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The Black Opera uses A$AP Rocky's "Fuckin Problems" instrumental to address some REAL problems like gun violence, drugs and World Star Hip Hop..


  • Anonymous



    this goes hard and everything about America is true.

  • Anonymous

    Oh gun violence has increased so much right? These motherfuckers dont know what they are talking about. He just going with Obama cause he a sheep and most likely racist. Whit man black man, yeah this dudes racist for sure. Lets take away knifes from people to cause they kill oh and maybe cars too cause they kill people too. Right? Cause it has nothing to do with society being sick right? Oh its cool for Obama to kill kids over seas with drones but so nut and some other people that are not being named kill some kids and you sheep freak out? Guns are not the problem! They are the solution! If the teacher had a gun it would have been no fucking problem, if a guard would have been their it would be not fucking problem. Take away semi autos and have a criminal come in with one then it will be a fucking problem. Stop dick riding Obama!

    • Anonymous

      I agree, white man black man this dude needs to shut the fuck up, black people poppin pills thats a problem how about everyone poppin pills is a problem, this man is all for change and revolution yet he causes more discord and division than anything. read a book.

    • Anonymous

      How are you going to compare cars to guns retard ... If that is part of your argument we should also ban electricity people die from electric shocks , what about ladders ban them people full and die from them .. what about food people choke and die from food getting lodged in their throats .. Your argument is redundant face facts if he didn't have access to high velocity weapons those innocent children and countless others i.e Colorado on July 20 2012,Sikh temple Wisconsin on August 5 2012, workplace killing in Minneapolis on September 27 2012 etc .. Your argument is redundant !

    • YOU DUMB

      America is so backwards you the only so called civilization nation that has citizens who think they need high velocity weapons in every household .. Since 1982 there has been over 62 mass murders on innocent citizens with semi automatic weapons ... And seeing as you Americans love to bring RACE into everything NOTE that over Forty four of the killers were white males !! Anyway numb nuts you seem to conveniently forget Obama is half WHITE .. You are an anonymous wanker (no homo) what the fuck are you talking about arm every teacher with a .223 Bushmaster semiautomatic assault rifle is the fucking solution .. These kind of arms were banned until that dickhead Bush decided to let every paranoid scizo have access to them again in 08 ..Stop talking about things you know fuck all about you stupid ass wipe ! INNOCENT CHILDREN DIED YOU WASTE OF SPACE

    • jrems

      You posted anonymously so...

  • Julio

    Better than the million documents I'm bout to leak. The Black Opera on it. Propa.