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Curren$y also decides to leak the biggest collaboration off his upcoming "Stoned Immaculate" album.



  • CDC

    Spitta is about to blow

  • Haters

    Wiz Is just trying new stuff... if u notice he has the same kind of style on the last songs he has made Dont Hate, Appreciate Lol^.^ I love Wiz Curren$y a g too

  • Don Junas

    actually i expected more

  • Anonymous

    fuck wiz kagina

  • Waster

    Wiz flow and vocabulary got REAL bad since he got REAL famous, FACT

  • ETK

    You guys have so much shit filled up your assholes. You do know Curr and wiz are tight together, yeah? You do know they've been in talks even about a supergroup, yeah? You do know they more or less rap about the same things, yeah? (except Curr does it better) I done tryna figure out why some niggas think this is a fucking hierarchy or somethin. Where a nigga can't feature with another cause he raps better? Like, do they make your ears bleed? Like it or not, Curren$y has every reason in the world to collab with Wiz. They're homies AND Wiz is more successful than him. Obvious spot for what C considers his first real album. Before some cynical cunt comes round the comer, I am not an eager wiz fan, got about two songs from him.

  • LBeezy


  • Anonymous

    Good but non-impact. The hook was too repetitive and basic for an already slow and repetitive beat with an uninspiring sample. I'm not shitting on this because I respect the artists involved and have heard better from all three. But if this is the biggest feature on the album its sort of an anti climax. Keep grinding Currensy. I see you 3/5.


    Nothing new here but it's solid.

  • Anonymous

    Wiz is the truth stop the hate

  • loudpack

    Solid 5 minus Wiz

  • nope

    This won't work at radio. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Fail. Krit might have the worst hooks for any rapper that is considered not retarded. Wiz. Stop fucking with suckers Curren$y. The beat. Sounds like they used the same refried southern beats that Krit used.

  • Anonymous

    Wiz trying to sound like Juicy J

  • tecca

    has this shiit leaked yet???? still gonna cop it just wanna hear it already!

  • Anonymous

    Caaaaant wait for the album to drop!!! #JetLife

  • Anon

    nice track but Wiz needs to fuck off, K.R.I.T. should have had that 2nd verse spot.

  • Anonymous

    Wow nice beat! Dope track

  • Anonymous

    every wiz verse is basically the same, dont know why spitta fucks with him still

    • Seriously...

      @CuzWeSmokeTheBestWeed What the fuck are you talking about? "Spitta knows Wiz is where you find the best weed". Just shut up dude, you're ranting about nothing and looking fucking stupid. Wiz sucks, I'm guessing you just got done smoking while listening to his dumbass, and felt like you were empowered to write a "intelligent" post. That didn't happen, did it?

    • CuzWeSmokeTheBestWeed

      That's why you dumb fuck. Niggaz respect exactly what he his doing. Verses get done simultaneously on the same day and shit so of course a nigga thinking the same what mother fucker out here doesn't have shit they didn't already say point is Spitta knows Wiz is where you find the best weed the best stoner music thats where he's at right now. Its respect over everything. And we aint talking fans. Lebron could give a fuck what Cleveland think artists could give a fuck what hating fans think.

    • Anonymous

      wiz used to be all about the blunts too, curren$y got him smoking those rolling papers and 1 year later the nigga names his fucking album ROLLING PAPERS

    • Anonymous

      wiz is wack. Wiz should give him a million because without Curren$y he would have a style. Curren$y rapped about weed then Wiz took it and ran with it. Listen to Wiz first albums he had a different flow was actually talking about shooting fools...lol.

    • Anonymous

      they homies, now shut the fuck up.

    • yep

      I don't get it either.