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Preview short clips from Slaughterhouse's long awaited Shady Records release "welcome to: OUR HOUSE."


  • Anonymous

    The LP is not what I expexted beat-wise but still super lyrics in there. 4/5

  • James

    These snippets are misleading... This is definitely one of the best albums released so far this year. Listening to these makes it sound disappointing. Quality is substandard and choruses are absent. Cop the album, it's a really solid release. 4.5/5

    • thabo

      i agree with u man, this shit misleading as hell. and since not most tracks dont got Joey as the opening rapper its as if he aint there or sum'ng. plus i have heard "My Life" and the quality of here sucks big time. i am pretty sure the album is dope as fuck tho its not what we was expecting or what we wanted. i applaud them niggas cos commercial as the beats are or as soft as some people say they have gon, they aint make shit tracks like what YMCMB has given us.

  • Anonymous

    aaaaaaah, shit goes hard!!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the lyrics are going to be top drawer, as expected. But the beats hmmm. It's like Watch the Throne, inverted (amazing beats and production, shit verses)

  • Anonymous


  • AK

    I actually like what I heard, I'm looking forward to this now 3.5 off the snippets

  • lumburr

    I trust Slaughterhouse, Eminem, and the producers they found for this album. Sounds like there's a huge variety here, and the potential for several classic songs. If you've heard "On the House", you know not to doubt them. Especially Crooked.

  • rackets

    disappointed in em and what he's doing (allowing). i only want to hear crooks verses now. the production sounds like shit but crook can make a shitty beat sound tolerable whenever he spits.

  • Anonymous

    Slaughterhouse is the most discussed rap group on this website. so the mmg/ycmb fans can suck it!! you fuck wit slaughterhouse peep this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRFI8s2ceFw

  • TheMo

    What can you do about haters man? They just dont know what they want, at first they complained about SH being lyrical and now they its their beats. smh. u confused skinny jeans wearin faggots. Hiphop heads are gon cosign this. Yea the album is a lil mainstream for SH but they droppd their mixtape On the House for real hiphop fans not for u lil waynez, 2 chainz and gucci manes wack ass rappers. all tht bling bling shit is js overssaturated and birdman is wat u get when a monkey has an amount of he thot he cud neva hav, WTF is "Breeh!" stupid stupid i tell ya. Now go listen to Truth or Truth on the mixtape some real ish ryt der. 8/28 faggots #LetTheSlaughterBegin#

  • Raheim Jefferson

    House Gang!!

  • keepit100

    lets keep it 100.. These niggaz is garbage, people think just cuz they spit versatile they are automatically a "dope" artist and if you don't like it you must be a soulja boy or lil wayne fan... LMAO that is far from the truth!! THESE NIGGAZ IS GARBAGE! They couldn't make out on their own , they are barely making it as a group. THESE NIGGAZ IS BORING AS FUCK. -________- ZzZz

  • eh

    that first track sounds like a shitty odd future beat! Smh im way disappointed, was really looking forward to this, its better than most still all there other shit sounds so much better!

  • Its Um

    So far they have so good tracks, the track with busta sounds better than that single the company is trying to promote, I hope the goodbye over trump the throw it away song so they make a future video outta that one. 3/5 since it's a preview and it was edited.

  • Wedgey

    A new beginning love it

  • Anonymous

    crooked i > royce > yaowa > joe joe

  • Anonymous

    only like 5% of yall gonna buy. support hip hop or lose hip hop.

  • JAM

    these beats are very unique...

  • album of the year

    yo for real this is album of the year

  • welcome to: YOUR MOMS HOUSE

    this record is gonna be in heavy rotation in the whip son

  • Anonymous

    2nd listen, I've come to the conclusion that these beats are RAW

  • Young King

    fuck the haters trolls, backpacker puriats etc. this shit is dope.

  • ErrorFile

    Sounds like a one of the best CD's of this year. Has some mainstream-ish fillers, but most songs sound very dope! Slaughterhouse never disappoints.

  • Stevie


  • Anonymous

    they actually said knick paddy whack give a dog a bone! wow how creative smh and they wear dirty tee shirts fuckin bums

    • moonie313

      Not sure what you were listening to because NO ONE said that, the only thing close was Ortiz sayin Yahwa wanna bone

  • Anonymous

    garbage lil B is far better than blow job joe

  • soAmazing

    I think it's amazing how within a year these guys(SH) have went from underground super stars to a knock off albeit subpar D12. Em's as SHOULD NOT be producing or mixing their album. It is highly apparent that SH either volunteerily or by Interscope, decided to adopt Em's muscial sound. The white bytches singing hooks, electonica type beats...that shit is NOT wats in. People want that Rick Ross(Can't stand him btw) and Young Jeezy type beats. Hell even Drake's soft ass has astronomically better beats that what's on the snippets. But hell even if SH brought fire though could at least salvage the subpar beats but all the shit from the snippets and their singles sound corny as hell. Joell and Royce need to cut the goofy shit out and come with it. Only Crooked I and Joe Buddens are consistent in the tone of their music. Royce(who is actually my favorite) is inconsistent (looking at Bar Exam 3) with his goofy over the top antics(the yelling and shit) on one song and then he's serious like he's going to knock a mutha fucka out on the next song. Now I know people have different moods and shit but he's a little extreme. Any rate I can honestly say I will be buying Bar Exam 2 or maybe even the first slaughterhouse album the day this turd fest drops....it'll be fun if the old album sees a spike in sales and outsells this new EM eccentric piece of shit.

