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In addition to performing at last night's Grammy Awards, Justin Timberlake decided to release "Mirrors," the next record of March 19th's "The 20/20 Experience."


  • Jman

    Just out right ignorance who gives a fuck abou black or white shit is old all artists mentioned are talented in their own right jt neyo trey kellz just enjoy the music and shut up At least jt ain't teaming up with 2 chains just embrace the music people

  • jj

    This is fire good shit.

  • Anonymous

    music - an amazing material to bring love too everybody in the world... and the only think y'all talkin' about is the color of the skin??? who cares is he black white blue or green??? sometimes i wish the whole world would be blind! its an amazing song from an amazing artist!

  • Anonymous

    back into the business

  • musa

    i think frank ocean would ether jt,and in i know for a fact that he would like to rape him in the ass

  • Allu

    This song is just beautiful. Put your bullshit aside and just appreaciate the music and leave

  • ThatUncutRaw

    Timbaland is really sounding played out nowadays. I never woulda thought I'd say that. I remember hearing him come into the game with Missy, Ginuwine, Aaliyah with a sound that was 20 years ahead of everyone. I guess time has finally caught up...

  • HHDX

    JT and JAYZ tickets. hiphopdx special offer. first 110 callers will get two FREE tickets. 1-250-888-7564

  • Anonymous

    the second half of this song is amazing

    • ThatUncutRaw

      Yeah it is. Too bad the first half was like a throwaway from FutureSex... If the whole song was like the second half, I'd fuck with it.

  • NySoldier

    How is this song gay? Open up your close-minded strip club same wack ass songs hearing ass. @ Big One Eight

  • Big One Eight Gang, E'z up!

    This is the gayest shit I ever heard and Timbaland is garbage. Are all of you faggots or somethin'? Hahaha, bunch of putos.

    • yourdad

      Damn, Big One Eight, huh? you must be an ignorant little prick with no taste. Go buy your 40oz and then hit the strip club so you can enjoy REAL music :) there is no hope for the USA, I swear... I love hip hop but the fans (like dummies that come here and leave stupid comments) turn me off more and more..

  • 20/20

    PERFECTION! Lyrics are perfect!

  • Anonymous

    good song too long

  • jobsonn laurent

    it sound like cry me a river, it's almost da same beat.

  • Fafa

    wow you can't even hear that Timbo produced it

  • imtravi

    The comparison to Robin is based on the Fact that this sounds like a Robin Thicke song, and Yes JT sounds kinda like Robin on this particular song, regardless of how different they actually are. BOTH GOOD ARTISTS THOUGH.

  • prewoz

    Dope. He killed The Grammys.

  • WEST L.A.

    I'm buying this nigga album! Classic

  • 10th Ave

    You guys need to stop with the Robin Thicke comparisons because JT was already an established artist before any of you heard of Thicke!!!! Classic 5/5

  • Anonymous

    Wow, some of u fans on here are funny. How can JT ever be considered the King of R&B? I mean one, he's probably more of pop artist than an R&B but excluding that, idk have u guys heard of R.Kelly or Usher? Those 2 are probably at the top & than u still have guys like Ne-Yo & Chris Brown, who are more pop nowadays but are R&B too. There's also Trey Songz. JT is good but the king? Slow down there bud lol

    • Panik

      Kellz = dope (give or take a project or two) Usher = fell off Ne-Yo = boring but talented CB = meh Trey Songz = GTFO None of them can make a better album than JT. Point blank. --------------------------------------------------------- R Kelly can't make a better album than JT??? Word??? What are YOU smoking??? R Kelly would ETHER Justin...and I dig JT as a talented artist (black, latin, or white), matta fact, copping his joint off itunes when it drops...but you wildin..Kellz is not only genius for changing the R&B game, but a legendary artist! JT would tell you himself he can't compete with the R!

    • Anonymous

      because white people taking over R&B and Rap just like we took over your website fool. even the first 'black' president is half white.

    • Anonymous

      Kellz = dope (give or take a project or two) Usher = fell off Ne-Yo = boring but talented CB = meh Trey Songz = GTFO None of them can make a better album than JT. Point blank.

