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LL Cool J surprises us with a track about those "Ratchet" girls and how it's better to "smash 'em and leave 'em." Definitely not NCIS officer behavior.


  • white man 89er

    Wackest shit i've ever heard in my life.

  • Anonymous

    my boy is back still in the game beliave that

  • nano

    Cool track, LL still got it.

  • Guest

    It's moreover the character LL Cool J has decided to portray himself as (an actor on NCIS) and less of the fact this shit's actually lyrically speaking well written and accurate. Niggas who rate 1 star are more likely the guys mad he went all Ice-T (or that he's like 44 and still rapping) and less of the fact it's not good, since I have yet to see anyone saying they can't relate to it.

  • frankybb

    LL is on point as always....proves he still got it

  • Anonymous

    this shit is fire get em L.....

  • Anonymous

    Ok, L. Nice track.

  • beezlebud

    this is kinda hot, not what I was hoping for but he still bodied it, lyrically he killed it, the joints a story its not supposed to have overly complex vocab and schemes in it I'd really love LL to be the MC that brings some throwback sound back to Hip Hop though, some Around the way Girl, some Doin It, Mama Said, Loungin etc but he's already conquered that era so prolly doesnt wanna touch it anyone saying he hasnt made hot music in years hasnt been listening EXIT 13 had fire on it and the mixtape before it was sick, Who want it with the G.O.A.T was HEAT, his G.O.A.T album bangs top to bottom too dudes a 30 year vet, cultural ICON and legend

  • J-Yo

    Damm i wasnt gonna click this, but its fire!! glad i did *****

  • yerrrr

    Some of ya ll tripping. This is who LL is lol yes LL has the battle street side to him, but LL has always been about the ladies, look at his fking name Ladies Love Cool J it aint Lyrical Lover Cool J this is what he does. This ish hot. Str8 club ish right here fellas. Start leaning how to take music for what it is and to dude who said this sounds like a recycled timbo beat...I ll take it over all this fake southern 808 rick ross type of beats out now

  • biglos

    nice LL track def on point the G.O.A.T maybe back

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This track is simply LL trying to do something new, yet remain in his own lane. Not my cup of tea, but he still has a strong showing on this track. I agree that he has made shit that makes me scratch my head too, but that's art. Great artists can make bullshit somethimes. So has Nas, Jay, Em, and many others. Stop letting trends that are controlled by corporations tell you what's hot. Use your own ears. If you like you like, if you don't that's cool too.. LL is without a doubt LIGHT years better than that Drake bullshit you guys tend to get moist over. I have never seen a person of such legendary status consistently catch unnecessary hate. It's like he is the Lebron James of hiphop. LL has already won multiple championships, let the nigga breathe. If you don't like his shit, don't buy or listen to it... I'm giving this shit a 4 just because of the hate ( and I don't even like it)...

  • Money First

    People can talk shit all they want..he actually narrated a story (a fuckin' real type of situation with a chick in his song)! For that he gets major props...I fucks wit it! This other shit I'm hearing everyday from these other rappers is copycat bullshit!! Same topics, same beat!! Tell me I'm lying?

  • Beau

    LL Cool J just cant leave the game alone lol. This beat is sounds like a recycled Timbaland record we've all heard before. I give it a 3 cuz the song makes sense: lyrics, song, and beat were good.

  • Sensaye25

    Honestly it's kinda dope. He's still got a lot of mic presence. Still sounds like LL. LL has never been the type that's gonna blow you away with sophisticated rhyme patterns and shit. This is what he does. I like it though.

  • Anonymous

    nd this is how he comes

  • bk5

    Ima big LL fan,and I am really excited bout his new album....but this track isn't something special...its not that LL the GOAT material...still better than Lil B,Soulja,waka


    D1S SH1T $0 WXCK WHY TH1S G0T SO MXNY 5 STXRS??? ~oh baby its trill!~


    D1S $H1T $0 WXCK WHY TH1$ G0T $O MXNY 5 $TXRS??? "oh baby its trill!"


    D1S $H1T $0 WXCK WHY TH1$ G0T $O MXNY 5 $TXRS??? -oh baby its trill!-


    D1S $H1T $0 WXCK WHY TH1$ G0T $O MXNY 5 $TXRS??? ~oh baby its trill!~

  • blkviper

    I'm feelin this track...

