun,hahaha i mean seriously man ur list is utter bullshi,,u forgot so many. lil wayne? drake? kendrick? kanye west? HAHA get serious man.. ur list is the radio top 10, not the real motherfucker top 10. get educated

  • chizzle187

    Jay-Z GOAT Period !!

  • Ty

    This is str8 fire, if your going to hate DONT POST

  • Brandon

    All of the negative people under this are either --- 1. Wack rappers 2. Never wrote a GOOD song and recorded it 3. Just negative/pessimistic/depressed people who hate life and work shitty part time day jobs and jack off on their days off and sit on blogs all day 4. All of the above.

  • fools

    The World is under a new management... little children its Hava.

  • Rio005

    It's tight, niggas gonna hate cuz it's Jay.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    2 stars...Jay's flow is so annoying these days and the beat is just basic.

  • Anonymous

    Should have known this shit was going to be horrible right after I saw Alicia Keys husband doing the beat.

  • Kizman

    According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), 30 billion songs were illegally downloaded between 2004 and 2009. Even with sites like iTunes and Rhapsody offering legal downloads, peer-to-peer file sharing still exists. Illegally downloading music has had a significant impact on the music industry resulting in a loss of profits and jobs, and changing how music is delivered to the masses.

    • john

      so? these motherfuckers make millions on music they shit out with no thought. fuck them for tryin to squeeze pennies out. music is music. performance is the money maker these days and nothing anybody does will change that.

  • Milehighkid303

    Time to end this G.O.A.T. foolishness. In this constant debate about Jay-Z being the best ever I read things like "Nas will destroy Jay-Z" or "Eminem got a better flow than Jay" Those are OPINIONS. When will you fools learn that you can't win a debate with OPINIONS. Every rapper has a different style based on where they are from, the time period in which they were most successful, and their unique personality. We all can go on for days about our personal preferences but in a debate criteria like this is completely IRRELEVANT and automatically BIASED. The only way to win a debate is with cold hard FACTS. And the fact of the matter is that, when you weigh all of the tangible criteria (Sales, Critical Acclaim, Consistency, Longevity, and Impact) Jay-Z makes the strongest case for the G.O.A.T. Eminem has sold nearly twice as much as Jay-Z, and he is Jay's equal when it comes to longevity and impact. But Em lacks the consistency or critical acclaim that Jay-Z has (Im not talkin cult/fanboy classics, Im talkin CERTIFIED classics. XXL/Rolling Stone/Source approved) Eminem is VERY close though. Nas has enjoyed more critical acclaim and more overall respect in the hip-hop community through the years. And he's definitely equal to Jay with longevity and impact. But he hasn't been no where near as much of a consistent presence in hip-hop as Jay has. And he is obviously lacking in the sales department. Lil Wayne just may be the most consistent rapper of all time. He's no slouch when it comes to longevity and impact either. His glaring flaw? In his 12 year career Lil Wayne has yet to drop a truly critically acclaimed classic album (and it can be done in this climate. just look at kanye's discography). Also, contrary to popular beleif, Wayne lacks in the sales department. Sure, Tha Carter III and IV are blockbuster albums, but his OVERALL sales of 10 mil US pale in comparison to Jay-Z's 31 mil. 2pac is a touchy subject. When it comes to impact, pac takes the cake. No other rapper touched the world like 2pac did. He, like Em, has also sold more than Jay and he was very consistent in his time. Sadly, 2pac passed before his time which allowed Jay-Z to surpass him in longevity and critical acclaim. LL Cool J was the prototype for what a G.O.A.T. could be. He has enjoyed the most longevity, and he was fairly consistent, but his sales, acclaim and overall impact are no where near the likes of 2pac, Eminem, and ofcourse Jay-Z. Biggie, Rakim, Common, Snoop, the list goes on. All of these MC's are great but none of them have the total G.O.A.T. package like Jay-Z does. Jay-Z is the 3rd highest selling rapper of all time, and the richest. He's one of the most acclaimed (perhaps only rivaled by his boy Kanye). He dropped multi-platinum albums YEARLY from 96'-03', and he is still going strong today. He's been in the game since 88'. He's impacted hip-hop in countless ways from starting one of the 1st successful MC-owned record labels, to being the 1st non-athlete with a signature shoe, to surpassing the likes of Elvis with #1 albums. Jay-Z is without question the Greatest MC Of All Time. Period. You don't have to listen to him everyday (Im currently on my Kendrick wave). You don't even have to like him. But for goodness sake, RESPECT THE FACTS.

