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Jay-Z's new favorite artist uses "Goodbye Love" to get the last laugh on an old flame that turned her back on him while he was on the come-up.


  • Anonymous

    Damn what's up with all the hate? ?uestlove said that Danny! is Jay's favorite new rapper. I believe ?uestlove, and even the co-sign from ?uestlove is dope as well.

  • kb

    i like this guy's rhymes, and the beat compliment the kinda retro 90's style. but i think the dude needs to develop his voice a lil bit to gain me as a fan. i know it's sumthin he has little control over but in the end I'm hearing the song and if the voice I'm hearing ain't good, the song ain't gonna be my favourite. dude's a dope artist, but it sounds unprofessional and kinda boorish. that's just my opinion. dope writing ability, nice flow, nice rhymes, but his voice doesnt cut it for me. just my honest opinion yall!

  • Anonymous

    dude needs to change his name i always think its danny brown

  • BossAnon

    the fuck, am i listening to ll cool j?

  • Bishop

    Meh not really feeling this. people think just because something sounds old school it automatically gets dope points. if im being honest this sounds mediocre.

  • Hell nah

    Will Smith is rapping again?

  • The Truth

    Great throwback type song....with an actual subject matter

  • randy

    a quote of a person quoting another person is not a very effective sale pitch. unless jay comes out and cosigns dude openly its really not a headline worth throwing around. ill check out your music because i like checking out new artists. i dont care about that he said she said shit. especially when the person being quoted hasnt cared to publicly say anything about it himself.

    • Greg Focker

      @da246448 are you his mother or something? you sounded extra hurt nigga god damn. namecalling over a nigga expressing his opinion. stop hating cause a nigga doesnt share you views. the comment section is for people to comment. its not that serious for you to be cussin niggas out after every sentence.

    • da246448

      ^^^^^ copping mad pleas, you madddddd. thats the dumbest shit i ever heard in my life, when has jay ever came out and said to the press "i like xyz rapper". if u dont like danny then just keep ur bullshit comments to urself and keep peddling your wack mixtape that jay will never hear u pussy

  • Anonymous

    very good production

  • da246448

    lmao the only ppl that ever hate on my mans d. swain is aspiring rappers. so go ahead and drop your myspace link so we can check out ur whack music you loser. my mans danny is doing big things but ppl still got something to say. im not surprised props to hiphopdx for recognising real sh*t

  • Anonymous

    please stop putting words in jays mouth and applying exaggerated fake labels and cosigns to new artists to get them recognition.

    • Anonymous

      why do you keep acting like people are jealous of this dude. im not even a musician. stop justifying people disagreeing with your beliefs by claiming they are haters. we are commentators. we dont have to be millionaire actors to have opinions on movies. same way we dont have to be musicians to have opinions on music.

    • da246448

      wat does any of this have to do with the guys music? who cares if jay never gave a public service announcement or press conference, ur reaching bro. ur reaching mad far. let the music speak for itself and quit nitpicking just because the artists u manage arent anywhere close to hov's radar. everytime d swain gets some shine someone always has to nitpick smh

    • Anonymous

      mad about what. stop claiming everyone is an angry hater and learn to articulate an argument. i got nothing against dude. all im saying is jay has alot of music he likes. if jay was really onto him like that he would have said it himself or better yet signed him. of quote of a person quoting another person is not really an effective selling pitch.

    • da246448

      your probly a rapper too mad cuz Jay aint talking about u get off Dannys nuts u lame dudes is reaching ?uestlove confirmed it but you clowns still hate on my mans go get a day job u faggot

    • J

      da246 take the cock out your ass bitch

    • da246448

      https://twitter.com/#!/questlove/status/161150508415979520 what were you saying again, faggot?

  • FOH

    Jay-Z ain't never heard of this idiot.

    • da246448

      http://www.okayplayer.com/news/okp-news-questlove-speaks-on-jay-z-danny.html what were you saying again, you fucking hater? you probably a mad rapper bwahahahaha you fucking loser

  • Sean

    another D. Swain classic

  • iHEARThookerz

    Great song! props.