    • Kill that bitch!

      While I do agree with you that D12 gained more mainstream success than Slaughterhouse, they're also a bad example. They only got hot because Eminem was in the group.

    • dummy

      What does having an ear for GOOD beats have to do with being like everyone else? It was never said that SH needed beats that sounded like everyone else...they just need GOOD beats. GOOD Music has good beats (i.e. souful,heavy bass, urban) unlike this pill of shit that is being streamed from SH's new album. And yes...they sound like a dumbed down D12 in the sense that they're trying to go mainstream and is failing at it while D12 was actually able to go mainstream(successfully). I wasn't comparing their lyrically ability...but hell from the snippets maybe that argument might even come into question as the majority of what I heard was corny and is NOT some shit I would be caught riding to. Big Krit, J. Cole, K. Dot over SH if the snippets is anything to go by. Oh....and get a brain dick head.

    • idiots

      did you just say that slaughterhouse is a subpar d12???????????? wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww did you think of the possibility that they choose their beats purposefully not trying to sound like everyone else you fucking idiot-they dont want to sell out

  • S6Boy

    Definetly cant judge an album from 30 second snippets, but the fact im trying to convince myself to like it doesnt boed well. Beat selection sounds awkward and doesnt seem to compliment their flows. One of the beats i heard reminded me of that Lil Wayne feat Busta & David Banner track off Carter 3 and that is the worst fucking song i have ever heard!! Dont like to be negative but i had high hopes for this album and given the talent, budget and time at their disposal i thought they could have come with a classic. At least 'Goodbye' has got some replay value. Hopefully be proven wrong august 28th when i hear it in its entirety

  • Press

    so we just heard pretty much every verse from Royce....lol therealpress.bandcamp.com

  • Lil B

    Yeah, I killed that fool Joe Budden on "T-Shirts & Buddens" the best diss track in history. Slaughterhouse is irrelevant, Based God!

  • GFH

    LOL at all these clowns who think they can make an album 10% as good as slaughterhouse..yall couldnt even think of wack ass weezy punchline wtf more you want from these guys? Haters are just tryin to be heard because theyre now signed with the worlds most celebrated rapper and are slowly getting mainstream recognition they deserve. Fucking college frat boys who think wayne and drake are rap hahahahahha

  • Anonymous

    This album sounds good. Fuck the haters. Regardless of how much it sells, it'll be good. Not classic, but good.

  • dadonjuan

    after carefully digesting the snippets, i wanted to throw up. rick ross album sounds better and i don't like him at all. this proves they are mixtape rappers. Don't know how to make an album. I blame eminem for this bullshit. i wanted better for them. i will listen to the album so i can hear Crooked I (the best lyricist of the four)

  • tyrinToHope

    It's bad when you're tryin' to like an album...it really seems like Slaughter House has lost their way. And for all you people saying that you can't tell an album from it's snippets are full of shit. Can't review and album off of snippets but you can get a VERY good idea of what an album is about and the majority of the album seems to have no direction and just doesn't seem believable. For instance...go listen to a Trae song and you can feel sincerity in what he is saying regardless of whether you like the subject matter...you know it's real. You feel it. Go listen to some Pimp C,DMX, Nas, Big Krit, J. Cole....you can feel their music. Not with this. It's like their rhyming just to rhyme but aint talking about shit. David Banner said it best...the niggas that can rap don't know how to pick good beats and the wack MC's can pick good beats but can't rap. SMH.

  • nuc

    what the hell is with all the circus/carnival beats... not loving the snippets. joells "nick nack paddy wack" verse sounded like it was fin to be hella wack.

  • youngsta

    hahaha! this is what y'all niggas were waiting for? nothing but pop bullshit from supposedly the best rappers in the game. no wonder lil b dissed that wack motherfucker joe budden. he and his crew make wack music. flopperhouse gonna flop, maybe worse than nas. give it a one to lower the score.

  • Allan

    "just to piss em off i bought a platinum noose. i aint fightin no racist im lettin that magnum loose/ ill leave ya prejudice ass leakin that plasma juice/ and then i fuck a snow bunny just to mass produce" Crooked i - Hip Hop Weekly/Blueprint 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDSyEMGUIVU

  • Allan

    I don't see where all the negativity is coming from. As a whole the album sounds epic from the 30 second snippets alone. The beats sound bigger than the last album but still in the same vein. What more do people want. Start to finish is how this album should be judged. Everyone talks about bringing real hip hop back, real lyricists, not selling out and classic albums yet make their judgements based on singles dropped out of context. If you aren't prepared to wait for the album and hear it in entirity just make a playlist using the best bits from The Brick, Mood Music, Hip Hop Weekly and Rock City and move on.

