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A track featuring Meek Mill and Cardiak production off Trae Tha Truth's "Tha Blackprint" mixtape which dropped earlier today.


  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill, best most consistent rapper in the game, solid on every track across the board

  • Anonymous

    meek mill best rapper alive. period. dudes flow is out of this world.

    • Anonymous

      will thank you. these fuckboys dont even know bout his mixtapes. do your research first "kids".

    • Will

      I agree with Anonymous 100% Meeks Archive is extensive as fuck in terms of mixtapes, been freestyling pure gold since he was 13. All talent and heart. he reminds me of a hip hop D Rose, just a tad bit flashier.

    • Fuck Nigga Repellant

      Ima meek mill fan but anonymous you need to get off meek's dick nigga stop dickriding. real niggas dont do that if you a meek fan you should know this fuck nigga. Smh you spazzin over a track that aint it even all dat trae is alryt, meek was alryt, nothing spectacular, get yo balls up fuck nigga stop talking that gun shit cuz u & i know ye aint even close to dat life. Fuck swag N get yo facts ryt before you open your mouth fucka ass bitch boy you.

    • Gdubb

      you just said swag at the end of your sentence, which proves what I though out you, you're a kid, kids like Meek Mill, who is an interesting rapper who is different and is lyrical, but he's not even better than label mate Wale, who is much better lyrically and is much more real, from his Attention Deficit days. Af tech owns his own label, unlike Meek, who as Pusha would say, "is signed to one nigga who's signed to one nigga who's signed to three niggas" and he doesnt hold the wait to truly be an independent artist, like 2 chainz, he will always be better as a feature artist. And who cares about his gangsta shit, that just means he's ignorant.

    • Anonymous

      i dont give a fuck about anything those artists have to say, nothing they say relates or effects me. youre one of those dudes that just heard meek for the first time because he just blew up and went worldwide. i live in delaware. ive listened to meek since the bloodhound gang days, u dont know shit bout him so shut your mouth when u dont know wtf youre even talking about. listen to tapes prior to dreamchasers and then come and give an opinion. dude literally merks every fucking song hes ever been on or made. his flamers collection are the hottest mixtapes ever made period. dude has more downloads then any artist ever in the mixtape category. more then wiz wayne drake rick ross anyone u can fucking put out there. youre a fucking hater and a lame, go listen to tech n9ne lmao dude is a nobody and always will be. meek is a fucking hustler and a grinder and worked his ass off to get where hes at and now hes eating and niggas like u wanna hate on him because hes a swag rapper and fucking eats any emcee u wanna put out there. get your facts straight before u come at me "kid". meek mill is a fucking god around here and will fucking put a hollow in your bitch ass. period. you obviously dont know what hes about. bitch boyyyy. #selfmade #mmg #northphilly #choseone. swag.

    • KD

      haha! yeah right, he is not far from being the g.o.a.t.! ....kid, meek is straight up average. if you wanna talk about flow then talk aboutl MC's like krizz kaliko, kendrick lamar, tech n9ne or twisted insane. that's what's up!

  • Kali

    Meek was nice on this,Trae did he thing

  • Anonymous

    what kind of legit site deliberately misspells shit and trolls their viewers for more views though.