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The most anticipated track off next week's "welcome to: OUR HOUSE" has finally arrived. Featuring T-Minus production and an Eminem verse, here is "Throw That."


  • Anonymous

    oh shit, its THE EXPENDABLES!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    You guys can convince yourselves of whatever you want, but this song is shit.

  • www.beatsfor20.com

    SAD...they're nothing but a glorified D12...let it go...give it up...#STOP IT

  • blight

    this song is exactly why people should not have opinion......they use their lyrics to make the beat work.....and listen to the linguistics of this songs.....its crazy.....could have been better with lyrics but the way make the lyrics fit in it works....i would like to see u haters do what they do!!!!!!

  • diz

    I like EM and SH...but this is trash. If it was a D12 song, I could understand it...but this aint D12...it's SH! SH can't pull it off, not on this one at least...

  • @Mardigraz718

    Not bad, but definitely not great. It's a joint I woudln't skip if I was in the mood for it. I agree with everybody that say the beat coulda been harder. This sound like a joint that SH woulda ragged another artist for making a few years ago. At least it's better than "Throw It Away" SMH...

  • turner flickwell

    ah, hook is a joke. some alright lines scattered through out. but why would em revert back to that circus rap. if this is the most anticipated track off the album, i dont even wanna hear the rest

  • jr_rider23

    This sounds like an improved d12

  • Just the Facts


  • Lamar

    great song wish the hook was longer though

  • J-Boogie

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  • Anonymous


  • daniel

    nice lyrics and hook ..BEAST!!!

  • Crystal

    The lyrics are hot..

  • RAN

    people when listening to slauhous its the lyrics not the beats.

  • pigdik

    cop the album..true fucking lyricism

  • Anonymous

    they just having fun!!!!! way too funny...

  • Tavcrazy

    I think this song they could get a better beat they go pretty hard i just can't really get into it that much.. while you're at it check this out Please like this would mean the world to me facebook com/NLKlothing

  • Ihateeminemfans

    Lol This website is full of white boys dissing each other in the comment section. This song is garbage, I'm getting tired of these white boys dick riding there rap princess Eminem. He sucks and so does his groupies(Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent) and yes I am a die hard Eminem hater. I don't care how much money Eminem has, how many album he sold and how many awards he won because this dude is corny and cheesy as hell. I just hope him and his groupies vanish off earth sometime soon. BTW I'm a white guy too and it is a race thing because I only see white boys dick riding this dude.

    • andrew Scala

      damn auotcorrect

    • andrew

      so when almost every black rapper calls eminem the best, he's still corny? You dumb moth*rf*cker..And you deserve to never talk again on a forum due to theta fact you don't listen to this kind of music. For you to say Eminem....Yelawolf,Slaughterhouse 50 Cent are whack is the opinion of an idiot. 50 Cent is one of the most decorative and true artist to ever do this. I shouldn't have to talk bout Eminem..he's elvis. Slaughterhouse would rap circles around anyone also not to mention the Lloyd Banks and his skill. Shame on you

  • iamH

    a nice one for the masses, an album consists of dis kinda tracks.........anyone that dislikes it can suck cork.......HEAD OVER HEELS line is mad!

  • Justin

    crookeds line "head over heels" DOPE!!!

  • Justin

    you say you want lyrics then when u get it you say the beats need to be better...

  • Nicky D

    You guys gotta realize that Em and SH cant make an albulm with just serious songs. They gotta be more versatile to appeal to a larger crowd. Thats why Em had songs like, just lose it, rain man, wtp, and other fun songs like that. Some people just like the funny, laid back eminem rather than the serious one. 4/5

  • Its Um

    It's a fun strip club song (that's better than throw it away).

  • Anonymous

    this song don't sound bad man forreal

  • patrockscircle

    Give it a second listen, with some nice headphones and you have yourself a 5 star song... On the first listen it does SUCK tho

  • AbsoluteMC

    This whole comment board is probably filled with lil ding a lings.

  • lol

    Terrible. Just terrible.

  • HeeKyung

    I like the hook only because of Em's flow and his MMLPish voice. But the rest of the song...I dunno. this just doesn't sound like Slaughterhouse. More like D12

  • TMP

    Shady 4 life fuckers!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hey remember that song Short Dick Man, where she was like ah ah ah, kind of like in this song. Yeah I remember it too.

  • tbo via bmore

    if you listen to the hook and lines, they are obviously making fun of stupid club tracks about getting women... so one would assume that the beat is on the whack side b/c they are making fun of the simple beats also

  • OUCH!

    Em...the chorus is fire LOL!

  • A.J. Young

    I like slaughterhouse and the whole shady 2.0 camp, but some of the production on these songs have been trash. they're all dope lyrically no doubt, but wtf with these beats?

  • Corny

    This album sucks, im very disappointed, i expected so much better. Beat is shit along with the production

  • Anonymous

    Song is a parody of club rap damn some of you on here are real slow and closed minded..anyway album is dope 4.5/ 5

  • Anonymous

    any member of slaughterhouse will punish you favorite rapper... the end

  • Alex

    Fuck! all yall! Slaughterhouse is the shit! You guys are just hating. Dont Comment if you aint gonnna say something positive.

    • Anonymous

      You dumb bitch, that's what it's for. Oh just leave positive shit on here. It's for both positive and negative feedback. Anyway, Slaughterhouse is a great group, but I agree with others. This album isn't living up to the last one with the songs I've heard thus far.

  • Anonymous

    dis sounds like a dumb Eminem song dat he chooses to put on every album. 1song dats just loaded w/stupidity dat atleast, fans can get a laugh out of. I expect it from Em tho, not Slaughterhouse. Not liking the sound of the album so far cuz of the hooks/beats. We need more NY sound,midwest & Dre sound. But all these pop-techno & swizz beats productions jus dnt sound right to me.

  • jay

    first off to the commentor who said ems flow isnt on point.. it is on point..now 2 the problem..this song blows. its one of them corny my band type eminem has w the group..and i hate those fuckin songs with a passion. eminem would be considered best of all time no quetsion if he didnt have those wack bs songs once every few yrs

  • Pagode

    Congratulations Laughterhouse, now y'all sound as wack as YMCMB

  • F-up-ya'll

    I like Em's bridge "You left me on a string, I'm dangling like a Yo-Yo/ You string me along and leave hanging and that's a no-no/ in my room" lol

  • HipHopAnonymous

    Nah this track is pretty wack and im a big em and slaughterhouse fan

  • Datniiggasucks

    Datnigga is a dumb shit who obviously knows nothing about flow


    Funny how everyone starts hating, If this song would have been on Bad Meets Evil, no one would be bitchin. SMH

    • ETK

      no one's gonna cater to the low IQs like you

    • YESSIR

      ^^ Fuck your essay nigga, I ain't finna read that shit. Learn how to get your point across with just a few lines.

