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With a preorder and tracklist now on iTunes, Kendrick Lamar's "good kid m.A.A.d city" will feature this track with Dr. Dre and production from Just Blaze.


  • Mr Official

    every song this kid drop..make me like him less and less.. not impressed

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Ur siding with 1 of the worst rappers ever?everyone is entitled to an opinion n all...but fuck ur opinion for the simple fact it's retarded

  • Anonymous

    this is dope the rest of this album is iight too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR1sRsqFrWY

  • Anonymous

    YOOO...grab the "Compton" instrumental here! http://bitly.com/SGhwUP

  • smh

    same just blaze drums but they still hit thank god there is no foul ass 808 kicks im tired of every song i hear the hook is ass the end is ass too dre cant rap even if he being spoon fed the lyrics smh. still bought the album cuz he one of the only niggas reppin the city thats not in a gang. 3/5 and im from compton santa fe x alondra

  • Hmm

    If you're not Nate Dogg, ODB, Cee-Lo, Sleepy Brown... don't sing on your track. This shit is garbage. I think Kendrick Lamar is a good lyricist, but I think it's also safe to say Dre has lost his touch. Sorry Dre, been waiting 13 years for Detox and all you've done is pump out crap. The Firm didn't flop, but all your shit since 1999 definitely has.

  • soar oner

    dre gone raaaat! Lamar ill

  • soar oner

    fuck compton. massey motherfuckers

  • King Kendrick Lamar

    I just listened to that Meek Intro and this just blows it away man. You gotta listen to the CONTENT.. it's important. Kendrick on another level! His album was like a movie i had popcorn on my lap n shit. PAY RESPECT WHERE RESPECT IS DUE.. i dont even know how u can hate on an album like that. i aint hatin on meek tho that intro is hot. but it wont elevate him to GOAT status like Kendrick's COULD.. were witnessing a future GOAT people.. appreciate that! we aint had a goat in over a decade.. wayne faded. Kendrick nigga HOLLA

  • Anonymous

    shit bangs.....fuck the haters

  • Anonymous

    I am the only person at my school who listens to Kendrick... Makes you despair...

  • Anonymous

    does dre have to make it so obvious he didn't write his verse? smh he always does this!

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that. I do music to help change the lives of others so what you'll get from my music is all POSITIVITY! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH8K577h8N4

  • Dee

    Kendrick doesn't know shit about compton or being in a gang, dudes a geek who can't rap

    • Compton

      Ur sayin the guy who DID grow up in Compton and has niggaz to back that up...isn't from cpt?nigga stop playin ya self .nigga never said he was a gang banger but its not hard to still be tight with gang bangin niggaz.u prolly a white boy anyway hush up

  • gamma11

    all yall niggaz sayin this aint compton, go look up roger troutman and then listen to the hook again. fuckk all yall

  • boobalo

    sraight hip hop..this nukka guna shine soon

  • Nick

    these fags don't know shit about compton, they are the biggest sellouts of all time, this is trash like their gay headphones, go die

  • Anonymous

    all i hear is Eazy rolling in his grave.....

    • Anonymous

      See u know u hatin.Eazy didn't even write his own shit. A Kendrick verse is worth way more value than a Eazy verse.

  • Anonymous

    this is awful. hip hop is awful now

  • Giorgio8

    Ain't no city quite like Mine, ComPTon Kidd!!

  • Anonymous


  • Jamie Noire

    Instant pull up from the first line

  • Anonymous

    Smh @ these faggots sayin the hook is wack just because the format is unlike anything they've heard before. FUCKIN CLASSIC.

  • SDK


  • RTG

    Dre hasn't been to compton in 20 years, #realtalk


    JUST GIVE ME ONE CHANCE, ONE CLICK,ALL KENDRICK FANS I AM ALIKE KENDRICK. please listen to my song pre meditation on my youtube channel dczipper123, my name is cale and i guarantee you will listen to this song if you have pains or love your dealing with or heart broken or drugs, my song touches these emotions and its all me.

  • ssw

    the hook is awful ruins the song for me,

  • Cleeshae

    Check it http://soundcloud.com/cleeshae/cleeshae-x-ta-ku-x-higher-x

  • WhoDunIt

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0Xu-hKsmDc ^^ Kendrick would fucking love these dudes!!

  • HUH?

    How is the song gonna be called "Compton" and not have a west coast beat? How is gonna be called "Compton", feature Dr. Dre, and not have Dre produce it? SMH

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.. Dr. Dre is a lazy fuck.. The only thing he done lately is.. Jump on ghostwriting verses and god dear Detox will never come to an success.. And still get so much fame..

    • Anonymous

      You obviously havent heard of progression thats why the west is always getting overlooked...and dr dre barely makes beats even when hes credited for the beat its always him and someone else

    • Big C

      There's a little G-Funk fusion with modern rap towards the end

  • bizzalls

    I knew it was Just Blaze before I read it! I actually thought it was a mix of Just Blaze and Dre production. Shit is pretty nice though. I just don't like Kendrick's voice though.

  • c

    Dope track. You can tell Kendrick ghostwrote Dre's verse though, just sayin

  • RR

    Good song but that chorus/hook is AWFUL...Wish Nate Dogg were still alive...

  • LeCore Noah

    The Album is going to be crazy. I can't wait to get at least two copies of the shit. I have a good feeling that hip-hop is coming back around with some realness brought by some real emcees. I don't expect the 90's or early 2000's to come back but I think evolution and progression should always be the focus. Checkout follow me on twitter.com/LeCoreNoah and/or visit me on www.hulproductions.com for similar music. Peace and God Bless!

  • Anonymous

    Might grow on me, but im deffently dissappointed

  • Anonymous

    Average for Kendrick Lamar. Looks like this album will be average.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick x 50Cent coming soon! United Niggas

  • Anonymous

    fuksake. kendrick lamar aint special this song was average as hell dissapointed the hell outa me was expecting some gangsta west coast shit what happened.... 1 star

  • LAC

    only a matter of time before kendrick comes out the closet... this dude is the "gay rapper from LA"

  • Anonymous

    Alot of these rappers lose a significant amount of their core fans with their mainstream debuts. You become of fan of their music, sound, context, etc. and when you get the album they've switched it up to basically say fuck you I need these mainstream fans as if you don't matter anymore. Kendrick is not going to do that

  • hiphop

    Top 5 from Compton: Eazy E, Quik, Game, Kendrick lamar, Mc Ren/Mc Eiht/King T... Dre known more for producing than rapping

  • Anonymous

    Super track , need the album soon....kendrick is sick dope

  • Anonymous

    Anyone get a hold of that track "Real" yet? That's the only one that seems to be missing of all the snippets. I think that's the J.Cole produced track? If you know where I can find it please do tell.

