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A full song off Tech N9ne's upcoming album "Something Else" which is set to drop June 25th. Grab the track now on Strange's "Independent Powerhouse Sampler."


  • maniak199

    awsomme new song ?

  • yezzir

    5* This album will be the shit

  • Anonymous

    Damn T-Pain still around?! Lol .. This track straight but cant fuq wit Tech 9 like that

  • SuperNovaSmash

    Damn bro!! Tech9ne is the only one still giving T-Pain work. This is a cool song though . I'll bang it in my car, set off some car alarms. It's not the best I've heard from Tech. But it's a decent listen..

  • Jibbs

    Nelly didn't make "Chain Hang Low" I did

  • old tech fan

    hip hip > then tech n9ne

  • old tech fan

    and boiling point sounded forced ... he'l never be that sad again and t-pain makes this whack

  • Anonymous

    flow will never be better than "holyer than thou"

  • Anonymous

    tech has to make more like harvery dent , loud and like i died fuck the darkness blacken th sun is not hiphop

  • Anonymous

    or tech n9ne with jr&ph7 he needs real production be better than pac

  • fuck juggelos

    or if he made more shit like bad season death and emo rap sucks tech has perfect lyrics but no sound

  • fuck juggelos

    or tech n9ne with dj babu

  • that

    tech n9ne - hard liqour

  • Anonymous

    i know tech can write better than alost anybody else but his sound sucks

  • Anonymous

    tech n9ne isnt hiphop tech has no essence ahah tech n9ne nd apollo brown collob

  • hierglyphics

    tech n9ne is emo rap great rapper tho just wish made normal rap

    • RogerMartin13

      What the hell is normal rap? Emo means emotional, Pac made emo rap but because it was "gangsta" it wasn't looked at as emo. Again, what is normal? Tech talks about everything but selling dope, so what the hell are you talking about. Mainstream went Tech, don't forget that.

  • hierglyphics

    tech just another mainsstream sell out

  • hierglyphics

    i wish tech would make real music ... or tech and premo fyck that emo shit

  • Anonymous

    the best tech song is t9x

  • jDirty

    I remember wen tech used to make GOOD music...80% of the shit hes makin these days is Garbage.Go back and Listen to sickology 101 and all his previous work before that album if u wanna hear Tech at his Best.

  • anon

    if it makes you guys feel better about T-Pain being on this, Tech originally considered having Future on this track. idk bout you guys, but I rather have Pain any day of the week

  • Money First

    Dope record and concept!

  • Anonymous

    his delivery is amazing in nearly every song. He captures the mood of the beat real well most times.. i just really wish he'd tone down the "Chu's" ... its all i hear now in every tech song..

    • the anonymous one

      goddamn it must suck to be you.. i'd hate to walk around angry at everything, even things so irrelevant and out of your control.. ive never seen someone get so butt hurt over something so little... he's just a rapper lol, settle down. i know it's his thing, just like 2pacs thing was "thug life!" ..but he didnt scream it after every line.. im not saying i dislike tech for saying 'cheah', it's just sorta annoying after a while. but i am a fan, i've heard probably most of his songs and seen him in concert a few times. lastly, lil wayne is a great "wapper". stop hating on things so hard just because theyre big or get a lot of attention, probably not healthy for you.

    • really?

      you must not listen to tech at ALL thats his thing to do in songs along with the growling that shits awesome..he does it in damn near every song..go back and listen to lil wayne if you prefer a wapper that sounds like a whining baby when he raps...Strange Music 4ever

    • CHEA!


  • something else

    good song, album will be even better

  • something else

    very good song, the album will be even better

  • Anonymous

    listen to elzhi Don't compare me to jokes I'll strangle the air in your throat Like you jump from a chair and choke In mid-air from a rope Got a big gun and carry a scope The flare of the smoke Keep niggas quiet like words that librarians spoke

  • Anonymous

    i feel bad for new tech fans sickology was the shit

    • Anonymous

      see what lil wayne does to favortie rappers

    • Anonymous

      seriously i think he changed his fan base i cant listen to any of his new shit

    • Jexam

      Yes, Co fucking sign. IMO that was his best project which is funny because it was not even an album it was a collabos. I still have hope for "Something Else" but this isn't exactly what I was expecting out of him.Hopefully this was just a track to show people the project is done and is not one of the real bangers.

  • Anonymous

    tech fell off hard

  • OUCH!

    like always, nice track

  • Anonymous

    garbage lyrics, garbage beat, garbage guest verse. can this guy get any worse?

  • hiphopaddict

    Dope song !!!

  • cvxxxzzz


  • ok

    Cant believe but T-pain killed it.

  • Anonymous

    Drugs = Tech Nine...

  • damn son

    this song is fucking so sick. Tech destroys anyone in the game. if you dont think so your an idiot.

    • lucas

      people like you two are why dennis rodman hangs out with kim jong un enjoy being stupid we will enjoy the rise of tech have been for years now your... sorry sorry... you're both probably white trash with small dicks and fat ugly girl friends

    • Anonymous

      you're actually the idiot. you can't even spell. and you like tech n9ne, which makes you an even bigger idiot

    • Anonymous

      lol. you're. t-pain killed it but tech9 is wack as shit

  • Eye Control

    Is this the same tech nine from the Carter 4? Holy shit, I didn't know he could rap like this. I think Kendrick Lamar might have some competition as far as new rappers go. If he puts out more shit like this, he definitely has potential to get signed. I would definitely buy his album. I just think he should do more songs with Lil Wayne and show love to Wayne for putting tech on the map. That is, if Lil Wayne doesn't die from another seizure lol.