    • datnigga

      huh? Where did you get that logic from? I personally didn't like that half-pop album. 'Welcome 2 Hell' was dope, but the rest...Em's flow was just all over the place. Everywhere but on beat. This song here, 'Throw That' is wack, period. No matter where it's on. Just like 'Loud Noises' was wack as fuck, no charisma, and just impossible to bump and listen to. Same goes with 'Shady 2.0 boys'. None of these Em/Slaughterhouse collabos have any replay value, much like most Slaughterhouse joints nowadays. I'm not a hater, but im not a dickrider either. I'm just a hip-hop fan that takes music for what it is, call it how I see it. Dickriders act like Em/Slaughterhouse never release bad material, and haters act like they never release good material. I'm inbetween, some shit I like, some shit I don't. Not a biased critic.

  • This is Trash

    SMH....this is what we, the Hip-Hop community, are reduced to.

  • Fuck Yall Bitch Ass Niggaz

    You Know a nigga be gettin hella ass from these ladies and they just tellin it like it is. Get it how u Live it. ..This track aint that great, but Still more interesting than 90% of your radio bullshit. This 'a strip club bang'r

    • datnigga

      Lmao @ the first reply. I cosign though. Real talk.

    • stripClubBanger

      Strip Club music? I don't know what strip clubs you go to but they most definitely aint going to be playing this donkey shit at magic city. How the fuk u think the stripper club going to go from playing Big Krit's Money on the Floor to this corn ball shit? From Heavy bass to circus sounding beats? Be real with yourself. Thats the problem. Muthafuckas don't know how to be real and see the bs. I like Slaughterhouse but this is bull shit music through and through.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the idea is to put out all the wack tracks from the album cause their saving the real treat? Idk

    • datnigga

      Shouldn't be any wack tracks period. These dudes are better solo than they are as a group, but hip-hop nerds tricked themselves into believing their hype as 'Hip-Hops Supergroup Savior'. And this is what we get when they team up with Em. Hot garbage.

  • Anonymous

    I don't get why Em jumped on this track...

  • SShady313

    eminem is falling down...

  • I wish this didnt exist

    From one artist and one group that could release a song showing the whole of rap how to spit they release this, which is just depressing

  • Anonymous

    this will grow on me...actually i like the concept and the lyrics are there 2...its something different but i dig it

  • Young King

    The only whack songs on the album are "Throw That" and "Throw It Away" everything else is fire Jimmy I couldn't let the Slaughters release this album without putting his thoughts in on a a couple tracks smh. but yeah, no worries everything else IS dope.

  • Joe Ava

    Just when I thought they couldnt come up with something worse than Throw it Away, they put this out! Mixtape is fire tho

  • jack johnson

    wow this is absolutely garbage. I can't believe Eminem has fallen off so badly, this beat is horrible too

  • Jay

    Anyone who thinks Em is still in touch with music and is still dope must be a 12 yr old white girl lol people forget the last great album he had was the MMLP...The last good one was the Eminem Show. The bad meets evil EP was cool but that was mostly cuz of Royce

    • ETK

      you're both god damn nuts. Em outshined Royce in nearly half the tracks on BME. Royce spat hard in Fast Lane, A Kiss, W2H, Loud Noises... everything else, Em got that. easy.

    • else

      couldn't agree any less Royce completely eclipsed him on that Bad meets evil Record For the record, he just has some good albums but not by any long shot does he have any Classic album, an album that strikes a chord.Eminem aint gat one Eminem is over-Rated as Fuck Certain shit just works in his favor and that explains all the Hype and Fuss But he is just Run of the Mill Case rested! now if u dont like this,u probably an Eminem stan, who takes exception to facts and truth

  • Killer

    i say 3 stars for this Crooked I, better than Them all Though,,including that fag called shady Fuck Feminem. Irritating voice and invariably the same subject matter in almost all his songs. Now he tryna to get some clout and juice by making common cause with these so called Lyrical Juggernauts I really like Crook's shit though, and somewhat-Joe Budden

  • Anonymous

    SMH if this was a young money song you dickriders would be saying hip hop is dead. lol smh

    • Anonymous

      the difference is this is a one off.. whereas all of young money music is in this mould or much much worse, and always lyrically weaker.. definetly not feeling the song but atleast these dudes can rap

    • jack johnson

      EXACTLY, I've been getting sick of the hypocrisy of these Slaughterhouse fans and Eminem fans too. I really feel like most of the slaughterhouse fans just pretend to like their music because they're so desperate to see good lyricists on top again, but the fact is these guys just ain't good as a group and song wise. Joell and Joe Budden are great on their solo songs, but Royce and Crooked are just punchline rappers

  • MacRob

    This is what happens when Jimmy gets involved in a rap project.... need some more raw shit fuck they shittin the bed.... Crooked I is needin to dump these foolz

  • Anonymous

    The only song i've liked of theres so far is Goodbye

  • Anonymous

    *turns the mixtape back on*

  • Anonymous

    Real most anticipated track(s) For the commercial crowd: ft Eminem and Skylar Grey Our House For the "real hip hop" crowed: ft Eminem Asylum

  • will

    Every song Ive heard from them has been so underwhelming. Yes, lyrical they are on their shit. But song wise, the shit isnt worth shit.

  • Animus

    Eminem must have lost his ear for music on this one writing this hook and using this beat... He usually makes the sickest hooks too..

  • Animus

    This isn't the most anticipated track the other 2 Eminem Tracks on their album will have verses

  • chris

    Eminem verse? I hear a chorus and thats about it dx, don't say theirs a verse if there isnt.

  • Anonymous

    lol obviously there's gonna be some haters still around, Slaughterhouse just put out a mixtape better than their fav rappers best album... these dudes have a plan so i'll stick to my "corny white music" and you guys can go jam to wayne or ross or whatever it is you like.. I honestly don't care, I think it's funny actually..

  • Anonymous

    this song is #22 on itunes oh hell yeah keep buying it or downloadig it what ever yall like to call it we gotta make slaughterhouse known and bring real hip hop back

  • Anonymous

    buy this shit off itunes right now

  • Anonymous

    aww fuck what the fuck every song has been dope ass fuck slaughterhouse is the savior of rap buy the album next week guys i know i am

  • Anonymous

    this shit is dope im def buying the album next week

  • So Icy Boi!

    Damn this shit is dope!!! SWAG!!! Shady/Aftermath 4 life!!!!!


    eminem TALKS ABOUT KILLING HIMSELF and RAPING WOMEN and killing chopping up woman AND KIDS and BEING A PEDOPHILE, EMINEM is trash just like CHUCK NORRIS IS TRASH but the white population refuse's to let them go trying to make them more than what they are... All he does is goes to the studio makes songs and dissing people from his studio then cries about how people hate him because he is white...He is trash just like his label...And trust me im far from a "hater'....

