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HipHopDX Premiere. Sho Baraka premieres "Jim Crow" - a track that reminds us racism isn't past tense. Look for Sho's "Talented 10th" album out Tuesday.


  • Paul Sombric

    I think he was just tryin' ta get to the point...

  • Paul Sombric

    did i just hear........?

  • Ty Banks

    People give more power to a word than it deserves. If all you can focus on is the secular use and not the intent when a person is communicating its use in proper context then you have the problem. I pray for those who are quick to not show grace even when grace isn't required in this matter. Sho' I appreciate your gifts and there impact in our culture.

  • idyone

    this dude go hard on the paint...

  • blessing

    this is a good song PERIOD

  • jeremiah

    this song is garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Sho is still a Christian and he used the words in context!

  • David

    Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. - Ephesians 4:29

    • Jeremy

      You should read your bible more before cherry picking verses. The bible uses the word bastard a number of times in context.

  • interesting

    On point ..need more of these debates out in the open ..

  • Enlightened Jonez

    We are all entitled to our opinions. Sho I am delighted that you were not intimidated by fear and shared your point of view creatively for us to take part in. Whether some agree or disagree that is their right. Now you have people talking in public view and expressing themselves which is healthier than harboring resentment and hate towards each other. Truthfully these discussions should have happened long ago and should continue. I LOVE the CD period! Who is the only real judge?

  • Senzo


  • Prafit

    I think its funny though that people are arguing about racism on the shores of the US but in reality slavery is alive and well. All too real and ignorant to your average man. The slaves have simply changed and this is not what anyone is talking about. The new slaves are the chinese who labor day after day making our cell phones, The Africans who mine the materials needed to make these devices, and the brazilian children who make our shoes with check marks on them. There are no slaves anymore in America and we are all benefiting from these "new slaves" and nobody seems to care. While you maybe crying racism is still alive, you are not slaving like these people are sweating over the factory line to bring your next phone while you eat a cheeseburger at the local McDonalds. This song is just another example of American Tunnel Vision. Out of sight, out of mind. The reality of capitalism is there is always someone on the top exploiting the people on the bottom. The only difference between now and 300 years ago is that slavery has now been legalized by economics and people will gladly enslave people they cannot see for cheaper priced clothes at walmart. The irony of modern economics is that black people in America don't realize they are now slave masters in this modern economy.

  • JC

    Totally unnecessary. You can make all these points and more without using choice words. Talking so much about racism and this and that and I know it's supposed to be for "social justice." But I think at a certain point you have to be Christian first and black second. Maybe if we wouldn't keep talking about race and focus on working together, stopping poverty, stopping violence, and giving glory to God the issue would actually be resolved quicker. As a youth pastor, I am disappointed show. Don't end up like another "Common" or "Lupe," let us remember you as a Christian like MLK jr.

    • o

      if christianity doesn't get real than it's irrelevant. lupe and common stay real and are therefore relelvant. sho is bein' real and very relevant. your point is null

    • a

      I don't understand are you saying sho is not christian because he uses "bad" words. Are you saying that common and lupe are bad rappers because they talk about what they have seen and experienced. You do realize rap was made for that exact purpose or am I wrong?

  • T

    A whole lot of Du Bois makin' noise!

  • If the noose fits swing from it

    White privilege is real/The reason Washington Heights/Won't do better than the Hills/But Viacom can say they tried..Great song 5 stars.

  • Anonymous

    Subject matter is on point ..P.S white guys stop being so oversensitive song is mainly talking about dumb tom coonery blacks .. Some of you dudes really think the world revolves around you

  • Tionna M.

    I love Jesus Christ. He is the solution whether you believe it or not. :)

  • Anonymous

    Yall niggas that keep screaming "white man white man" are part of the problem. It was never the white man that started slavery it was those in power then the rest fell in line due to economic gains. The majority of white Americans came to America to be free not have slaves, those that wanted power came and killed the Indians and enslaved blacks, all this to dirty the hands of those seeking freedom. Its all lies and manipulation and people keep permeating it by pointing fingers instead of showing how we are alike and how we have helped each other in many situations throughout time and in present time. Stop dwelling on the past and lets work together right now to make things better. Its those in power that mislead us that put us against each other, divide us. The media and Hollywood. Decent song none the less just less white this white that talk and more solutions and unity, if not you are not accomplishing anything.

  • Nic

    Sho recently on Twitter has made it very clear that he is not a Christian Artist. He loves Jesus and that is shown in his music. I believe Hip-Hop is very much a culture. And like culture it changes where you are. I live in San Diego Cali I could see how this song relates to life in South Cali. I could see how it could relate to where Sho lives. Maybe if you don't agree with the song well look around you in your own neighborhood. Sure it won't be the same as my comfortable South Cali, so racism is set at a different degree then other places. But it is not set at an extreme as it was Pre-CivilWar era. I honestly if i could poor my heart out is hey sometime the "african americans" in my eyes all love hip hop and are good at basketball. But that isnt true but that is racism and stereotyping which is not only past but present. This song is in line with the world we have today. Maybe not only for "Niggers" but also directed towards any religion such as Islams; well they are not all terrorists. Atheists don't always hate Christians. So well just look at it from a different point of view.

  • Prafit

    Racism can go both ways though. Like it wasn't racist that 90% of blacks voted for Barack Obama. You got a song for Reverse Racism?

    • Prafit

      Was I the only person called "cracker" on the playground and was totally ignorant to what it meant until later in life? A white person going to a black school can be just as uncomfortable for a black person in a white school.

