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Snippets of all the tracks off Joe Budden's "No Love Lost" out February 5th. Features include Wiz Khalifa, Omarion, Juicy J and all of Slaughterhouse.


  • Gebran

    Got me going Puff.Daddy in that pussy!!! hahaha hilarious my nigga stay coming through with those funny interludes~ but yeah real talk Weezy N Wiz are weak...

  • Mike

    Wtf??? He still sounds like the same Joe I've known... Beats are nice... I say the featuring is different. But its not many featurings though, still nice.

  • Danny Rage

    Fuck all ya'll. This shit sounds pretty good. He's gotta evolve as an artist. If ya'll were really fans, you'd want to see him make money and broaden his horizons. He can't just do underground shit all the time and still eat. Every artist does this. I will buy the fuck out of this album. Then I'll smoke and fuck chicks to this album. If you can't do it, I'll make Joe proud. Rage out!

    • jaceshadoe90

      i agree with you. I think when artist are going throu shit that's when they make the most creative music. Like Joe Budden, Eminem, DMX, even Young Buck. Right now, Joey's music seems to be more lighter like he's in a better place now then when he dropped "escape route". I'll buy this album, not only because i know joe'll have some good lyrics on there but also b/c not too many albums dropping soon that i'm looking forward to.

  • Dakid

    Ive been a Joe fan since early DJ Clue days and Mood Muzik 1. He's actually my favorite rapper. I got every mixtape/album he ever dropped. I say that to say this. This shit sound so trash. This nigga took a left turn mann.. This not Joe. I'll buy it just to support dude but im really disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    rap is dieing.. i've been checking this website regularly for the last month and the only good shit i've heard is a couple songs from 50 cent.

  • Kenan

    I've been a fan of Joe Budden's music for a while. I enjoyed escape route, I didn't like padded room so much. I loved the halfway house mixtape. I've listened to these snippets and I must say that I am not excited to buy this album. I am however aware that he is a very good rapper. I just don't agree with the direction he decided to take this album in.

  • Jumpoff

    this album is going to be flames.


    ALL OF YOU HATERS, LISTEN UP!!! Your Opinion Is Irrelevent!! Joey, Slaughterhouse, Kendrick Lamar, etc.. Can Not Live Off Of Mixtape Money Forever!! Being Complacent With The Style Of Music You've Been Doing For Years, Is Not The Trait Of An Artist. There Has To Be Growth.. So What If These Songs Are Too Commercial.. As Long As He Remains Him Lyrically, Its Great Music!! I Applaud Him For This Album, And All Joe Budden Fans Should Too Because He's Grabbing A More Vast Fan Base.. Don't Believe It?? Check.. For The 1st Time Since "Pump It Up", Memphis Radio Stations Has A Joe Budden Song In Regular Rotation.. MEMPHIS MUTHAFUCKAS!!! To Me, As A Joey Fan, That's Huge Step. This Will Be A Huge Album From Joe, I Will Support It Twice!! If You Can't Appreciate It, Your Not A Real Fan Of Music.. #GoFuckYourself!!

  • Anonymous

    Trying to sound like southern shit is going to fuck your shit up, southern artist release one good track and a bunch of shit. If you ant got that one big track then the southern fans are going to say fuck you, period. and if you try to got southern rout Hip Hop fans will say fuck you. Your better off just sticking to what the fuck you do and stay hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    Why do rappers use autotune instead of actually getting someone that can sing? Shits fucking stupid and annoying. You got your fans waiting for you to drop some hot shit, some personal shit and then artist go left. What do you expect when you loose your fans. Dumb ass fucking artist. No one fucks with artist that drop hot mixtapes then wack albums, thats shits ass backwards nigga. Yall need to get your fucking minds right!

  • Realist Dude Ever

    Let me sum up this mixtape: Ima sad black guy. Thank me later Peace.

  • Eye Control

    Can't believe all these haters, Joe Buddens is one of the best new artists there is, who's putting New York back on the map. You guys are the same people that hate Eminem because he is white, and now that Eminem found and signed Joe Buddens, you guys hate him too. All I know is when I get my allowance that week of February, I'm going straight to buy Joe Buddens's debut album. And fuck all you new fans that heard about Joe Buddens from Love & Hip-Hop last week. I heard Joe Buddens back when he was recording for Welcome To Our House, and now all of a sudden he's so many people's favorite rapper. Joe Buddens fuck the haters, you're the best in Slaughterhouse, then Yellow Wolf.

  • Lo

    He is trying to sell albums jerkoffs!!!!If your a true fan you'll show support him!

