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Last night Joey Bada$$ hit Funkmaster Flex's studio and spit some bars over "Stillmatic's" "Rewind."



  • Jackie

    Dude is dope !! Always bumping that "1999"

  • da

    nice to hear a rap actually off the dome

  • Anonymous

    joey is ill. his 1999 tape was bananas. real talk i hope he has a long road ahead of him. ill be following. kid actually spits off the dome. miss that shit and he half the age of all these clowns out there

  • Anonymous

    Dude is the next Canibus. Overrated lyrically (not saying they suck though, they are good,) terrible flow, outdated, boring, etc, etc..

    • wow

      Wow, it's refreshing to actually see a mature discussion on this site!

    • nawwww

      There's no comparison between the 2. Joey B is 18 years old, you're jumping to conclusions. You have no idea how he is going to evolve and a lot of the hype surrounding the kid is due to his potential. He put out better music in his mixtape as a 17 year old than Canibus put out in his entire career. Canibus' debut album came out when he was 23. Give the kid some time to grow and then come with your bullshit if it still applies.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry this guy does not have the total package. His voice is pretty annoying... although nowhere near Canibus' level and as I stated his flow is horrible. I want to hear rappers that ... you know... rap... not talk. And since he's based his career off being a '90s throwback I just don't see him being popular or having an influence. As far as underground artists getting buzz of mixtapes go, I think Logic is the most promising to go mainstream right now. I could be wrong but as you said yourself he needs to get different production to be big. I agree Kendrick, KRIT, A$AP will have staying power while the majority of these mainstream rappers will be forgotten soon (especially Trinidad James, Chief Keef, 2Chainz, etc).

    • jerryc

      I strongly disagree with that. Canibus has an annoying voice, while Joeys I can see being successful. Some guys are great lyricists and that is all, but this guy has the total package. IF, and its a big if nowadays, he gets real production(not talking the gook kid maad city beats), then he can make a great album. You just hope labels wake up and realize that lyrics are selling again, and realistically no one is selling THAT Much. 2 chainz sold 250,000 but he will be a phase and be gone soon. Guys like kendrick, Joey, Asap, and Krit, they have actual talent and have staying power. Instead of releasing a ton of songs that are goo but not great, an artist would be better served putting out a great album that can sweep everyone like Kanye did in 03 with college dropout, or like 50 with get rich or die trying. Joey has all the tools to be great, but he must have the freedom and the beats


    this nigga's trash

  • Anonymous

    I hope he can do better, Nas ripped this beat before

    • kburban

      It's a freestyle you dummies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Nas wrote brilliance over this Joey's here spitting off his dome..FOH

  • Anonymous

    this nigguh all hype 1999 was nice but the group mixtape was wack

    • kburban

      Clean your f#*kin' ears out b..That Pro Era tape was straight up FIRE! - Don't confuse other artists who spit written freestyles over the radio vs Joey spittin' off top either

  • Anonymous

    This dude is dope. Period. Personally, I think ppl like Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Cole, Earl, etc are better, but this kid got skills for day. I don't get the hate.

  • Atychi

    You crazy if you can't see the skill in this dude, and he's only 19?! Just nasty

  • D.O

    Man, shut the fuck up you hating ass mother fucker. If you havent listened to 1999 then I suggest you listen to it and enlighten yourself. Then you can come back and appologize later. Chump!

  • jac

    This is suppose to be NY's hottest underground artist. This sounds like Nas's or Jay-Z's first 5th grade rap when they started writing 1985...lol Sad day for NY. This guy is nothing but hype. He needs at least 5 more years of development to tighten up his bars, what happen NY???