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A track featuring Mase and Verse Simmonds off Young Scooter's new "Street Lottery" mixtape. "Free Bricks 2" with Gucci on the way.


  • Preacherskid

    Um yeah Ma$e killed it! He made the song hot! He's a cool person and very talented. It's a shame how he is misunderstood. He didn't say anything wrong in the song! I love it! Keep up the good work Ma$e!

  • don

    godddddaaaaaymmm MASE MURDERED THIS TRACKKK!! holllyyyy shttt! WE NEED A MASE ALBUM FORREAL! SIGN WITH GOOD MUSIC mase an come back forreal!

  • Anonymous

    @Masonbetha follow him Ma$e

  • wouzi

    murda mase is still killin shit. its because mase i'm given it a star cuz he's the only nigga that can rap

  • Anonymous

    Gotta hand it to Mase, he kills it.

  • Anonymous

    Young Scooter is pure garbage he uses the same positive mental attitude as officer ricky and the kids fall for it. talking about how great life is and over coming everything and making millions from cocaine and fairytales shit lol when i heard him say he was in columbia counting million dollar checks with hector and isabella i had to turn off and laugh

  • Anonymous

    Young Scooter???? Whats next Young Bicycle.

  • The_Observer

    Pastor Mase still has it

  • B.O.Y.D.

    This track is some liquid poop haters! Do you know who this is? That's right, it's the B.O.Y.D. son and im back and there is not one fucking thing you fake ass haters can do about it! Wanna step to this motherfuckers? Don't even try because im the B.O.Y.D. and and im back and there is nothing you can do about it! I will slap the taste out of your fucking mouth if you try to step to this because im the B.O.Y.D. and I run this shit around here haters! Think im joking? Try me motherfuckers! You don't want none of this because im the B.O.Y.D and im back for good this time. You all wish you could live one day in my shoes because im the B.O.Y.D and there is nothing you can do about it! PM if you got beef because im the B.O.Y.D. and im back! I handle all my shit like a man unlike all you motherfucking haters in this joint. None of you haters will PM me though because you know this is the B.O.Y.D. and im back and there is not one motherfucking thing any of you haters can do about it! Step to this, I dare you! Remember the name, B.O.Y.D. haters!