    • Anonymous

      That kinda goes both ways. A lot of black people did vote for Obama because he was black, but at the same time a lot of those people likely wouldn't have voted for Romney, and people don't seem to grasp the fact that there's more than two candidates.

    • John-Boy

      Stop eating the Fox news idiot soup. Black people ALWAYS'S vote about 90 percent Democrat. It doesn't matter who the vandidate is. To prove this point, how many blacks you know were gonna vote for Herman Cain??? NONE!!


      Whats pathetic is your 2 comments . So was it racist when a large majority of minority's voted for Bill Clinton (white) or was it racism for whites and blacks who voted in Bush twice .. Your rhetoric is retarded .. It's only been 50 years or so that black people were allowed to eat in the same restaurants as whites ,or be allowed to sit in the front of a bus .. O and you feel that black people are always talking down to whites ..How about Family Guy that plays up to all the racial stereotypes .. But that would just be fucking pathetic to use that as an example !! Face facts you are white shit is easier for you .. Example go to Asia or Africa they are exactly bleaching there skin to look whiter , ask yourself why that is ? Maybe something to do with the mental brainwashing over the centuries that has perpetuated the myth that only WHITE is right .. Whinging Caucasians make me laugh .. P.S Obama is half white i.e mixed race ..

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, this shits starting to get retarded. They dont mention when black people talk down on white people and I see it everyday in the media right on the fucking television and they just turn a blind eye to it. Its fucking pathetic you dont want others to be racist to you but still you are doing the same thing and not even knowing it or just ignoring it. Fucking pathetic

  • Bobby k

    This conversation needs to happen more

  • Craig Bartlett

    This song sucks. Sho needs to keep that race card in his pocket.

  • Brannon

    I'm trying to figure out if N**** is wrong in society now as a christian. Well lets look at Gods word. In Ephesians 4:29 is basically says dont let unwholesome speech come forth from your mouth, only what is used to build up. Who is Sho talking to? Is he trying to build up the culture he is talking to? I would say he is talking about racism and talking to the African American culture. He is trying to build up this culture. He says this culture is going down in one of his songs. He is trying to build them up and share God with them. He exposes racism now and he may use N**** in his song I would not say it's destructive in the context he used it in. When is it destructive? Pray to God get in his word and let him show you when it is destructive. Let God convict you. I'm sure Sho knows why he thinks it's right or else he would not of said it. I'm sure he has prayed about it. Don't throw stones at him. Sho I appreciate your bravery and your step out of the Christian Hip Hop title. Thank you for using your art to build up and not to tear down a culture. I love you as my brother in Christ. I will be praying for you!

  • ananonymous

    this is a great step for hip hop I love sho Barakas bravery and his ability to speak on social matters but still give the glory to God

  • Anonymous

    didnt lupe just do a song like this

  • Gregory DaCloak James

    This EXACTLY how progress begins my people. We must stop putting up a veil as if the things that have been going on around us throughout our history and life times. We have to get past this crazy and foolishness we put up with. We have to stand up and be better. Salute to you for saying what's real Sho. All glory to God for raising you up to speak uncompromised truth

  • Lex_Icon

    "I know Sho and his tendencies That joker just might be the end of me"

  • Anonymous

    This Exactly how progress will be obtained we must start to recognize the real issues of our culture, generation, country, and world of ours.

  • Quis

    Dope song. This is the kind of content that needs to be heard in 2013. As a Black man I can relate to a lot of the things Sho touches on in the song.

  • a

    beautiful song. havent heard one this good in a long time...

  • Matt

    waiting the last few days before this drops...

  • T.J. Gregory

    Horrible, how is YHWH getting glory from this???

    • Jordan

      He's getting glory from it because Sho is educating people on rights, wrongs and justice. The Bible says our God is a just God. He's trying to address and fix the social problems of today...sounds like something, I don't know, Jesus would do maybe?

    • khail

      "Not every song needs to bring glory to God. This is fine as is." you cant be serious ?? all the glory belongs to God and no one else and if its not giving glory to God and edifying what is the purpose.. ??

    • Quis

      Not every song needs to bring glory to God. This is fine as is.

  • Kd Barnabas

    This has got to be my favorite song by sho baraka. In the song he says that "racism isn't past tense" and that's so true. He talks about a topic that most Christian artist do not attempt to touch. I've been trying to get off this island for a long time and sometimes I feel stuff here. Complete ignorance, where niggas be Wild'n and don't care. Man this song is deep!! Period!!

  • ilikeillmusic

    Sho goes in. Love the subject matter and the bravery. Good he is willing to talk about stuff like this. plus its good!

  • tyler tilley

    I think Sho will go where God moves him.. which means alot of people will be upset and trials will come so yea i agree full heartedly

  • S.B.

    This is really interesting - I know Sho as a Christian artist and couldn't help be taken aback by the chorus lyrics - I'm from Canada and an area where this problem is much less prominent than where Sho is speaking on - but his ability to stir discussion and raise an interesting topic is impeccable on this track. The beat is great and subtle enough to let him flow, I really really like this track and look forward to the rest of the album - Sho always represents and gives all glory to God -- in this song, I'm sure it will be controversial however he always relies on the Most High and I know his sincerity and trust his vision for this song to be good and pure. I hope the rest of the world sees it as such too.

  • RDR

    Wish this was in rotation

  • Kelson

    A much needed topic to be dicussed. There will be an uproar when the album drops but the mature need to take heed and start leading to build the body of Christ. If those who are mature know how to reach the people God called them to reach and continued to talk about "milk" issues instead of pushing for growth, their biggest disservice will be to God.

  • Anonymous

    Lyrics are on point ...

  • Massadonking