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Kendrick Lamar stopped by Funkmaster Flex's studio yesterday to freestyle over a few classics like H.N.I.C.'s "Keep It Thoro."


  • Money Treeeez Bitchsta!

    What's "Thoro"? A Hawaiian name or something???

  • Young

    You love his music or you hate it, it's simple

  • mikea

    i dnt understand the love for this dude

    • truth

      in due time it took me a year to recognize his legacy. This guy has a CATALOGUE. Thats whre you see why he doesnt give a fuck about patterns. he's surpassed the rules of the art A LONG TIME AGO. any style you think he should be sporting is part of his catalogue... double time, triple time, qb flow whatever... he's gt it. conceptual, content, conscious, whatever he got it... check his body of work. that did it for me. his voice turned me off for a long time though

  • ReallyReal

    Eh... not feelin this. Kendrick Lamar has good tracks, but I ain't feelin his flow.

  • Big Bad 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

    LMAO at how WACK this shit is. There's no top notch rappers anymore, they all garbage. If you like this and think it's good, then you obviously don't know shit and have bad taste, simple as that.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Kendrick Lamar can freestyle like a beast If you like this, maybe you should Youtube " Kendrick Lamar freestyle " Enough other cool freestyle joints from this dope dude

  • G5

    Yo, anyone who gave this less than 5 is s dickhead!

  • Anonymous

    do you know what thorough means.....

  • ace3

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  • Z

    I am a die hard underground hip hop fan. I HATE YMCM, MMG, and all that other ignorant mainstream garbage. Took me a long time to get up on Kendrick for this reason, but seriously this kid can spit and is original as hell. Props to KL.

  • Anonymous

    id smash him on the mic ..dont think this niggas wack compare him to other west coast rappers do yall know who nas wayne jezzy ti em game and jadakiss are ...... nigga cant rap

    • doo doo

      get your facts straight.. game gave kendrick lamar the west coast! WTF?!! Watch this idiot http://youtu.be/vVhkplp0suY

    • Anonymous

      shut yo dumbass up, kendrick would embarass you. yall obviously dont know who this kid is, he was crowned the best west coast rapper by iconic rappers of the west coast, if you feel they made a mistake, good luck trying to make a case. you must like trinidad james and future.....bum ass boy

    • hjighb

      that why Nas said this the album of the year?... after releasing his own album? hush now

  • Anonymous

    id show him how to rap this kid suck

  • Anonymous

    All hail king kendrick lamar

  • Anonymous

    Y niggas hatin on Kendrick best overall artist in rap

  • hmm

    Same Flow and always off beat!!! Album was nice tho

  • Anonymous

    I can't stand this dude and his E.T. voice

    • Troof

      I mean this freestyle was kinda off beat, can't front. But if you DON'T like Kendrick Lamar...I wonder who do you actually LIKE?

    • BHH

      Shut the fuck up dude. Good kid, maad city, section 80 AND overly dedicated were straight fire, get the fuck out of here. This kid is the future and the new king of hip-hop. Word.

  • jerryc

    anyone hear pusha t's freestyle over this on flex>?? shit was unbelievable

  • foursix

    he wasn't actually that off beat, the volume of the beat was too low which made it seem like it was off beat.

  • Father

    I still love you son

  • Anonymous

    this is fire for off the dome idc what you say

  • ihatemorgy

    Funk Master Flex and the bombs/shouting annoy the hell out of me. Glad to see Kendrick get all the success he deserves though

  • @TheCrxsh

    Anybody hatin obviously doesn't rap, his style is elevated about that normal rap shit, there's an art to storytelling, ask Andre 3000

  • G funk

    the freestyle is his thing

  • The MH

    He was on beat. Learn how to count bars. I just don't like that he keep spittin this same verse.