  • Anonymous

    the comments on this website make me feel embarrassed for coming on here. "Laughterhouse" what a witty joke

  • annomunes

    Cant wait yo this iz paranormal activity yo sound that will glue u to the roof xD

  • Anonymous

    wait till the album comes before making a real opinion watch the pigs kill this dude after hitting him with a car http://youtu.be/SRFI8s2ceFw

  • Wait and see...

    You can't judge an album on snippets...especially a group album! the majority of these snippets contain royce and he's not even the best emcee in the group IMO

  • DRE

    When are people going to stop with the sales bullshit?? Half of you put these terrible 'laughterhouse' jokes on repeat and just talk about how they wont sell a lot...ever hear about bootlegging or underground rappers retards??? Half of yall are fuckin jigga and pac stans who will turn around 5 seconds later and defend them crying and bitching SALES SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES blah blh blah...then 5 seconds later come to slaughterhouse again and say they suck just because they dont do fucking popchart/jay/em numbers make up your fucking minds...

  • Not Anonymous

    I was really disappointed when I 1st heard it, but after a while, I've started to like it. I'm not gonna jump the gun, though. I'll wait 'til it leaks, listen to it a few times, make my OWN logical opinion on the album & decide from there if I'm gonna buy it or not.

  • Jack Merridew

    this is awful ! awful ! the biggest let down of the year. beats are just horrible, looks like throw aways from Eminem last album

    • Perfect BS?

      Perfect Bullshit? Stfu hater Em Is better then Weezy! Weezy is a close second but not on par with Em so how bout you take yo gay ass and hop of Wayne's jock...

    • ^

      Eminem>Lil Wayne Wayne got murked.

    • youngsta

      ^ yeah, almost perfect bullshit. wayne killed his ass on no love.

    • Em's last album?

      Em's last album was almost perfect so i guess his throwouts are better to anything u fucken listen to hater! Stfu and listen to ur whack ass Wiz and Tyga shit fake as hip hop fan!

  • Anonymous

    Some shitty ass beats. I can't believe 4 talented artists have ears for such garbage tracks. ill be content if they admit this is a commercial attempt, and knew the beats were weak.

  • VC

    why does all the gr8est bitchass punks of all time collect here to share their opinions,damn i so tried to stop myself from commenting here but i had to start it.this album sounds great as fuck.if u dont like it,continue listening to glee cuz this aint ur type of music.i dont hang wid lame-asses like yall so i wont see ur comments but i'll tell u one thing,U FUCKIN MINDFUCKED FRUSTRATED-CUZ-U-DONT-GET-NO-PLEASURE ppl,just stfu

  • Cole World

    Seems like every snippet is Royce. Not enough here to judge the album off of, I still need to hear the entirety of the album...There is more to the music than just beat selections...lyrics, delivery, flow, etc. is what I'm interested in hearing. People saying the album is wack already don't know how to listen to music, there is no way to tell how this album is gonna be of 30 second snippets.

  • Anonymous

    he has no flow or lyrics

  • Anonymous

    his album sucked big time

  • Anonymous

    its better than 2 chainzs album

  • MMGForever

    Rick Ross album snippets were more talked about! BAWSE!

  • Anonymous

    All the hype in the world can't save this bullshit. The production is horrible. Whoever overseen this project should hang they damn self!

    • random ass kid from down the block

      yo i dont see how SH is going pop. If anything, they sound different, different from the other groups and labels releasing music right now. From Drake to 2 Chainz to uh fuckin nicki minaj, Big Sean, Wiz, and all the other random ass supposedly "famous" rappers. They all sound, stylistically, the same in my opinion. And production wise, you might not be used to the beats but who else can even rap to these type of beats?(out right now). i would call choosing "acceptable" beats selling out, not steppin out the box and choosing somethin else. but whatever fuck it, fuck what yall think, shit dont matter


      ^another close minded "hip hop head", between them and the retarded ass trolls on this site..so goddamn annoying

    • Anonymous

      I listen to Wu, Doom, Roc Marciano and artist like that. I know Hip-Hop trust me. I like these brothas don't get me wrong, but the album is wack straight up.

    • wtf?

      ur judging an album off 30 sec snippets? YOU don't know shit about hip-hop FUCK OUTTA HERE! You prob think real hip hop is Wiz hahaha OR Tyga LMAO or even Better 2 Chainz lmao stfu man learn a thing or 2 before you comment!

    • Anonymous

      Real Hip-Hop comes from the heart. I bet Slaughter House don't even approve of this bullshit. Interscope's the mastermind behind this disaster.

    • Anonymous

      Real Hip-Hop comes from the heart. I bet Slaughter House don't even like this bullshit. I bet if it was up to them instead of Interscope this would have been a much different sounding release.

    • ^^^^

      In your own words, explain to us what "real Hip Hop" is.

