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A Prodigy album wouldn't be complete without Alchemist production. Here's the "H.N.I.C. 3" track from the duo behind "Return of The Mac."


  • fire

    prodigy found his swag big ups

  • da1

    haha niggas funny. haha the song speaks for it self. and nigga got mad good after he was locked up solid 4

  • Sensaye252

    You guys are some amateur ass simple minded listeners. He rhymes, the rhymes just don't fall where you expect it to fall. P has been doing this style for years and people always think he's not rhyming. It's just that the average listener is so dumb that if the rhyme doesn't land exactly where they think it should then it goes over their head. This is not a new style. Prodigy, Raekwon, and most notably Kool Keith been doing this for years. It's a NY thing...where we actually take pride in lyricism and originiality, ya'll wouldn't understand.

    • L-Boogie

      Amateur ass listeners?? I'll be the first one to say if my favorite rapper fell off lyrically, heads been saying P fell off for years now so I guess everyone's simple minded but you rite?? Prodigy is a legend in the game no denying that but I aint feelin his newer shit.

    • L-Boogie

      Dude are you listening to this?? His flow is average on this, the lyrics are simple as hell. Prodigy just don't got it anymore, just be an honest fan.

  • G-sus

    Without Rhyme or Reason. He pulled it off. SHit is dope. HNIC3 so far so good.

  • Anonymous

    Its a crime that Prodigy gets to shit all over so many dope Alchemist beats. Dude has sounded like shit since HNIC part 1, and he gets all the best production to hide behind Be on the lookout for the next Prodigy album, another 2nd rate knockoff of shit he once use to be good at with laughably bad lyrics, produced entirely by DJ Premier!!!! Dope producers should be ashamed of themselves giving this hack so much heat every time, "Fell off" doesnt begin to descirbe how laughable bad he has been for the better part of the last 10 years Snoop Dogg Fell off, Prodigy is cringe worthy now

    • Static

      People who never been on, talking about how a industry vet who is still making music fell off. Clowns!

    • Up North

      On point Sensaye

    • Sensaye252

      The real crime is that hip-hop listeners don't recognize a dope MC any more. Listen, I don't get caught up in all that tabloid shit, I just take a MC for what he is, and Prodigy is nasty. He's not gonna dazzle you with one-liners and metaphors, he simply paints gritty pictures with unorthodox rhyme patterns and various styles. Classic New York and more specifically Queens style MC. He doesn't follow nobody's trends, he doesn't cater to any one type of fan, he just does what the fuck he wants. If you're expecting some 8 syllable rhyme that doesn't make any sense and doesn't have any force behind it then go listen to Blu or Das Racist. P is a black belt with this shit. 20 years strong.

  • Lo

    This shit is great right here!,

  • LeftHook

    i was zoned out listening n didn't even notice it didn't rhyme til i read the comments

  • Anonymous

    this shit is dope...p mind state is too much..alot of u dont understand his flow..yah dont understand his word play..dun lango is crazy on this one

  • opto

    the song is called "without rhyme or reason" because the concept is to rap without rhyming. P has always done that and its dope and only he can do it. you internet geeks are stupid

    • Anonymous

      all u idiots that are saying this shit dont even ryhme dont realizw that prodigy went over yah heads on this..ryhme or reason...get the concept dick heads

  • realtalk82

    Honestly beat is sick,Crooked I or Royce would kill something like this BUt P just sounds so bored on it 3 for beat

  • Anonymous

    " his shit don't even rhyme" => "Without rhyme or reason " ?

  • EWAY

    I saw in an interview that he said he did this song on purpose(not rhyming) that's why it's titled "Rhyme or Reason"...I guess it's Reason.

  • L-Boogie

    Damn P, most of this shit don't even rhyme. Hip Hop seriously needs a reboot. 1 star.

  • Anonymous

    dam he dissapointed me on this he dont even ryme

  • ItsTheTruth

    Wow today has given hip hop fans nothing but trash songs. Sad day for hip hop

  • Gr3yMar

    This was bad on my ears, I'm sure someone can vibe with it tho

  • Berr

    love prodigy & Al but this is def. thrash

  • Anonymous

    wack ass track. dude fell off like nobody else before him.

  • Anonymous

    fake ass gangster clown. did no shootings or dealing just a studiogangster from 43 years old. lol you cant take this dude serious.