  • nick

    Mad nice song. Best one ive heard from this dude or at least one of the best. Flex kinda annoying


    Make sure ya'll cast your vote for me to open for KDOT! http://whosnext.power106.com/bftb2013/artist/3663

  • Most Overrated Rappers

    1.2pac- he was a good artist but stop acting like everything he did had a positive meaning he had plenty of ignorant tracks about killing people, bitches, money, etc. He isn't the best to ever do it people have passed him a long time ago. Getting killed made people dick ride in overdrive mode 2. Same as with pac he was good but many people have passed him and dying made dick riders double their efforts. 3. Jay Z- I dont get why people dick ride him so much he had some good albums but lately he has made the same shit as everyone else but people dick ride him because he's an older mediocre rapper but people got the nerve to bitch about ab-soul's line about him as if nobody can ever out rap jay z they may not match him financially but many artists young and old are better 4. Nas- everybody dick rides nas especially on this site. he isnt the only good rapper people. hip hop will not die with him gosh lyrically,he isnt even in the top 10 he's not bad but he's not at top in lyrics. he just has subject matter and something meaningful to talk about 5. Kendrick Lamar- Come guys he isnt the best thing ever i enjoy his music but damn why the fuck do you guys ride his dick like mario kart. his album is the shit but dont act like he is the only good artist in his generation and ab-soul is actually on the same level and maybe even better so where is his recognition seriously. and stop insulting people because their opinions are different everyone wont think the same as you so dont read this and go all " you're a hater! Nas nas nas nas nas nas kendrick is the future blah blah nobody else in the world will ever have any kind of rap ability to match these guys" get real bitches get those dicks out of your ass and put them back in the pants of the rapper(s) they belong to, zip them back up, wait for your sore stretched anus to heal, and sit the fuck down.

    • afan

      @ Most overrated i agree with you on jay-z i aint like nothing he made since black album. but going on his first album and his refusal to completely dumb down his lyrics and still use sland etc i give him credit. i lot of commercial rappers will say something is crazy. jay z will say its 7:30. which means the same thing. jay-z will still use slang metaphors on a song with beyonce or rihanna. listen to that wack song with alica keys. most people didnt understand what he was saying. unless you were a hip hop head.

    • Anonymous

      Definition of a hatin ass nigga lmao

    • Anonymous

      The guy has an opinion, and I somewhat agree, people have taken these icons to the extreme. But you can't go and trash these guys who are in Hip-Hop's top 10 of all time ... Aside Kendrick .. To me he still has to release a few more good ones to be put in a league with these guys.

    • Anonymous

      Let the guy have an opinion i don't agree with him either but i respect his opinion.

    • lilmonphon

      fuck off homo!

    • Most Overrated Rappers

      don't get me wrong i like all of the people i just mentioned except jay z i just can't get into his music any more. people act like they are skilled to the point where nobody can reach them. current artists may never reach their level of popularity but plenty of artists are just as skilled if not more skilled than they are and any artist can get to that point with some work because i'm pretty sure the artists that people dick ride did the same thing.

    • Afan

      1. Pac is a legend and one of the all time greats. Nobody has reached his level in my rap music as a face, a brand, a poet, a activist and a pop icon. 2. Biggie was the greatest hip hop artist when he was alive. He was the biggest. He was getting the awards, his album sold 5 million plus and remember when he died his second album which was a double disk or basically 2 albums in one certified him as the greatest ever. People heard the growth of being the best in new York to being the best period. That's why most rappers will say he's the best to ever do it. Because he is. 3. Jay-z a goat as well. One of the greatest. Probably got more justification to call himself the greatest then biggie. Maybe LL Cool J and him probably have the most legitimate claim to the title. But jay z hasn't made a pure top notch album since black album. That's a good 7 years. Reasonable doubt is his best work and a hip hop classic. The best thing about jay z is his lyrics. Till this day he still raps for hip hop fans. My pops would not no a single thing jay z is talking about and that shows he's still got it. He still uses slang metaphors. While a eminem is good, eminem is a simpleton rapper. He's very clear, does not use slang, his metaphors are easy to understand. He will say crazy while a jayz will say 7:30. But in saying all that eminems a legend too. 4. Nas. Nas is up and down. Nas is one the greatest. He's the street poet. He cares about the culture. He's like if Pac and Rakim had a baby it would be Nas. Last year he released a classic. He's best effort since stillmatic. And has the greatest hip hop album under his belt. An album that is on the level of ready to die, snoops doggystyle, dr dre's chronic, tribes debut and wu tang clans 36 chambers. 5. Kendrick released a disapointing album in my opinion, but it was still good for this time period. Alongside jay electronica, action Bronson, Joey badass, Fashawn etc I think he is bring lyrics back for the young generation that have been influenced by big Sean, drake, lil Wayne, jeezy, meek mill, t.i, Ross, game, 2 chains etc while all those guys are talented there not lyrically emcees. So Kendrick is a positive and will grow. Ab soul, Danny brown etc all these guys have potential and mainly because they all sound different.

