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A final pick off Kirko Bangz's "Procrastination Kills 4."


  • yoblob

    Rap? this is some easy listening shit, put it on in the background and forget about it

  • stakzhunnd


  • rn506

    Must be a slow ass day, his tape dropped last week! check out my sites, newtracksdaily dot com & mixtapesdaily dot net

  • rn506

    Must be a slow ass day, his tape dropped last week! check out my sites, newtracksdaily.com & mixtapesdaily.net

  • Camaro

    A Drake clone. Plain and simple.

  • TheFreshPrince

    Not a big fan of Kirko but if he keeps having Bun, Trae, Z-Ro, Paul Wall ect. I gotta keep listening. UGK ABN 4 Life

  • realtalk101

    With that said this track isn't his worse effort. I give it a C- grade, about as high as he can get from me. I got no album out but I can go harder on a mic.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah maybe he should buy his lyrics and delivery like 90% of the radio artist be happy texas made the radio! A.B.N.

    • realtalk101

      And why doesn't HipHopDX reach out to K-Rino who recently dropped an album or is about to called "80 Minute Eternity"? I would have much rather heard a full track promotion from his upcoming album, then this. Dudes a living underground legend that deserves this promotion Kirko Bangs is receiving.

    • realtalk101

      Besides, I'm from Texas I have a way higher standard to who represents my state. He leaked this BS to the masses. His message is a watered down wanna be mind state that does not speak accurately on my people. We don't endorse or support this crap, he gets very little to no play in Texas.

    • realtalk101

      He has nothing of importance to say or offer, this is HipHopDX is it not? Well Hip Hop to me is to be authentic in thought and deliver a twist perspective on something that has been touched on by another (or hasn't) to shift a perspective on that said topic to make it ones own. Not every Hip Hop artist has the most commanding delivery/voice, but if you're not even gonna try to make something authentic why even taint the system. His offerings are not required at this date and time. He should go back to the drawing board and touch up his concepts and pen game and when he can offer something masterful, then release it to the public. We don't need this BS clutter in Hip Hop of sound thieves.

    • realtalk101

      Exactly, talent has nothing to do with artistry. Therefore Kirko Bangz offers nothing monumental once so ever, since all he does is clone sounds rather then create his own, unlike the dimensions of the artist he has featured on this track. Which makes it noteworthy.

    • Anonymous

      Talent has nothin to do with anything, theres a million dudes better if thats your rubric

  • realtalk101

    Z-Ro..he had to do this track with this dude just for the free promotion to push him to this young upcoming generation rap/hip hop audience, keep his name alive. Deservingly so, Z-Ro is a legend but this Kirko Bangz kid I congratulate his hustle but I'm not really a fan of his music at all.

  • Atothe

    Adult Romeo still can't rap

  • Anonymous

    wtf this super sucks