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In NYC for tomorrow's SOB's show, Schoolboy Q stopped by Funkmaster Flex's studio and spit some bars over Redman's "Tonight's Da Night" instrumental.


  • Anonymous

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  • MircoSykes

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  • Anonymous

    school boy queer. looks like dj paul. except he's a black hippy piece of shit with no classics. dj paul has a ton. rappers today are the worst. look at what this clown posts on his twitter page. types like a 10 year old. says nothing but dumb shit. this is who we wanna listen to. dumbies. black hippy movement = gay rappers.

    • tde

      you one dumb motherducker, bet you listen to 2chainz,tridad james and souja boy n here we go you talking about rap?? u dnt know shit my nigga #TDE is better than ymcmb, yes group n the other dumb rappers they say real shit listen to ab-soul, school boy Q kendrick,jay rock fuck the fact the talk abt drugs n bitches n we all do that these days im guessing ur a 14 yrs old boy, read a fucking book and do ur homework son

    • PUFFY

      now that's how you troll, iccyboy or however you spell your name take notes...even though I haven't seen you on dis site in a brick.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga u a dumb ass,i bet you're still gonna buy oxymoron when it comes out

    • g funk

      im guessing ur favorite rapper is 2 chainz or drake?

    • OrlandoACE

      You are ridiculous Anon. I don't even know why i'm wasting my time with you. You need to take the time to listen to all of Black Hippy shit, mix tapes and albums alike, before you judge so harshly. But then again if your dumb enough to say what you just said, you most likely have no idea what rap or hip-hop is. You probably don't even know shit about Three 6 Mafia while you're hollering DJ Paul. You're so fucking stupid...... Choke on a cock man... for realzzzz

    • Jacob

      Have you even listened to him? songs such as Blessed, he talks about how he used to be homeless seeing his friends die as he holds his daughter, him being scared for his life. Yeah, that makes him reaaal dumb. He types however the fuck he wants to. He is a great artist that has a story telling method in his music.

    • yee

      ur ,mommas a hog bitch

  • Anonymous

    i see how you playin hhdx...Q's albums comin out so articles about him are gonna come out in serious rotation. After oxymoron drops, itll be Soulo in rotation or Bada$s. Whatever, I don't mind it as long as its good artists.

  • Rob Yung

    He murked dhat shit. lol TDE YA BISH!

    • PUFFY

      You both lame as shit talkin bout "penis tingling". Im a big music fan to bruhh bruhh but you might have somethin else goin on you might want to do some soul searchin about - PUFFY

    • Anonymous

      Right well your opinion is not valuable, Just Me. Sorry. This freestyle was dope and you're a corny ass lame ass dude. The guy is talented and makes my penis tingle just thinking what he's going to be putting out this year. And it's pathetic to have you type of corny ass lame ass dudes, hiding under your fitted's fronting but that's because you are corny as hell and that won't be changing any time soon. JUST YOUUUUU

    • just me

      not a good freestyle, wonder what Q has i'll have 2 see. right now joey badass and action bronson are holding it down and ces cru is owning it now with constant energy struggles album good from start to finish serouis real shit CES Cru dropped a master piece

  • Cali-Co

    Cuh spit that shit. How the Hell the put him in 2013 Freshman class? T.D.E.