    • Anonymous

      @ whoever wrote "dumb as fuck". It's obvious you don't know shit about real Hip-Hop. Go listen to the radio and shut the fuck up!

    • L

      lol eminem produced every track on the album or was involved in some ways. Gotta say, I'm disappointed, but im gonna wait and see!

    • Anonymous

      your dumb as fuck

  • MP

    I figured that this would happen, and it's sounding like it thus far....disappointment. I'll listen to the full album when it drops, but damn, this shit sounds so commercial, it's not even funny. I know these are just snippets And all...but these snippets just lowered my hopes for this group and album....smh.

  • wtf

    After hearing this crap....all I keep asking myself is WTF happened? Like this crap is grade a doo doo. I think Black Hippy is going to do for the rap game what Slaughter House was SUPPOSED to do and that's bring the lyrics back. It seems like SH is trying to hard to have that EM sound...to succeed now they need some heavy beats...not no damn white girl singing on the hooks and certainly not no rocker/electronic beats. Sorry to say that I won't be supporting this crap. If anything I'll go buy some of their earlier stuff the day this diaster soon to happen drops. 40k first week sales predictions.

    • The retard above me

      @Dude aboved me. How much did you make when yr single dropped? Moron, who is the bum now

    • Anonymous

      Closer to 14K I bet... Which is hilarious because aren't these bums supposed to push 150K each solo... Well aren't they?!

  • azx0

    Welcome To The Disappointing House

  • ter88

    i hate those electronic beats. they sound horrible. good rappers but bad choice in picking beats

  • Anonymous

    4 underground mcs goin pop. This shit is average and its a shame they have so much talent but will never make a classic album. Hiphop is still dead thanks to eminem


      EMINEM IS THE GOAT! You are a sad mothafucker and yes go listen to Wiz and STFU! Cock sucker!

    • STFU!

      THANKS TO EMINEM!? Hip Hop would be dead if it wasn't for Eminem tell me why he hes considered the greatest of all time? Yeah shut the fuck up and go listen to the radio cuz you don't know shit about rap! Go suck Wiz's dick!

    • ^^^^

      Blame Hollywood. They completely fucked Hip Hop up.

  • VividSci

    As much as I want this to be the greatest shit ever... this little sample makes me wonder. 3 Stars

  • Anonymous

    lmao how can you judge an album based on snippets

  • Anonymous

    welcome to: Our House: 1. The Slaughter (Intro) 2. Our House feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey (Produced by Alex da Kid, add. Eminem) 3. Coffin feat. Busta Rhymes (Produced by Mr. Porter) 4. Throw That feat. Eminem (Produced by Eminem, co. Luis Resto) 5. Hammer Dance (Produced by AraabMuzik) 6. Get Up (Produced by No I.D.) 7. My Life feat. Cee-Lo Green (Produced by StreetRunner, co. Sarom) 8. We Did It (Skit) 9. Flip A Bird (Produced by Eminem) 10. Throw It Away feat. Swizz Beatz (Produced by Mr. Porter) 11. Rescue Me feat. Skylar Grey (Produced by Alex da Kid) 12. Frat House (Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 13. Goodbye (Produced by Boi-1da) 14. Park It Sideways (Produced by StreetRunner) 15. Die (Produced by No I.D.) 16. Our Way (Outro) Deluxe Edition 17. Asylum feat. Eminem (Produced by Eminem, co. Luis Resto) 18. Walk Of Shame (Produced by The Alchemist) 19. The Other Side (Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 20. Place To Be feat. B.o.B. (Produced by B.o.B, add. Eminem, add. Luis Resto)

  • yoyoyo

    sounds like it could be album of the year IMO

  • Anonymous

    razor sharp lyricism real hip hop lives in these muthafuckas there is still hope all we need now is dmx's album woof woof woof

  • dialo

    not feeling this album, I thought it would be a classic but it looks like a average , the first album is the best , the only think good for them is that they went to shady records to get more rich, I will buy the CD though but doesn't sound like what I was expected, that's why they planned to release a mix tape to give you that hardcore lyricism vibe. crooked I need to drop million dollar story. slaughterhouseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • 2da9thpwr

    better than yela's crap.

  • 2da9thpwr

    Im going to buy it.

  • G.I.TT.S

    clear your ipod and now put these guys on #1 in your playlist

  • young

    i gave up on this album after i heard my life and i was right this is dead

  • Arif

    dooooope cant wait to get it

  • Yes Man

    I can't wait for this to leak. Definitely gonna download!!

  • d

    sounds like a D12 2.0 album... sounds dope as fuck tho. beats bang and we already know slaughtherhouse the best lyricists in the game.

  • Anonymous

    I will have to listen to the whole album still but most of this sounds like they want to be on the radio more than making music for themselves

  • Anonymous

    Here is the "throw that" featuring em snippet for all fellas. Sounds pretty good check it out: http://allhiphop.com/videos/joell-ortiz-plays-slaughterhouse-throw-that-ft-eminem-from-japan/

    • Dude

      Thanks for the link, songs sounds dope, but your still a fag. Also I hope they drop Ortiz for leaking this without Ems permission.