  • kobe bryant ready

    sounds like a drake album...

  • ky

    I can tolerate and kind of like she don't put it down, but the wiz song and the juicy j song don't sound like something joey would do at all. They're obvious to get single sales or something but they don't fit with his style or with the rest of the album at all. I really don't know why he's doing that bc/ even if he puts in 2-3 "hit single" sounding tracks no offense but it's not gonna boost album sales significantly imo. Sure I saw the wayne song on the itunes charts when it was released, but to tell the truth i don't think it did anything to boost album sales/revenue to joe. Wish all these dope artists would just stay with what they do best and not attempt random shit that ends up breaking up the album

  • mad ry

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE ALbum was wack,this,what i just heard,is even wacker.no way im even downloading this garbage

  • damnhomie

    Damn Joe, what happened? This is half R&B, half Pop. Where's the quality hip-hop? Can't say I'm surprised, Slaughterhouse sold out with their last album (which I didn't support), and I am not supporting Joe's new sell-out record either

  • Yuh

    Damn Joey u put these idiots on ur shit. i aint copin it.. u selling out dont matter the lyrics. wayne and wiz? auto tune? weak..

  • Anonymouse

    Album o' da year. Book that shit!!!

  • nuc

    hahaha, joey in a ed hardy tee on the homepage preview... not sure i'm feeling about the post mm4 joey.

  • Anonymous

    wrong choice of beats and 2much feats......

  • Anonymous

    Sounds decent to me..

  • moodmuzik495

    this is exactly what joey needs..fresh beats..cuz thats what attracts more listeners...idk why everyone's complaining..it's just simply pure lyricism over fresh beats...think of it as mood muzik over fresh beats..except for some booty lyrics..which also attracts people..same thing goes for the guest features...they're some of the biggest names in the game right now..that attracts more listeners..so joey gets more fans! I wanna see this guy succeed! he deserves it! I'm DEFINENTLY buying this album.

  • Anonymous

    I'm surprised Wayne is on the album.

  • Fuck this sites 12 year old users

    Dont like it? Joey dosent give a fuck. I for one will be buying this album as soon as it drops its not like you fuckers even pay for music anyway. Either stop complaining or dont listen and fuck off back to listening to YMCMB.

    • Nuff said....

      I bought some of joes albums and i bought each slaughterhouse album....wont be buyin this one though. If he feel he gotta sell out to attract "niggas" like u then, coo, whatever...but u cant make a comment like that tho. It's half way true...But truth of the matter is...nvr mind, u fig it out...Take ma word tho, even tho he doin this type of album, with these type of beats, and these types of niggas, he still wont sell and he most def wont get the recognition. And this is comin from a Joe fan!

    • moodmuzik495

      I couldnt have said it better myself. I actually buy music and support the artists that DESERVE the money. Like Eminem, Nas, Slaughterhouse, Kendrick Lamar. I do like a few songs by Lil Wayne and 2Chainz but those artist DO NOT DESERVE the money..Therefore I download their songs for free. These people need to shut the fuck cuz Joey is DOPE artist. I been a fan since the Mood Muzik days back in '03, and I am very excited for this album. People need to stfu...

  • Bboi

    First off gotta say from all the recent interviews ive seen with Joe he honestly looks like hes in a far better place...which leads me to theorize that his pain was his driving force for his music. Opinions about the quality of music aside (since thats fairly relative)this and even most of Loose Quarter just seems in a different lane. Been bumpin Joe since the Clue tapes, really got hooked when i heard "Dumb Out"..Mood Muzik tapes were my fav series of tapes ever (followed close by old Chamillionaire/CCC tapes) So yeah no luv lost indeed, big ups to Joe but "I cant get jiggy with this sheet" lol

  • Anonymous

    wow after listening to the snippets, my excitement for this album has taken a severe dip

  • jankjank

    These snippets convinced me NOT to buy the album.

  • d

    so budden cant make some club tracks? as long as he keeps it real, a real fan wouldnt mind some mainstream songs. and the rest of the tracks sound really dope! sick production!

  • Sincere

    Don't know how I feel about it... most sounds very good but I do not really like trap beats...

    • strawhat

      I feel the same way, it sounds good, n i was surprise about the down south beats, but for the people sayin they disappointed about 15seconds of a 3 minute song is stupid

  • BTMoney

    This was posted 1 minute ago... Fucking haters judging shit without even listening to it.

  • Daniel

    1 good song 1 average and rest garbage

  • Daniel

    Oh GOD, this so horrible :(!! THE PASSION FOR MUSIC IS GONE. Sounds like a fuckin' ymcmb album