  • The Game

    u fools need to stop blogging here, get outta yo house and go grab a copy of my classic album that has ALREADY sold 3mil!!! #RED ALBUM

  • rodjilius

    it's no way slaughterhouse went in the studio thinkin "DAMN I CAN'T WAIT TO DO THIS TRACK!!" just no way....

    • Anonymous

      there's no way Eminem went into the studio thinkin "DAMN I CAN'T WAIT TO DO THIS TRACK!!!" just no way...

  • AON_HipHop

    Flat out terrible

  • kod2600

    Can't wait for the album.


    I'm gonna bring hip hop back but I'll need your help. Spread this shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqWjaslxg0E

  • reason

    How many times can one album produce so many flop songs? Flopperhouse will get theirs. Super duper lyrical rap group?lol? Yall better go back to underground/riding off em before yall fall off.

  • Anonymous

    Em falling harder than a fat girl down the stairs. He sounds like RELAPSE again, which was a shocker.

    • Anonymous

      Slaughterhouse obviously wanted to have mainstream success so don't blame Em for everything. Also Recovery was a facepalm? Sure it was ridiculously commercial but the production matched what he was rapping about, which was very personal, quite lyrical, and he put alot of emotion into his raps, which most rappers don't do. Plus what about Hell The Sequel? That wasn't mainstream and that was fire.

    • 3AM

      Slim Shady w/ Dre production on a WHOLE album is a masterpiece kid. Eminem fell the fuck off after Recovery which was just a facepalm. He turned Slaughterhouse into Pophouse and its just tragic how wack these dudes are now. RIP Em 1999-2009

  • Anonymous

    Song of the day is BUsta and Lil wayne. This song here though SUCKS!

  • RealRap

    this is ugly.... beat is weak and mainstream. same garbage of rap hese days.. truth is eminem could still make good music and records. but he gets driven by others who cant.

  • Anonymous


  • X drop BOMBS like Nagasaki

    Checc out deez bunch of moronz....especially Em. Fucc outta herr...wack-azz shit. Only lil girls and wiggaz buy thiz chit...real G'z fucc wit da real, real iz from da WEST COAST....WEST SIIIIIIIDE!

    • X drop BOMBS like Nagasaki

      Look like lil Timmy done got hiz noodlez shaken up. Wigga Pleeze. thiz WEST SIDE on mine....Fucc gayhouse. Yo momma done already gave me da trimmm.....wat! WEST SIIIIIIDE!

    • u a hoe

      i'll drop my nagasaki sized in your moms mouth muh fucka

  • lol

    its a joke song, ever heard eminems cds???? its them having fun-CHILL OUT HATERS

  • Anonymous

    this song is dope in it's own right. A LOT better than that Swizz Beats record they got. A WHOLE LOT.

  • shmelo

    So wack. The production is a fucking mess.

  • Pat Devon

    too fast w the lyrics. Period. time and place for that shit and this song aint it. spit sumn' coo that a chick who wants to actually get that dick thrown on her can sing along to. A big stew full of geniuses with the flow but this just aint workin

  • TheDUke

    Slaughterhouse should break up, the parts are greater than the whole

  • bob the builder

    SHADY 2.0!!!!! Fuck all the haters enough said

  • lumba

    Everybody on the internet is a critic. This song is the shit. Get drunk and fuck to it.

  • James

    This one takes a few listenings to appreciate. Em's verse is still hell fire hot. Can't wait for the 2 other Em tracks.

  • Anonymous

    People say Slaughterhouse ain't relevant... Look at the "MOST DISCUSSED SINGLES".

  • Anonymous

    Well after I gave it a 2nd listen it kind of grew on me but that hook is not good but I kind of like Eminem saying I throw this dick on yah girl, that part kind of cool but the rest of the course was not good. Verses was solid though, so I change my opinion about this track a little bit.

  • The Real

    Don't blame this garbage on T-Minus, the beat was the only thing that kept my interest!!!! Them niggas just had a horrible concept!!! That course is FUCKING WACK!!!! After hearing the snippet of this song I thought it was about to be nasty but not after hearing the full version.

  • Trent

    this isn't really a dope song to me but these guys are lyrical rapists.. This is actually a nice change of pace.. Just like the calmer songs on the mixtape are really heaven to the ears after getting raped by that double time flow all the time.. hate the guys for being diverse and having fun lol

  • MegaRevr

    It was pretty good, when I heard the snippets I was worried this song was gonna suck as bad as "Throw It Away" but nah, they have great flows and more energy. This was just a more modern version of D12's "Purple Pills" (both club singles, both had mediocre hooks, both had great verses) and I remember back in the early 2000s when people said they were a sell-out, now it's looked at as a classic.

  • blight

    yo why is everyone hating on this song....listen to the lyrics....i thought u rap head like dumb it down music like lil wayne and waka flacca and rick ross.....they just trying to sale....don't hate if u ain't doing what they doin!!

  • j

    god forbid they make a fucking funny themed song, every fucking song on this albums gunna be picked apart anyway, just try to enjoy the fact they can make a lighter themed song and switch it up the next one. oh and 3 years ago, who woulda thought they'd be all in the same studio. everyone's a rap critic now.

  • Hell Zel 912

    ....slaughterhouse sucks so bad lol, wtf!!!!! lol

  • Dog Match

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH fuck this song

  • joem

    Em.. please for fuck sakes stop singing.. Don't do anymore hooks either. This is like a strip club song or some shit.. don't like it. 2 stars.

  • app8inion

    5 not heard anything from monsters like this ever haha

  • Anonymous

    Naw son, this is garbage.

  • app8inion

    this is funny shit, people be too serious em is fucking with you, none of you that are hating no hiphop or eminem, or you would no that hes known for this goothy songs on a albums, they are the reason i buy them you no theres a word for it.... variety

  • Tech

    its sick how much people complain about rap , if its not your style than keep your mouth shut and dont listen. but dont deny they are all very talented artist . i personally think its a great song. stop judging people !!!

    • joem

      "don't fucking reading..." man I really need to start proof reading my shit before I click post.. I meant to say, "don't fucking read it!"

    • joem

      It's a comment section for a page featuring music, it is implied that the listeners opinion is requested to be expressed.. if you don't like what you read, guess what? don't fucking reading!.. stop bitching about people bitching, that's just retarded. For real.

  • ai

    its the firm fiasco all over again.....smh, dre & eminem like father like son....smh

  • EtherQ

    This song gonna get more ratings and comments that "Goodbye" & "Juggernauts" combined. Possibly because Em's name is attached but if you're gonna bitch about this track listen to those two. Not every song is gonna be your style but if you want that deep real shit then this isn't for you. Not really a fan of this song but still they've put out enough dope shit that it'd be crazy for this one song to define their careers and album...

  • Anonymous

    This had to be joe buddens idea because this is awful smh

  • nope

    fuck this song, its bad

  • Well...