  • Jay

    SMh sounds poppy as shit. Why do people think Em has SUCH an immaculate ear? I aint liked an album by him since MMLP. I mean some of these joints sound dope but most sounds poppy.

  • 50centTheGreatestRapperAlive

    Dont know why u guys always hate on 50 cent.So what if his last album didnt measure up to his previous 3 albums?500k insnt bad. He makes money by other means,u dont and he is a upright and model law abiding citizen, pls check ur facts. Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent got busted for minor DUI IN 2000.Becos of his wrap sheet full of minor offences he was offered a deal to snitch or face jail.Curtis Jackson beig an upright citizen and wanting to walk a straight path offered some information to the feds but they wanted more.Curtis further offered to gather more information from his neighbourhood drug n crime activities and report back to the feds.Since meeting up with the feds was risky, Curtis Jackson being a smart guy opted to put his gathered information or "Snitching" in a record called "Ghetto Koran".A good number of cold cases in New York has been solved based on this Affidavit ..sorry..based on that single. Now south jamaica queens is becoming safe. 50 cent can however not go back there bcos of threat to his life. What a selfless move to make his local neighbourhood safe


    wanna hear a new voice!??? CHECK THIS GUY OUT ON YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG5REN5IWds&feature=youtu.be

  • henry

    Firm Album > Welcome to our house (yea i said it) but i wont bet the house till i hear full album

  • Sonny Rene

    hard to judge on snippets, but I think a lot of people might be disappointed in the production sounding too commercial on some tracks. I fully expected this due to them signing to a major label in Shady. Can't wait for the album to drop.

  • Anonymous


  • Stevie

    While I think sometimes Snippets are good for giving a preview and pushing people to buy the album, in this case the tracks dont sound like something everybody would want to buy. Me personally am gonna buy the album, support slaughterhouse, theyve worked too hard. Sounds like some Slim Shady LP shit

  • Camilo

    this album is gonna be on fire

  • So Icy Boi

    Wow this sounds amazing!!! Shady/Aftermath 4life!!!!! SWAG!!!!!!!

  • ChStar

    i must agree... the beats sound so-so. Yes all 4 of these cats are sick lyrically, but i wanna hear some bangin bEats too. Didnt Dre chime in on this LP??

  • Shady

    Beats are wack!!! Where the fuck is Blaze!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trooth

    damn these niggas pick the worst beats you could possibly rap on. smh.... just give me mood muzik albums and you can keep this bullshit

  • Mike


  • Anonymous

    this is gonna be legendary.. and for anyone whos saying their selling.. ur just saying that cuz the beats sound the same but they are just smasssshing all over the "sell out" beats

  • Rico Blackzz

    Some Real Dope Tracks On This Album Atleast From The Snippets Anyway

  • Ahmed

    Amzing album. Long time since I had to go bak and rehear what was said.

  • Anonymous

    man this really sounds dope!

  • Anonymous





    honestly i just lsten to it 3 times lous as fuk and this hit is dope...been waiting for a good all year



  • Slaughterhouse!


  • pocketrocketz


    • learn how to troll wright oops right before you you troll wright oops right

      FAGZ FAGZ! You must be bestfriends with perez hilton.

  • pocketrocketz

    soundspretty dope quit hatin!

  • Ye

    It's difficult to judge on a few seconds of each song, no hooks.

  • Anonymous

    some of royces flow sounds ridiculous... and i actually listen to music not skim through it.. so no rating yet till i hear the whole damn album!

  • Dacoda

    Look, who cares if they flop or whatever, they want money. At least there will be something else besides Lil Wayne, Nicki and fucking Drake. All I see is complaining..SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN TO THE LYRICS. WHO CARES ABOUT A BEAT

  • asdf

    they are selling out and they still wont sell shit. i dont usually hate but the way they went about this is so fucking stupid. fuck interscope and shady and aftermath from this to hearing that kendrick is working with lady cuntface gaga i am loosing faith in those lables.

    • learn how to spell dickhead

      you still talking no pussy? fuck your mom and your dad, they wasted a piece of sperm on you. ignorant asdf.

  • asdf

    eminem's lost it. most of these beats are not good man. and i know he didnt produce any songs the beat selection sucked. this album is nothing special. they should have gone old school and not electro synth. and fuck alex da kid god i hate that guy he is pop eminem needs to stay away from him.

  • im buying this shit 10 times

    SLAUGUST 28! i throw this dick on you girl!

  • Jordan

    How could i forget Patiently Waiting, American Phsyco, and Runnin- The 2pac biggie track, Wanksta, Welcome 2 Detroin, Jimmy Crack Corn, Say my Name

  • anonymous

    SH needs more cuts like "move on" and "goodbye" they do much better with slower deliveries... fuck that bone thugs flow... it gets tiring. only bone thugs make it work. Ill buy this anyway.