    • Anonymous

      so what rapper do u like?

    • Most Overrated Rappers

      2 is biggie

  • Anonymous

    kendrick wasnt even trying and still killed it


    GARBAGE!!! Straight up!!! SMH

  • KD

    This proves that Kendrick Lamar is a mediocre rapper. He is a joke that needs to go away.

  • Badd Kidd/Happy City LoL

    K dott*

  • Badd Kidd/Happy City LoL

    I'm waiting for more new rappers like k dotted imagine that hip-hop has a future!

  • Anonymous

    Whoever said he didnt flow right, doesnt understand flow at all. Getting too used to that rhyming once at the end of every line nursery rhyme sh*t.

  • Anonymous

    Its funny how people are trying their hardest to find a reason to hate on him. Then the dick-riders are going around acting like he is the best to ever walk upon this Earth. Smh.

  • Anonymous

    this was actually really bad. (Insert kendrick stan dickriders Below)

  • Anonymous

    Lol at the people saying hes bad cuz his flow wasnt right on this freestyle. Judging a artist on a freestyle is judging a painter on a fucking doodle.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Doesn't he know you are supposed to rap on beat. Sounded real bad and I'm a fan of Kendrick

  • gun di liro

    Kendrick never adjusts his flow for these freestyles. Nice lyrics, but he just raps fast no matter what the beat.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was pretty good. 4/5

  • wu wear

    So reciting a verse that doesn't even flow with the music is not only considered free styling but makes you the best? GTFOH.

  • Anonymous

    never seen rick ross drop a freestyle just saying

  • BHF

    Kendrick is the king of hip-hop. Period.

    • Anonymous

      you sound like a major dick rider i like his music too but dont put his dick in your ass and ride it like a rodeo bull seriously

  • Chris Gomes

    Kendrick IMO is one of the best rappers out there right now, and the funny thing is, he's not even as big as he's gonna get yet. His lyrics and metaphors and everything he does is top notch and not too many other rappers can compare to him. He makes quality music that anyone could enjoy if they just sat down and listened to the story he tells in his raps.

  • Anonymous

    he is good but i prefer ab-soul

  • Anonymous

    I fucks with Kendrick. but I think joey bada$$ is more dope.



    • ?

      he's not off beat. Learn how to count 1. 2. 3. 4. Not hard. What's wack is everytime they have him on he raps over boring ass beats that aren't even turned up enough to hear.

    • Ay-Waun

      I felt he was on beat for the most part. His flow is a lot different and less bouncy from the other rappers right now, but he definitely kept in pace in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      he never raps to beats when he freestyle

  • Anonymous

    the best lyrical rapper right now ....nobody above him ...nigga you shine ,

    • sickkcat

      here another 10 1. jay-z 2. dmx 3. big boi 4. andre 3k 5. bun b 6. crookied i 7. buckshot 8. scarface 9. reakwon 10. big krit list literally goes on for days, and these arent even my favourites, just mc's that are better.

    • sickkcat

      Wasnt a ranking lol, was just the first ten that came to mind that were better. There are dozens more too.

    • Anonymous

      ti is on your list?? and you have him above immortal tec, jada, and az??? get the fuck outa here with that bullshit.

    • sickkcat

      Since I know your going to ask, here is ten 1. Nas 2. gfk 3. joe buddens 4. joell ortiz 5. royce 5'9 6. eminem 7. t.i. 8. jadakiss 9. immortal tec 10. cormega 11. az 12. like honestly the list goes on forever............ Not to mention his voice sounds like a 5 year old gremlin... Did somebody reallly say joey badass was best rapper now??? OMFG killl yourself

    • sickkcat

      Best lyrical guy out right now? I can name at least ten that are better without even thinking lol. He cant even rap on beat.... dudes a 6.5/10 at best.... NOTHING SPECIAL!!! STOP HYPING THIS GUY!!!!! His album was a 6/10 at best... makes no damn sense.... I guess standards are just that low these days...smh

  • Anonymous

    man kendrick is dope!!