  • Anonymous


  • Is This HIPHOP?

    the song that should be here is "Hip hop" by Nas and Scarface. if hiphopdx doesnt put it here (#1) than this is not a hip hop!!

  • Anonymous

    2 stars this guy aint the next tupac or big songs average as hell

  • Anonymous

    C-O-M-P-T-O-N is back

  • Ja-Rule

    Da Fuq wrong with you yall gotta sign the hip hop pioneer ja-rule

  • Birdman

    Beelee dat i lu dis shit, ima sign this nigga to the the CashMoney, YoungMoney shiz. Turn him into sum mainstream bullshit playboi. 1hunna stunna. Stunna Island fir flame buggati i caant drive

  • Corey GreGory

    More Than likely Dre didn'T wriTe his verse so doesn'T ThaT Take away from how dope The sonG is? SonG was cool cuz Give iT a 3 ouT of five, The Bar has Been seT hiGh for son. I Think he's dope, flow wise one of The Top newer arTisTs I Think people may Be expecTinG To much ThouGh

  • Anonymous

    i wish EAZY E and Game were on it too!

  • Crisis Mr. Swagger

    This track bangs. I'm glad that Kendrick is doing what most artists have failed to do, understanding Dr. Dre when he gives them the opportunity. I bet you haven't heard this version!!!! Rest in Peace, In memory of Ba Patrick Chisembele!!! Brand new!!! 'Lucky A** N*ggaz - Featuring Skenz Mac, Gusto and Skateboard Faze!!!! Get it now-> http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/14774744

  • Crisis Mr. Swagger

    This track bangs. I'm glad that Kendrick is doing what most artists have failed to do, understanding Dr. Dre when he gives them the opportunity. I bet you haven't heard this version!!!! Rest in Peace, In memory of Ba Patrick Chisembele!!! Brand new!!! 'Lucky A** N*ggaz - Featuring Skenz Mac, Gusto and Skateboard Faze!!!! Get it now->http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/14774744

  • yerrrr

    Ah the beat I was thinking about was slaughterhouse onslaught 2 song

  • yerrrr

    damn HAHAHAHA this ish is DOPE. Got that juzt blaze sound for sure. I can recognize this sample a little btu not enough to realize the song I m thinking about I ma have to def get this kendrick is his album is going to sound like this

  • DSix

    I am an intern at Interscope Records in Santa Monica, and I was given the privilege to listen to the first 1/3 of the album (tracks 1-4) in its entirety. Words couldn't express how unique and ultimately how powerful it sounded, especially "Backseat Freestyle" produced by Hit-Boy which is sure to be an album classic. The album was pushed back for great reason, as the production and quality seem flawless. And trust me, the patience is well worth it.

    • Big Boi

      STFU i want it now

    • Crisis Mr. Swagger

      I'm always glad to hear music from Aftermath Entertainment. I bet you haven't heard this version!!!! Rest in Peace, In memory of Ba Patrick Chisembele!!! Brand new!!! 'Lucky A** N*ggaz - Featuring Skenz Mac, Gusto and Skateboard Faze!!!! Get it now-> http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/14774744

  • Anonymous

    Haha Dr dre out did Kendrick on his own track. Track gets better as it goes on. Dre ripped it. It's good to hear a young cat making good music because there's not many of them.

  • 90'sHipHopHead

    Eazy-E > Kendrick Lamar

  • maverick

    this shit is pretty dope but game would have been a better guest than dr. dre he kills just blaze beats 4/5

  • L.A. Representative

    Power 106's current top songs are 1Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha-T, 2 ChainzMercy 2Wiz KhalifaWork Hard, Play Hard 3Kirko BangzDrank In My Cup 4Young Jeezy Feat. Ne-YoLeave You Alone 5Travis Porter Feat. TygaAyy Ladies 6DJ Khaled Feat. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil WayneTake It To The Head 7Ca$h OutCashin' Out 8Trey Songz Feat. T.I.2 Reasons 9French Montana Feat. Rick Ross, Drake & Lil WaynePop That 10Kid InkTime Of Your Life Ofcourse certain lames in L.A. that think this list is REAL HIP-HOP won't fuck with KENDRICK... But guess what? ALL OF US AIN'T SHEEP!!! SO LET ME CONNECT MY LAPTOP TO MY SPEAKERS AND BUMP THE FUCK OUTTA THIS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Im from LA, and Kendrick is really overratted, NOONE is CA listens to this dude!! FLOP!

    • mos prob

      Yeah this comment is ridiculous. I'm from Cali too and I'm excited to hear more of Kendrick and all of TDE.

    • L.A. Representative

      Bitch i'm from L.A. And anyone that don't listen to whack ass power 106 listen to K DOT!!! Don't speak for sheep cali....

  • Anonymous

    Xzibit - 1983 > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpPVln-ORa0&feature=plcp

  • shh

    "ey3 use to want to be THE MESSIAH(JESUS) of rap".-LET ME BE ME..(the most genius 7 plus minutes in modern-day HIP HOP)....HAPPY KENDRICK LAMAR MONTH..this NIGGA right here is ready to put LUPE FIASCO & KANYE WEST to the test!..LMBAO...MZ STACEY

  • Anonymous

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    people say that pac got raped in prison and had a boyfriend in drama school. google "2pac and Eskiah." 2pac was also used to strip and hump blow up dolls on stage yet yall have the nerve to call guys like game gay for allegedly being a male stripper and having a tongue ring. even though pac was a documented stripper and had a nose ring. 2pac also supported queen latfifah at a gay pride concert. if a rapper like wayne or kanye did that today you guys would be all over them for it and hate mongering. yet Pac is guilty of the same behavior. and victim of the same types of rumors. 2pac was also a documented ballerina. The point is you n*ggas live in glass houses and habitually throw stones at today's rappers for doing the EXACT same shit that pac and biggie did! Biggie rapped about raping jesus, fukin men in the ass, and sucking his girl's dad's dick yet you n*ggas say NOTHING! but let kanye where leather and he's a faggot!? You fuking hypocrites!

