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"Still your worst nightmare squared..." A classic throwback that for five minutes makes "the notebook" seem downright irrelevant.


  • Teletran1

    Canibus is still the man. Damn!!!

  • oskamadison

    I was always mad at Common for this joint. Common murked "One Day It'll All Make Sense" but he mailed it in on this one. if he would have had the same intensity he had on "Hungry", he would have murked canibus.

  • Anonymous

    This still sounds nothing like a song Common would do. In fact it should be Canibus featuring Common.

  • illestniggainne

    where did common diss him in this song? stop dickriding and reaching smdh at these new hip hop niggas...

    • Anonymous

      dumb ass you know nothing about subliminals. if you would listen the verse was written aimed at canibus but instead of making it and all out war it was a friendly challenge. it was a set up on common part but failed completely as bis is just too smart to let dudesoon him like that.

  • Anonymous

    notice how common dissin canibus on the low and each verse canibus responds and destroys him lol. this track is always funny cause it shows what common does he disses you and than backs away from it later and says i was just rhymin but this time he got caught on the spot for a friendly little kick yo ass rap. common even admited he should've rewrote his verses. so people have always came at canibus just because he was good. out of fear people fire tryin to test him. its happen his whloe career but people make it seem like its canibus

  • Anonymous

    ahh yes throwback classics

  • Anonymous

    Good looking DX, fuck all the hate. Real heads know whats up.

  • 007 is back!

    after saturday i understand why Eminem called him cana-b1tch

  • ThisGuy585

    re why you people need to back off. Yea, he fucked up on Saturday. BAD. But this guy can write and spit arguably better than any MC ever. Why is hip hop failing right now? A lack of unity. Too many stubborn fans caring more about watching the guy they hate flop, than they're favorite MC spitting fire. We all know that YMCM is straight ass. Cool. Let's move on and be more unified. Haters focusing on hate is what is killing hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    Canibus ft. Common

  • georgel

    maybe canibus never succeeded because he is a douche. he blamed wyclef for his first album flop but whats his excuse each one after that sold even worse? he doesnt seem very likable everytime i see him on stage

    • Anonymous

      the oddest thing about that is that its actually a pretty dope album. at the time they said the beats were too mellow...but that was in the middle of the fuckin jiggy era. he shat on clef prematurely.