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What 2012 mixtape would be complete without some wordsmithing from French Montana.


  • Ak

    Fab killed it as usuaaallllll... Ionno y this one dude is hatin on fab say "pretty Waco verse suprisingly from fab"... We're u listinging to his verse or r u just def n can't understand the hotness to fans flow uz a dummmyyyyy don't know rap or hiphop I bet ur av rapper is lil Wayne righ!?

  • Anonymous

    kinda weak, and im a mmg fan

  • Anonymous

    meek millzzzz takin over the game!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    same old generic ass beats. Where the fuck is the real producers at? Premo ,Alch , Swizz , Kanye , 9th wonder , static ,RZA..ect. Dila probably rolling over in his grave right now

  • SpecialK

    mixtape was good for what it is - trunk music. love the sarcasm, HHDX! 3/5

  • Anonymous

    i like french montana's part the best, being ive listened to it once.

  • Anonymous

    fuck, how does this not get a perfect five? you people woudn't know a club banger if it hit you straight up in the face fuck not everything need to be deep as fuck ala nas to be good. Sometimes people listen to music to beast and fucking have fun, and meek mill is killing it at that. When you rate how good this song is, don't rate it like "how much you like it" but actually how good it is at what its aiming to do he ain't aiming to drop knowledge in these bars or anything. Thats like going to see the best horror film in the world, and rating it a 1 cause you like comedy films and not horror films. Really, fuck you people you have no idea how to use the rate sistem

  • Sonbun

    pretty wack verse surprisingly from Fab... and fuck that hooks annoying.

  • p

    I like meek millz but it seem like all these niggas be rapping like this nigga on all the songs nowadays him and wale rhyme patterns listen to these niggas (recent songs for the past 6 months) i guarantee all the rappers rhyme pattern like meek and I mean ALL these Rap Niggas. Dudes Is Biting Styles And I Guess It's Okay To do that nowadays. Sucka Mc's

  • Rob

    LOSO naiiiice!!! all three wrecked shop but Loso so smooth on it.

  • MusicsThoughts

    My review on Dreamchasers 2: http://ifmusichadthoughts.blogspot.com/2012/05/meek-mills-dreamchasers-2-review.html