    • Anonymous

      @So icy boi. pac never got raped in prison that was jus started to tarnish his legacy. nigga neva had a boyfriend in school da fuck you talkin bout? i hope pac comes back from the dead and bitch slaps you till you die you stupid motherfucker. so icy boi is the dumbest nigga on this site and your music sucks get a life and stop hatin on pac cuz he did more for hip hop then you ever will. you bitch ass butt crack lickin midget dick suckin coward ass jelous cornhole eater.



  • So Icy Boi

    if u a real nigga then u would pull your dick out and jack off while u watch dr dre speak, thats real , like any real nigga i got turned on but not in no gay homo way, on some real shit and started to stroke my dick when i felt a buldge in my pants get hard, and just stroked my dick until i felt all the cum spray out, thats real shit right there from seeing a real nigga speak made my dick hard and i had to take care of that for real

  • Anonymous

    All you bitch niggaz saying this shit is whack are dumb as fuck. Swag loving pussy motherfuckers.

  • shh

    Jay Rock's YOLA one of the best songs of 2012...and the new SAIGON....

  • TheDUke

    Biggie used to be my favorite rapper


    Fuck Dre he ain't even from Compton

  • 2pacRulesAll

    Not all that but this alright. For a college graduate outta Compton I expected more outta this album. 5 out of 10 from me.

  • Anonymous

    The Beat knocks. KL is OVERRATED. Dr. Dre Been Fell Off. Fake Industry West Coast Shit.

    • Anonymous

      lol kl is overrated? u must be def. dr.dre doesnt fall off especially with what hes done in hip-hop n his talent for beat making. ur stupid



  • jorge

    This track really grows on you, just like all kendrick music.... nice

  • Anonymous

    who gonna dislike hearing dre spittin kendrick written lyrics? Dre sounds comfortable,this track makes me feel comfortable,why don't you feel comfortable? this shit nice! ,its always opinion but to dislike this is weird.

  • insanemacbeth

    was LATE on this...but the choon'Z sikk!

  • RealHiphop360

    kendricks ghost writing for Dre is evident on this one. Still good though.

    • yeah.

      but then again, you can always tell who was ghostwriting for Dre now. i.e. "3 Kings"; he raps exactly like Rick Ross, "I Need a Doctor"; he raps like Eminem, "The Recipe"; raps exactly like Kendrick.

  • India

    Please dont count this as spam. First Hip hop Video from India. Even aired on Vh1. Please check it out if you have the time. Has an indian flavour to it :) Thank you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ej-nTnTMMhk&feature=related

  • CALI !!!!!!

    Kendrick is Rising so fast... This is REAL HIP HOP/RAP!!!

  • anonymous

    This is real Music

  • shh

    LIL B's shout out to "mADGE"....track 5..the GREEN FLAME...

  • shh

    LIL B defeats SCHOOLBOY Q...#green flame

  • shh

    PAPOOSE defeats TIP.....#PILL running the SOUF!

  • Anonymous

    Just Blaze needs to update his sound...This shit sounds old...Like some 05/06 shit.

  • micah dancy

    Kendrick lamar is gonna be a problem he is gonna be around for a long time as long as dr dre gives him the push he deserves he is a great rapper cant wait till his album comes out i will be getting it asap

  • Makaveli The Don

    would prefer a better beat on this song, but its still good!

  • .....

    There's a weird mix on this website between wannabe thugs, over-opinionated (trying not to be but in reality are) hipsters and slightly older people who are of the belief that because them hitting puberty coincided with Tupac/BIG becoming famous, they are all-knowing when it comes to music. Can one not express an opinion without being instructed to eat human genitalia or levelled with some obscene abuse. Jesus.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is dope, but where the fuck is that Jay Electronica album????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come the fuck on man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weswes

    when this album drops, listen with an open mind. this isnt your typical rap album of today. if you haven't already heard "section 80" i suggest you do so. It will prepare you for "good kid maad city". BUt if you like stuff like "im different" or "all i want for my burrrday" this may not be for you. Though im not saying 2chainz is a terrible rapper. HIs music is intended to make you grind on some chick at a club. kendricks music tells a story. it has substance. #gkmc

    • thatdude

      hell yeah, i feel you. i fucks with 2 chainz for fun but Kendricks section 80 is real shit like Overly Dedicated.

  • LadyBadu

    Straight Dopeness. I can kick back and ride around to this.

  • humanature

    fire no white hot.....

  • GS

    Comp!!!!!!! Ton!!!!' Comp!!!! Ton!!!!...... West side!! Right on time!

  • Vandal

    I swear to God half of ya'll just don't know Kendrick

  • Anonymous

    this is bullshit, everybody knw the hype bout k.dot is jus west coast rappers tryin 2 keep their region alive,kendrick is not bad but he aint dat great either...AND EVERYBODY KNW KENDRICK WROTE DAT DRE VERSE

  • mos def

    Yawn same old Hipster pop rap disgrace

    • Euro Sebastian

      Exactly RUDE GIRL, we need more rap about... Watches,Euro Gay fashion clothes/designers , Popping bottles,Corners, etc ..

    • Anonymous

      damn funny how so much talent brings so much hate, kendrick got alot to live up to but from his previous music its not even an issue.... if you dont feel this guy you aint got no love for hip hop...

  • 90'sHipHopHead

    After the long wait.......12 tracks is all he got to give us. smh.

    • the grza

      long wait?? this comment shows the amount of impatience today's fans have. His debut album just came out last year. In the 90's most artists were dropping albums every two years. Being a 90's hiphop head i thought you'd be a bit more understanding. 1 year is nothing.

    • Anonymous

      the deluxe version has 5 extra songs

  • rick

    This song is dope closer for the album, cant wait to here some bangers!

  • SuperNovaHot

    Kendrick serves. Plain and simple. This is real rap shit right here. Let the West Coast shine.