  • What Every White Person On This Planet Thinks

    Yeah that's right, Justin Timberlake runs black music! He is WHITE and he is the king of R&B!!! Just like Eminem (A WHITE MAN) is the king of Rap (BLACK) music! You black folks can't even carry on to what you created!!! That's why we always steal your music and get rich off of it and you still live in the ghetto. Plus we love to keep you from speaking up against the opression you have been submited to because that's what we are: OPRESSIVE MOTHERFUCKERS. And I dare anyone of you to come rebuke my comments!!!

  • One

    Wasn't a bad single. A lot better than the last one that was put out. I almost mistake him for for Robin Thicke on the last single. As far as the "White man singing black music," that shit is old. We did that when Em came out. It's over and done with. And what do you expect when your producer is Timbaland???

  • Lumba

    This was beautiful, man. It got me thinkin' about a certain woman... Don't push away the people you love.

  • Dave

    I dont support white men singing black music....All of a sudden the white man thinks Watch the Throne is better than Life is good, or Drake's Take care is better than Nas's last album. The grammy folks dont care or respect rap music

    • Makaveli The Don

      @ Anonymous,i agree with you, but whats wrong is that catchy hook and beat wont take an artist far imo. In current society, it indeed works perfect, an artist drops one club banger thats it, he/she is popular. But when you listen to the lyrics, theres nothin, purely nothin except for the amount of money one posses, cars owns and women gets. I am not saying Jay-z has nothing to be related to, i like him as an artist, however last Grammys, his Niggaz In Paris beat Nas' track, i believe it was Daughters. Well Niggaz in Paris is a dope track, its catchy, but it does not has much of a moral or personally nothing related to myself. While Nas' track, it has a good story, you can relate to it in a way, which is better, but the thing is, modern society pretty much doesnt value that, unlike we did back in the day, when the better story you told, the better you were, or the more people could relate to you, the greater you seemed. Lets take Pac for example, i love him, however lyrically BIG was better, he would play with words unlike Pac, but Pac would tell the stories like no other, he told would be the voice of the women, then of the thugs, then a revolutionary, and people could relate to the ideas in the song, thats why they love him so much, but thats not the case. You cant judge people by skin regarding music. Eminem white boy, one of the best artist if not the best in BLACK(favorable) people's gender of music, so skin doesnt matter, its the skill and the delivery that does. Maybe im old school, maybe im too old for these new clab-bangers trend that only last around for a month and after they get really boring, i grew up listening to NWA, Cube, Nas, Jayz, Pac,Big, Big L, Big Pun, KRS1,Snoop, maybe thats why lyricism and meaning within the song is more important to me rather than just a beat with good chorus.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. By the sound of it, you're one of those indignant people who still use the race card. "I don't support white men singing black music." "The white man thinks." I'm white, don't tell me what the fuck I think or what music I can perform. Honestly, if you want racism to finally die, your ridiculously ignorant stance on something as color-neutral as music isn't going to help that cause. I don't like Lil Wayne sampling The Beatles, yet The Beatles were covered by Jimi Hendrix. It's not a color issue, it's one of talent, or lack thereof. You're comparing 2 entirely different artistic approaches and musical styles. Watch The Throne is a good RAP album. Life Is Good is a good HIP-HOP album. If you're going to be so naive as to lump in an MC like NaS with the likes of 2 Chainz or Meek Mills, then you obviously have no respect for the genre either. And why are you mentioning Drake in this? Drake is admittedly R&B these days with rap undercurrents, but he does have a hip-hop background. I have a question for you: why do you even care what the Grammy judges think? Do you need society to confirm that you chose the right album to be a fan of? Are you that mindless that a phony industry event matters so much, when in actuality, it matters not at all? Does having a Grammy increase the quality of an artists' work? NO, it does not. So what are you bitching about? Justin Timberlake doing what he's been doing for the past decade? And @Makaveli The Don, the ARTISTS are the ones who create the music. The fakes who cater to the current 'musical' (using that term loosely) trends aren't artists at all. Add in the financially-inclined businessmen along with the greedy fly-by-night rappers, and that's why you end up with an over-saturation of club music, which I despise. I must ask, though, what's wrong with a catchy hook and a sick beat? It is singly an artists' fault if they can't tie all of the elements that make great hip-hop music together. And if you can't find anything to relate to in a Jay-Z song, but can relate to NaS, then you must not be listening to or interpreting the lyrics correctly.