    Bet Em thought this song was dope so SH was forced to do it. I mean look at the comments it unanimous that nobody is feeling this shit. I'm a huge fan of these dudes but this is a straight dud. Almost makes me wanna NOT buy this album. Hate to say it but I think Eminem ruined these dudes. But hell they've given us tons of good songs so I'll still cop the album even if it's filled with nonsense like this.

  • ewrgerge

    that settles it.. not buying this album

  • Nicky D

    I repeat.... Slaughterhouse is the new D12

  • Anonymous

    look resomn its commercial cause needs to be break them in dnt lyk it eother but it fact and dnt fink ems album aint gna be fire or hip hop his lst album got him bk public eye and he noes this so hell go bk to pure hip hop

  • No Cabbage

    Oh my fucking God, why the hell is Slaughterhouse so fucking terrible? These are three talented fucking people and Joell Ortiz, and when you put them together in a room THIS is what you come up with? Is this entire album a practical joke? Are they going to release the actual record a week later with a fucking post it note that says "gotcha bitch" on each copy? Because this shit is genuinely humiliating to listen to.

  • thomas cornish

    funny song! flows are dope, the singles they have released have been really balanced Hammer dance, Throw it away, Goodbye and now throw that! awesome mixture of tracks they can do anything

  • Excuses Excuses

    It's funny how all these idiots are on here making excuses for this WACKTACULAR album. "Oh but this song wasn't meant to be taking seriously" or "Just listen to the lyrrrrics"...hell I can't freakin listen to the lyrics because of the horribile donkey shit sounding beats. I had to take a shit after listening to this crap because my body had been polluted. And then when you get past the circus music(well u never get past it) you get the music ridiculous lyrics ever for a hook(well never mind...just heard a Drake song). I mean damn...I was trying to find any and every reason to buy this album but this shit right here is the nail in the coffin. Maybe I'll buy it by tricking myself that Juggernauts is on this album instead of the mixtape SMH. So sad because these guys have been through alot to flop. Calling it now...30k sold first week.

    • datnigga

      Wow I thought I must've posted this comment myself, because I couldn't have said it any better. I know what you mean by "circus music" haha and yea I was looking forward to this album and hyped for it, but I call shit how I see it. I'm not gonna be delusional and PRETEND I like the music just because it's Slaughterhouse. I was definitely let down. I'll stick to bumping the mixtape though. But if we're not a Slaughterhouse fan, than that makes us a "hater who doesn't know real hip-hop" SMH

  • tomato thrower


  • Anonymous

    joe buddens is weak !

  • Osirus

    what type of gay music is this shit??

  • Anonymous

    I'm a Slaughterhouse fan but wtf was this shit........................... CHECK OUT THE NEW SINGLE "SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE" http://soundcloud.com/jerz-da-reaper/success-is-the-best-revenge

  • pocketrocketz

    I was hopeing the album would have a funny song on it..gotta have some balance on it...hopefully the WHOLE album aint ike this though..that would be some d12 type shit

  • Anonymous

    what a fuckin wast a bunch of god ass artists making stupid ass music what the fuck is the purpose to this dumb retarded ass shit wow Eminem dont need to push his corny ass shit on slaughterhouse there not like you dude they shouldn't have to wast their breath to satisfy your weird fetish to say dick a lot FUCKIN DISAPPOINTMENT !

  • Anonymous

    could have been a classic but the beat is amateur

  • sb33

    how the hell was that a verse?

  • pigface

    siick shit.. album of the year..slaughterhouse.. august 28

  • thought dog

    I remember when rappers were able to pull any girl they wanted to...Now they all have to stick to strippers and hookers to get any sort of ass.

  • Bom919

    Well its safe to say the Em feature wasnt the only thing wasted here. They really couldve picked some dope beats from T-Minus but they chose this one and it was terrible

  • Anonymous

    i hope this isnt on the cd....

  • CZR(626)


  • customer5310

    trash we need classic shit

  • datnigga

    1. The mixtape will be be better than the album. 2. Shady 2.0 albums are half pop 3. Black Hippy >

    • @datnigga

      Even if the album is geared towards teenagers, they still wouldn't buy it. Which is kind of sad, really.

    • datnigga

      @Sigh Yes, it is my opinion. I really don't care if anyone agrees with it because I'm not trying to convince anybody, just stating how I feel. Not my fault that the SH dickriders get so hurt when someone doesn't like a SH song, as if every single song from them should be praised. What I mean about the mixtape being better is that it showcases the real talent that SH can possess. It's because they have creative control with the mixtape, to do whatever they want. While they might have some creative control with the actual album, they still have to deal with the behind-the-scenes pressures. How I personally feel is that the mixtape is for the actual SH fans that knew about them when they first formed back in 08 and dropped the album back in 09. This album is to gain new fans, and that's evident with all the bandwagon dickriders that flood the articles. I'm 21 and I feel that this album is geared for the teenage audience (to get more sales). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the SH songs with Skylar Grey will sound poppish/corny just like 'I Need A Doctor' was. You can tell a lot about a tracklist/production credits especially with snippets out. But I will wait for the whole album to drop to judge it in it's entirety.

    • *sigh*

      1. That might be your opinion, but some other people might think different. 2. I can't really argue with you on that one just yet. lol I'll listen to the album in it's entirety & see if I agree/disagree with you. 3. Wait for Black Hippy to drop an album & see how that turns out. Then everyone can continue to ride their dicks.

    • datnigga

      1. When did I specify THIS track as pop? 2. There's 5 singles out already, and snippets have been released for the album. 3. Try again.

    • C.O.B

      1. Whats pop about this song did u not listen 2. This is only 1 song from the album how can you compare it to the mixtape? 3. Your a fag

  • G

    this ya man tony love aka medicine cabinets aka the god of somethin real crazy son. and im here to inform ya'll slow learnin mistake havin babies about a thing or two. first off, stop blowin up internet shit with comments and whatever whatever, shit is just corny and aint nobody really give a shit bout ur opinion, b. except that of the god tony love n shit. but this shit is jus real garbage son. and it dont take no doctor or no astronaut to figure that shit out. but em need to stop yellin in the microphone all the god damn time about not shit at all, and give us those real fuccin lyrics like he did on that mmlp. he jus says some stupid shit for shock value nowadays , rather than that sarcastic motherfucker that was a voice for so many motherfuckers back in the mmlp days that we all fell in love with son. that shit that everyone loved to hate n shit. that shit that had motherfuckers protestin against his music n shit. that shit that had u nod ur head til the motherfuccer jus broke in half n shit. and still had that shit knoccin in the system n shit. but yo them days r gone i guess... 2.5/5

  • 777

    Definitely not the most anticipated track off this album, haha. I would say my most anticipated one is "Our House" because Skyler Grey's hooks are always dope. But anyways, this song is dreadful. Yet another terrible feature from the artist formerly known as Eminem.