    • @Tahir

      Everything you say about Wayne is BULLSHIT!!

    • Nix

      can't argue with FACTS...great break down..

    • YESSIR

      All of you niggas, especially the OP and Tahir, are fucking idiots.

    • karatechop

      no need to respond to pac, east coast had no love for him. weak mc...

    • john

      because you didnt mention mos def, talib kweli, black thought, or big L, it is plain to see that you are a media fed, mainstreamer. get educated dude, listen to those guys to see real lyricism.

    • Anonymous

      You have just frightened the shit out of me! A DX blogger whom not only sound educated, but also state his thoughts clearly while strengthening your comments supported by facts! I did not believe this was possible. Not on this website at least. I can smile today. Thank You bruh!

    • Tahir

      Coming from a Wayne fan..great article and all true ..I also think JayZ is the greatest of all time,then Eminem,Tupac,Nas and Lil Wayne ... Biggie had two good albums but he died .So we can't tell if he would've fell off after that or not ..I don't think he should be in the top 5 greatest ever..Tupac was a beast but Eminem flows better .Nas has longevity and content .Wayne started at 8 till present and has the most tracks out.Jay passed him the torch,he ruled 05 to 09 and his punch lines were crazy . Many young cats today say he inspired them e.g Kendrick,Asap,Drake,2chainz,Meek,Ace,Big sean and many more .

    • Anonymous

      Ive seen you post this months ago, every fucking jay z song you fucking faaagggg dude. Hes stolen lines from just aout every rapper out there. Pac dissed him over and over and he never even responded cause he knew what would happen. Jayz is not, nor will he ever be the best. There is a reason why everyone says "ethered" instead of "taken over"

  • At last

    better than any wayne, ross, or kanye song!

    • Anonymous

      Kanye produced so many dope Jay songs... Takeover, Izzo, Heart of the City, Bonnie & Clyde, Encore, Lucifer, Brooklyn Go Hard... better than Encore, the song he closes out every show to? no

  • Anonymous

    ''Obama said "chill, you gonna get me impeached" But you don't need this shit anyway Chill with me on the beach'' THIS NIGGGA IS ICCCEEE COLD.. BEST RAPPER ALIVE NO DOUBT.

    • onelove

      its damn cold man. real niggas still ride with hov

    • john

      dude listen to black star or the roots... this lyric is so shallow.. how are people obsessed with it? "reachin past the star status that you grabbin at, my battle rap throws ur ass back to ur natural habitat" ... from hater players by black star.... like cmon man get some real shit in ur head before u get any more brainwashed

  • Anonymous


  • og ghost

    They got it backwards it was produced by timberland and features Swiss beats

  • Anonymous

    I still own the building, I'm still keeping my seat/ Y'all buy that bullshit, you'd better keep y'all receipt" Jay KILLED it. This isn't "Blueprint 3" Jay no more. This is "Black Album" Jay.

  • mike

    this reminds me of the dope shit that use to drop 10 years ago, before these nerds were wearing skinny jeans

  • unknown

    ja rule > tupac & biggie

  • unknown

    ja rule would have bodied this track

  • LOL

    Yawn is this song over yet..ZZZZ sleeping

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is an ass-hole. He thinks he has problems ? fuck outta here. He will always be a swag rapper.

  • pops

    wack ass joint wack ass beat

  • @Mardigraz718

    Love to hear Jay talk his shit! I rather hear this ANY DAY rather than that bullshit he make with Kanye.

