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A bonus throwback of another album that also appears on Kendrick Lamar's Complex list.


  • Anonymous

    Kurupt merks them all.

  • master

    Kurupt and meth killed dis sheeit......Dope track though...Pac the goat

  • Grinch

    Classic track! Pac went back to his east coast style on this one! The unreleased version with INS is sick as shit!

  • Anonymous

    This is classic real hip hop

  • Anonymous

    So now we're staring to put out old Tupac material because K Dot lists it as one of his favorite? Are you fucking serious! Everybody including DX really needs to stop dick riding the life out of K Dot. Yes he's saving old school hip hop but that doesn't mean you should worship the humble motherfucker! smh

  • fdsd

    Johnny Blaze out to get loot like Johnny Cash Play a game of Russian Roulette and have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"""""""""$$$$$$$$$%%%%%%^^^^^^^^&&&&&&*())))______++++++++!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. 2Pac, B.I.G. Eazy-E, Pimp-C, Big Pun, MC Breed.

  • Tanguma

    Woke Up Wit 50 Enimies Plottin My Death, All 50 Seein Visions Of Me Shot In Tha Chest, Couldn't Rest Na Nigga I Was Stress, Had Me Creepin Around Corners Homie Sleepin In My Vest, Shit Im Like A Hostage On This Troubled Block, Call Tha Cops Thug Nigga Screamin West Side Bustin Double Glocks! -Tupac Rest In Paradise Forever Remembered*

  • Change

    Well I come through with two packs of the bomb prophalaks for protection So my fucking sac won't collapse Cause nowadays, shit's evading the x-rays Sending young motherfuckers to an early grave I wonder, if my terrifying tactics of torturing MC's shows my heart's as cold as the tundra Electrifying like thunder, I'm just too much Rough and raw with that motherfucking poisonous touch I'm an MC with lyrics that's the fucking bom-bay your got dissed, that's before it's ingest like balmay My rhymes, I leave a mark on your mind As the deadly vibes spread through your head like sand pine There's no escape, nah I ain't blasting I use my mental to assassinate assassin's for those asking Opposed to laughing, raw maniacal villian Laughter enhances the chances of the killing Why is that? 'cause smiling faces deceive You best believe, to MC's I'm the deadliest disease My thoughts rip your throat and make it hard to breathe your whole camp's under seige, and I'm Jason Vorhees In the heat of the night is when I defeat and ignite mikes My verbal snipe, your vocab on site I'm out the cut, uncut and raw with no clause for all So all my rhymes hit and split the bricks on the wall your already have an idea about the superior sphere The greater rhyme creator on both sides of the equator I rock from here to there, to Philly and back To LA on the spot where I rock and bust like straps As your views get overshadowed when you come in contact Beware, set and prepare to enter verbal combat

  • Change

    uck you losers, while you fake jacks I makes maneuvers like Hitler, sticking up (Jews) with German (lugers) The Mr. Meth-Tical from Staten Isle Will be back after this mess-age don't touch the dial Rarely do you see an MC out for justice Got my gun powder and my musket blow!! Melons get swellings, I paint mental pictures like Magellen Half of my Clan's three deep felons Niggas best protect they joints for Nine-Nickel Man I stay on point like icicles Now who wanna test Tical then touch Tical All up in your motherfucking mouth Head banger boogie Catch me on tour with Al Doogie Method Man roll too tight, you can pull me Better take one and pass or that's that ass Your vital statistics are low and falling fast Johnny Blaze out to get loot like Johnny Cash Play a game of Russian Roulette and have a blast

  • Change

    Kurupt & Method laid em' flat with this verse.

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Productions is flawless in this. Everybody snapped on this. 5 stars, R.I.P. to a music legend. Salute.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing less then 5 stars, u have to be dumb... One of the best west coast east coast out during th beefing era

  • Robert

    I listen this remix 9 years ago what the fuck is it doing on newest singles?? peace

  • Anonymous

    This track is dope a classic in fact bitch!Makhaveli R.I.p!!!!

  • wss

    Original is better. Pac wasnt on the original song he just took the song from Daz. Original song had a Inspektah Deck verse on it. Goddamn Daz why you had to give this song to Pac????

  • OG-18*


  • Anonymous

    Tupac and the dogg pound...... thats whats up... they need C-bo

  • Phat Dawg

    Classic. They don't make em like this anymore...

  • Wilian

    Fuck west side pussy azz Nikkas southside bitch