  • John coughee

    Is Royce still part of the group??

  • BK

    Again these niggaz are garbage.

  • a dubb

    hilarious track... how can yall not like it?

  • G-Mo

    I don't like it, and that's the unbiased truth from someone who hates Recovery.

  • ADR

    who cares if it's a "serious" club song, or a "parody" club song, it sounds like a stupid ass club song either way...

  • Black Hippy>

    It's so fuckin funny seeing all these dickriders get so emotional cuz of a hater lmaooo just accept the fact that these dudes are overrated and garbage now so stop cryin like a bunch of bitches.

  • Almar

    LMFAO! Theres your eminem feature slaughterhouse fans. smfh.

  • Anonymous

    you like lyrics? then check out ATTACK OF THE PIGS! www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRFI8s2ceFw

  • Anonymous

    This site is full of real simple minded fools worse then ever..funny some of you are judging this track like it's a serious song and not a funny play on the awful shit that's selling and on the radio

  • JETLIFE116

    wasted an Em feature to talk about bitches tho, type average its just iight

  • Devin

    smh so many haters here, track is dope

  • Anonymous

    this song is dope its like old school em. and all you people that think this is a serious club song are stupid. this is clearly a parody of mainstream rap.

  • dominel34

    People keep tryna box them up but they not having it, I can respect the versitality

  • why


  • TW

    This bull better not make the fuckiin album!

  • Epi

    Ill admit "throw it away" shoulda been thrown away.. like in the garbage.. but i still have faith in the album. this song isnt bad. and the "on the house" mixtape had some fuckin dope tracks. they leaking all the club bangers first. i bet we'll be left with all the good shit when the album drops.

  • Anonymous

    Joe Budden is the best in Slaughterhouse!

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry guys, but this is NOT GOOD... if it were anyone other than Eminem, people would be clowning... hes making Slaughterhouse into a gayer version of D12

  • Jay

    Is Em trying to sabotage Slaughterhouse? the FUCKKK is this shit? How would ANYONE allow this, My life, and throw it away to be on an album? Somethings going on here..this is too terrible to be true lol

  • Excuses Excuses

    It's funny how all these idiots are on here making excuses for this WACKTACULAR album. "Oh but this song wasn't meant to be taking seriously" or "Just listen to the lyrrrrics"...hell I can't freakin listen to the lyrics because of the horribile donkey shit sounding beats. I had to take a shit after listening to this crap because my body had been polluted. And then when you get past the circus music(well u never get past it) you get the music ridiculous lyrics ever for a hook(well never mind...just heard a Drake song). I mean damn...I was trying to find any and every reason to buy this album but this shit right here is the nail in the coffin. Maybe I'll buy it by tricking myself that Juggernauts is on this album instead of the mixtape SMH. So sad because these guys have been through alot to flop. Calling it now...30k sold first week.


    SlaughterHouse needs to by pass IHOP and go to IFLOP lol. This is going to do negative numbers aka people going to be doing returns... stores are going to be sending copies back to Interscope because this crap is going to be sitting on store shelves lol. But wait...there's hope...all the true fans I'm sure will buy their old album to maybe send a message so that these guys can make get the message. Get EM's ass out of the production of your album...let Joe Budden put some of his thought provoking tracks on their....let Crooked I and Joell come with some gritty Gangsta shit and let Royce come with that 2pac sound and they have a winner. Cease and Desist the corny shit.

  • Anonymous


  • Chi town Bound

    You guys to realize that this song, along with any other song they made, wasn't suppose to be taken serious right?

  • Shady

    ignorant motherfuckers, yall love 2 chainz ,nicki , wayne, french montana and ross , and hate on slaughterhouse/eminem? kill yourself haters, the rest of the album is too deep for yall ignorant motherfuckers

  • Ryan

    Good catchy song, not really showing what slaughterhouse can do though...but overall still bump this! better than anything young money is offering.....

  • Anonymous

    If anyone else made this song everyone would love it. FACT

    • Ryan

      your absolutely right, if wayne made this everybody would be jamming to it, shows you how many haters shady and slaughterhouse got...thats fine i guess the more haters, the bigger they will get. Their just having fun with this track, thats the problem with people today, they think every rap song has to be HARD or Gangsta...more rappers should learn from this..

  • John

    I dont think half of you people understand what they are trying to do here. These guys are jokesters, plain and simple. They make songs like these to make fun of club bangers. Slaughterhouse can rap, if you actually listen to the words and get past the stupid beat they put behind it, you will realize they use more metaphors than shakespeare, but most people are too ignorant to hear them. Too caught up in the YOLO YMCMB bullcrap.. But come on Eminem, we listen to these songs "ft. Eminem" because of you! So, for once, throw down a freaking verse.

  • Deezo

    They're just having fun.....damn don't be so hard. Music isn't ALWAYS serious

  • Jae Jose

    Lol at the dick (shadow of one) coming from the left corner of the cover . 5/5 to Slaughterhouse and Eminem

  • Jae Jose

    it's a club song. get over it. if all their singles was Goodbye and Truth or Truth you would say it lacked variety or some bullshit. i rather listen to Eminem sexing a stripper than him murdering her all the time. Slaugust 28. i'm copping the album "you bought the music, not the nigga who made it" - Joe Budden

  • juan


  • ps

    I just dont get it the whole "Hype train" around Slaughterhouse... they are not that good, mediocre rap group 2/5 for this song ... it might be 3/5 but beat is horrible

  • justobserving

    So i guess im gonna have to say i used to like slaughterhouse from now on! The beat is horrible! girls wont like this! clubs wont like this! and people who actually liked slaughterhouse wont like this! I have no idea what market they are going for? The chorus was awful,lacked creativity I'm listening to raindrops right now ,while it rains! You fucked up Eminem and Slaughterhouse! its not even hating! it just sounds like this album is bad! simple!

  • Anonymous

    Bullshit in my honest opinion. I'm open for something new but this.....

  • Anonymous

    beats sound like some computergame made by a 12 year old child

  • damn

    Kinda let down on this one lol wtf

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love how everyone is blaming Eminem.. because theres no way Slaughterhouse would ever make songs like this!!

  • wai....

    this track screams eminem and he didnt even put a verse on it...... smh...

  • TruthSayer

    I thought the whole point of Eminem signing Slaughterhouse to Shady was to bring real hip hop with dope lyricism back. This is such a waste of studio time.



  • Josh

    Not bad not the best, but not bad.


    YUK how much you wanna guess this track is EM's creation...

  • bg

    wow slaughterhouse is trying to sell records, how surprising......this shit is wack---joe budden is the only member of slaughterhouse worth a damn

  • Nicky D

    Sooooo, Slaughterhouse is the new D12?