  • shits dope!

    fuck the no life haters

  • Jordan

    this will be dope. How can you hate on Em as a producer, you clearly haven't heard how dope Em tracks are. Just a couple...Lose Yourself, 8 mile, Love Me, On Fire by Lloyd Banks, Warrior, Cleanin Out My Closet, Moment of Clarity Jay z, renegade, Rap Name Ob Trice, and your gonna tell me Rock City beat by Rouce aint dope. And he basically produced the whole Eminem Show and 8 mile Soundrack. Thats just off my head. do some research

  • KingTD

    should be better rated than it is

  • zeroo

    80,000 first week sales multiply by 10 dollars per cd its 800,000 then divide the money with 6 people,eminem,jimmy slaughter house,flop

    • Anonymous

      in what world is wholesale for this cd $10? not HALF that... the producers need to paid, the promotion is billed against the advance, tour support etc... LAUGHTERHOUSE will ** OWE ** Interscope money guaranteed.

    • just like how your mom flops on deez nuts

      still got more money that your home alone Macaulay Culkin ass! ZERO MONEY!

  • casper21

    it's hard to judge off these snippets, you really need to listen to the whole album, this doesn't give much away. Some sounded corny or weak, others sounded like they might be really good. In the end if this is going to be a great record the beats need to match the feel of the verses. It won't be all hardcore hip hop beats, but they still have to compliment the lyrics without overshadowing them.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • stfu krusy the klown

      all the publicity in the world and ya man 2 chainz only sold 140 k and ross sold 220k the first week straight hot garbage your comment wont hold me back!! your comment wont hold me back!!

  • Andrew

    lol @ every snippet being Royce! hahaha. GET 'EM 5'9!!!

  • Get the album before you judge this

    why are you guys hating on this shit? i would seriously listen to this rather than over 90 percent of the mainstream music out now. Trolls troll on this fucking duck you no life fags! Btw i really like flip a bird, rescue me, and frat house. and royce does his good wayne impression on park it sideways lol.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds good, This site was gonna hate on it regardless, that decision was made before it was ever heard so no surprise here. SH haters are broken down into 2 groups 1. Mainstream drones who dont like the big words cause they give them migranes 2. Underground Geeks mad cause a bunch of dudes that use to be there lil secret are standing next 2 the biggest star in the game So yeah, there gonna flop, lol, but fuck it I think the album will be decent, and SH probably makes more money carrying Em's bags around Japan for this tour there doing together right now then they did their entire Kock run so I'm sure there in good spirits. Nobody sells records anymore anyway, overexposed ass 2 chainz just hit em with the staggering sales projections of 140K, lol, the money is in the touring and these dudes stay on the road, they'll be aiight

    • just like you aint good at pleasing your girl!

      you mad bro!

    • Anonymous

      what "big words" do these bums use? they use too many words, yes, but "big" or unexpected or inventive they ain't.

    • like all these mainstream faggots say! And Underground Geeks!

      TRU!!!!!! Fuck this sell out bull shit! I want some lyrical miracle physical bio metrical tyrannical shit!

  • thought dog

    Eh, sounds no bueno.

  • zero

    alex da kid sucks,where is dj premiere, havoc,dre,kanye,dj khalil,that mr porter sucks



    • VS two

      You remember that time when your my was agreeing with my genitals? God I love your mom's mouth VS! I'll buy two copies one for when me and the homies are having fun with your mom. And two for when your mom ghost rides this dick in my car.

    • VS

      You don't remember when your mom was agreeing with my penis last night? I'll buy two copies one for when your mom is in my car! And two for when we are in your house having sex!

    • VS

      and your mom agrees with my cock last night did she tell you that? you didn't hear the noises last night when your mom was riding my dick? I'll even buy two copies one for your mom, and two for when me an your mom are fucking

    • VS

      and your mom agrees with my cock last night did she tell you that? you didn't hear the noises last night when your mom was riding my dick? SLAUGUST 28! I'll even buy your mom a copy.

    • VS

      Alex da Kid is a fucking beast IMO. For the rest, I agree with you.

    • zero1

      spell wright oops spell right mr porter may suck but you suck at life ya dig!

  • Anonymous

    Throw it preview view. I dont like it you guys are going to flop

    • your mom flopped like ginobli

      remember when your mom flopped like ginobli on my dick?

    • Anonymous

      No shit they're going to flop. They don't have a huge name & a lot of SH's fans won't buy the album comes out & try to come up with some bullshit excuse as to why they didn't buy it. And this is coming from a SH fan & a fan of each individuals work.

  • zero

    how can u have your boss as thew baddest producer then his using other producers beats eminem could have produce 5 songs,eminem n dre r jokers this days

    • zero life

      hey pussy how about you learn hOw tO spELL RiGhT before you critique something! why don't you make a hit record then joker! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Anonymous


  • Moyeed

    that was fuckin ill, only snippets mashup i listened to from beginning till end wit a few replays. Sounds SHADY

  • Anonymous

    Man Im really not liking this shit. I was so Hyped for this album and a big fan. The just should of stayed indie cause Shady an't doing it. look what happend to Yealawof.

