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A final leak off Termanology's "Hood Politics 7" before it drops tomorrow.


  • Anonymous

    Termanology lives with him mom in Lowell and pretends to be hard and paid.

  • Kendrick Lamar

    Between you and me, turn eulogy to urinals, niggas pissed off I'm in this lil' diss shit, I'm pushin' my fault Leader of the new school, on my toes like a ballerina Who knew I'd be Black Swan World in my palms, ironically I am the Globetrotters' best Cause I didn't drop the ball Told niggas when I was 16 that I'd write a 16 To put a nigga right on the big screen In the paddy wagon with 16, should have been in the pen But then my pen write with morphine I heal niggas, touch down with morphine I kill niggas, audio crack, khakis to meal ticket Cardio lap, was running for dear life but now I'm running the map Bitch, I'm here nigga, Picture little old me giving a fuck for what a fuck nigga gotta say Nigga you'll never be Jay, never be Nas, never be Snoop nor Dre You ain't get killed in Vegas or hit a Suburban Nigga, Puffy Daddy wasn't your favorite So many washed up with detergent But I don't dry tears, I just aim at them on purpose Like blahp, Mini-14 like blahp Empty out another magazine like bluck Hit a young nigga, get back I kill 'em all when they try to kill my vibe I am the bad, the good God, the last the hood got The last that would try to pass a good job If Shawn's a black Beatle then I need a 10 second drum solo Bitch see you at Woodstock

  • Eastcomments

    Term got it!!!,,,This track is not bad at all,.. If u dont like it,...u dont like it!!!,, most haters are anonymous aint that funny??!!!,,wtf...peace god!!

  • Anonymous

    Termanology is weak.

    • doversfinest

      Nonsense, dude has substance. 90% of so-called rappers couldn't touch Terma on a story telling level.

  • blkmoves

    Not really feeling the beat or hook the rhymes is nice.

  • Anonymous

    leak = i wouldn't piss on this bum if he was on fire, no matter how much $$$ he pays M.O.P. to be his friend.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    this shit dope! Love novel. Term been a beast

  • mr_b

    this. is. rotten. the "watch how it go down" days these are not. oh well.