  • Anonymous

    take out the guy talking with the deep voice in the intro and it'll be all right

  • Anonymous

    seems like there trying to make club bangers hopefully its only 2 songs

  • Fat-Tone

    Another failed attempt to hit the mainstream ceiling by these old dusty fucks who are rapping desperately like they in the early stages of their rap career....SMH. Laughterhouse stay LOSING

  • Anonymous

    think of what the song is meant to be then judge. why people expect the same repetitive tracks? this actually bangs and their lyricism is on point like every track they make. these dudes are the best right now.

  • iamhiphop

    This is actually a pretty good track. Fuck the haters. The lyricism is on point and the beat bangs. Niggas that are saying the beat is wack are the ones used to hearing repetitive Lex Luger/trap beats. Though I wish to hear the full Eminem verse.

  • Pomps

    Its sick its suppose to be funny and bumpin just take it for what it is

  • DickThrower

    Love Slaughterhouse, Em is my favorite MC ever and I cannot even front. This shit is wack and gay as fuck. Fuck, even 2 Chainz could have done better than this bullshit. Horrible!

  • FuckAllHaters

    How could you hate on this. This is some dope banggin shyt. Slaughterhouse aint always gotta be about serious hardcore lyrics and punchlines. Take sometime out to chill haters. I fuck with this She strips, to get tips. Those lips and those child bearing hips...

  • Anonymous

    I throw this d*ck on you girl

  • Anonymous

    throw that dogshit out!!! i wonder what 'genius' is going to sign Joell solo? fat fuck is HOT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just another pop album from Eminem and gang.

  • Anonymous

    I can't stand these types of beats.

  • ETK

    there's three tracks with Eminem on the album... you had to expect the first leaked to be the one without a full verse from him 4 stars

  • 12

    I can swag out to this song.

  • wishworks

    really not feeling this. No hate but it just doesn't sound like they vibe. Just saying

  • Anonymous

    A childberry is a vitamin for kids? Reiki flow.

  • Anonymous

    would be a bit better if Em had a verse

  • not bad

    i like this. although Em only had the hook, the hook had a part where it sounded like he was about to spit a verse and it sounded nice. 4 headed monster verses were good too as expected. the track im most anticpated for is Rescue Me. #HouseGang

  • Jay

    I've heard some good shit from Slaughterhouse and obviously from Eminem but I wasn't feeling this, I gave it 3, they gotta come harder for an album track. You can't trash white rappers in general cause there are some good underground ones like Edan, Mad Child, Aesop Rock, Cage, Yak Ballz, Ill Bill, Benefit, Kno, Borther Ali, Eyedea, Vinnie Paz, Apathy, RA The Rugged Man, Surreal, Junk Science...... Get 21% off your entire order at karmaloop.com by entering rep code "APATHY" into the "rep code box" at checkout. No minimum, restrictions or exp. date. Use it anytime and tell all your friends!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      true - not all white rappers are garbage - a few you mentioned are good? But EM has 1/2 classics and a whole load of 1 star corny records...

  • Hailie Mango Lassi

    sounds like a HIT.... BWHWHBWHAHAHABWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH these guys will NEVER write a hit record but watching them try will ALWAYS entertain!!!!!!!!!! LOL @ gay zombie eminem ducking sunlight and premium pussy mixing this wack record alone in his mansion slaugterhouse is real hip hops last chance in the mainstream right!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!? laughterhouse is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!! movie soundtracks album pushbacks cee-lo features swizz beatz hooks eminem features and still no HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      co-sign Hallie EM is o weak - he's just ruined an average crew -making do this cornyass record



  • Versus

    It's alright, but I don't think this'll be a highlight of the album.

  • Anonymous

    its just AWWWWWESOOMMMM EMINEM your the best

  • Mondongo Mathers

    Clowning these bums is like the Olympics of Hip-Hop 2012... Em needs to get back on heavy drugs FAST and that whining fat fuck Joell Ortiz better hope UPS is still hiring when this piece of dogshit pushes 16,000 copies (horrible # for the amount of promotion its gotten.)

  • Anonymous

    Slaughterhouse should just stick to raping tracks since they damned if they do and damned if they don't do something outside of the box. Any other rapper would be praised for a track like this. This will be my skip track but I'm still coppin.



  • Anonymous

    This is pretty good.

  • Hello

    People moaning about rubbish down there, it's a good song, but come on- there's no Eminem verse. Don't say there is if there isn't.

  • dmnShame

    Juggernaunts > the entire SlaughterHouse album. Yes I know..."You haven't heard the entire album" which is true....but I've heard the snippets and from that I have a good indication that this is going to be hot baby shit. The only time EM sounded good with SH is on the juggernaunts. That song is the truth...decent beat...feels epic. This song is like something they made 20 years ago on a drunk night when they were just goofying off on April Fools Day.

    • flopHouse

      SlaughterHouse needs to by pass IHOP and go to IFLOP lol. This is going to do negative numbers aka people going to be doing returns... stores are going to be sending copies back to Interscope because this crap is going to be sitting on store shelves lol. But wait...there's hope...all the true fans I'm sure will buy their old album to maybe send a message so that these guys can make get the message. Get EM's ass out of the production of your album...let Joe Budden put some of his thought provoking tracks on their....let Crooked I and Joell come with some gritty Gangsta shit and let Royce come with that 2pac sound and they have a winner. Cease and Desist the corny shit.

    • Hammer Dancer

      no, they TRIED to sell out and are failing fucking miserably... notice how all THREE of their official singles flopped in every measure? no digital sales, no airplay, no buzz. just fed up rap fans mocking these bums LAUGHTERHOUSE!!

    • agree

      On the house mixtape > this shitty disappointing album.. Slaughterhouse sold the fuck out, sucks bad

  • 2-K

    Funny Track!!Nice humour and Em is Great!!

    • 2-K

      @3-K, yeah and i am proud to be @Stan above me, Bro i am just trying to be polite and wanna enjoy music what the fuck is your problem and yeah i am an em dickrider so what?? you ain't got shit on me

    • 1000000- fuckin K

      @stan above me - You are a fuckin moron bruh. honestly bro, why u mad hatin son? Damn bruh. people are so irate bro, son bruh!!

    • Stan above me:

      @2-k, what the fuck does 'im sorry i didnt mention it mean u pussball. Speak with proper literasy

    • 3-K

      Al l though that guy was a dick and deserves to get shot in the butthole, he does have a point, you are severely dick-riding em man

    • 2-K

      Hey i am not neglecting slaughterhouse presence without them this track is nothing i m sorry i didn't mentioned it maybe cuz i am enjoying this song a lot

    • Stan above me

      FUCK, this is a slaughterhouse song aswell. Everyone always giving props to em when he didnt evn lay a fuckin verse down, stupid cunts like that really get on my nerves

  • Listen to me

    Everyone on here saying this is 'corny white people shit' just shut the fuck up. I'm not white fyi. It is 'corny shit', but we need to get out of this idea that music has a color behind it. All of you sound like damn morons, saying ' you dont get this type of music coz u aint black', just be quiet. Fucking musical segregation bullshit, cunts.