    • Anonymous

      Laughterhouse tried to sell out in the worst way and-- true to their solo careers-- that's EXACTLY how they did it: in the worst way possible. I wasn't a fan of the first album either but at least it had some integrity.

    • casper21

      I agree that based on snippets alone and on initial listen it doesn't sound that special but why would you blame Em for Yela's album, he had almost nothing to do with the sound. Pretty sure Yela brought it to Marshall who just gave some advice, Em didn't have much to do with the creation of the record. It was just yela looking for a different sound.

    • askdjf

      Radioactive was the album that Yelawolf wanted to make.

    • ItsTheTruth

      Yea I feel you. Real fans know whats up, bandwagon dickriders are delusional.

  • justin

    why are they sampling from korn?

    • why are you unknown

      Why is your name anonymous? Why aren't you signed to a label and release an album that people could hate on! Thats right! CAUSE YOU HAVE NO NAME! FUCKING LOSER!

    • Anonymous

      why the fuck does Joell Ortiz weight 300 pounds? why the fuck do they have flop singles with Cee-Lo, Swizz etc? because they have NO TASTE.

  • Anonymous

    Hard to judge snippets, but it sounded rough.

  • Anonymous

    booooo!!! This is TRASH

  • Anonymous

    Getting this when it comes out..sounds 99.9% percent better than anything that is out there right now..

  • Handsome Dude

    I ain't feeling this bullshit.

  • Versus

    Not the best chosen snippets but there is a lot to like.

  • yerrrr

    I am not feeling these beats absolutely, the first few beats sound terrible. Not happy w this snippet, but I ll have to listen to the album entirely but I agree w some, I may end up with the mixtape instead of this cause the throw away tracks often are better than albums tracks cause album tracks need to fit some criteria where the throwaway are just thrown away

  • Anonymous

    prisoners of moment pop beats. i will play one of two track they got that is true to hip hop but other than no. whether they got skills or no skills typical let down project. bring this shit back stop fucking with all these alternative rock beats and rock over some real shit.

  • Whateva

    Eminem and 50 Cent need to fall the fuck back on their STUPID music decisions. ALL and I mean ALL their best shit is produced by other people. Is Jay Z the only old head that understands this?

    • Howeva

      1. The Slaughter (Intro) 2. Our House (Feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey) (Prod. Alex Da Kid) 3. Coffin (Feat. Busta Rhymes) (Prod. by Hit-Boy) 4. Throw That (Feat. Eminem) (Prod. T-Minus) 5. Hammer Dance (Prod. araabMUZIK) 6. Get Up (Prod. No. I.D.) 7. My Life (Feat. Cee Lo Green) (Prod. STREETRUNNER & Raymond SAROM Diaz) 8. We Did It (Skit) (Prod. Eminem) 9. Flip A Bird (Prod. Black Key Beats and Zukhan) 10. Throw It Away (Feat. Swizz Beatz) (Prod. Mr. Porter) 11. Rescue Me (Feat. Skylar Grey) (Prod. Alex Da Kid) 12. Frat House (Prod. T-Minus) 13. Goodbye (Prod. Boi-1da) 14. Park It Sideways (Prod. Kane Beatz) 15. Die (Prod. Mr. Porter) 16. Our Way (Outro) (Prod. Boi-1da) "Eminem and 50 Cent need to fall the fuck back on their STUPID music decisions.All and I mean ALL their best shit is produced by other people." One song is produced my Eminem Zero songs produced by Dre. Shut the hell up and go listen to your GFID YMCMB bs. Just like them boys you make no sense.





  • Anonymous


  • Mannnnnn

    I don't understand how any of you can't HEAR that SH is NOT in the same league as Nas, Jay Z, Wayne (YES him), Eminem, Snoop, 50 Cent and other top dawgs. They are battle rappers with no ear for MUSIC!!!! At the end of the day they have to make music that sells and the people FEEL. Buddens Mood Music alone is superior to this.

    • Anonymous

      "At the end of the day they have to make music that sells" Welcome to Our House will sale dumbass!!! lol..

  • illbeatz

    those that aren't looking forward to this album, don't like hip hop. this not bubble gum, kiddies

  • pigface

    cant wait for this classic album..aug 28 you fruits!

  • steve

    Why do people like slaughterhouse? I think they are geared towards kids.

  • cristian

    Not feeling this at all..

  • Ugh

    EMINEM you are NOT Dr. Dre on any level. Get these dudes a real producer!

  • Average Album

    God Forgives I Don't is SUPERIOR.

