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With production from Trackofficials, Grafh is on that "Eazy-E and Ice Cube shit" for his latest record "N.W.A." "Painkillers Reloaded" coming soon.



  • Anonymous

    This is a disappointment..can't disgrace the name with a shitty track like this..special that dirty south beat doesn't work..this shit is wack.

  • BeanTown Breezy

    Period point blank. This dude has sucked always and he needs to get another day job cuz he is a sub par lyricist who emulates other peoples shit but does it wack. Just leave the hip hop game you bozo cuz NOTHING you drop is hot. Everytime I look at this fool, it feels like a struggle to stay relevant. hey Grafh, with a name like that, i would expect some REAL boom bap East Coast hip hop referencing the elements and the culture but all we ever get is wannabee Southern trash like this or annoying tracks with a strugglin rapper behind the tracks. Pleae just disappear cuz you will never blow up or create anything new and refreshing for NY hip hop.LAME.

  • Anonymous

    I like where he was trying to go with this, but that southern beat is trash. Doesn't work. Nothing south about NWA man. That was straight west coast gutter.

  • What happened to regions being original?

    This is about as far from NWA as possible. He's from NY?? With a song called NWA over a stock standard southern dance beat??? He sounds southern too..

  • Anonymous

    This dude has been trying to find himself over the past few years. It's sad when New York rappers feel the need to impersonate accents in order to be relevant.

    • twoholla

      CO-sign with you. Grafh used to be one of my fav under-the-radar N.Y. emcees. His earlier efforts were way more street with clever witty lines with a lil' of his own unique spin with the flow. But this track right here...is the WORST thing he has ever done. He reminds me of Game with all that Eazy E, Ice Cube, name-dropping crap, a generic southern beat, with a new overly southern influenced style & delivery on the mic. Please please please go back to your old style & push your shit overseas where you'll get props for your style...or keep it gutter like Sean Price & get stateside props but you're trying to hard to blow up on what's trendy & what you hear on the radio

    • What

      For real cosign that, Trash NWA never had a southern songs