    • liar

      Bullshit...yo ass white cause niggaz dont use cunt lol! Don't go all holier than thou. Keep it real. This is the shit that white people listen to. Black people in general don't listen to this fake crap. You can't feel shit from this song. Even in 2pac commerical shit you felt SOMETHING!

    • Anonymous


    • Totally agree

      Totally agree, the ignorance is overwhelming on these posts. If you are a nigger, cracker, spic, guinea, whatever, we are all the same decaying matter. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES YOU IGNORNAT SHITS

  • Anonymous

    Somewhere along the lines people forgot that HipHop is also about havin' fun on the track. This is an awesome track. They're just rhyming and having fun actin' a fool. Everyone has that silly character in them.What's wrong with that?

    • Anonymous

      Chubb Rock (look him up) was FUN... these guys are just fucking retarded... And if Joell Ortiz was actually FUNNY, he wouldn't have to laugh at his own garbage 'punchlines' like a lousy sitcom laugh track

  • GoReadABook

    Really? An Eminem verse? Cuz all I heard was a fuckin Eminem hook. Generally disappointed. This song is dope only for the talent it took to write such lyrically skillful meaningless verses



  • Steven

    This song is dope 5/5

  • YTFmyshit

    yeahh negro dis my shitt

  • Sossos

    If youve never been to clubs and stripper clubs, youll never like this song

  • Main Fred

    There just isn't anything good to say about this song.

  • Corny

    ffs was looking forward to this. Drakes album was actually better than this, and he is average at best. Beat corny as fuck, doesnt fit the vibe of slaughterhouse at all, such a fucking shame

  • Anonymous

    all these talented artists on one track and THIS is the hook they come up with? i dunno pretty generic sounding to me

  • Anonymous

    Not every single track has to be serious. It's a fun track.

  • Anonymous

    worse than loyal to the game

  • Buck

    The most anticipated track???? What are you talkin bout hiphopdx?? shit is wack, fuck this, this ain't hip hop!!

  • tonyviera

    i like it remember me D12, people are too difficult to please this days.....



  • Raw Business

    Is this the April Fool's day joke a little early?

  • Anonymous

    i dont get it why can you not like this

    • aintWHITE

      You have a point but before they signed to shady records, slaughterhouse killed everything. Now everything is watered down so much, its horrible like this track. If your looking at it this way, young money have a large black fan base. Young black people bump that shit constantly as do whites, and every other race. Mainly blacks/whites. So shut the flying fuck up you retard.

    • aintBlack

      Of course not...your not black lol! And this shit aint crack. It's straight YM grade Doo Doo. Go listen to Trae or UGK and then come back and listen to this. Go listen to Big Krit or J. Cole and then come back listen to this and you can see that this song is just a bunch of niggas rhyming over a sub par beat. The problem is when SH raps over these wack beats they lose all believeablity. You can't possiblity take any other their lyrics seriously even if they were straight murders because of the all corn flying the air lol. SMH.

  • netr

    sick flow. some sick ass punches. wit it.

  • Sauce

    ya motherfuckers need to learn how to have some fun this track is hot man ! wtf

  • chris

    listen to the lyrics, this shit is so funny. the beat is also different and kinda cool. i like it

  • Bitch you dont need my name

    AIGHT, TO ALL YOU moafuckers! Why you guyz fuckin hatin on diss shit? Its not their BEST, BUT ITS STILL FUCKIN DOPE! FUCK OFF, SHUT UP, CUZ GUESS WUT BITCHEZ, These moafuckers got more skill in their tip of their dicks, THEN YOU DO IN YOUR "Whole package" - Which b.t.w, aint alot ...stupid fuckin haters, Stop taking erything like youre a critic, Cuz yas aint, and if yas were, YOUD BE FIRED FROM WUTEVER FUCKIN PLACE YES HIRED TO, Know WHY?! ..Lets think.. " Yeah this shits pretty wack" "Worst Song EVER" ... Anybody see a REASON behind their statement?>> NAY, Know why? Cuz they dont have one, OR are to fuckin lazy to write a real critique when these great artists put their time into doing this, FOR THE PUBLIC, And yes, You moafucckers ARE the "Public".. This is not a rant, or a mean "Hate-letter" Its telling YOU BITCHEZ TO OPEN YA MOAFUCKIN EYES, Ima end it with this -I'ma throw dat dick on your girl

  • d

    Apparently this track is not for basement dwelling hipster assholes. But for those who actually go out and have fun know that this track is gonna bang in the fucking clubs. An uptempo song that works. The production is fucking sick and I dont think the haters can even appreciate the sick ass flows that slaughter spit over it.

    • someone who understands the song.

      you can go to clubs get the fuck drunk and play this son, you cant play truth or truth in the club. lol dont worry the hipster pussy, get no pussy so, its like what you can like bars but you don't like club beats with bars?

  • BGG

    this is some white suburbia shit but even saying that i'm white and still think this shit is terrible Eminem does not sound right when he raps about certain things and smashing hoes and being a playa isnt a good look for him

    • BGG

      they aint playin this shit in no strip club what kinda strip clubs do u go to?

    • but hes always rapped about that stuff

      but you know he's always rapped about this shit. and i didnt hear people complain about that shit. and no its not for white suburbia you never been to a strip club. this is what thats for.

  • Anonymous

    Haters gon hate, shits dope

  • Anonymous

    Not pleased... Rhyme schemes where nice but the song was corny. I still support them, but i hope that this new album does not sound like this. I give this song a three. Fuck!

  • Andrew

    This is terrible. -__- I was starting to get excited about this album until this. Nobody on Slaughterhouse was like... "Em, I'm not diggin' this. Can we work on something else?" lol

  • So Icy Boi!

    I said it... pop rap group featuring pop singer. diz iz not hip hop, "hip hop dx"... smh. Laughterhause and Feminem are tryin to destroy hip hop but dey cant stop YMCMB. we run da game and our legace gon live forever. Lil Wayne saved hip hop wit Da Carter IV and he sold da most album of all time. Weezy da G.O.A.T. and true God MC. swag

    • ladygaga

      Funny thing is...I have more confidence that they can pull off a much better feature with her than SH can/did with EM. To me the best sounding SH/Em mash up is Juggernauts. That shit is fire.

    • Spl1ffst4rr.

      Most albums of all time? Are you on crack kid? The Marshall Mathers LP is the best selling rap album of all time as well as the fastest selling of all time with a total of over 11 million copies sold. The Carter III which is Wayne's best selling album hasn't even made it to 4 million, and The Carter IV hasn't even sold 3 million. Lil Wayne cannot rap to save his life. Nor can Drake or any other artist on Young Money. The only reason they are popular is because stupid people like you buy into their music, as well a 13-year old rap fans who are too young to even know about the legends that made the game what it is. Don't open your mouth when you clearly don't know anything about hip-hop.