  • tony

    Sounds like true hiphop to me

  • marcty

    I believe the album will be hot because Slaughterhouse makes tracks where sometimes they have to be heard more than once before you get the concept and the full lyrical content. That's what I like about them. I do have some questions regarding the marketing approach. I don't understand why they would release a mixtape within 2 weeks of the album release. And now I don't understand why they would release this snippet set before the mixtape. I say that because when the mixtape is released it will more than likely have dope content on it that could cause some of there fans to be happy with the mixtape for the next month before they even decide to check out or buy the album. The next problem with these snippets is they don't sound too great from first listen, so if anyone compares the mixtape to these snippets to the album they may just decide to not buy the album, feeling that they have the better product of the 2 already. But outside of the that I will be purchasing 2 albums, one mp3 download from amazon, and the hard copy from Target. I hope real hip-hop fans support a real hip-hop group. SLAUGHTERHOUSSSSEEEEEE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      That mixtape will be full of tracks that were meant for this album. SH has a focus issue because they are not organically put together. They are a gimmick.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think this snippet had all the tracks but I'm waitin on the mixtape

  • Anonymous

    OMG a mainstream album... It's been proven there has never been a good mainstream album, ever!

  • hehateme15

    now dont you nikkas go chasing waterfalls...

  • Oliver Stixx

    House Gang and Black Hippie, REALLY where itz at...

  • Jay

    please don't push it back again.

  • j

    sweet, royce is coming out with a new solo album? lmao sweet preview NAHHHHTTTTT ill wait for the mixtape

  • Anonymous

    eminem on throw up going snd lyk o4 emine only says 2 words but u can tell yes

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a couple bangers. Whether it flops or not is irrelevant. This album will not be a classic, and will not be timeless. Will it be over-hyped with the shady stamp? Yes.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds dope but I would of rather heard them just do a album with Alchemist.

  • Ouas

    This CD sounds like it is going to be better then the first one.

  • slaugher

    you no what i dont get how anyone can make a appinion off tha tall i can say is that it will be clasic

  • Anonymous

    Wow , disappointing !

  • Anonymous

    y is royce always going first

  • AON_HipHop

    I won't be buying this. I'll be finding a free download. This sounds mad whack. Goodbye sounds like the only dope track. Shady basically destroyed these guys. They are mad mainstream now.

  • wiz

    dissapointed goodbye is only good song

  • 1

    South side beats and especially flows are way better than East, West and Midwest. It's the shit i listened to growing up but still it sounds old-fashioned and so 90's. It hasn't evolved compared to the South. Crooked don't fit with these dudes. I liked his solo shit better. Only person not from the south i fuck with is Lupe Fiasco.

  • Anonymous

    Oh you hatin the house gang!? Here stick a huuuge d/ck in ya month and shut the f"ck up! Or make a better LP? Who you think you is?

  • t

    i just dont get it, ive been a fan of these guys before they were a group, loved the first album and early mixtapes but it seems since the shady deal they dont put out any songs that intrest me, it has alot to do with there beat selection we all know these guys can rap like theres no tommorow but the beats on this album dont catch my ear, hopefully the mixtape is hotter i wish these guys all the success in the world but i like it when they just get a hard beat and just go crazy on it

  • @CJonno90

    Very pleasantly suprised! I think it'll be dope as fuck!

  • DaizyBoy


  • Roc

    These dudes are heavy spittaz....just think Em cant produce, think he taking away there grimey underground sound and making them who they are not...

  • Anonymous

    sounds like a classic

  • Anonymous

    "life is grand, like a thousand" Sounds like a wack lil wayne punchline. After track 8 it sounds a little better but im still expecting this to disappoint

  • anonyomus

    i wont make any solid judgments yet. The mixtape is probably gunna be better.

  • Tyrannical T

    Haha, almost all the snippets were Royce. He always goes first lmao. This sounds like a pure Hip-Hop album

    • Donmega

      just because Royce goes first in the snippet doesn't mean he goes first in the song, it could be edited pal

  • cbrown9221

    Here comes all the shit talking bubblegum rap listeners

  • Anonymous

    wow....that was disappointing

  • Really?

    Stans already rated it a 5 hahaha SUCKKAASS!

  • MAn

    "Lyrics that count"-Typo

  • LJofSpades

    This sounds damn good. H.A.M.

  • MAn

    man some of these beats just aint poplin, I know its what the that count, but damn give me something to bump, not annoying beats, you would think having Eminem Executive Producing the Beats would sound dope, not to mention having Dr.Dre. Some were cool though, But the beginning of the CD didn't start off like I would have expected it to. The ending sounds cool

    • *Kanye West shrug*

      Oh & I do agree with you that the beginning of the CD didn't start off the way I had expected. The beat for Our House completely threw me off at first. I started to like it after a while, but I don't think it was the right song to start the album off. But hey, we'll see when the full album drops.

    • *Kanye West shrug*

      I don't think Dre had anything to do with this album. But hey, what do I know?

  • cb

    1. The Slaughter (Intro) 2. Our House feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey 3. Coffin feat. Busta Rhymes 4. Throw That feat. Eminem 5. Hammer Dance 6. Get Up 7. My Life feat. Cee-Lo Green 8. We Did It (Skit) 9. Flip A Bird 10. Throw It Away feat. Swizz Beatz 11. Rescue Me feat. Skylar Grey 12. Frat House 13. Goodbye 14. Park It Sideways 15. Die 16. Our Way (Outro)



  • Anonymous

    Slaughterhouse, best band ever