  • ,mo

    this kid is wack as fuck and appeals to really feminine sensitive type dudes. pretty sure he's gay too. he's always mentioning relationships from an outsiders view. no wonder dre signed him up. he needed an artist to latch onto in the gay hip hop arena of today. album will flop and dr.dre will distance himself immediately after and focus on headphone profits. music sucks today. kendrick is for kids that missed all the good shit.

    • finz

      Kendrick lamars album is one of the most anticipated and promoted debuts this year. To say its gonna flop is straight ignorance, whether the album sucks (highly unlikely) or not, its still gonna move 200plus thousand in the first week. shut your face and go back to your cave

    • DoneWithTheBS

      uhhh - I think you will find that they bought the stake back from HTC. What do you just say, "u obviously have no idea what ur talking about".

    • uhhh

      lmao. u obviously have no idea what ur talking about. he will focus on headphone sales?? he sold 51% of beats... he has no say anymore. he sits around and collects money. haha ur dumb. and his album will flop? just like slaughterhouse's album will flop? ya uhuh. i didnt care for the album but ur ignorant if u think it will flop. what just cuz u dont like it means no one else will? get over urself. and lastly u say he needed to find an artist to latch onto in the gay hiphop arena of today.... lmao yah cuz dre is all over the place recently huh? hes done what like 10 songs in the past couple years. dude know what the hell ur saying before u fucken say it. u just make urself sound stupid. unless u just want attention and see people react to something u said.. i believe they call that a troll. and we all know the world needs more of them. just shut the fuxk up. u bitch about the "new style" but if they didnt change then u would just bitch that they have no creativity or sound like everyone else. everything moves forward... time for u 2 as well

    • Schoolboy Q

      ,mo you sounds like a bitch, if you dont like the song and youre not a fan why even post. No one asked for your opinion, whats the point of hating when this dude makes good music and is humble. Eat a dick, if I saw you in the street I'd slap the taste outta your mouth. FiiiiiggggggSIIIIDDDEEE

    • Anonymous

      I can listen to anything I damn well want too I can listen to Kool g's Ill street blues then outkast then classical then switch up-to R'n'B I don't care about boundaries that's for people who want to remain 'trapped' in there own little worlds.

    • AreYouSerious

      Damn bro!! Your an azz clown. Kendrick is wack? Really bro. O.K. you may not feel the content. I get that. But you can't deny that he's technically superior to his fellows. Your probably one of those old headz still clinging to the "golden era" of hip hop.

  • lazaruz

    Anonymous shut up little boy! who can make a song like ricky?? alot of better rappers, i used to like game but now he sniffing around little waynes ass hole

  • dre

    kendrick lamar is the truth

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is dope, but where the fuck is that Jay Electronica album???!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come the fuck on man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • phuckyall

    Stooooopid dope!!

  • Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city

    1. Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter's Daughter (Produced by Terrace Martin) 2. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe feat. Lady Gaga (Produced by The Neptunes) 3. Backseat Freestyle (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 4. The Art of Peer Pressure (Produced by Rune Rask, add. Dr. Dre) 5. Money Trees feat. Jay Rock (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 6. Poetic Justice feat. Drake (Produced by Scoop DeVille, add. Noah "40" Shebib) 7. good kid (Produced by DJ Khalil) 8. m.A.A.d city feat. MC Eiht (Produced by DJ Khalil) 9. Swimming Pools (Drank) [Extended Version] (Produced by T-Minus) 10. Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 11. Real feat. Anna Wise (Produced by J. Cole) 12. Compton feat. Dr. Dre (Produced by Just Blaze) Deluxe: 13. The Recipe feat. Dr. Dre (Produced by Scoop DeVille, add. Dr. Dre) 14. Black Boy Fly (Produced by Hit-Boy) 15. Now or Never feat. Mary J. Blige (Produced by Dr. Dre, co. Dewaun Parker) 16. Collect Calls (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 17. Swimming Pools (Drank) (Produced by T-Minus)

  • lesa

    this sounds fucking awesome!!! hope it sells a lot

  • lazaruz

    fuck game too!!! sellout bitch

    • Anonymous

      dude u sound like a bitch....Game tried to stick with his roots on singles with RED but even his so called loyal fans didn't support him...so why the fuck would he not sellout...and oh yeah name another rapper who can make a song like RICKY!

  • Anonymous

    this is dope album has a hudge buzz along with meek mill its gonna be a good couple months for hiphop

  • lazaruz


    • LL

      LMAOOO, take your mouth off that loaded gun come out the basement and try adjust your eyes to sunlight dude damnn, what did you get out of writing that mini essay? fucking freak

  • anonymous

    Good song, looking forward to the album will be a classic.

  • lazaruz

    not even guna listen to this. i aint guna let any sites or idiots who leak this ruin my enjoyment. this is the first album i am guna buy since btnh strength n loyalty since RED so i aint guna listen to shit on the internet until i pop the cd in and roll up a fat ass blunt. real hiphop is back. people who hate cant stand it and im loving it!!!!!!!

  • Vandal

    How do people not enjoy this?

  • Anonymous

    ain't this the same track which was supposed feature Game and the single for Detox? if removed Game then it's quite disrespectful...kendrick held on to the track 3/5

  • fcvs

    not as good as j. cole debut album anyway it's good to clear ears from the bullshit rap that we're bombarded with nowadays

    • blackula

      Well, his debut album Section 80 is better than Cole's debut album. Anyway, this album is not even out yet..lol/smh

  • anon

    whateva dre releases is dope, it doesnt matter

  • Fiddy

    The Game: *sniff* Hello, nigga? Dr. Dre: Whaddup Game, I just heard your new album and it's DA SHIT!! Comparable only to Straight Outta Compton and The Chronic!! Game: *sob* Really, nigga? Dre: HELL YEAH!!! You a muthafuckin' hip-hop legend!! How would you like to be signed to Aftermath again?? Game: *tears of joy makes words incomprehensible* Dre: Not only that, but I'll make 50 Cent and the rest of Pee-Unit (see what I did there? Just for you, kid!) suck your dick, then I'll drop all of them from the label! Game: *sob sob sob* Wow, nigga.....you...you'd...d..do that....for ME, n...nigga?? Dre: Hell yeah! You know I've always loved you too, kid! We niggas for life. Game: *sniff* L..l...like you and...and.....and Eazy? Dre: Like me and Eazy... *Eazy-E rolls in his grave*

