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Bleu Davinci didn't like what he heard on last night's Jeezy track so he threw together a diss track and got Big Meech on the phone.


  • catawbamoor

    Only lame niggas and white kids believe young jeezy a real "gangster"

  • wouzi

    WACK,TRASH,DOO DOO!!!! blue is just jealous/mad that jeezy blowed up and he didn't. son, jeezy and fab tried to make you hot cause meech invested a lot in you, but you couldn't reap the benefit cause your bars was wack as fuck. you better respect/keep it 100... stop going at jeezy for something you couldn't do

  • Yung solo 145

    Fucc jezzy he's a hoe for leaving BMF when boyz was going down . Cuz at the end of the day a real real dude stay down regardless jail time street beefs etc . So on some hood shit fucc that Nigga for all you people on here talking that crazy fuc (Blue davinci ) shit ask your self if you had a empire like B M F and the niggas around you split when you took a fall is that BITCH ? Hell yeah that's bitch shit and it u say no you not a real off top so play this song a really hear what (blue) saying befor you jump on so real street shit half you bitch ass dick ridden hoe start running that mouth ..Free BIG Meech the new age DON

  • Anonymous

    Barima Bleu DaVinci McKnight, the rapper who became the face of the Black Mafia Familys now defunct record label, was sentenced to five years and four months. The sentence was eight months less than the governments recommendation, due in part to him agreeing to share information with the feds

  • G5

    Damn, I can't even hate. Bleu's shit actually go harder to me and I like Jeezy.

  • tmc

    this shit wack as fuck hiphopdx y do u put trash like this on this REAL hiphop site?its fuckn with ur credibility stop it.BIG meech talkn was the best part and that was corny.

  • @SoldierCell

    So what yall sayin is since Meech got caught n went to jail while Jeezy out gettin money that make Jeezy a snitch??? Yall got da shit fucked up

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    All these fools on hear screaming that Jeezy dont owe Meech anything but whenever they want to holla Jeezy real they refer back to when he ran with BMF. BMF is the only reason this dude got respect and street cred and that was the only reason he was talking so cocky on those early mixtapes and TM 101. Now when the man that fed you and helped put you on that platform is down you wont throw him a bone. That aint the code and these fools on here commenting dont know the code thats why they dont understand and never will! I know Big Meech the real Big Meech!! Remember that line....now its he dont owe him nothing huh smh

    • No...

      The point is if you are using them to get your street cred and money, but when shit gets hot you don't want to be associated with them. that's the problem. you can't have it both ways. If you make a deal withe the devil, you a bound for life.

    • Anonymous

      So basically if you were jeezy right now you would know that putting money to free BMF is useless, the guy was caught fair and square. Even if jeezy did help him out it wouldn't help him get any sooner, he was running a fucking coke trade through the US. I'm shocked he only got 30 years infact, I'm even more surprised at the fact you guys think he should be free. Let that nigga rott in jail for all the bad hes done

    • Word!

      It just shows you how people can't use common sense and don't know what the fuck they talking about. I just hope they keep it on tracks.

  • Turner Boy

    Nigga on that fuck shit again. Nigga need to learn to seperate music and beef. All the bullshit going on for the past few weeks in is fucking up the music. Quit wasting time and money on diss tracks and go make a hit.

  • Anonymous

    Trash as expected

  • Cuz trippin

    This nigga aint gangsta...if he so gangsta he wouldn't be saying all this shit on beats. This nigga is a former street nigga turned rapper like the next nigga. Meech...I feel what he's saying as far as nigga we supposed to be family help a nigga out on with the lawyer shit.

  • Anonymous

    Didn't realize it was so less Tupac dickriders at this site.. Shit he would go at this site for you just naming Meech's name..

  • clevelandchief

    Bleu just stop.... you are corny. Your songs are corny. Tell meech stop crying and do his time. Meech no one forced you to have over 2000 kilos in your house. Jeezy does not owe you a lawyer meech. Bleu, you suck as a rapper face it. You are better off going to write a book with a ton of dry snitching in it.

  • Damn

    This is what l don't understand about this "keep it real" culture. When he was making money with them, it was call to rep them. When they got locked up, you don't want to rep them or look out for the big homie? How does that make sense. It just goes to show you no one really keeps it reall when facing that jail time.

  • Jeezyyyy

    This dude mad cuz Jeezy left his ass in the dirt.. Meech co-signed Ross.. why would Jeezy still support him? You dont owe a nigga nuttin Jeezy!

  • buberry mike

    Man its like jeezy said u dnt owe a nigga nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing

  • sds

    "Bleu Davinci didn't like what he heard on last night's Jeezy track" what track ?

  • gnigga_pleeze

    this is ras kass' cousin lol talent apparently doesnt run in the family

  • Anonymous

    You bark up that tree that tree will fall on you.

  • Burmy

    This is WACK. BMF is dead-Jeezy knows that, Bleu doesn't. ROT IN JAIL Big Meech...you mad because folks are goin' legit now.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Nobody owes that nigga nuthin, and if that dude was loyal he wouldn't be co-signing Ross. Dude wants to cash checks from Jeezy rival and still get donations from Jeezy himself, where they do that at??

    • So...

      It was good for Jeezy to rep and run with them when everything was all good and making money. but now can't look out for the big homie who gave him street cred? I don't understan how that works



  • StreetLegend

    How do you get mad at a dude from asking what you need on your books every month. Didn't you help feed more dudes than Jeezy, where are they? Dudes need to stop acting like girls with this your not my friend anymore beef. I learned at a young age always stand on your own two feet. Never depend on another man, because your your own man.

  • Anonymous

    dont know this guy but compared this song to jeezys and have to say this beat was better and the lyrics. much better than jeezy 3 stars

  • BMF


  • RP

    Shit Bleu ain't bitter, dat nigga just statin da facts. Errbody kno Jeezy a snitch! U got Bleu, Gucci, Ross and Alley Boy who all dont like Jeezy. They all cant be wrong. Just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is so garbage and bitter as hell all because Jeezy made it and he didn't so what if he ain't showing love to BMF anymore its over and Jeezy moved on this nigga still living in the past

  • TheOne1010

    DAMNNNNNN! Dat dude Bleu went INNNN on Jeezy! I Kno dat Jeezy in a corner crying cause he exposed.

  • T

    Str8 Trash, another Jealous dude that didn't make it