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Call Gudda Gudda about anything other than cheddar, he'll slap you like a stepson. Better yet, don't call at all...



  • Anonymous

    Back like he left something? The only thing that comes to mind is the talent he never had...

  • Anonymous

    dope, this better than KENDRICK MAMMA

  • musiclover

    beats pretty tight, lyrics are fine, the main problem with Gudda Gudda isnt that he can't rap, he raps fine, but he is so generic with his rhymes and flow that he doesn't stand out among the 50 people on Young Money at all. there is nothing really about him that makes you say oh shit we gotta listen to this new Gudda Gudda shit. and let's face it, out of everyone on Young Money, like 4 of them are eating and have actual success.

  • Anonymous

    If Kendrick had rapped this exact same bars, yawl motherfuckers would have rated it higher. This is 5 star easily but cocksuckers gave it 1 because he is affiliated with young money? Fuck yawl lame niggaz

    • Roach

      He do sound generic and if Kendrick would've said this..i would've been like "WOOOO" only cuz his delivery makes him standout alone, and if the voice sounds unique..guess what? people will like it.. just saying..there is more to it than just BARS

    • .....

      well firstly, its ok, not great, he's too generic though, and secondly, I don't Kendrick would ever come out spitting like that anyway

    • H


    • damu

      I totally agree ! He's always had slick bars. Just needs promotion,and he'd definitely blow up!

  • coconutbrainz

    it aint that bad.

  • Anonymous

    First song I've heard from this dude ever ...to be honest can't hate on it..slick rhymes classic beat. I expected faaaarrrr worse.

  • Big Dan

    Damn, looking at how this dude is dresses and I'm looking at the epitome of corny.

    • damu

      He's always had slick bars. Just needs promotion,and he'd definitely blow up! Why is he "corny"? What about that picture takes away from the quality of his music? You obviously don't have a valid point or opinion.