  • Anonymous

    not impressed; it s not gonna be as good as section 80

  • So Icy Boi!

    wack ass record. Lil Wayne copycat. YMCMB dont need Kendrick Lame-r. swag

  • ETK

    Imma tell ya'll why Wayne change... Wayne changed to that mainstream shit because that's what mainly people want to listen to so when Wayne dropped C3 he pretty much went commercial from there so if ya'll real Wayne fans want him back I suggest that we should change our taste of music... Wayne is pretty much the most hated rapper out there because people judge off his singles but don't even listen to his album, anyway if ya'll have questions i'll be glad to answer

  • So Icy Boi

    Carter I = Wayne stepped his flow, lyrics, and delivery. Carter 2 = Wayne was on some heavy hood/gangsta songs, perfecting his flow and lyricism. Carter 3 = Most diverse Carter album. Had songs that gathered attention from several audiences making it the most popular. Carter 4 = Most mainstream. Not up to par, especially for a Carter album. Only a small amount of songs were memorable such as Mirror and President Carter. Carter 5 = ? Carter 6 = ? Hopefully the next two Carter albums are better.

  • cass2rhyme

    nice track.... buy kendricks album n support real hip hop

  • Anonymous

    Song called Compton beat sounds like New York and worst of all generic and boring

  • Anonymous

    Beat is a little generic but everything here is insanely dope, especially that vocoder!


    Game is the best rapper alive like He says on the city GAME BIGGIE (HOV) PROBABLY PAC NAS and EMINEM so all u lil wayne rick ross drake lovers eat a cock. Game is a fuckin g filthy rich and at his worst (the red album) is better than that carter 4, watch the throne, and tm103 and jeezy that nigga. red is the dopest rap album since Em's recovery. Red is stillclassic shit. all Games cds since 05, even if not better than the Documentary are better than theze other shit rappers albums doc advocate and lax are still the best rap albums to come out the years they dropped 06 and 09 and whoever disagrees is just a big fuckin hater he only features these wack fucks on his cd cause the record lable makes him Games mixtapes are killin these clown ass rappers albums Games mixtapes are real g lyrical shit and cali republic is the last of those features left from red. Game stay rich AND FUCK THESE DUMB ASS SUBURBAN NOT REALLY FROM THE HOOD ASS NIGGAZ WHO SAY A NIGGA WIT 25,000,000 is broke yall internet niggaz make me laugh. If game was a stripper in any of the years in the 2000s as much as game destroys niggaz and talks shit they would been had that shit on the summer jam screen, them bitch ass brick squad and 40 glocc and all them hoe ass niggaz still aint put the tape out of them knockin out a 6'5" nigga in a public mall. GAME is a G and u hoe ass niggaz just hate hate hate. When jesus really come back yall hoe ass niggaz gonna hate cause thats what yall do!!! That aint jesus fuck that nigga man!!!! To hell you go bitch game time!!!!

  • jack johnson

    Nice lyrics, beats okay, nothing special

  • Yamz

    King Kendrick...not really, but it's dope. I think Just Blaze could have done better though

  • Anonymous

    this tight! for todays day in age where rappers are stuck in a cage of alphants

    • Big Dan

      Anonymous: dres whole verse is written by kendrick you dumb fuck Anonymous, two words; reading comprehension. Lamar could have written Dre's verse, does not mean he flowed better than Dre. Dre delivered his verse better than KL and that being the case since you're so on his nutz, it would actually be a shame if he wrote Dre's verses.

  • Roy

    Woulda been dope without the hook and Dre....idk man I'm done wit dre

    • DoneWithTheBS

      Who would of thought that? You spelling out the simple and coming over as a know-it-all pisses me off

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick wrote Dre's verse you stupid motherfucker. Damn you dumbass niggaz piss me off.

    • DoneWithTheBS

      I'm sick and tired of everyone bitching about Dr Dre, even the fucking person underneath is saying he prefers 2 Chainz than this. This day and age hiphop is filled with people with an IQ of less than 100 thinking that they know what is best. How someone flows doesn't matter if they wrote the words or not, they have their own style and express that, you dumb fuck. Legend in the making with a Legend! Now hope along and go watch the BET fights, you bunch of egotistical fucks with absolutely nothing to show for it

    • Anonymous

      dres whole verse is written by kendrick you dumb fuck

    • Big Dan

      We're all entitled to our tastes and I can't begrudge you yours, but you must have been hating on Dre before this if you really think the song would have been dope without Dre - not saying the song is dope, I don't like it. Dre rides the beat like a pro, while Kendrick Lamar is so so. Listen to the first verse. KL struggles a bit, then Dre comes in, then KL comes in again and while I am sure the song was not recorded like that, its like he heard Dre and tried spitting similar. Now I understand they switch it up the same way in subsequent verses and he is still copying Dre, but I think that time its intentional, the first time however, he is definitely trying to step it up after listening to his mentor. What's boring is the beat. As a matter of fact, there is a lack of thought to the song. If you were going to do a song called "Compton," wouldn't it have been better to do so with a signature Dre beat? Major fail.

  • Anonymous

    Ehhh I rather listen to 2chainz. At least he entertaining, this shit is boring.

  • ElmGz

    Awesome Song! Kendrick Lamar Best Rapper Right Now! A Legend In The Making!

