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A track off next Tuesday's Murs and 9th Wonder collaboration "The Final Adventure." The album will also contain a bonus "Tale Of Two Cities" remix.


  • Anonymous

    It's a good track, he's saying something.

  • Anonymous

    good music right here

  • Anonymous


  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Production is horrible.

  • Ken R

    "Imagine if we all unified in my city Murs uplifting, educating, motivating deep. 9th beats so smooth. One of my rules of Hip-Hop; listen to anything produced by 9th Wonder I cant remember the last thing hes produced that was wack

  • Anonymous

    is murs gonna be kissing any more guys in his upcoming videos? fuck murs fuck 9th wonder boring ass coke cans getting placed on a desk drums 9th wonder is dropping 2 wack albums the same day good for him

    • Jackson 5

      @Ken R Calm down. Not everyone holds your liberal beliefs. Calm the f*ck down. You are right about a couple things though. Murs 3:16, Revenge, Skyzoo's and Big Remo's projects were solid and had quality production from 9th. However, overall I think 9th Wonder's production has become predictable and lack luster. That is my honest opinion. I think his label sucks and all he does is push Rapsody. The last Dream Merchant album he dropped was boring. I also believe Murs kissed that guy in the video for attention because the video was conveniently released right after Frank Ocean came out the closet. Society allows what it wants. Society reflects all the hypocrisy of the people who form it. Two men can marry but a man can't marry more than one woman. SMDH. If you don't agree with Conservatives then you're immoral and unpatriotic. If you don't agree with Liberals then you are a hate mongering bigot. At the end of the day, people have just as much right to despise homosexuality as they have to accept it.

    • Ken R

      Murs didnt do it for attention [Kissing another man] he did it to bring awareness to a homophobic society (Hip-Hop). Murs stated on Sway in the Morning show in responce to why did he kiss a man in his 'Animal Style' video Hip Hop hasnt shocked anyone in a long while. Open your mind it only works if its open like a parachute. If you stand by your words be a man and put your name to it anonymous. I dont totally agree with Murs point of view however it takes a true man to say This is were I stand, this is what I believe and I personally respect him more for it. As far as 9th being wack since leaving LB your gonna tell me Murs 3:16 the 9th Edition, Murrays Revenge, Sweet Lord (all Murs), Chemistry, The Formula, The Solution (all Buckshot), Jeanius with Jean Grae, or that 9th samples of A Womans Thread (R.Kelly) Threat off Jay-Zs The Black Album or his remix Gods Stepson of NASs album Gods Son (and I could go on and on) are all wack? What Hip-Hop do you listen to?? If hes so wack why do all the big names want to work with him including Skyzoo, Pete Rock, Buckshot, Murs, David Banner, Phonte, Median, Warren G, Kendrick Lamar, Tanya Morgan, Fashawn, Talib Kweli, Raekwon, to Mac Miller (and I could go on and on)? 9th Wonder has become one of the most demanded and respected producers of our life time in Hip-Hop? I know we just passed amendment 64 here in Denver Colorado but dont drink the bong water son.

    • Anonymous

      every project 9th has done since leaving little brother has been WACK. his label is a FAILURE. murs is BUTT. murs kissed a boy in his last video for ATTENTION. he thought he was gonna blow up after that. 9th wonder is dropping 2 wack albums the same day. buckshot is washed up like sea shells. murs is a fag. 9th wonder is done.

    • Ken R.

      He aint kissn you so what the F*ck do you care?? U homophobe guess you dont know fags have $$$ too? Dont know how much you know about Hip-Hop but must not be much because 9th Wonder dropping two wack ablums U 4 real? What was the last wack think 9th dropped. Feel free to go back to L.B.


    On point album should be on a different level .. Sounding good so far

  • Manny B.

    Deep and Beautiful track. Good lookin' Murs!