  • TmoSBeaTZ

    Illuminati references

  • Armani

    I can name 10 mc's better then his overrated ass

  • Anonymous

    ya'll fucked up again. It's featuring Swizz Beatz and produced by Timbaland

  • talyahkeul

    upto I looked at the check 4 $6649, I have faith that my neighbours mother woz like actualie erning money parttime on their laptop.. there aunt had bean doing this 4 only 10 months and as of now cleared the loans on their house and bourt a new Audi Quattro. go to........ ZOO80 om

  • a real man

    dumbass youngns think this is wack...your pops needs to slap you if you know him

  • thiago silva

    Seven: this rule is so underrated "Keep your family and business completely seperated Money and blood don't mix like two dicks and no bitch Find yourself in serious shit" Biggie Jay-z shouldn't talk about is connection with the president in this way. Holla from Paris oui oui.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Biggie was talking about the crack game. How does Jay and President Obama have anything to do with that. Pure idiot states is all you dropped, good job dude.

    • Chris G

      Biggie quote doesn't apply to Jay-Z's quote regarding Obama. Obama isn't his family, nor does he have anything to do with his business. You my friend, are reaching.

    • Chris

      Seems like Hov stans like you say this whenever he drops a random new solo song...Nigga been riding this particular wave since WTT, you're reaching.

  • niggerones

    wow jayz is a real nigger ones!!

  • Blkviper

    Yeah you think he lost it? You better listen again.

  • Anonymous

    but wheres timb?

  • Malik

    Hov snapped on this .He back like he never left."Outta spite i might flood these streets"

  • Bobby

    Dope. Got elements of the old Hov peppered all over the track.

  • Backpackers are the scum of the earth.

    So when Nas raps about material shit it's good, fresh, original, and ok. But when Jay does it he's wack. Nas stans (a.k.a. Backpackers) need to stop being hypocrites. Jay has been wack since the Black Album but he's not as bad as Nas stans say he is. Life is Good was a decent album with trash production and songs about bullshit (The Don, Nasty, Summer on Smash, & The Black Bond) but nobody hates? And don't say "it's because he raps good" Nas doesn't say anything special or original he just uses big words which you backpackers don't even know what they mean or understand them.

    • Anonymous

      Life is Good had some of the best beats I've heard as a rap fan (Loco-Motive, No Introduction, Accident Murderers, The Don, Where's The Love, Nasty), and, for the most part, excellent vocals. The only flaw with it really was the track where Nas raps 2 decent verses and then Miguel starts mumbling out of nowhere. Also, the album had him rapping over CHOPIN. Creative risk if there ever was one... Jay-Z's never really had a bad album though (unlike Nas), so they're really neck and neck in my mind, and The Blueprint 3 was a solid album - although it had more flaws than Life is Good (the tracks at the end were dull, Pharrell was unnecessary, and Drake's voice grates) - and so was Watch the Throne. They're Giggs and Scholes, not Messi and Ronaldo.

    • Anonymous

      40 is wack, though.

    • Hiphop360

      Talking shit period.

    • comachonvargas

      RRRRIGGHT Absolutely ridiculous... queens story, you wouldn't understand, stay, reach out, wheres the love, bye baby, daughters all had wack beats? Back when, accident murderers had wack beats? POP sounding? Let me guess NO ID, buckwild, 40 are all shitty producers too right? LIG got pretty much universal praise for both the lyricism and the production, so while you are entitled to your grossly off-point opinion, you are demonstrating that your opinion should be accorded very little, if any, weight

    • Backpackers are the scum of the earth.

      LIG had awful beats. It had good lyrics but was brought down by the basic, pop sounding, shitty ass beats. A few tracks (Loco-Motive, No Introduction, and Nasty) have good beats but the rest are subpar and awful.

    • comachonvargas

      ^^^^^ Nas is free to rap about material shit because, unlike Jay, HE ALMOST CONSTANTLY TAKES CREATIVE RISKS. Distant Relatives was entirely a concept album, so was Untitled for the most part, IWW has some of the most creative concept tracks of any record, Streets Disciple as well. Shit, how many mainstream rappers could make songs like 'I can' or 'Daughters' and not get panned for outright corniness? Certainly not Jay LOL Your assessment of LIG exposes your lack of credibility at the outset. Trash beats? Seriously? Almost every beat on that album was tight... the incessant 'Nas can't pick beats' criticism is becoming increasingly outplayed by morons like you... songs about Bullshit? LIG had the Illmatic boom bap style with Locomotive and Black Bond, the personal tracks like Daughters, Cherry Wine, Bye Baby, the hood tales with Queens Story, Wheres the Love, Stay, and Reach Out, and the swag tracks like You Don't Understand, Nasty, SOS, and the Don... very diverse subject matter all around JAY GETS FLAK ABOUT RAPPING ABOUT MATERIAL SHIT BECAUSE HE HAS BEEN DOING IT CONSTANTLY SINCE 96... has he even had one concept track in his entire career that was worth something? LOL Stop presuming that other listeners can't comprehend Nas lyrics just because you can't... his shit is very understandable

