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Over Numonics production Saheed speaks on the trials and tribulations that have stricken the place of his ancestry (Palestine) and place of his birth (Chicago).


  • Anonymous

    hook is ight... the flow can be better i give this a 2

  • GoldenUnderground

    cats are missing the point. Listen to the song. Enjoy it. It's a dope track. Props to Nu and Saheed

  • Matias

    On point. Peace to Palestine!

  • Kingsen

    Dope track. Gaza stand up.

  • Jonathan

    Shout out to Numonics for this beat alone.

  • Anonymous

    This shit is nice...original perspective, good rhyme schemes, good visuals. Dope track all around with that beat.

  • Anonymous

    HIPHOPDX should be ashamed of themselves for this one.

  • Anonymous

    If someone pokes a hornets nest with a stick, is it the hornets fault for coming out to sting the idiot with the stick? Why do the Palestinians insist on poking the hornets nest? And why do they complain when they get stung? Hamas' motto: "we love death much jews love life". Hamas RUNS that strip. Smart song... spark a debate to enhance your shitty music career. Salute to them Jews for defending themselves. PS Jerusalem is mentioned ZERO times in the Quran... The terrorists must be rooted out and killed where ever they can be found in the world.

    • Anonymous

      Anon. Might want to actually do some reading before you pretend you know what youre talking about. Turkeys "illegal" military action within syrias borders are the responses to unprovoked rocket and missile strikes from the gov of Syria spilling over from the civil war. You are no longer civilian when you form armed group and start launching rockets at cities. They should just let them go at it and the winner wins. Thats the way its always been. They just know who would win. You cant parade around, pubically endorse violence and war against the Israeli gov AND people, throw more rockets at cities and expect any quarter. Hamas is a poltical group within the palestinian parliment, they have the majority and have killed their major opponents, the Fatah. Europe and the west classify them as terrorist, the last few communist nations (russia, syria, china) do not.

    • hm

      Go get an education.You are a close minded illiterate! Stop talking about a subject you don't know nothing about. Go to the library an educate yourself about the middle east and then you can make a comment.

    • Anonymous

      Is Hamas a "government"? Palestinans (not all, but most) view them as such.

    • Anon

      The only terrorist in the world are the Government attacking civilians. American government will now attack Syria because they claim to have "Chemical Weapons". Don't forget Turkey are doing illegal military practices within Syria's boreders.