  • Anonymous

    "Compton" by The Game > "Compton" by Kendrick Lamar featuring Dr. Dre

  • MacRob

    3.5 Its too bad this is as good and KL gets....

  • y.e.

    damn this is hella nice

  • bboy

    it wasnt bad. I think Recipe was better tho...Dr. Dre is a legend but I think I've lost lots anticipation for Detox. Not becuz he's dragging to drop it but becuz I dnt wanna hear his ghost-written raps anymore. Now it seems like who ever is a guest on his track or vice-versa, Dre just copies their style.I know the production will be top-notch but he aint the same rapper from "The Chronic" days & was honestly nvr a great rapper to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    Co-sign, songs with dre and an up and comer throughout history have been sicker then this. JB on the beat? smh...only song i looked forward to on the album

    • Anonymous

      Hater in the house

    • Jay

      Um...You were actually looking forward to a Dr Dre track? That nigga is out of touch and corny...his beats arent even on point anymore...he's a legend and should just be a mentor to the young generation...he should stop doing music

  • Anonymous

    Co-sign, songs with dre and an up and comer throughout history have been sicker then this. JB on the beat? smh

  • Eddy

    Not as good as I thought it would be...real talk

  • James

    u guys need 2 listen 2 freddie gibbs and meek mill. k dot is average at best

  • Vandal

    Bout to feel the wrath of AFTERMATH

  • Anonymous

    and niggaz still hatin

  • mando

    king kenrick lamar.....i like that shit

  • wow

    LMAO at all the fake comments trying to make the song hot. Yall corny. Interscope Interns or TDE nut huggers?

  • Sonny Rene

    5 star track, can't wait for the album.

  • rick

    good song, to ppl who dont like it, you dont like oldschool rap probaly...

  • Anonymous

    meh swimming pools was good tho

  • Anonymous

    trash aftermath sucks

  • Anonymous

    see they just dont get it

  • Anonymous

    fuck it i got it i can play that too

  • Anonymous

    i got it ,so u a ride or die type of bitch

  • Anonymous

    how iz that for a fact

  • Anonymous

    u already kno ,i be about it all day so wat iz u talikng bout

  • Anonymous

    what iz u talking bout

  • Anonymous

    u talikg bout it but whe really see that

  • Anonymous

    u got that,it so much different when u actuall t y come to the source

  • Anonymous

    i get it they reall on it,they b really trying to hard that be hella funny.i just b laughing

  • Anonymous

    yeah that wat really b happenin like now

  • Anonymous

    they really be doing that shit

  • Anonymous

    yeah i see u feel me

  • Anonymous

    this bitch b hella talking

  • Anonymous

    i think hes rapping off beat now

  • Anonymous

    alrite u got me ,but u still aint ready for it

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does kendrick lamar alwasys of beat recently

  • Anonymous

    do people even listen? dre cant rap without metioning dre beats definition of dumb downed music

  • Anonymous

    song rises then flatlines sounds incredible till kendrick lamar finishes his first bar

  • ash

    dre is back to his best

  • Sam

    lamar sucks ass, u guys need 2 listen 2 freddie gibbs and meek mill

    • Nuff said....

      Meek mill??? aight, ur opinion is now void....smh

    • Roy

      Lmaoo Meek mill with his loud ass bitch screams talking about the samee shitt all the time? The one who has a single where he is rapping in autotune?? Freddie gibbs is dope tho

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick spit hot flames on here!!

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is hot, he's got bars and he's probably one of the better new kids on the block out in this day and age. This song isn't a banger, a club hit, or a lyrical track, it's just a song and if I remember rightly it's near the end of the tracklist so it's merely just a smooth outing for the album by the sounds of it. I wouldn't expect it to be banger after banger, or heater after heater, I expect a good warm up, a showcase of styles including maybe one or two bangers, one or two lyrical monsters and then some deeper stuff and then whatever to fill the album out then a cool down. Kinda like an exercise. So far I like what I hear, I'm keeping my ears to the ground for this one. A lot of people hating and not many people loving. K. Dot has been hot for a while now though, once this album comes out it'll make or break him as an artist, but it wont do shit for him as a rapper other than teach him some things about the industry.

  • Anonymous

    this song sound niceeeeeee

  • tim

    which is the song produced by hit boy thats suppose to be the next big song

  • Jay

    Its pretty dope but Dr Dre just sounds corny nowadays...he used to be able to get away with rapping others lyrics but not anymore

  • tom

    pretty dope song, gotta replay to get the lyrics

  • BOY

    GREAT! More trash from KenDICK LAME-ar's FLOP album! This is NOT real hip hop! This is some pseudo-hiphop pop bullshit! Dr. Gay is WAAAAY too old for this shit. Hes an Old Ass Nigga! and only WEEZY F. BABY is KIGN of HIP HOP! He is the only KIGN! KIGN WEEZY! I Am Not A Human Being 2 will be the album of the year! YMCMB!

  • Makaveli

    Tupac himself said Dr Dre is gay, so I believe it.


      didn't he say that about Jay-Z and biggie... u believe that to i guess. smh. idiot. get your own mind! that was pac was trying to tell the world u such a true fan that you missed that one huh.smh.

  • Anonymous

    This song is NOT meant to be a single and it is NOT meant to be a "banger" its just ride out music. I looked at the tracklist and my prediction is correct. I knew this would be the last song. That's it nothing more and nothing less. Don't hold dude up to a pedestal just take the music as you see it. Kendrick is doin it and you just gotta witness...

  • Anonymous

    I'm just disappointed in the beat. It sounds like some throw away blaze had. Sounds like his usual shit. Kendirck tried to rock it but the beat is just not working for me. Don't get me wrong. Compared to most rap shit this shit is nice. But I kind of grade Kendrick on another level. I'm grading him against my top 10. Blaze than made some rappers careers. This beat just ain't one of them.


    No disrespect but black folks don't know SHIT called LOGIC. Listen, if NO ONE (including you) wanna FESS UP and TELL then how the fuck are the police supposed to know anything and how the fuck are you or anybody else gonna cry about justice? Niggas talk all that snitch stuff when it's another statistic but when it's their family member or their man they wanna cry justice. Look, niggas in LA KNOW Orlando killed 2pac but no one wanna fess up cuz they'll get labelled a snitch. Instead they rather go at Funk Flex or Suge Knight and use them as scape goats and act tough with them on the Internet or via records. How is the police gonna lock any of these criminals up if nobody is fessin up? And then when the feds DO lock niggas up y'all cry "the police is lockin' brothas/rappers up". I feel sorry for african americans, y'all have the most fucked up mentality out in the world, but yet still think it's worse overseas LMAO. I live in both places btw and yes i'm black.

  • Anonymous

    this shit subpar.