    • your a poopy scum

      youre a poopy scum ones ~ nigger

    • TonyNYC

      Nas using big words is a common misconception, people always say that like he's Canibus and writing his rhymes with a dictionary in hand. Look up his lyrics and try to find these big words you're referring too. That's not a knock on Nas either, he's not dumbing anything down, but at the same time you don't need a PhD to understand him.

  • Jay-Z - Upper Echelons

    1. One Saint (produced by Kanye West) 2. You All Know (feat. Swizz Beatz) produced by Swizz Beatz) 3. Skyline (feat. Rihanna) (produced by Timbaland) 4. Free Spirit (produced by Hudson Mohawke; co-produced by Kanye West) 5. We Fly Away (feat. Lady Gaga and Kanye West) (produced by Kanye West; co-produced by Hudson Mohawke) 6. Big Beats (feat. Timbaland) (produced by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz) 7. Switch Flick (produced by Swizz Beatz) 8. American Graffiti (feat. Nas) (produced by Kanye West; co-produced by Hit-Boy) 9. Church (feat. J.Cole) (produced by Swizz Beatz) 10. Interlude (produced by Timbaland) 11. Rich Nigga (feat. Hit-Boy) (produced by Hit-Boy; co-produced by Kanye West and Lifted) 12. So Good (produced by Lifted) 13. History Boys (feat. Kanye West) (produced by Kanye West) 14. Say Nothing (produced by Swizz Beatz) 15. Roses (feat. Beyonce) (produced by No I.D.) 16. Shout (feat. Justin Timberlake) (produced by Hudson Mohawke) 17. Hail Hova! (produced by Kanye West) Deluxe Edition 18. American Dreamer (produced by No I.D.) 19. Suites Presidential (produced by Kanye West) 20. A1 (feat. Rick Ross and Ma$e) (produced by Timbaland)

  • yeaaahh

    You gotta be a fool to think this is trash!! Pay attention to the lyrics....and nobody actually thinks Jay is God because he calls himself Hov. It's basically just another rap moniker, damn. Hip hop started going downhill when people began to take it literally.

    • Anonymous

      I wish more rappers would rime like this...Nas is already there..and killer mike. dem niggas aint scared of revolution

  • Baus

    Dope as fuck, back on some original blueprint sound

  • Volta

    is that list a direct leak from his new upcoming album??

  • Anonymous


  • Haiti

    The king is back bow down bitches... That shit is firrrrre y'all knw that G.o.a.t. Hov

  • Jay-Z - Made In America

    1. Made In America feat. Beyonce (Produced by Just Blaze) 2. Stand Up (Produced by Swizz Beatz) 3. All the Way (Produced by Timbaland, co. Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon) 4. Oh Yeah feat. Justin Timberlake (Produced by Timbaland, co. Justin Timberlake, co. Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon) 5. Good Times (Produced by Hit-Boy, co. Kanye West, add. Mike Dean) 6. Blue Notes feat. Lonnie Liston Smith (Produced by Kanye West, co. No I.D.) 7. Life Is a Movie (Produced by S1, co. Caleb) 8. Fresh for Life (Produced by Swizz Beatz) 9. That's My Word (Produced by Timbaland, co. Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon) 10. Heaven feat. Miguel (Produced by Hit-Boy) 11. Guilty Pleasures (Produced by Timbaland, co. Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon) 12. Upper Echelon feat. Kanye West & Pharrell (Produced by The Neptunes, co. Kanye West) 13. Clap Yo Hands feat. Pharrell (Produced by The Neptunes) 14. Made In America (Reprise) (Produced by No I.D.)

