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After stirring things up with "Accidental Racist," LL Cool J and Brad Paisley release another collab that will appear on LL's "Authentic" out April 30th.



  • Nate

    Summer Jam 2013. Brad ain't bad for a country dude

  • Benny

    Brad and LL making history again this time the track shouldn't cause as big a stir. Summer heat I'm feeling it and to my wife you know that I love you and I live for you!

  • jaz_j

    Brad is amazing and LL did his thing but I will be blasting this in the jeep the summer.

  • LR

    I actually really like and appreciate this song. It's a different sound. I like the mix of music and the feel for the song. Lyrically it's good. Sonically it sounds good. It's all around dope. The evolution of what LL is still really really good at this late in his career. You can call it his jumper. The jumper is the last thing to go with a ballplayer and when he's in his lane no one can compete with L. Good job to Brad Paisley and Cool J.

  • brad_paisley

    Greetings fans LL and I just wanted to give you something to groove to. Also don't forget to pick up a copy of Wheelhouse (In Stores right now and on ITunes) hear me and LL on the controversial track entitled Accidental Racist talk about current race relation between black and white. PS to the fans you know that I love you! Sincerely, B.Paisley

    • JTuck

      Brad wheelhouse is an amazing album and I can't wait to see you in chicago brother! LL is still killing it after all these years wow!

  • blk_milk

    Brad and LL nice track! Let the haters do they damn job and get that free publicity and cheddar!

  • whatchu sayin?

    I really like this. love the feel of it, and never knew Brad Paisley could pull off this kind of feel. Love that theyre tryna change things up a bit. 4/5

  • VizionMC

    Been listenin' to LL since mid-80's. He's made 100's of love songs, + this beats many of them. NIce collabo.

  • AONHipHop

    This is super dope. Awesome colab

  • illbomb

    it's clear that LL is trying to be universal, versatile and reach a wider audience with the songs that have leaked so far from the Authentic album. this is just another solid love ballad. LL is doing his thing. if you like it then listen. if you don't then obviously don't listen but why should he retire? if he is enjoying what he is doing then good luck to him. just because you think the music sucks it doesn't mean every other person in the world thinks the same. good on him for trying. still better then the majority of the rubbish out on the radio now...... i rate this 3- 3.5 out of 5. would rather hear more of that 'Whaddup' styel with Chuck, Tom amd DJ Z trip personally.

    • blaqonlinedotcom

      I with this 100%, not the greatest song, but no the worst. But why should he retire, he should make music as long as he loves it.... let the man live his life, if you dont like it, do listen

  • Anonymous

    This 48 year old rapper must retire. LL you are a legend but you music sucks since mamma said knock out. Stop and dont embarres yourself Go play a tv cop like that fake gangster rapper Ice T.

  • drumboi

    This collab is awesome. LL gave us classic G-funk ones more!

  • B

    Wow... Accidental Racist and then this. These guys are officially the worst Country/Hip Hop crossover act ever, which is a serious accomplishment. We all remember Nelly and Bo Hickington or whatever. Well this is much worse. I want Willy Nelson and Action Bronson to go in on these dudes. I got love for LL but come on James Todd...That's right I'm so pissed I'm using middle names, middle fingers and everything. Shit!


    These old ass rappers need to learn when to quit. 45 years old, just stop it!

  • DK

    Wackest rapper ever. This guy is so homosexual its unbelievable. Lil would smack shit outta him, thats gangster. Jump on my dick and do a full split