    • Makaveli The Don

      im white, id take Nas' album any time over Jay'z's cuz his new shit is a month-long banger, while you can listen to nas in 10 years and still relate to the song, and as for drake winning best rap album??? that faggot aint even a rapper, i have no clue who the hell votes at grammys, but thats the society nowadays, they dont want a story or great lyrics or somethin they relate to, they want a club banger with a sick beat and a catchy hook, simple as that!

  • SuperNigga

    Dope. I like the ending. JT is dope!

  • black guy

    Eminem = king of rap JT= king of r&b FACT

  • Anonymous

    This is classic JT. Glad he put this on the album for longtime fans.

  • Cameron

    The breakdown was immense!

  • Anonymous

    This a good song, glad to see this man back at it. One of the classiest artists around. This song will be all over the radio.

  • Eye Control

    If you listen carefully, this song is actually one big illuminati reference. Mirrors are commonly associated with the MK Ultra process to induce multiple personalities in the victim. The "20/20 expierience" represents the All-Seeing Eye. Justin is basically saying he is enlightened/illuminated, which is why the cover is black & white (masonic colors). In fact, Timberlake isn't his real last name. He was named after 'Timber Lake' at Bohemian Grove where he was ritualized. He was funny in the movie No Strings Attached but he shouldn't branch off into singing. Is anybody even looking forward to his debut album?

  • Anonymous

    Timbaland was a good producer but he never seems to try anything different, all his beats sound almost the same

    • Anonymous

      "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Dude consistently sells a shit load of records using his tried and true style. I agree that it sounds similar to his old stuff, but is that necessarily a bad thing? It still sounds good. At least dude knows what he is good at and sticks with it. Some veteran producers go outside the box and end up producing shit records e.g. Dr. Dre.

  • Diz

    JT is the combination of class & respect amongst all artists. Dudes voice is distinguished, beats are classy, I see him as the modern day Sinatra as far as individualism. Everyone should be happy he is back, he will put out great and enjoyable music. Talent is above the clouds.

  • A nOn

    same drums as cry me a river. C'MON TIMBs

    • whyalwaysme

      so wat?? Kanye West used the same drums for every song for years(the ones from dr dre explosive). still the beats wer hot my man!! dre uses a lot of the same drums $ most songs 2!

  • Dr Doom

    i do like JTs music, but i think Timbalands beats i've heard recently are really weak. (although that's only a couple of Missy beats and the two JT songs) should be a good album. This isn't a hip hop song though!

  • Mattybee

    Easy to listen to. It'll be a top 10 hit for the kiddies. Not very hip hop imo. It's aight.

  • milcoins

    good tune, JT is the man !

  • jester

    Ima JT fan but you can't label him King of R&B when he's doing what Thicke been doing since the beginning!

  • Papa G

    well it is timbaland, he did prod cry me a river also...but it's no where near as good hahahahaahahaha this is just boring. one of those boring bonus tracks on an album or whatever.

  • Anonymous

    I highly doubt timbaland produced this by himself.....And if he did, most of it is sampled from other songs. Good song, though.

    • ME

      Timbaland samples u ass clown. do ur research or at least know ur music before u open ur mouth.

    • damon davie

      you can indeed " create your own sample". I think what he may be referring to is this...... Timberland will make sound effects,wether beat boxing, crazy sounds etc. and build the beat around that. same idea as sampling a sound or segment from a song.

    • wow

      @bob you can't "make your own sample" , do you have any idea what a sample is? And using samples doesn't mean you are not a real producer - sampling is a stable of hip hop and an outlet for extreme creativity.

    • bob

      Timbaland makes all his own samples he is a real producer you dumbass

  • Anonymous

    hot song. i don't think it sounds like cry me a river at all, maybe in the drums alittle but not at all. timberlake and timbaland always make good music together.

  • Anonymous

    this is dope!! JT is the king of RnB!!!

  • Maxim

    Great! but it look like "cry me a river" a little)

  • king jordan

    this song is so long i just did my taxes to it

  • Zaraki

    Man oh man.. Jt what a track.. I'm copping the original album


    hes gon flop

  • Tragedy 112

    JT is music's saviour

  • Born in 86

    Lame ! why does it have the same Piano as " Cry me a River " ?

  • Lilworm

    great song! this dude just knows good music, i like how he pops up every couple years with some hits lol.

  • FiGS

    I guess I just expect more from both. Youtube Cheech Bundy, you might like it.