  • jakze

    hard, hov always kills errting

  • Anonymous

    just awfull jay completely lost it after blue pring 2

    • ....

      blue pring 2? And The Black Album & American Gangster were made after *The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse* Also Empire State Of Mind, D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune), La La La (Excuse Me Miss Again), Niggas in Paris, The Joy, Run This Town, Why I Love You, On To The Next One, Kingdom Come (Song), Brooklyn Go Hard & Otis were made after The Blueprint 2 And his verses on Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix), So Appalled, What We Do, Beware of the Boys (Remix), Swagga Like Us, Hell Yeah, Go Crazy (Remix), My President Is Black (Remix) & Crazy In Love were made after The Blueprint 2

  • Anonymous

    Jay never disapoint. . Nigga got da game locked.. open letter is a banger

  • Anonymous

    "this communist talk is so confusing, when its from china the very mic that im using". Real talk

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Well beats the BP3 tracks, pretty nice.

  • Spanky jo jo

    always bragin about superficial shit ..ya content is not good know more Jay..and this song is not great or that good comin from Timbo and super wack ass swisss cheese...hahahaha!

  • Anonymous

    "would have brought the nets to brooklyn for free, except I made millions off it you fucking dweeb"- Dissing Cornell West for saying Jay owns 15% of 1% of the nets...lol

  • Sirius

    Put the mic down Walk away. Please

  • Laron

    "You getting too much BREAD they try to JAM ya!"

  • Truth

    look at u clowns saying this is trash because he's not talking about "pippin pussy or some corny ass shit like fuckin somebody's girl. yall need to get real

  • Anonymous

    This monotone crap sounds so boring... this nigga has no lyrics and no energy. Should have really retired after the Black Album.

    • Anonymous

      Kinda ironic HAHAULOSER is judging other people for posting " dumb ignorant comments " the last time I checked " having millions of dollar " doesn't measure his talent as an emcee. It's how you market yourself that helps make those millions. You wanna throw in Birdman and Diddy on that convo since they got mad bread too? HOV is dope, the song was cool but you need to hop off his scrotum.


      Yep and that's why he's got millions of dollars and you're posting dumb ignorant comments from your mom's basement..

  • Anonymous

    mofo be rockin lil sis pants lil bro hoodie with some big ass ugly kicks and think that shit fly go listen to tyga

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Hov. Why'd you gotta so this to these young boys? Did he say Obama said "You gon' getme impeached, you don't need this shit anyways, chill with me on the beach?" Hello? CPS...?

  • Anonymous

    you tight pant wearing big shoe motherfuckers fall back

  • Anonymous

    4/5 because this guy rarely makes music anymore, but his old ass can do it better then a lot of niggas out there. stop comparing 96 Jay to 2013 Jay your wasting your time.

  • wack

    this is what the three of these guys came up with? trash

  • nspeez

    This is weak as hell. Totally surprised to see a 4 rating. Wait, no Im not I take that back. Song is wack though. Next.

  • Voodoo

    He needs to hang it up. Lyrically there's so much better out there. Trash

  • Makaveli The Don Lives On

    Not bad, not bad at all...

  • Rain

    I'm not trolling, Jay-z might be the most boring rapper now. He's a complete bore fest. I honestly think he needs to stop.

  • Anonymous

    nah, between swizzs boring ass hook, the annoying "yah yah yah yah" in the background and just a few good lines from jay, this is no way even a 4 let alone a 5. 3 for its mediocracy. should be a 1 for having three legends in the room and putting out this bullshit.

  • Big Dan

    I like the song. It knocks and I'm actually surprised at the production. Swizzy went way left field. He is maturing. But while I do like the song, content wise, Jigga needs to start reassessing. He name drops a lot. He should listen to Game before recording. I know rap, especially if we're talking 90s rappers is all about showing off so listeners who dream of big houses and big cars and wanna live the life would feel you, but Jigga in my opinion is at the point where he should not name drop. Don't care if its Buffet or Obama or a 100 million dollar car. He no longer needs to act like the project kid that made it. He's been made it, if I can make my English teacher cringe.

  • tn

    2013 year of the hip hop owners! Proud of hip hop right now.

  • James