  • eli

    come on LL YOU TOO OLD FOR THIS you a grown man with a family

  • TaraMarie

    I'm sorry, but this is not a #Classic Hip Hop song by one of Hip hops pioneers. LL disappoints a "from the beginning" fan by selling out and dumbing down to appeal to where radio/mainstream has gotten to. Hip Hop has gone thru many changes, but with it being a leader in music genre right now, keep it real. I'm anticipating LL's upcoming album, but I will skip over this track if its on it...

    • oldschool4life

      you obviously don't know LL cool J listen to his old stuff again half of it is like this

    • Curtis75Black

      This is just a joint to get peeps on the floor. Maybe you slept on a few of his classics 4 years ago: "It's Time For War", "Ringtone Murder", "You Better Watch Me", "Dear Hip Hop", "Rocking With The G.O.A.T.", "Ur Only A Customer", "We Rollin'" off his "Exit 13". Maybe you slept on the LL track featuring Ne-Yo - "No More". Maybe you slept on the verse he dropped for Busta Rhymes on "Killin' Em". Maybe you slept off the mix cd he dropped also ?

  • Anonymous

    typical LL he made 100.000 songs like this. Its time to quit LL you done! You are a legend but you have been terible after Mamma said knock you out!



    • Rodzilla

      You need to listen to the song Ill Bomb asap

    • Curtis75Black

      Niggas acting like this is a love song or some shit !! When did LL ever write a song like this before ? You're absolutely right staxx, You can always tell when niggas was just on that radio shit, frontin' like thats all he's done.

    • staxx

      You must be really sleeping on the homie L. That G.O.A.T album was a banger top to bottom. Even the r&b joints on there was cool. Check that out before just writing L off after Mama....

  • Curtis75Black

    The fuckin' soundtrack for every nigga nowadays !!! I like how he writes: Where you can put yourself in that situation. The females might not like it but they'll dance to it. The fellas should rock this.

  • Yssup Kidz

    This is not good. But ive heard worse for LL. Nice to hear his voice on a track though. Whether you like him or not (me the latter), LL is hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    veterans never get respect in hip hop, its the music of the disrepectful

    • Anonymous

      yeah well sometimes established veterans don't respect music neither they think just because they have a "name" in hip-hop they can drop anything they want without any quality and the audience are going to endorse it no matter what just because it comes from well known established role in the movement i know LL contributed a lot to hip-hop, especially in the 80's when def jam started. but then he started to make non sense music in the mid 90's and never stopped since so I respect LL as a man and an icon but i cannot respect this kind of track. i expect a lot more from him therefore i'm sorry if i don't show no love to this shit and don't salute the dude for it

  • Anonymous

    sorry L if ya aint talking about balling, slanging or thugging......

  • wu wear

    i've heard worse outta LL for sure

  • Anonymous

    this is wack LL used to be the shit in the 80's but what came after did nothin but jeopardize his legacy 1/5

  • Anonymous

    LL retire you old ass wack tv cop.

  • Anonymous

    They need to start an stop tricking campaign like they did with snitching. LL is in the RR Hall of fame with plaques and grammys and at least 25 yrs in the game so any hating won't hold any weight.

    • Anonymous

      You can critize the music he makes now, but we know music is not his full time job anymore, worry about the rappers that never put out a decent track ever and that's all they do. If he left NCIS and came out with this then it would be a concern.

    • Hmm

      So because he made good music 15+ years ago, we can't critique the whack ass music he releases now? That's sound logic for you.

  • staxx

    #Should have never been with ya ratchet ass!

  • staxx

    I was so ready to bash this song like an ass until I listened to it. I'm a big L fan and was kind of iffy on this joint because I was reading comments from some other sites. Well I've listened and L came with it on the lyrics. The beat could've been better is my only gripe really. Still want L rapping over them grittier type beats. We'll see what the album holds.

  • Mortis

    This is terrible. Mama said stop rappin

  • ol' cheesy mcburger9

    mmama says phenomenonal.



  • Anonymous

    to all you lil wayne fans...this is how you pick a subject matter....and stick to it...

  • shh

    "1 in the morning"..#LL COOL J-elder titan

  • Anonymous

    to all you fuck niggaz that think tricking is cool.......ya'll need to take heed to this