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With "O.N.I.F.C." dropping December 4th and "Cabin Fever 2" coming later this week, Wiz Khalifa releases a quick freestyle over Drake's "Cameras."


  • Atychi

    I was actually impressed. Just because Wiz is a bit repetitive doesn't mean his music is bad, he had a nice flow on this one, some folks hate JUST because it's Wiz, and don't even listen to the lyrics, elitist hip-hop fans are just as bad as dumb ones


    Taylor Gang or You Don't Like ButtSex.


    Wiz is dope! just like this song stress free :D

  • Man

    for every 1 honest comment about this shitty freestyle, and wack ass rapper, there's like 3 positive comments about the same shit i.e. Wiz is just being himself. We all know this community hates Wiz, so there's no fucking way that there's 20 different people on here loving this song. It's the same fucking person. Get a life, douche.

  • Brooks

    Shit, I love this..Wiz forever. Why ya hating on, Wiz..Fuck haters. This is freestyle, like it or not, it's Wiz

    • Andy

      Yea.. a "freestyle" that he probably read off his iphone. Wiz got fuckin wack after cabin fever. He was good back in prince of pistolvania and shit... now hes wearing toms and skinny jeans? Cmon son?

  • Microsoft Slow

    Another boring song from Wiz..

  • haha

    crazy how the HHDX community hasn't railed this song yet, shit, there's one guy in here that keeps 5 starring this terrible freestyle and defending Wiz's obsession with weed and his shittiness as a rapper.

  • sid

    Wiz raps what's relevant to him, he keeps it real. He's different because he has money now, he has no struggles, it'd be stupid if he rapped about problems, he obviously doesn't have any..

  • Taylor

    yeaaah. i'm so glad this dude speaks to me, Lance, Deke, and I are blazing super joints to this. Can't wait to jam out to my Flo-Rida after this. My playlist is jamming bros.

    • Taylor

      yeah Brochacho, but I got to say, I like Pitbull and Flo-Rida more than Wiz though. Top 5 though: Pitbull Flo-Rida Wiz Khalifa T-Pain Lil Twist

    • exactly

      exactly you either get it or you dont. this is Wiz and we smoke 24/7 aka a different weed song 24/7 sounds good to me. TGOD. Puffin: End of Bubba Kush, onto some IDK Smells Berry/Minty

  • HAHA

    ITz a "_FREESTYLE_!!!!" freestyles are about rapping about things that are on top of your head.. whats on wiz's head?? WEEd!!! Tgod!!!

  • TGOD

    You can tell that wiz is not fake like the rappers he talks about real stuff unlike fake rappers now days that try to rap about things people can relate to( so they can sell) or get respect by saying things they never done. wiz is Real af. thats why i hold it down!

  • :D

    Relax and smoke some weed!!! Haterzz

  • Taylor G

    People are always going to hate But F what you think; you think he cares about your stupid comments i dont think he has time to come and see what you have to say... & whats wrong with him talking about weed its something different and unique. if you dont like it dont click on any of wiz's stuff because you should know that wiz is all about weed. i love wiz not caring what you think-Taylor GAng For lIfe :D

  • ab

    at least wiz wiz dont get on a track dissin people over bullshit or rapping about some fake life where he sold crack and was killin people all you haters can get fucked

  • Alex

    What exactly is the problem with Wiz rapping about weed? If anything he's keeping it consistent just like Wayne who raps about killing people and pussy. If that's what he likes rapping about then let him do it. No one told you that you had to listen to this. However if you want to criticize his flow or rhymes feel free but he should be able to rap about whatever he likes.

    • shake

      wow, shut up. the dude is garbage, what little potential he had when Kush and OJ came out was squandered with his simple ass lyrics and shitty content. Seriously the only people that aren't tired of this dude's bullshit are white teens/pre-teens that just discovered marijuana.

  • Taylor Gangster

    Yeah alright, weed, pot, weed, smoke, gin, gin, Bombay Sapphire, weed, sour diesel, chronic, kush, weed, smoke, weed, pot, Clicquot, gin, weed, joints, pot, Bombay Sapphire, weed, blunts, sour diesel. I'm white.

  • Wiz

    for those hating, here's a sneak peak to my new lyrical song for an unreleased track, I promise it's something you've never heard before: Smoking a bunch of weed I like to call them trees Mary Jane, Marijuana its all the same to me A smoke it by the pounds because I'm a G I get hungery when I smoke that Sour Diese So my favorite chicken is from Lee's

    • Wiz

      Wow, Taylors, I wrote that when I was high, pretty crazy huh? It's crazy how I can just think of new inventive stuff. I'm so unique.

  • wow

    20 seconds in, "Blow it by the O", stopped listening. this dude's a lost cause, you figure he would fucking try rapping about something else besides weed. what a fag.

    • C.L.

      @17July you are gay! I haven't seen many gay people on this site but you are gay. Also learn to spell shit out, what are you, 11?

    • 17July

      @wow u r dumb! I dont even listen to Wiz but ur dumb.

    • Oh no

      we got a Taylor here. only Taylor fags, defend this less than mediocre mess. Come back and talk to me when you don't have Wiz's dick in your mouth, poop pusher.

    • Anonymous

      ur a bird hes a fag cuz he raps about weed? lol so what the guy raps about what he loves to do n what hes interested in atleast he aint being fake n shit. ur a fag

  • Anonymous

    nice mello flow from wiz on this 1. tight! Check this Jamaican rapper from Kingston who jus signed to a indie in NY... SIK! 'Sly Rankin' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYtqp14H9uo

  • shady83

    he says breakfast on the plane 3 times! this nigga sucks! lol

  • 3 Chainz

    Fuck Wiz, Candy ss Rapper

  • Anonymous

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