    • Anonymous

      black hippy feat lady gaga gonna go real hard

    • fkIcy

      Yea you were right...even though ur still a hating ass faggot. This shit is horrible. Black Hippy will do what Slaughter House couldn't and that's bring that real shit. So Icy get YM dick out ur mouth

  • VividSci

    Yeah this shits pretty wack, I'd never bump this shit.

  • Anonymous

    Awful song... guess we gotta stick to the mixtape

  • lostAllFkingHope

    This worse than cow, horse, and donkey shit combined. What the fuck is this? It's so bad I wont go listen to some punk ass Drake. Dumb corn ball beats. Niggas don't bounce to this shit type of shit. This was my greatest fear when Slaughter signed to Em...that they would get his corny music. That shit works for EM because he is WHITE! It fits in with their culture...that's why no one in the hood bumps Em. They can respect him as a lyricist but they aint going to have that shit on in no club. They going to have some Good Music, Faggot Money, MMG, or some Jeezy going because they have banging beats. Good Music is a plus because they actually do rap about shit time and again. Slaughter House...you guys will have to miss me with this bullshit...I'll cop the next album once you guys get a better sound and not let Em executive produce. That's why these boys aint got NO radio play except for Shade 45. It's because it's straight bullshit.

    • lolatTheDummyBelow

      "...hypocritical cunt" is that statement supposed to make me feel offended. Cunt...only white people use that weak term to offend lol. Anyhow I shouldn't over generalize and say "white people" but suburban people aka rich people regardless of race listen to this cornball shit. They have no clue of what really goes on in the hood and etc. And as far as Black rapping about killing and stealing and fuck hoes...it's because it's what REALLY goes on in the hood so it should be spoke on. The problem is when idiots like Wacka/Rick Ross glorify it that is an issue. Nas, Common, Big Krit, J.Cole...these rappers are black and don't only talk about killing but provide a positive message. So threfore your argument is null and void. FYI...instead of supporting this hot dokey of an album I'm going to go buy their old CD again.

    • moron above me

      yeah black people just rap about 'beiging real niggas', stealin shit, bustin shots at the police.. weed, fucking girls. Typical rapper shit, bring something new to the fuckin table. Im not sticking up for this song, its bad, still stfu you hypocritical cunt.

    • @Anonymous

      As much as in any other, I guess - 'corny shit' is not a characteristic of a race. I am just saying that Slaughterhouse making more mainstream and radio-friendly sound can only boost their sales, especially because Em is behind it. And 90% of these guys bitching about it here are gonna download the shit for free anyway, not buy it.

    • YEP

      RE: "Corny music/shit" is in white peoples culture? Yep it is...when it comes to rap at least. They love that corny EM type sounding shit abt killing their mom and shit. Black people don't rap about that shit. And black people do buy music...it's just that white people think because they got all the money that their the one ones buying shit. That's one of the problems with black folk...we buy shit we don't need have the time BUT can't really afford it either. White people do the same but CAN afford since they've been oppressing Blacks for how many years. Enjoy your corn ball music whitey.

    • Anonymous

      "Corny music/shit" is in white peoples culture?

    • ...

      "That shit works for EM because he is WHITE! It fits in with their culture...that's why no one in the hood bumps Em." Well, no one in the hood buys records either, and - guess what - WHITE people do. So keep bitching in comment sections and forums while Slaughterhouse gets their money. You internet 'fans' make me sick.



    • Nope

      this isnt great at all but no, drake is the only one with some skills in ymcb, and he is still pretty corny. Thats the best it gets. The industry is fucked, i wish slaughterhouse signed with strange music, that wud be sick

    • Agreed

      I agree. As much as ya'll bitch about Drake (super faggot) and YMCB(faggots) they make actually SONGS. Yea it might be a bunch of meanliess bullshit but it's a song with a proper hook that is catchy. But the main thing is they have BANGING ASS BEATS. Let me say it again. BANGING ASS BEATS. Almost to the point(almost) you can forgot about Drake's annoying ass voice. Almost to the point where you can forget about Rick Ross's fat ass being a liar. This is the shit that SH needed...banging beats yet we get circus clown music. If I wanted that I would point on a mexican song. Damn waste. Let me go get some Black Hippy. A group that actually can make songs and pick out some banging ass beats.

    • Anonymous

      Wayne DOES do this type of song so the question is... Why don't YOU like it?

  • FREE JA!

    Can't wait to hear the tracks with Ja Rule on welcome to: Our House, that shit will be dope.


    The SLAUGHTER has begun. Yall haters can suck a monster. Real hip hop! Half these haters dont understand lyrics. Sry they cant dumb it down for you!!HaHa

  • sickofthisshit

    Incoming comments: ymcmb trolls, amature 12 year old hip hop critics, slaughterhouse "fans" who after listening to this song arent "fans", people who claim this is the worst song ever. Shit is getting repetitive hiphopdx should require an account for comments. So much pretentious hip hop fans makes me sick.

  • Anonymous

    you either hate it or love it well... i love it

  • HU R U

    i love it, fuck y'all who hate this track, its DOPE!!!!

  • Devin

    it's not that bad hey, i like it

  • spirit104

    i love this track, haters dont understand music. ok 3 more spins then i go to bed. they should have used this track as the single. its fuking epic

    • LikeThat

      Maybe if i was on high that i liked it

    • spirit104

      u dont get pussy boy thats why u dont like this track. get urself a fine chick with a proper jaw and them child bearing hips. on a more serious note this track has something wrong with it. the one i bought on itunes doesn't sound as disjointed as this version. its a tight track u can laugh to bro so why not laugh along

    • Anonymous

      I didn't like "All On Me" off the mixtape, that's the only track I didn't like THAT much.

    • LikeThat

      You even listened to the lyrics? This track is pathetic and only for seasonal fans. It's good that this song was not on the mixtape because it would be the only weak track

  • Anonymous

    "Featuring T-minus production and an EMINEM VERSE" where was the verse from Em? Anyway horribly dissapointed Verses 3.5/5 Beat 2/5 (Swimming pools was 500000x better production wise) Chorus 1.5/5 (And this is coming from a HUGE Eminem fan that chorus was TERRIBLE and these kinda songs don't make sense for Eminem to be doing They shoulda taken him off this and put an Em verse on My Life, and also had Em and Royce trading bars about Proof on Goobye and they'd have had a hit and an incredible song. Wish I could rate half stars but a two star will do I guess..

  • LikeThat

    All songs starting with "Throw" with Eminem is weak

  • Anonymous

    man.... this album is horrible

  • ...

    Looks like somebodies got hold of the albums and is just leaking tracks individually, same with what happened with Life Is Good.

  • poetic assasin

    two of the worst songs that we've heard on the album have ironically been named "throw it away" and "throw that"