  • Rob-Low

    you gotta understand, there is like 7 billion people on this earth and about 100 million are hiphop listeners so every one is not gonna like a song, or love it like others, its just ones opinion so e it, i love this shit, just wish dre wrote his own shit for a change.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i expected a little more but its still hot

  • Kdot

    With regards to pac finishing albums in 2 weeks...thats cu he said the exact same shit in most of his songs everyone knows this they dont admit it...no extensive vocabulary no crazy rhyme abilities, wordplay, no crazy change ups with flow or any of that..nas big big l em, tech 9, chino, k rino, pun, immortal technique, AZ, rakim, public enemy, old dmx, and more all shit on tupac sorry get out of the past al fucking ready...

    • Anonymous

      Tupac was consistent and successful in what he did, his career was stable and he didn't have to fuck around with styles, he came with one, stayed with one and didn't need to do anything to make good rap albums. I'm not even a fan and I think Tupac is overrated as fuck but the guy was consistent and successful, pretty much if it aint broke don't fix it...

  • Rick B

    This is a straight track, not a banger but good flow and instrumental

  • Anonymous

    Track could've did without "Dr. Dre" Or at least made his verse shorter. Track could've been better.

  • Rell

    not bad. I don't get how this Just Blaze beat is so "west coast" like people are saying.

  • Anonymous

    Hot Beat, Cold Style,Sub Par subject matter.

  • disdick

    classic i would say kendrick is the second coming of nas or some shit but he is too original idk what to think i will with hold dick riding until ab-soul drops his next project my mind is blown beat 5/5 lyrics 5/5 as always

  • Anonymous

    shit is dope, real hip hop yo.

  • Anonymous

    He's the second coming, all hail Kendrick Lamar, hip-hop's last hope, the west coast's last hope, album a instant classic without even hearing it, if he can't do it no one can!!!

    • FatBoySlim

      Those are the same pple commenting on that Juve track picture perfect saying it's 5/5 and you're a hater if you don't like it. To me that explains it all. People like that are the reason why hip hop is what it is today. They are the "masses" sadly.

    • Anonymous

      Amen. And then next album he'll come back and say that it wasn't his best work lol. So people gotta let dude be a human and enjoy it. Also, let him earn the classic title.

    • ThaBlackGodX

      Yea man those are the people that don't even realize that they're the ones creating the haters. You listen to an average song but from his stans comments you would of thought the return of Moses was upon us or something. A 5/5 means perfect doesn't it? So because people don't think it's perfect they're hating? My goodness just read some of the comments. I hope the homie does well it just sucks that people try to put people on a pedestal that they know that can't reach.

  • lootdiamondz

    str8 west coast. refreshing flows for hip hop right now i swear.

  • Chris

    I dont care what anyone says. This was 5/5 song. One of his best singles to come out, if not the best. This album is gonna be classic

  • E.T.

    Andre sounds like a fag spitting a Lamar verse. This is the second time he's failed to put a dre spin on a K. Dot Verse. oh well. This track is pretty fuckin dope tho. Not 5 Star, But its pretty close. Good West coast feel. I usually like to talk unwarranted trash on Justblaze but he did Kendrick a solid with this beat. God I Hope This Album does well.

  • Anonymous

    Same people dickriding will be the very first to tear him down and the ones that are objective will appreciate the album more than the dickriders.

  • Anonymous

    It's called building someone up to break them down. It's human nature. Over-hype, dickride, then when the album drops he flopped, sold out, sold his soul. You guys know this isn't that great. It's just not

  • bharm

    nice joint Dre legitmizes him to the 1000% its hard for a cali rapper to make a "hood athem" or "rep my city" like a east coast artist that's just smalled minded thinking but this track bangs for real Just Blaze never lost it his shit is getting to be just as epic as Qincy Jones full of sound, live instruments and DRUMS!!!!!!!! this gives us a major change of pace from the strip club athems and molly poppin going in rap today

  • Anonymous

    Hook/Ad Libs are corny but i absolutely love the beat and verses so much i gotta give it 5 stars (would do 4.5 if i could)

  • Anonymous

    Can't believe how bad this track is. I was expecting a massive westcoast banger. That guy singing is corny and horrible. And it's a just blaze beat. Where's all the kendrick tracks produced by dre. Kendrick Lamar is one of the best new(ish) rappers at the moment but fuck this album sounds dodgy. Swimming pools wasn't that good of a radio track and this track is a massive disappointment.nsection 80 will be better than his new album. Mix tape rapper? He needs a BIG track to get him in the ( best rappers ever shit) like a juicy or a California love. Kendrick doesn't have one BIG track yet.nalot of good tracks, but no absolute bangers

  • west cost royalty

    L.A is back...

  • Humz

    This is a nice track. It isn't amazing, but it has a nice fresh feel to it. Every album has great and not-so-great songs, and good albums have different vibes throughout..

  • Lawless

    To be honest, I can rock with this song, I like the Aaliyah sample.

  • lol@thahaters

    the moment kendrick puts out a song about where he from people gonna hate. ppl from that west coast know what im talking about when i say we missed that west sound for so long. This song is so refreshing for me being from the west. thank you Kendrick, and never forget where you came from!! let the haters hate.



  • murpway

    its an amazing track great quality music if you dont think so clean your ears out..HATERS

  • this shit is hot idk why you guys are hating

    wtf do you guys want? you know just blaze is a good producer. its a hot track.

  • Anonymous

    3/5 song at best, dickriders stay dickriding

    • Trent

      glad I am not the only one who isn't like ERMEHGERD ANUTHERRRR KENDRIIIIICK SERRRRNG He's dope but everything he spits on isn't the best song ever.. Chillax and like the only logical explanation for it not having a perfect 5/5 is haters.. LOL;

  • Jay

    After about 2 years waiting...12 tracks is all he got to give us. smh. Pac finish that within less a week, Lyrical, and no college.

    • Anonymous

      @Jay It's called sample clearances. That's why it got pushed back. He said it himself you complete idiot. No one was checking for samples in 96 when Pac was doing it like they are now. Same thing happened with K.R.I.T.'s album

    • Jay

      @HiiiPoWeR Yeah like one or 2 tracks for deluxe version. Jay-Z and Nas is not part of the conversation. Only 2pac was....You know it is true, that why you cannot say anything. Since Kendrick got signed he lacks on bringing the music to the listeners on time...so much pushing back time.

