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Something off the upcoming sequel to this past Summer's "Total Orgasm" from Dr. Octagonecologyst a/k/a Mr. Nogatco a/k/a "Mr. Marcus without Syphilis."



    Listens....*throws laptop*...fuck I don't think even the devil would listen to this, sorry Keith I would rather pass on this one.

  • lezylez

    Keith... still my favourite..

  • thumbs up

    shit i forgot to vote

  • thumbs up

    Dope... this shit is so strong its like i can SEE the track. The rap, the beat, the artwork Keith killin' it again

  • iq low

    from plastic city to this dammmn what the fluff

  • Sensaye

    Anyone who knows Hip-Hop knows Keith is a legend. With that said, Keith why don't you humor us and actually TRY on a track once in a while. It's become blaspheme to say anything negative about his music, so he knows he can just basically fart on the mic and everyone will say it's dope and 'over your head'. This guy hasn't been giving any effort whatsoever for over a decade, with the lyrics or the beats. If you listen to his old Ultramagnetic shit, this nigga used to actually flow. Now he just says anything at any time, with no technique involved, no skills being shown, just making a mockery of these elitist hip-hop nerds that act like everything he touches is gold. This is coming from a Kool Keith fan, but being a fan of his, I want this nigga to actually put out some quality material man. This shit is a joke.


      The beat is f#ck!n horrible. I don't know who made it but if they got paid for that, they're a f'n G and "G" is for genius. And Black Elvis aka Robby Analog aka Dr. Doom aka Poppa Large needs to work on his "off the top" freestyle skills. I've been a fan since Critical Beatdown. But, once Kool Keith Matthews started rapping to his own beats, it all went down hill from there. I haven't heard much since "Diesel Truckers" with KutMasta Kurt. And this "Answer Phone" sh#t is a prime example why I stopped looking for Kool Keith music. "Damn homie, when I was in high school, you was the man homie, WHAT THE F%CK happened to you..." I still respect and got love for the OG. Keep doing your thing Dr. Ultra. I ain't mad atcha.....just a bit disappointed. P.S. I only gave this song one listen(while sober). I will listen 3 more times then give another review. Once sober...again. 2nd time, high on some Kill Bill vol.3 Oooooo Weeeeeeee!! And a third time, as drunk as possible without vomiting. -OBW

    • oskamadison

      I agree to a certain extent. Ultramagnetic era Kool Keith was him at his peak, especially on Critical Beatdown. Dude gets a pass for a lot of joints that would get dissed immediately if it was anyone else. That being said, he's Kool Keith, what the hell. Love it or leave it alone...

    • thumbs up

      buddy i disagree. I'm a fan but not of the blind ones who'd accept anything. SOme of his works are questionable, but this one is fat.

  • Anonymous

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