  • Anonymous

    nothing great, expect big things from this album.

  • ky

    would've prefered krizz over t pain but pain does his thing. Hyped for the album!

  • MobSquad_IV

    DOPE. Can't wait for the album.

  • Anonymous

    breaking into colored houses lmao

  • just me

    as close as you get get to a 4 not bad, the powerhouse tour sampler is crazy big year for strange music

  • Patlabor

    Why are you hatin bcuz of the auto tune shit? why are you comparin t-pain to future or 2chainz? T-pain can rap. check his couple of mixtapes. I dont give f*ck auto tune shit. I never heard such a ridicilous lyrics todays niggas. #StrangeMusicDynasty now go and fuck yaself bitch!

  • non

    Tech's one of the best to do it, and I generally don't like T-Pain but when Tech gets him on his shit Pain brings it pretty cool. It's only on the hook after anyways, the verses were all great

  • ......

    Tech N9ne has T-Pain on his track, and it still gets 4.83/5.00? Wtf? What's next? Is Kendrick Lamar going to have Future on a track and get 4.91/5.00? Demand quality people. No matter how good of a rapper one is, he/she should not be putting horrible "artists" on their tracks.

    • ALL 3 OF YOU

      All 3 of you who responded are fucking fickle-minded retards. You all say one thing like "Lil Wayne, Future and T-Pain suck" one minute, and now you are all actually endorsing the behavior just because your favorite artist (ex: Tech N9ne) is collaborating with him? THIS is what's sickening hip hop. @Jrich "He can make songs with whoever he wants." While this is true, he still deserves criticism and backlash if the song and/or the artist is shit. Also, shit like this triggers an artist to perform future sell out attempts, which can compromise his musical merit in a negative way. "The name on the song doesn't matter, how the song SOUNDS matters." Both of them actually matter (although you are right that the latter matters moreso). However, what you fail to realize is that T-Pain is an unoriginal "artist" who has a history of messing up songs with Auto-Tune (in rare occasion he does well). You guys said that he deserved part of the blame in the downfall of hip hop. Now just because T-Pain is on a Tech N9ne track, he's suddenly "great"? I bet if this butterfly horseshit was entitled "Lil Wayne ft. T-Pain - B.I.T.C.H." with the EXACT SAME lyrics and song structure, you metro-transsexual dumbfucks would be complaining about how terrible it is. So shut the fuck up you flaming cuntsocket, Kbich? @Anonymous I hope you're joking. You are truly on hardcore street drugs if you think a Kendrick and Future collab should happen. I thought everyone here, besides myself, hated Future. Everyone was even bitching about MTV's "Hottest MCs" when Future (who sucks) was listed as #9. So if it's Future ft. Lil Wayne, then it's downright wack. If it's Kendrick Lamar ft. Future , then it's fucking golden? Maybe a tad bit better than the former, but really, fucking golden just because of Kendrick Lamar? Not every track he touches is gold. Cease talking now. @ETK You are an incorrect fucking, cockbaiting nimrod. By "expand their horizons", do you mean a possible track Tech N9ne, My Chemical Romance, and Brokencyde? I'm all for people expanding their horizons. However, they need to be sure that they are making the right moves to do so successfully. One of the main reasons as to why hip hop is fucked up is because you, along with others like you, keep supporting mediocrity and wack "artists", especially if a decent artist is on the same track with one of them. You dick dumplings act as if Eminem, Jay-Z, Kendrick, J. Cole, and all of the other "legendary" artists can do no wrong when that is not the case. A great example is that most of you fail to admit that almost everything Eminem has done post-8 Mile was mediocre at best. Thus, stanboys and impressionable lambs also ruined hip hop. As of lately, I've even seen some people post tragic shit like "oh man 2Chainz would've sounded so dope on this". These are the some motherfuckers that usually talk shit about him (and rightfully so). Drake was receiving hate before as well, and now he's being considered GOAT because of "5am In Toronto". Slaughterhouse flopped for a reason btw, and it was because their newest album was a BULLSHIT sellout attempt. Nas called out the stupidity awhile back, and jumped on tracks with the same piece of shit artists he was talking out RIGHT after. You people are too easily amused and satisfied with the status quo for any REAL progress to occur. Nearly all Hip Hop fans and artists are 100% fake now. Hip Hop might as well just become irrelevant like Rock and R&B if a desperate change doesn't come soon. Songs with Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake, Kanye ft. Katy Perry, Raekwon ft. Kanye & Justin Bieber, and other countless catastrophes were all rectumified ass! So all of you get the fuck out of here with this stupid, sheep-herd mentality bullshit. And no, I'm not a hipster either. At least I'm consistent with my arguments.

    • ETK

      OP's post is part of why hip-hop is in shambles. close-minded motherfuckers tryna dictate the quality of a song just by who's on it, no matter what. how can good emcees expand their horizons with suckaniggas like you around

    • Anonymous

      Let them make music with who they want. Hell, Tech could get Katy Perry on a track and make it dope. And Kendrick Lamar and Future needs to happen.

    • JRich

      He can make songs with whoever he wants. The name on the song doesn't matter, how the song SOUNDS matters. Dumb motherfucker

  • WC

    tech 9 is corny as hell

  • Pat

    download that independent powerhouse sampler its dope

  • Anonymous

    dope, not a huge T-Pain fan but for some reason I like the songs he does with Tech & Krizz

  • mark

    tech is so dope. i have always known about him but pandora is what really showed me most of his music. he can make any type of jam..dig this. 4/5

  • Muzikker

    This track should top the charts !!!