    • HiiiPoWeR

      Is "Jay" actually being serious!? It's quality not quantity AND you can buy the deluxe version to get more tracks. Jay-Z made The Blueprint and that was 13 tracks long that album would've been worth more than a 2 years wait... Nas dropped Illmatic that was 10 tracks (9 songs, 39 minutes long) and THAT would've been worth more than a 2 years wait. Also if you stated that you waited 2 years and only got 12 tracks what about all the tracks on Section.80 didn't they count? And every single track that Kendrick has been involved in don't they count? Actually, fuck it! There's no speaking logic to people like you...

    • Jay

      @casillaj I know, Probably even more. I'm just an upset listener of both of them...

    • casillasj

      Detox has been for 10 years, you think he will have 30 tracks

    • Jay

      @casillaj Yes but this album been talked over a little over 2 years.

    • casillasj

      2 years, he just released section 80 in 2011

  • ...

    For this track to only be rated a 4.04 can ONLY mean that people are really getting "m.A.A.d" at Kendrick's success... You ain't doing shit to slow it down by giving trolling comments/ratings on a fucking website.

  • Jose

    I came here to see what the comments said first before I hit play... I'm curious to whether I should listen to it or not... Ahh fuck it lol

  • west west

    this sounds awful..what is this...just blaze does not belong on a record called so compton...should have used quick if dre isnt gonna produce

  • Anonymous

    Reppin Compton with Dre on a east coast beat? Props to Just Blaze, but shit, gotta rep on a west coast Dre beat!

  • philly!!

    solid song...sayin im excited for this album is an understatement

  • Anonymous

    Yall are acting like this is a single lol. It's just a leak. Why do you guys stress over radio and commercial success? don't kill yourselves you'll get your radio single soon, he has a lady gaga and drake joint.

  • Anonymous

    dre cant even produce his own artist that he s featured on what a dissapointment

  • UES

    this is nice, but i like game's 'compton' produced by will.i.am better. just my opinion. the hook throws me off on this track. other than that its all good.

  • Anonymous

    skip. what is this a west coast bias site? I'm sure no one else anywhere else in the world is feelin it

  • Anonymous

    So what the fuck is dr. dre doing? he isnt producing the beat, and he doesnt write his lyrics. so what the fuck is he doing exactly? this dude is so fucking phony its incredible how much the world has been duped by this fucking fake gangsta. there's a reason Ice Cube Left NWA, and Easy-E Dissed Dre. 2Pac Dissed Dre. Why Is That? Cause He's FAKE

    • Anonymous

      Go punch a wall or summin if it makes you that mad, Dre is kicked back with his $200 Million not giving a fuck about your whiny negative ass

  • CN

    So Just Blaze...good shit.

  • optimus rhyme

    Dre just keeps getting more pathetic with time. He used to tailor someone else's lyrics to his own flow. Now all he does is mimic his ghostwriters...smh. Just retire Dre and stick to headphones.

  • Jon

    Should've got DJ Quik to produce this track. A beat like "So Compton" would've been much better

  • Anonymous

    dope! kendrick killed it as usual

  • Anonymous

    This is Fuckin' NICE! Never been a big Just Blaze fan but dude killed it!! Looks like we'll only be hearing verse from Dre now..Dude doesnt need to make any records with all that dough rolling in from Dre Beats....shit, Dre beats are now on CARS!! $$$$$$$$$$

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick deserves better.

  • Anonymous

    INTERSCOPE WTF! This is this dudes major release and you put this out? Why? Because it has Compton in the title? Just Balze? WHAT? Who's going to bump this? It's headphone music with ZERO emotion in it. OK he's talking ambition and hard knocks but it doesn't sound like it AT ALL! Listen to Wale for ambition tracks done right. Just Blaze on some imitation G Funk- fuck outta' here.

  • Anonymous

    kendrick not leavin for a while, get over it. hook is meh but slid song overall

  • Anonymous

    You guys KNOW you don't really dig this. It's stiff. And Dre? Come on MAN produce! Stop trying to make Kendrick young ass hard- it's fake! It's just OK. Over produced and unoriginal. Kanye would know better what to do.

  • Anonymous

    This is not MUSIC man. Damn this is something to introduce the album or intermission. The hook is too dry. You'll skip it after a few listens.

  • Ws

    Nighaz scrambling around like "wait" "this shit hot" "but na man its too westcoast" "fukit let me listen one more time". "Ohh shit!! This a banga!!" "Let get a compton snap back!" Haha these kids wont know how to recieve this. #gkmc

  • ZBeatz

    This deff has that west coast feel to it. Its not my fav Kendrick but I can still fuck with it.. OCT 22!!

  • Jorge

    The snippet of peotic justic sounds UNREAL. also the hit boy produced one as well. I'm looking fwd to those cuts as well

  • Jorge

    WestCoast Track indeed, some wont like it, but westside will be bumping it

  • Nuff said...

    This is dope, but i wish he woulda delivered his flow a lil different for this type of beat. Still a banger tho! Cant wait for this album!

  • Anonymous

    i wish this were a dre beat instead of blaze it would have been more west coast

  • RR

    It's hooks like this that make you really miss Nate Dogg...

  • SopranoMember

    This that shit i've been waiting for!!!!

  • westcoast

    weakkkkkk, dre needed to produce this whole cd man kendricks flow just isnt west coast enough, hes like a black annoying marshall mathers it suckksss detox please and none of these gay rappers on there some strait westside G funk is needed

    • Anonymous

      Never gonna happen, Dre knows if he put out an album that sounded like the one you want nobody would buy it. If Detox ever arrives, and thats a big capitol IF, it will sound contemporary and nothing like his others. That would be the only hope of it making money

  • LL

    Good song, but why why why is dre using this new flow.. just cause kendrick wrote his verse doesn't mean hes gotta rap like kendrick..

  • Anonymous

    this song is dope but it would of been super dope if they would of had the game on this instead of dre

  • DeathRow

    not like Recipe, but very nice 5+

  • Sir Jiggity

    I can say without a doubt, this song is a solid "meh."

  • GlowStreet31

    Dre has ghostwriters, we all know that but he doesnt even produce anymore?

  • Anonymous

    dope as fuck beat